Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2708 - Transient Sword

Upon seeing Shi Feng walk out of the shattered space, everyone from the four hostile teams fell deathly silent, their eyes nearly falling out of their sockets. “He’s fine?”

“He actually blocked it?”

Everyone felt like they were dreaming when they saw Shi Feng emerge from Elven Enchantress’s attack unscathed. Many of the Flowing Water Realm experts even rubbed their eyes to verify that they weren’t hallucinating.

That was one of Elven Enchantress’s arrows they were talking about!

According to rumor, the longbow Elven Enchantress wielded was a Fragmented Legendary Weapon, and she could even repulse Mythic monsters of the same level with its help.

Moreover, Elven Enchantress hadn’t launched just any ordinary arrow at Shi Feng, either; the arrow she used was made entirely of precious Mana Jadesteel. The arrow also had ancient magic runes carved on it. Even a Tier 3 player using an ordinary longbow could repel a Mythic monster of the same level with this arrow.

The combination of these two things was what made Elven Enchantress one of the Fire Dragon Empire’s Six Absolutes. “He actually blocked such a fast arrow?” “Black Flame is even stronger than what we heard. It seems the rumors of him being a peerless expert are true.”

The Flower of Seven Sins’s Tier 3 members spectating in the distance couldn’t help but marvel at this scene.

Previously, they had failed to respond to Elven Enchantress’s arrow despite having a bird’s eye view of the battlefield. If they were targeted by such an arrow from a distance of several dozen yards, they didn’t dare imagine what would happen.

“He blocked it?” Sorrowful Heaven eyed his subordinates with contempt when he overheard their discussion. “You think he merely blocked it?”.

Sorrowful Heaven’s words only confused them. “Look carefully. What is he holding in his hand?” Sorrowful Heaven questioned angrily.

“He’s holding an arrow?” Everyone grew even more confused.

“You bunch…are really stupid!” Sorrowful Heaven was momentarily rendered speechless by his subordinates. He then turned to look at Shi Feng in the distance, horror surfacing in his eyes. “Arrows are considered consumables in God’s Domain. So long as they hit something, they will disintegrate, even if they get blocked by a Skill or a weapon.” “Then… The arrow in Black Flame’s hand…” The Flower of Seven Sins members subconsciously turned to look at the blue arrow Shi Feng held. Immediately, a chill overwhelmed their entire bodies.

“That’s right. The arrow never hit him. Instead, he snatched the arrow out of the air.” When Sorrowful Heaven finished speaking, rank disbelief filled his eyes.

At this point, Sorrowful Heaven wasn’t the only person to notice the crux of the problem. The four foreign aid teams’ Domain Realm experts also noticed it, and their faces turned ashen.

“Guild Leader?” Yan Tianxing also stared at Shi Feng in surprise.

Elven Enchantress’s attack was most likely top-notch even among the peerless experts in the current God’s Domain.

Nonetheless, Shi Feng had caught the arrow. Was this really a feat players could accomplish?

However, compared to the apex experts present, Skyshaker, Red Rain, Elven Enchantress, and Mad Sword found this situation even more unbelievable.

“How did he do it?” Elven Enchantress’s expression turned solemn as she gazed at Shi


She knew better than anyone just how fast her simple attack was. If she launched this arrow of hers within 100 yards of her target, she was confident that even the other five of the Six Absolutes wouldn’t be able to block it. Even speed-type Mythic monsters would get struck.

“Everyone, Black Flame is much stronger than we expected. I’m afraid the four of us will have to work together to take him down,” Three Autumns suggested with a grim expression.

“Okay, I have no opinion.” Red Rain nodded.

“It seems we can only do that,” Mad Sword answered through gritted teeth.

They had their pride as peerless experts, and they disdained ganging up on people. However, as experts, they could see the gap between themselves and Shi Feng after just a single exchange.

To complete the task the four superpowers entrusted them, they had no choice but to work together.

Moreover, there was another important point: the death penalty in the selection battle. Even peerless experts like themselves would suffer a tremendous setback if they died here. “Good! In that case, Red Rain and I will keep Black Flame busy. Mad Sword, you and Elven Enchantress support us from the sides. Red Rain and I will use everything we have to create an opening. Once you find a chance, don’t hold back,” Three Autumns commanded quietly. “Also, everyone else, once the four of us pin down Black Flame, use everything you have to get rid of Zero Wing’s other members. Do not let them support Black Flame!”

“No problem. Leave it to me to block him once the battle begins.” Red Rain nodded confidently. He was a Guardian Knight, while Three Autumns was a Berserker. This was an excellent melee combination for dealing with stronger opponents and creating opportunities.

In addition, Mad Sword was a greatsword-wielding Swordsman, and Elven Enchantress was a Ranger. Their classes were adept at executing finishing blows and ambushes.

Black Flame! I truly underestimated you. It’s no wonder those four superpowers are willing to work together to eliminate you. Elven Enchantress also grew serious as she took in Shi Feng’s nonchalant attitude. She then responded quietly, “Although I don’t want to, I’ll do my best to support you this time.” As a Ranger, having her arrows caught barehanded was a huge humiliation. Playing a supporting role in a fight was also the last thing she wanted to do. However, she couldn’t care less about her pride right now. Completing the mission had priority.

“Vice Alliance Leader Autumns, leave Zero Wing’s other members to us. We won’t let any of them assist Black Flame.”

“That’s right. They’re but 16 people. It’ll only take us a few seconds to get rid of them.”

The other members of the four foreign aid teams also responded to Three Autumns’s command, all of them expressing their confidence in resolving this matter quickly.

“Good! In three seconds, we’ll take action together!”

Since nobody had any objections to his commands, Three Autumns nodded and focused his attention on Shi Feng, who stood 30 yards away.

As for everyone else, they promptly spread out, seeking the optimal position to coordinate with each other.

However, after the foreign aid teams’ members got to position, an indifferent voice broke the silence and made everyone shudder involuntarily.“It seems you are finally ready. In that case, I can make my move now.”

Shi Feng’s voice was indescribably calm. However, the meaning behind his words couldn’t be any more obvious. He was basically making fun of the four Absolutes’ determination to work together.

“What arrogance!”

Furious at Shi Feng’s words, Red Rain immediately activated the Tier 3 Justice Sprint and charged at the Swordsman with his shield raised. The space around Red Rain turned blurry and chaotic, making it difficult for others to time and dodge or block his attack. “Go!”

Upon seeing this situation, Three Autumns commanded everyone to take action before joining the charge himself.

However, before Three Autumns could even take a step forward, everyone present suddenly felt as if time had switched to slow-mo.

This illusion lasted for a moment; then, everyone gasped. Before they realized it, Shi Feng was already standing behind Red Rain. A longsword as dark as night had also pierced Red Rain’s heart.

Immediately afterward, Shi Feng pulled the longsword from Red Rain’s back, and the Guardian Knight’s HP drained away until nothing remained. Red Rain then collapsed onto the soft grass, his eyes wide with horror and confusion.