Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2705 - We Have Our Way “They are as bold as ever.”

Cold Shadow, who was registering Mythology for the competition before the War God’s Temple, was slightly surprised to see Shi Feng and the others among the crowd.

“They’re tired of living!” a nearly three-meter-tall, heavily armored man standing beside Cold Shadow said disdainfully. “Previously, they rejected your kindness and missed out on a great opportunity. Now, they actually dare take part in this event, even exposing their own data. They shouldn’t think of getting through the foreign aid’s selection at this rate.”

The various superpowers had all recruited foreign aid for this competition. However, due to the rules, they could recruit only 100 outside helpers, at most. Moreover, each helper cost 30 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to registera huge burden on the various superpowers’ finances.

To make matters worse, recruiting foreign aid was one thing. Whether the recruited foreign aid could pass the preliminary selection and earn points for the Guild they supported was another thing altogether. If the recruited foreign aid didn’t pass the preliminary selection, then all the Seven Luminaries Crystals spent would go down the drain.

Due to these reasons, the various superpowers wouldn’t let go of even the slightest chance to defeat their opponents, let alone give away advantageous information to their opponents.

With the classes in God’s Domain countering each other, even peak experts would have trouble when going up against opponents that countered their class. In a situation where one side thoroughly understood their opponents’ Basic Attributes and equipment, that side could accurately arrange the appropriate manpower to suppress their opponents.

Now that Zero Wing had leaked all this information, its members would be hard-pressed not to get targeted

“What is that Black Flame thinking?”

“Did nobody tell them that this operation requires concealment?”

The eyes of a group of cloaked players standing at the edge of the plaza nearly fell out of their sockets when Zero Wing’s members came into sight.

The competition for the Twelve Great Guilds’ reserve seats was an event of utmost importance. The various superpowers had spent a lot of effort just to hide their strength. Some superpowers had even purchased camouflage items for some of their ace members for fear that these members would get perfectly countered.

However, Zero Wing had done none of that and boldly displayed its information to the various superpowers.

“Hong Xinyuan, are these the trump cards you spent three reserve slots to recruit? You’ve truly opened this old man’s eyes!” an elderly man with graying hair said as he looked at Hong Xinyuan standing beside him. The wrath in his voice made even Muxin and the other Vice Guild Leaders nearby shudder.

“Great Elder Blue, this should be…an accident…” Muxin hurriedly explained to the blue-robed old man named Brilliant Blue.

Brilliant Blue was one of Frost Heaven’s Five Frost Pillars. Previously, Brilliant Blue had nearly flipped over Frost Heaven because of Hong Xinyuan’s decision to give away three Upper Zone reserve slots to Zero Wing.

In the past, the Boulder Corporation had rejected Brilliant Blue’s request for a reserve slot for his grandson. However, he had eventually dropped the matter. After all, the reserve slots were extremely precious, and the Green God Company wouldn’t necessarily gift the Boulder Corporation with slots every year.

Now, however, Hong Xinyuan had decided to give away three of these precious slots to a bunch of outsiders without even consulting with anyone. There was no way Brilliant Blue wouldn’t get angry over this matter, especially with Zero Wing having made such a huge blunder now. “An accident?” Brilliant Blue laughed when he heard this. “That’s right. This is indeed an accident. An accident on a scale this old man has never seen before!”


Having no excuses for this situation, Hong Xinyuan said apologetically, “Some problems have indeed occurred this time, but Zero Wing’s members are undoubtedly strong.”

“They are indeed pretty good. Of the 17 of them, even the lowest-leveled person is Level 117, while the highest has even reached Level 121. Each of them also has six pieces of Epic Equipment on average. This is a rare sight even among the various superpowers’ main force teams,” Brilliant Blue said. He then turned to the other Elders present and continued, “However, they have exposed all their data now. It will be child’s play for the other superpowers to counter them! “Frost Heaven’s Seven Luminaries Crystals aren’t easy to come by. Every piece is exchanged using the Guild members’ blood and sweat. I don’t want to see those crystals wasted. I suggest removing Zero Wing now and having my grandson’s subordinates fill up the remaining slots.”

When Brilliant Blue finished speaking, the Guild Elders present fell silent for a while.

“I think what Great Elder Blue said is logical. Now that Zero Wing has made such a blunder, we do need to replace them,” one of the Vice Guild Leaders standing behind Brilliant Blue said and nodded.

“Blue’s words aren’t unreasonable. I also think that it is necessary to replace them,” a white-haired Grand Elder said. “The dispute over the reserve seats will greatly impact God’s Domain’s future. It might even determine Frost Heaven’s life and death. We cannot afford to be sloppy in this matter. We don’t have to take such a risk, either.”

“That’s right.” “There is indeed no need for us to take this risk.”

After the white-haired Grand Elder spoke up, the other Guild Elders present also started voicing their agreement with Brilliant Blue’s suggestion. As for the matter of finding new foreign aid to replace Zero Wing’s members, nobody present was concerned about that. The various superpowers had prepared plenty of substitutes for today’s event. Naturally, Frost Heaven wasn’t an exception.

Not to mention, Brilliant Blue’s grandson wasn’t some simpleton, either. In fact, he had gained the title of Sloth in the Flower of Seven Sins. If not for his having joined the Flower of Seven Sins, he would’ve already become a Vice Guild Leader in Frost Heaven.

Meanwhile, the Flower of Seven Sins was an organization proficient at assassination. Its members were natural killers. There was no superpower more adept at dealing with players than the Flower of Seven Sins, not even Super Guilds.

Brilliant Blue’s grandson was one of Frost Heaven’s trump cards in this competition. Having the Flower of Seven Sins’s peak experts replace Zero Wing’s members wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Of course, Brilliant Blue’s selfishness also played a role in his decision. The three reserve slots Hong Xinyuan offered to Zero Wing were actually his personal property; they didn’t belong to the Guild or the Boulder Corporation. Brilliant Blue couldn’t force Hong Xinyuan to give them to him. However, if Zero Wing got removed and Brilliant Blue’s grandson helped Frost Heaven secure a reserve seat…

Hong Xinyuan would have to give those three Upper Zone reserve slots to Brilliant Blue’s grandson to preserve his reputation.

Just as the various Elders present were about to reach a consensus, someone interrupted them. “Dear Elders, don’t you think you’re going a little too far?” Muxin said.

“Muxin, where do you think we’ve gone too far? Do you find my words unreasonable?” Brilliant Blue asked in dissatisfaction.

“What you said indeed makes sense, Great Elder Blue.” Muxin nodded. “However, Uncle Hong contributed nearly half of the Seven Luminaries Crystals we used to recruit foreign aid this time. If not for his contribution, Frost Heaven would’ve had difficulty collecting so many crystals. Now, Uncle Hong is only taking 17 slots for his own use, yet you are arbitrarily deciding to replace Zero Wing already. Isn’t that a bit much? At least let Uncle Hong decide this matter himself.”

At Muxin’s words, the Grand Elders and Elders present fell silent.

What Muxin said was the truth. Without the Seven Luminaries Crystals Hong Xinyuan contributed, they really wouldn’t have been able to register so many outside helpers for the competition. Now, Hong Xinyuan wasn’t even using one-fifth of the total slots. They indeed didn’t have the right to reject or help Hong Xinyuan decide.

“What you say is correct, but we are also doing this in consideration of the Guild’s future,” Brilliant Blue said righteously. “Old Hong, didn’t you contribute those crystals for the sake of the Guild, as well?”

Just when Brilliant Blue wanted to say something more, a dignified, middle-aged man in the team suddenly spoke up.

“Stop arguing! “Do you plan to make fools of yourselves in front of the other superpowers?!”

As soon as this middle-aged man spoke up, everyone present fell silent. Respect also appeared in everyone’s eyes as they looked at this man.

However, Brilliant Blue still refused to budge. “Guild Leader, we cannot afford to be careless in this matter.”

Others might be afraid of Seven Wonders, the Guild Leader of Frost Heaven, but not Brilliant Blue. Not only was Brilliant Blue one of the Five Frost Pillars, but he was also one generation older than Seven Wonders. Hence, Seven Wonders still had to take his words seriously.

“Enough!” Seven Wonders frowned. “This matter ends here! We will not remove Zero Wing! However, what Great Elder Blue said is reasonable, as well. Notify Zero Wing that we won’t help them during the preliminary selection. This is their problem, so they have to solve it themselves. Frost Heaven does not have any excess combat power to spare!’

“Guild Leader!” Muxin was startled. She never thought that Seven Wonders would make such a decision. This was equivalent to abandoning Zero Wing.

Hong Xinyuan also frowned at this decision. Without Frost Heaven’s assistance, Zero Wing would most likely have difficulty getting through the preliminaries. And even if Zero Wing passed, not many of them should remain. “Enough! Get it done!’ Seven Wonders said resolutely. “Understood,” Muxin sighed.

Muxin was powerless to change Seven Wonders’ decision. She immediately relayed the news to Shi Feng. As for how far Zero Wing could reach, that would depend entirely on Zero Wing itself.“Guild Leader, Frost Heaven is having us fend for ourselves,” Yan Tianxing said, startled by the message Shi Feng shared with the team.

Yan Tianxing had advised Shi Feng to conceal their information. However, Shi Feng had rejected his suggestion.

Now, look what happened?

“What do you guys think?” Shi Feng asked Fire Dance and the others, chuckling.

“Let them. We have our way of doing things. Why should we play by their rules?” Fire Dance said nonchalantly.

“Big Sis Fire is right. I’ve also been itching for a good fight lately,” Violet Cloud said, a hint of excitement flashing in her eyes.

Similarly, Cola and the others also expressed their eagerness for a good fight.

“Since that’s the case, let’s go get registered.”