Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2707 - Fire Dragon’s Six Absolutes

Upon seeing 400 people acting in unison, let alone Sorrowful Heaven, even the other foreign aid teams in the distance were dumbfounded by this situation.

“Are these people crazy?”

“Zero Wing has only exposed some weaknesses that can be exploited. Do these people really need to behave like this?”

“What kind of Guild is Zero Wing? Did it desecrate these people’s ancestral graves?”

In the preliminary selection, it wasn’t far-fetched to say that aside from the members of one’s team, everyone else was an enemy. There did not exist any possibility for cooperation.

Yet, four teams were now working together to annihilate Zero Wing’s members. Moreover, these teams had perfect coordination with each other. Nobody would believe it if someone said there was no hatred between Zero Wing and these teams.

“Boss Sorrow, these people should be aiming at Zero Wing,” a Level 117, Tier 3 Ranger from the Flower of Seven Sins reported to Sorrowful Heaven. When he observed the movements and goal of these four teams, he gulped nervously despite himself.

“What exactly did Zero Wing do to make four superpowers take such drastic action?”

At this moment, Sorrowful Heaven couldn’t help staring at Shi Feng’s group in shock.

Based on the four teams’ coordinated movements, it was clear they had discussed things beforehand. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have gone all out to annihilate Zero Wing’s members as soon as the selection began.

Zero Wing was merely an up-and-coming pseudo-superpower, yet it had actually provoked four superpowers into working together to deal with it. This was definitely a first in God’s Domain. If word of this situation spread, Zero Wing would instantly become famous throughout God’s Domain.

“Boss, what should we do?” the Tier 3 Ranger asked.

“Let’s wait and see first before making a decision,” Sorrowful Heaven commanded calmly and quickly.

Based on the four teams’ killing intent, he could tell that they weren’t targeting the Flower of Seven Sins. Even so, he still had to be careful.

After all, every one of these foreign aid teams had famous experts in them, and even the weakest of their members was a Flowing Water Realm expert. Many of them were even Void Realm experts, an existence that even the Guild Leaders of first-rate Guilds had to tread carefully around.

The four teams’ coordinated charge was equivalent to 400 Guild Leaders or Vice Guild Leaders of first-rate Guilds charging together. Just the thought of it made Sorrowful Heaven’s scalp prickle.

Less than ten seconds later, several dozen figures dashed past the Flower of Seven Sins members, their passage scattering the surrounding flowers and grass.

Meanwhile, the moment these people passed by, everyone from the Flower of Seven Sins, with the exception of Imperial Haze, felt a sense of relief.

“The pressure they gave off is too frightening. I think over 80% of these people are Void Realm experts,” a Level 117, Tier 3 Assassin exclaimed as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

The other Flower of Seven Sins members also nodded in agreement with this Tier 3 Assassin’s assessment.

Although it was indeed true that even their weakest members were at the Flowing Water Realm, there were only five Void Realm experts on their team. While Sorrowful Heaven was a Domain Realm expert, in this special space, he would have difficulty going up against three Void Realm experts simultaneously. He might even get killed.

In other words, if they excluded the monstrous Imperial Haze, the overall strength of the several dozen players that had just passed by was still above them.

Meanwhile, this was only a small portion of the strength four foreign aid teams commanded.

“You think the strongest among these people are only at the Void Realm?” After calming himself, Sorrowful Heaven couldn’t help rolling his eyes at his subordinates.

“Boss Sorrow, are you saying there are peerless experts hidden among these people?” Everyone gasped reflexively when they heard Sorrowful Heaven’s words.

Peerless experts!

They were existences even Super Guilds had to be wary of, the important mainstays of the various superpowers.

“Otherwise, do you think those superpowers would spend so many Seven Luminaries Crystals to recruit foreign aid?” Glancing at the afterimage left behind by a muscular old man, Sorrowful Heaven took a deep breath and said, “I suspect that old man who rushed past us just now is Three Autumns, one of the Grand Elders that founded the Fire Dragon Adventurer Alliance.”

“Three Autumns? The person known as Skyshaker?”

The Flower of Seven Sins members shuddered at this name.

According to the rumors, Three Autumns was a phenomenal existence. Relying on his incredible Ghost Hammer Technique, he had not only defeated several apex experts from the Sky Dragon Family but also fought one of the Super Guild’s Dragon Heads to a standstill.

After that feat, Three Autumns had gained the title of Skyshaker in the Fire Dragon Empire. This, in turn, allowed the newly emerged and loosely organized Fire Dragon Adventurer Alliance to get a foothold in the Fire Dragon Empire.

“Three Autumns should be the trump card of one of the foreign aid teams. The other teams should have their own peerless experts, as well.” As Sorrowful Heaven watched the four teams close in on Shi Feng’s group, an indescribable sense of shock filled him. “These four superpowers really think highly of Zero Wing!”

Although the Flower of Seven Sins team had Imperial Haze as a trump card, if it had to go up against four peerless experts simultaneously, only death awaited its members. Aside from Imperial Haze, everyone else wouldn’t have any chance to survive.

Just what kind of ability did Zero Wing possess to warrant such a frightening lineup?

While Sorrowful Heaven was feeling stunned, the four foreign aid teams had arrived before Zero Wing’s members. A total of 400 powerful experts were directing their killing intent at Shi Feng and his companions.

The killing intent radiated by any one of these experts was more than enough to turn ordinary players pale.

Now that all 400 of these people were releasing their killing intent simultaneously, the space around Shi Feng’s group even started to darken. In fact, even from over a thousand yards away, the Flower of Seven Sins’s members still felt a chill crawl down their backs, and they felt an urge to flee.

“Young man, don’t blame us for bullying you with numbers. If you have to blame someone, blame yourself for behaving too arrogantly and offending people you shouldn’t offend!” Three Autumns said, sighing as he looked at Shi Feng.

“What’s the point of talking to them? The sooner we get rid of them, the sooner we can get down to business!” the one-eyed, young male Guardian Knight standing beside Three Autumns said.

“Red Rain, don’t say that. At least let them die knowingly. That way, they can have a smoother path ahead of them,” a beautiful woman with long elven ears and a graceful figure chided with a smile.

“Black Flame, I originally wanted to have a fair fight with you, but work comes first for me. Don’t blame me for prioritizing victory over fairness!” a white-haired youth wielding a greatsword declared as he walked out of the crowd.

When these four people appeared, the crowd spectating in the distance couldn’t help gaping and gasping in shock.

“Skyshaker, Red Rain, Elven Enchantress, and Mad Sword. Why are all these people here?”

At this moment, let alone the Flowing Water Realm experts, even a Domain Realm expert like Sorrowful Heaven spontaneously broke out in a cold sweat. He never thought that his guess was actually on the mark.

Four of the Fire Dragon Empire’s Six Absolutes had actually gathered here!

If these four people worked together, they could move unhindered in the Fire Dragon Empire. Even the empire’s Super Guilds wouldn’t dare to offend them casually.

“Guild Leader, these four people aren’t ordinary opponents. It’ll be risky for us to clash with them,” Yan Tianxing warned as he looked at the four smiling people.

The fame of the Fire Dragon Empire’s Six Absolutes resounded even in the distant Star-Moon Kingdom.

This was because every one of these Six Absolutes had gained their fame through their astonishing battle records. They were different from experts whose reputations were due to the bragging of Guilds.

“It seems even the heavens want Zero Wing dead this time!”

Sorrowful Heaven couldn’t help but lament over this situation.

However, despite his feelings over the matter, he still eagerly hoped for Zero Wing’s demise. Otherwise, the Upper Zone would forever be beyond his reach.

“Black Flame, now that you’re aware of the situation, if you want to hate someone, hate yourself for being too arrogant!”

As soon as the Level 119 Elven Enchantress said this, she retrieved the bow slung on her back and shot an arrow at Shi Feng.

Tier 3 Skill, Sky Piercer!

The next moment, a blue flash punctured a hole through space and crossed the 60-yard distance in the blink of an eye. The arrow’s speed was so fast that even Sorrowful Heaven and the other spectators failed to react to it immediately. Moreover, the arrow carried so much power that the punctured space continued cracking even after the arrow had passed.

“I just didn’t see you for a while, and your arrow’s speed has actually become faster? I could barely perceive it at this close distance,” Red Rain said as he looked at Elven Enchantress.

“Isn’t it better to let him die without pain?” Elven Enchantress smiled faintly as she put her longbow away.

Elven Enchantress’s gentle smile awoke a sense of dread in the other three Absolutes present. None of them objected to her words, though.

If Elven Enchantress launched her arrow within 100 yards, even Tier 3 Assassins would fall without knowing what hit them. Not to mention, Shi Feng was only a Swordsman.

However, as soon as Elven Enchantress finished speaking, a playful chuckle entered everyone’s ears.

“Die? I’m afraid you’re still not quite up to scratch for that.”

The next moment, a person actually walked out of the shattered space, and this person was even toying with the blue arrow Elven Enchantress shot out just now.