Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2706 - Selection Battle

Inside a high-class bar near the War God’s Temple’s plaza…

A feminine man in a light-gray cloak appeared silently beside a handsome young man drinking red wine inside the bar. As if the feminine man did not exist, none of the bar’s other occupants noticed his arrival.

“Young Master, it’ll be difficult to get those reserve slots. Seven Wonders did not remove Zero Wing. He only decided to let Zero Wing fend for itself,” the feminine man whispered. “Zero Wing’s members have registered already. Now, all they have to do is wait three hours for the preliminary selection to begin.”

“Zero Wing sure is lucky not to get removed even after making such a blunder.” The handsome young man named Sorrowful Heaven frowned slightly, then said coldly, “However, Zero Wing shouldn’t even think of getting its hands on even one of those reserve slots!”

“Sorrow, how about I attack them directly afterward?” a girl with disheveled hair sitting beside Sorrowful Heaven suggested, excitement sparkling in her eyes. The woman had the Flower of Seven Sins’s symbol imprinted on her arm.

As soon as this small and delicate girl spoke up, everyone inside the bar shook visibly as they reluctantly recalled a scene in the past.

“Haze, you have to abide by the rules this time. Otherwise, I won’t bring you out anymore,” Sorrowful Heaven said. A hint of fear had also surfaced in his eyes when he looked at this harmless-looking girl.

Even after becoming one of the Seven Sins, Sorrowful Heaven still dared not act carelessly around this girl.

After all, death was the best relief when one went against this harmless girl. Even the Flower of Seven Sins’s mysterious leader got a headache when dealing with her. If they did not manage her properly, she would easily trigger a catastrophe. “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely listen to you during this mission. I won’t recklessly do anything to those people.” The girl named Imperial Haze nodded obediently and giggled.

“That’s good.” Sorrowful Heaven breathed out a sigh of relief. He then said slowly, “We don’t have to worry about Zero Wing this time. Now that Zero Wing has exposed all its data, the other superpowers’ foreign aid will target them first. We won’t have to do anything to Zero Wing. On the contrary, while everyone else is focused on Zero Wing, we can search for the War God Orders.”

The selection match for foreign aid was straightforward.

All registered foreign aid would be teleported to a special space to search for the War God Orders scattered there. They would have five hours to do so, and once the time was up, all participants holding a War God Order would pass the selection.

However, the number of War God Orders was limited to 100. In other words, only 100 players, at most, could pass the selection. Compared to the number of foreign aid the various superpowers had recruited, the number of available slots was pitifully small.

According to the information they obtained, six super-first-rate Guilds and three Super Guilds had come to the Fire Dragon Empire to register for the competition. This meant that 900 players would participate in the preliminary selection, and only one-ninth of these participants could officially become foreign aid. Everyone else would just be wasting their Seven Luminaries Crystals.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing only had 17 members participating in the selection. Trying to secure War God Orders while going up against so many experts was simply a fool’s dream.

As Sorrowful Heaven was considering how he could capitalize on Zero Wing’s predicament, Cold Shadow was resting inside one of the War God’s Temple’s lounges. When she received news of Zero Wing’s situation, she revealed a satisfied smile.

“Vice Guild Leader, did you receive good news?” the female Guardian Knight White Feather asked in surprise. “Yes!” Cold Shadow replied. “Although I don’t know which dumb Guild it was that invited Zero Wing, Zero Wing is dead for sure this time! None of Zero Wing’s members should even dream of passing the selection!”

“Vice Guild Leader, Zero Wing’s 17 members possess extraordinary strength. While not all of them can pass, there is still a chance that two or three of them will succeed,” White Feather said, shaking her head in disagreement. “It might’ve been possible before, but I’m afraid it’s not anymore,” Cold Shadow said in a playful tone. “According to our spies, the Sky Dragon House and Pride Empire have come forward to work with Demon Palace and Miracle to annihilate Zero Wing!” “How is this possible?!” This revelation stunned White Feather.

The competition for the six reserve seats was incredibly intense, and every participating power was treating the others as mortal enemies. Two superpowers working together was already unbelievable. Now, four superpowers had actually banded together to target Zero Wing.

What exactly had Zero Wing done to anger all these Guilds?

“Nothing’s impossible.” Chuckling, Cold Shadow said, “Did you forget whom Zero Wing offended before?”

“Is this Saint’s Hand’s doing?” White Feather immediately thought of the incomparably mysterious Saint’s Hand.

“That’s right. Saint’s Hand promised the four Guilds something, and the four Guilds agreed without hesitation.” Cold Shadow nodded. Smiling, she continued, “I doubt even Zero Wing would’ve expected that this preliminary selection would turn into their execution.”

“Zero Wing is truly finished this time.” White Feather sighed at this situation.

Nearly half of the 900 players entering the battlefield were going to target Zero Wing. None of Zero Wing’s members should even think of leaving the battlefield alive. After all, the preliminary selection’s battlefield was a special space that prohibited players from using Berserk Skills and tools and increased the consumption of Stamina and Concentration by tenfold.

Such rules would greatly restrict the participants’ combat power. Even powerful players would have difficulty fighting for a long time and would be vulnerable to zerg tactics.

Meanwhile, players who died within that special space would not only lose five levels but also be prevented from logging into the game for five natural days. This was the price for participating in the competition for the Twelve Great Guilds’ reserve seats.

Zero Wing had mobilized all its top combatants for the competition this time. If Zero Wing team-wiped, the Guild would undoubtedly suffer a devastating blow.

Following which, time passed quickly. Amid the various superpowers’ anticipation, the nine foreign aid teams arrived inside the War God’s Temple’s selection hall.

A total of 900 players stood on all sides of the hall. Some groups were large, while others were small. However, aside from Zero Wing’s members, everyone else present had concealed their information using Black Cloaks.

“Are they the targets?”

“What a pitiful bunch. They probably don’t know that our four forces have joined hands already. Once the competition begins, we’ll attack them together.”

“I wonder if they’ll get scared silly at that time?”

“How unfortunate! I wanted to challenge that Black Flame to check the results of my recent training. Now, this chance is gone.”

The helpers of the Sky Dragon Family, Pride Empire, Demon Palace, and Miracle conversed with each other through the team chat, their words filled with ridicule and sympathy for Shi Feng’s group.

“Sorrow, those teams are acting strangely. Every one of them is actually staring at Zero Wing’s members,” Imperial Haze stated as she looked at the four superpowers’ members.

“That’s not surprising. Who asked Zero Wing’s members to be so courageous?” Sorrowful Heaven retorted nonchalantly. “If I weren’t afraid of Hong Xinyuan holding me accountable and refusing to give me those reserve slots afterward, I would send Zero Wing’s members on their way even if the other superpowers didn’t target them.” “Is that so?” Imperial Haze still couldn’t help growing uncertain as she looked at the four superpowers’ foreign aid teams.“By the way, we’ll first pretend to move together with Zero Wing afterward. However, so long as we come across other teams during the operation, we’ll immediately split away from Zero Wing and let Zero Wing’s members tie down the enemy. Remember, you better not take action,” Sorrowful Heaven said sternly.

“I understand.” Imperial Haze nodded.

Shortly after Sorrowful Heaven finished speaking, everyone in the hall felt their vision blur momentarily. When they recovered, they discovered that they had already arrived inside a forested valley.

After scanning his surroundings, Sorrowful Heaven found that the various teams were situated relatively close to each other. If they abandoned Zero Wing too soon, they would most likely get caught by a different team during their retreat.

“We’ll move together with Zero Wing first,” Sorrowful Heaven said through the team chat.

However, even after Sorrowful Heaven gave this command, none of the Flower of Seven Sins’s members moved. Instead, they all stood still, looking dumbfounded.

This was because nearly half of the foreign aid teams present had started dashing in their direction like a bunch of madmen as Sorrowful Heaven issued his command.

“What’s going on?” Sorrowful Heaven was similarly stunned as he looked at the several hundred players charging at his team from all directions.