Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2699 - A Foregone Conclusion

“I…actually lost?”

Tian Cheng wore a dazed expression when he woke up back inside the combat cabin. For a time, his thoughts lingered on the final moment of the fight.

“What exactly happened to Tian Cheng? How did he get defeated so suddenly?”

Questions flooded Kerui’s mind as she stared at the holographic screen. Tian Cheng was clearly holding his own against the magic blades a second ago. Yet, in the next second, he got devoured by them. This situation was like a nightmare. Tian Cheng had combined a Bronze Defensive Combat Technique with a Tier 3 Defensive Skill. Even Tier 4 Mythic monsters couldn’t have harmed him.

How could a Tier 3 Cleric like Violet Cloud possibly land an attack on him?

However, unlike Kerui, none of the spectators around the Frost Heaven contingent were surprised by this situation. Azure’s members, in particular, even felt that this was a reasonable outcome.

“She seized his Mana!” Muxin gasped deeply as she looked at Violet Cloud’s figure displayed on the screen. “Her control over Mana is already at the Tier 4 standard. She has full control over the Mana within her sphere of control, and players below Tier 3 cannot use Mana to fight her.”

In God’s Domain, players would start learning how to manipulate Mana after reaching Tier 2. And to advance to Tier 3, they had to construct a Mana Body, which allowed them to manipulate the ambient Mana to power and enhance their skills and Spells.

However, if players couldn’t utilize the ambient Mana, then their Skills and Spells would be drastically weakened.

In contrast, once a player’s control over Mana reached the Tier 4 standard, they could control all the Mana within a 50-yard radius or more. And within this range, the Skills and Spells they used would far surpass that of ordinary Tier 3 players.

With the combination of these two effects, even though Tian Cheng had vastly superior combat standards, he was still no match for Violet Cloud in terms of overall combat power.

Realization dawned upon Kerui when she heard Muxin’s explanation, and complicated emotions filled her heart as she looked at Violet Cloud.

“She’s not much older than me, right?” Kerui mumbled to herself. “Could she be the incarnation of a Tier 4 NPC?”

Not only did Violet Cloud reach the Void Realm standard at such a young age, but her control over Mana had also reached the Tier 4 standard. This was a feat that veteran Domain Realm experts had yet to accomplish.

Hong Xinyuan, sitting beside Kerui, reacted surprisingly calmly to the duel’s outcome. In fact, a hint of appreciation even appeared in his eyes as he looked at Violet Cloud.

“Old Hong, you didn’t lose unjustly, right?” Duan Hanshan asked as he stroked his beard.

“It seems you figured me out long ago.” Hong Xinyuan didn’t get angry over losing 15 bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid and 100,000 Magic Crystals. On the contrary, a smile even appeared on his face.

“Of course. Any well-informed superpower could find out about that matter.” Duan Hanshan nodded. “You didn’t lose for nothing this time. You should know that Elder Sinful Flame lost to this young lady in our internal competition. You should be laughing at your harvest.”

However, what Duan Hanshan didn’t know was that the current Violet Cloud was much stronger than when she fought against Sinful Flame. This time, she didn’t rely on her staff to raise her Concentration to the Tier 4 standard. Instead, she had reached Tier 4 by relying on herself.

In other words, her Mana control had improved by a significant margin.

“Yes, this is a worthwhile loss.” Hong Xinyuan also couldn’t help smiling at Duan Hanshan’s words. “This trip wasn’t in vain, after all.”

“Uncle Hong?” Hong Xinyuan’s happy reaction confused Kerui.

That was 15 bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid and 100,000 Magic Crystals they were talking about. This was a significant sum, even for Frost Heaven.

“That’s right. This is a worthwhile loss.” Muxin also smiled.

Frost Heaven’s operation this time was of utmost importance. It might even affect the situation of God’s Domain. It was naturally better for the foreign aid they requested to be as strong as possible.

Although Tian Cheng couldn’t display his full strength with the virtual combat platform, the abilities Violet Cloud had revealed thus far were already more than enough to qualify her as a capable helper.

“Muxin, you did a good job this time,” Hong Xinyuan praised Muxin.

“I am only trying to help the Guild.” Muxin smiled in delight. It wasn’t easy to earn Hong Xinyuan’s praise. “Afterward, notify Black Flame that I will give Zero Wing 20 slots for our secret operation. Also, aside from the 100 bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid, the Boulder Corporation will also give Zero Wing three slots to enter the Upper Zone if the operation succeeds,” Hong Xinyuan said, smiling.

“Uncle Hong?” Muxin was shocked. For a moment, she even thought her ears were playing tricks on her.

“Uncle Hong, aren’t you giving too much?” Kerui’s eyes were also wide with shock. She wondered whether Hong Xinyuan had lost his mind.

Zero Wing was an outsider. Giving the Guild some items and Credits should already be more than enough. Yet, Hong Xinyuan was actually offering those precious slots as remuneration. If the corporation’s Grand Elders were to learn of this, they would definitely jump in shock. After all, many of these Grand Elders’ children and grandchildren didn’t even get those slots.

“How generous of you, Old Hong. If I remember correctly, you shouldn’t have that many reserved slots in hand, right?” Duan Hanshan was also astonished by Hong Xinyuan’s decision.

To ordinary people, entering the Upper Zone was but a dream. To the wealthy, this name was something they all desired.

The Upper Zone was a special region the Green God Company had constructed, and only select megacities had it. In total, there were fewer than 60 Upper Zones worldwide.

Meanwhile, the main reason why countless wealthy people sought to enter the Upper Zone was longevity and youth.

According to statistics gathered 50 years ago, the average life expectancy of people living in the Upper Zones had already reached 130 years. In addition, residents could remain in their prime up to 80 years old. In other words, an 80-year-old person living in an Upper Zone could be as physically fit as a 50-year-old person living in the outside world.

And this was only the statistics from 50 years ago.

The Upper Zones offered many other benefits. However, only residents would know what these benefits were.

Meanwhile, the number of people allowed to enter the Upper Zones every year was limited. Moreover, one wouldn’t necessarily be able to enter an Upper Zone just by having money. One also needed to meet certain conditions.

Of course, the Green God Company would also reserve a number of slots for the international corporations that were its partners. However, this number was so incredibly small that these corporations couldn’t bear giving any of their slots to outsiders. Only those who had made great contributions could receive a slot.

For Hong Xinyuan to offer three slots to Zero Wing was an unreasonably generous move.

“I can still afford to give away three slots,” Hong Xinyuan said, clicking his tongue. However, while he pretended not to care very much, the distress in his eyes couldn’t escape any of the experts present.

“It seems you have it tough, as well,” Duan Hanshan said as he gave Hong Xinyuan a complicated look. Of those present, only he knew of some of the reasons behind Hong Xinyuan’s decision. However, Duan Hanshan’s words bewildered Muxin and Kerui.

“Alright, our goal has been achieved. We should go now.” Hong Xinyuan chuckled without giving an explanation. He then turned around and walked out of the lobby, showing no intention of staying even a moment longer.

After Hong Xinyuan’s group left, Gu Han, who was standing some distance away, approached Duan Hanshan.

“Elder Duan, why did Frost Heaven pay Zero Wing a visit this time?” Gu Han asked out of curiosity. “It’s nothing important.” Duan Hanshan took a deep breath, complex emotions darkening his eyes as he watched Hong Xinyuan’s group exit the building. “It’s just that a big change is imminent, and the time you youngsters have is dwindling.”

“A big change?” Gu Han grew even more confused at Duan Hanshan’s words.

Just as Gu Han was about to ask more questions, Liang Jing walked out of an elevator and approached them.

“Elder Duan, our Guild Leader would like to see you,” Liang Jing said respectfully.

“It seems your Guild Leader finally decided to come out. He really kept this old man waiting.” Nodding, Duan Hanshan continued, “It just so happens I want to talk to him about the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Lead the way.”

“This way, please, Elder Duan.” Liang Jing led Duan Hanshan to the express elevator to the building’s top floor.