Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2710 - Selection Battle Ends

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, everyone present could clearly sense that the space around them had changed completely. To be precise, the surrounding space had become hostile to them.

The heavy pressure the surrounding space subjected their bodies to felt like they were standing in a super-gravity area. They even had trouble moving their bodies.

On the other hand, as the lord of this space, Shi Feng could exert boundless strength with every one of his movements. “Not good! A Domain! This is a Mana Domain!”

Many of the four opposing teams’ experts instantly realized what was going on when they experienced this feeling of having their lives in someone else’s hands. The expressions of Three Autumns, Elven Enchantress, and Mad Sword also turned unprecedentedly grim.

Any player who had been mingling in God’s Domain for some time would know what a Mana Domain was.

It also determined whether an NPC was a powerhouse.

Every NPC that wielded a Mana Domain was an existence that players had to be wary of. After all, many of these NPCs could turn Tier 3 players into dust just by relying on their Mana Domains. They wouldn’t even need to move their bodies. “Why does he have a Mana Domain? Shouldn’t that be something only a small minority of Tier 4 NPCs possess?” Elven Enchantress panicked. Now, when she looked at Shi Feng, her eyes no longer contained any anger, only fear.

This was a Mana Domain they were talking about!

With the emergence of this Domain, Shi Feng had basically become the ruler of this space!

“How is this possible?” Three Autumns was stunned by this situation, his heart churning with confusion. “Is he really not a player but a transformed monster?”

It might be fine if Shi Feng only possessed absurd strength. At worst, they could use zerg tactics to overwhelm his Stamina and Concentration.

A Mana Domain, however, was a different story. A Mana Domain specifically countered zerg tactics. If an individual stepped into a hostile Mana Domain without sufficient strength, they would be no different from ants before the Domain’s owner. They might not even be able to display any combat power.

Moreover, the Mana Domain Shi Feng revealed was simply outrageous, covering a 1,000-yard radius. With such a range, they couldn’t flee even if they wanted to.

At this moment, let alone Three Autumns and the other hostile players, even Yan Tianxing and the other members of Zero Wing’s upper echelon were stunned.

“The Guild Leader’s strength has already reached such a height?” Yan Tianxing gawked at Shi Feng, who currently stood proudly among the crowd of great experts.

With such strength, it wouldn’t matter even if the four opposing teams ganged up on Shi Feng simultaneously. He could quickly dispatch these people with a few swings of his sword.

Only peerless experts like Three Autumns, who possessed exceptional Basic Attributes, could put up some resistance-a very laughable resistance because Three Autumns and the others wouldn’t even manage to match an ordinary Tier 3 expert inside Shi Feng’s Mana Domain.

Meanwhile, with Shi Feng’s strength, he could easily dispose of ordinary Tier 3 experts, even without his Mana Domain’s strengthening properties.

At this time, the spectating foreign aid teams outside Shi Feng’s Mana Domain also panicked.

“Those four teams are dead for sure. With such a vast Mana Domain, they can’t escape,” Sorrowful Heaven said, his heart filled with complicated feelings as he looked at Three Autumns and the others.

A joint team made up of four peerless experts and several hundred Tier 3 great experts was an incredibly powerful force, even in the Fire Dragon Empire. Nobody would dare oppose it.

Now, however, such a team could only wait to die.

“Boss Sorrow, what should we do now?” a Level 117, Tier 3 Assassin asked helplessly. With just a thought, Zero Wing could decide the fate of the four foreign aid teams opposing it, what more the fate of their small team.

“Escape!” Sorrowful Heaven replied instinctively as he looked at the gray space ahead of him.

Although their team currently had no enmity with Zero Wing, the Flower of Seven Sins had come into conflict with Zero Wing several times in the past. If Shi Feng was in a bad mood, he might decide to take care of them in passing.

“Escape?” Looking at the special space around them, the Tier 3 Assassin asked anxiously, “But, Boss, where do we escape to? This area isn’t particularly big. It won’t take more than half an hour to run a lap here.”

The special space used to host the preliminary selections might be considered large for ordinary Tier 3 experts. However, it was essentially a small cage for Domain Realm experts. Shi Feng could easily reap the lives of the people in this cage at any time.

“Forfeit! Everyone forfeit immediately!” Sorrowful Heaven ordered, gnashing his teeth.

Players weren’t required to fight to the death in the selection battle. If a participant didn’t wish to die, they could take the initiative to forfeit. However, forfeiting had a one-minute channeling process. Moreover, so long as players forfeited during the selection, not only would they automatically lose a level, but they also couldn’t log into God’s Domain for one natural day.

Hence, unless absolutely necessary, nobody would choose to forfeit.

However, Sorrowful Heaven couldn’t care less about the penalty for forfeiting, under the circumstances. Compared to getting killed by Shi Feng and losing five levels and being forced to remain offline for several days, forfeiting was a much better option. At this time, besides the Flower of Seven Sins’s team, the other foreign aid teams that didn’t attack Zero Wing also promptly forfeited their participation rights.

For a time, hundreds of light pillars rose inside the special space, creating a magnificent spectacle as if heaven was descending to earth. Unfortunately, only a handful of people inside the special space were in the mood to admire this beautiful scene.

Flame Dragon City:

As the competition for the six reserve seats still hadn’t officially begun, the plaza outside the War God’s Temple was crowded with the various superpowers’ experts. Many of these experts chatted quietly about the preliminary selection currently underway.

“I heard nine superpowers are participating in the foreign aid selection this time. I wonder which superpower will have the most players remaining? It would be great if our Guild can have more people passing the selection. That would significantly ease our burden afterward.”

“I’m afraid not many of our helpers will pass the selection. I just heard that the Sky Dragon Family, Pride Empire, Demon Palace, and Miracle recruited four of the Fire Dragon Empire’s Six Absolutes. With these peerless experts around, trying to hold on to a War God Order will be incredibly difficult.

“Aren’t those four Guilds a little too strong? They actually managed to recruit four Absolutes? What kind of price did they pay?”

“Although foreign aid won’t be particularly helpful in the official competition, each one can still secure half as many points as an official Guild member. The opportunity to recruit a peerless expert as a helper is worth any price. After all, that is equivalent to having an extra peerless expert in the Guild.”

At the mention of peerless experts, many of the players in the plaza reflexively turned to look at the members of the Sky Dragon Family, Pride Empire, Demon Palace, and Miracle in envy. After all, a Guild’s foundation largely depended on the number of apex experts and peerless experts they possessed. Moreover, in this competition for the reserve seats, having even one additional peerless expert would be of significant help.

At this time, the various superpowers’ upper echelons resting inside the War God’s Temple were also filled with envy and anger.

“How did they manage to recruit four of the Six Absolutes? We clearly offered them astronomical prices before, yet they still declined. I never thought they would agree to help those four Guilds. With this, we’ll be placed in an even tighter spot for manpower.” Muxin revealed an ugly expression when she read the report she just received.

The matter of Zero Wing’s data getting exposed had already placed Frost Heaven in a disadvantageous position. Now, four Guilds had managed to recruit peerless experts to assist them. This was basically rubbing salt into an open wound. “It seems these four Guilds will be occupying most of the foreign aid slots this time. We’ll definitely be in a very unfavorable position later on.” Brilliant Blue also wore a somber expression on his face.

Frost Heaven was already inferior to the other superpowers in terms of the number of peak experts and apex experts, to begin with. Hence, they had placed their hopes on their foreign aid to make up for the difference. However, this hope was growing slimmer and slimmer.

Hong Xinyuan also remained silent. He never imagined that the preliminary selection would be so intense, with even four of the Fire Dragon Empire’s Six Absolutes taking the stage.

“No matter what, let’s look at the results before we make any adjustments,” Seven Wonders said.

Aside from Frost Heaven, the other superpowers were also panicking. They never thought that the Sky Dragon Family, Pride Empire, Demon Palace, and Miracle would become the selection battle’s biggest winners.

As for the four Guilds in question, they basked in a moment of delight, feeling that the price they paid to hire the four Absolutes was well worth it.

Now, all they had to do was wait for the selection battle to end and the results to be announced.

“Those four Guilds were really cautious in their actions. Even we have just received news that they invited four of the Six Absolutes. Vice Guild Leader, I’m afraid we might have to change our plans afterward,” White Feather said with a frown as she read the latest report.

Although the addition of four peerless experts wouldn’t affect Mythology’s overall situation, she still disliked such variables.“The Fire Dragon Empire’s Six Absolutes?” The corners of Cold Shadow’s lips curved up when she heard this. “With this, even Black Flame will have trouble surviving.”

Previously, when she heard of the four superpowers’ plan to suppress Zero Wing, she still felt relatively uneasy. She had seen Shi Feng’s strength and tricks before. Killing him would be incredibly difficult. However, with four peerless experts added to the equation, combined with the special space’s restrictions, Shi Feng’s death was just about guaranteed.

As the various superpowers’ upper echelons were predicting the selection battle’s results, a bell suddenly tolled, the sound echoing throughout the War God’s Temple.

This bell represented the end of the selection battle.

“What’s going on? The selection battle is over? Didn’t it just start?”

“Did the War God’s Temple make a mistake?”

“That shouldn’t be the case. Let’s go take a look.”

The selection battle’s abrupt end confused the various superpowers’ upper echelons. They hastened to the War God’s Temple’s central hall to find out what had happened.