Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2698 - Zero Wing’s Hidden Strength?

Upon hearing Hong Xinyuan’s question, Kerui hurriedly signaled Tian Cheng to agree. After all, this was an excellent opportunity to disrupt Muxin’s plan.

Tian Cheng was the fifth strongest person among Frost Heaven’s Ten Swords. Out of everyone in Zero Wing, only Black Flame could possibly contend against him.

However, Tian Cheng surprisingly did not answer right away.

“Uncle Hong, may I use my full strength in the match?” Tian Cheng asked.

The Ten Swords were different from Frost Heaven’s ordinary members. It was imperative that they conceal their strength from outsiders. Unless they received explicit orders from the upper echelon, they couldn’t show their full power even if it meant suffering defeat.

Tian Cheng’s question didn’t surprise Duan Hanshan. After all, this was also the case with the Azure Chamber of Commerce. Only during the annual competition before did Solitary Frost and the others have their restrictions lifted.

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“You can use your full strength when necessary,” Hong Xinyuan said after giving the matter some thought.

Zero Wing’s Black Flame possessed the strength to contend against the Mythic ranked Faux Saint Devourers. If Black Flame stepped forward as Zero Wing’s representative, Tian Cheng would undoubtedly lose if he held back his strength.

Such an outcome wasn’t what Hong Xinyuan wished to see. After all, his goal here today was to establish Frost Heaven’s prestige.

“I don’t have any problems, then.” Fighting spirit flared in Tian Cheng’s eyes.

“Good. I’ll leave it to you, then.” Hong Xinyuan nodded in satisfaction. He then turned to Duan Hanshan and said, “Old Ice Demon, we have a deal.”

Initially, Hong Xinyuan had been considering how to go about making Zero Wing aware of Frost Heaven’s might after doing a brief inspection of Zero Wing’s headquarters. Now, it would seem he could save his efforts.

“That’s settled.” Duan Hanshan chuckled. He then turned to the blue-haired youth nearby and said, “Gu Han[1], step down for now. Let this kid take your place.”

“Him?” After scanning the honest-looking youth standing beside Duan Hanshan, Gu Han asked reluctantly, “Are you sure?”

Immediately, both Tian Cheng and Hong Xinyuan had the urge to puke blood.

Just how much were others underestimating Frost Heaven nowadays?

However, Hong Xinyuan did not explode in anger. He merely signaled Tian Cheng with his eyes, conveying, “You know what to do.” They would let the Azure Chamber of Commerce know just how powerful Frost Heaven was through this duel.

After a while, the coaching battle between Zero Wing and the Azure Chamber of Commerce officially began.

At this time, more people thronged the virtual combat platform. Whether it was Zero Wing’s members or Azure’s members, both were ecstatic.

“I heard that a newcomer from Frost Heaven is taking Gu Han’s place. I wonder how many seconds that newcomer can last.”

“I heard the best record so far is only 16 seconds.”

“Sixteen? In that case, Frost Heaven’s newcomer should last ten seconds.”

“Ten? Bullshit! I bet he won’t last more than six or seven seconds!”

The sudden substitution for the coaching battle sparked a heated discussion among the audience. In particular, Azure’s members placed all their focus on guessing how many seconds Tian Cheng could last in the duel. This situation had Kerui gnashing her teeth and dumbfounded Muxin.

Is it because Frost Heaven hasn’t made any major movements recently? Is everyone treating us as pushovers already? Muxin felt that something was amiss as she eavesdropped on the discussions.

The behavior of Azure’s members was too strange. Every one of them spoke as if being able to last only several seconds against Zero Wing’s representative was something to be proud of. None of them possessed the consciousness of an expert at all.

After Tian Cheng sat within the virtual combat cabin, the door on the other side of the cabin slowly opened. A young and beautiful girl then walked in, sat on the battle seat directly opposite Tian Cheng, and gently donned the link helmet.

However, contrary to Tian Cheng’s expectations, his opponent did not exude an expert’s temperament and sharpness at all — the girl next door type. Are you kidding me? Anger immediately stirred in Tian Cheng’s heart when he saw this girl.

Initially, he thought that Zero Wing would send a great expert to fight him. He had even sought permission from Hong Xinyuan to use his full strength.

However, not only did Zero Wing not send Black Flame to face him, but even the Guild’s two Vice Guild Leaders did not show up. Instead, it fielded a little girl. Zero Wing was thoroughly underestimating Frost Heaven.

“Old Ice Demon, this is the Guild you have high hopes for?” Hong Xinyuan chuckled involuntarily as he inspected Violet Cloud.

After seeing Duan Hanshan’s confidence, Hong Xinyuan had very nearly believed that there was more to Zero Wing than met the eye. However, given the current circumstances, it would seem he had been worried for nothing.

Although Violet Cloud was indeed talented for reaching the Void Realm at such a young age, she was still way behind when compared to Tian Cheng. In fact, Tian Cheng should end the fight within seconds.

“Of course.” Upon seeing the smile on Hong Xinyuan’s face, Duan Hanshan similarly smiled and suggested, “Why don’t we add to the wager, then?”

“What? Are you regretting your decision?” Hong Xinyuan smiled.

“No. In addition to the previous wager, how about we bet 100,000 Magic Crystals?” Duan Hanshan suggested happily.

“What if I don’t accept?” Hong Xinyuan asked.

In Hong Xinyuan’s opinion, Duan Hanshan was simply trying to scare him into canceling their bet. With the major update God’s Domain was undergoing, the prices of Magic Crystals and various materials were bound to increase. Hence, the various superpowers were currently doing their best to collect as much of these resources as possible; no one was willing to sell. Moreover, 100,000 Magic Crystals was a considerable sum, one even Hong Xinyuan wouldn’t wager casually. “It doesn’t matter if you refuse. It’s up to you,” Duan Hanshan said indifferently.

“Okay, I’ll bet with you,” Hong Xinyuan agreed after seeing Duan Hanshan give up so readily.

“Good. I knew you were a good person,” Duan Hanshan chortled.

“A good person?” Hong Xinyuan found Duan Hanshan’s words strange.


Meanwhile, during their conversation, the holographic screen outside the combat cabin also displayed the battlefield Violet Cloud and Tian Cheng stood on.

The battlefield was a barren wilderness, with the two players 100 yards apart from each other. Both of them retained their Attributes, levels, and equipment from when they logged out of God’s Domain.

At this time, Tian Cheng sported six pieces of Epic Equipment. The spear he held also gave off a dark glow and made the surrounding space tremble slightly, even while idle. With one glance, it was obvious that the spear was an extraordinary Magic Weapon with Attributes that definitely surpassed those of ordinary Epic Weapons.

As for Tian Cheng, he had already reached Level 119. His level ranked at the top even among the entirety of God’s Domain.

“Hehe, now you know how powerful our Guild is,” Kerui muttered. However, contrary to Kerui’s expectations, the crowd outside the combat cabin didn’t reveal any surprise or exclaim in shock, remaining remarkably calm.

On the other hand, complicated feelings flashed in Muxin’s eyes as she looked at the holographic screen. It was as if she had just seen something unbelievable.

Kerui followed her elder sister’s gaze.

Violet Cloud, Level 121.

Violet Cloud was two levels higher than Tian Cheng.

“Level 121?”

Kerui was dumbfounded. Frost Heaven had mobilized all its resources to help Tian Cheng reach Level 119. Yet, a Cleric from Zero Wing was actually two levels above him.

Inside the virtual combat space, Tian Cheng was also surprised. He never imagined that someone would surpass him in terms of levels, and by two levels at that.

“It seems you’re quite capable. However, this level difference won’t bring you any advantages,” Tian Cheng said as he looked at Violet Cloud. “On the other hand, fighting in such an open wilderness is a huge disadvantage for a magical class like yourself. You won’t have any room for evasion.”

“That might not be the case!” Violet Cloud shook her head, disagreeing with Tian Cheng’s opinion. “Is that so? Let me see if you’re right, then!”

After saying so, Tian Cheng suddenly charged at Violet Cloud, leaving behind an afterimage in his original location.

Tier 3 Skill, Shadow Thorn!

Due to the virtual combat cabin’s limitations, he couldn’t replicate 100% of his strength in God’s Domain; however, his physique and Basic Attributes were the same as what he had in the game.

While ordinary Tier 3 players might take some time to cross 100 yards, Tian Cheng boasted the Tier 3 Hidden Class Dragonspear Warrior.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared before Violet Cloud and thrust his spear at her.

A flurry of spear images rained down on the Cleric, every one of them distorting space.

This attack was Tian Cheng’s best technique, something even Domain Realm experts found challenging to receive.

“A combination of magic and martial arts?”

Duan Hanshan immediately understood the underlying principles of Tian Cheng’s technique, and he had to admit that the youth was indeed very talented. While Tian Cheng’s technique might look like a series of simple thrusts, these attacks actually formed a magic array that allowed them to integrate into one. Tian Cheng’s Mana manipulation ability was simply inhuman. The power of his attack was definitely on par with Mythic monsters of the same level.

If this attack struck a magical-class player, the result would undoubtedly be instant death.

Just as Kerui felt proud of Tian Cheng’s performance, a sigh entered her ears.

“That guy sure is brave. He actually entered melee range. He’s dead for sure.”

Kerui quickly dismissed these words. After all, if not a melee, how should a melee player fight a magical-class player? At range?

Even a greenhorn wouldn’t speak such nonsense!

Defying Kerui and the others’ expectations of a quick retreat and a counterattack once Tian Cheng’s assault ended, Violet Cloud held her position. Moreover, she even took the initiative to meet Tian Cheng’s attack.

Just when the rain of spears was about to land, Violet Cloud swung her staff horizontally and raised her free hand to receive the fierce assault.

Not only did this scene stunned the spectators outside the combat cabin, but even Tian Cheng himself was puzzled.

A magical-class player trying to receive a melee player’s attack without spells was simply suicide!

However, when Violet Cloud’s hand was about to come into contact with the spear images, a twofold magic array suddenly appeared on her palm.

Tier 3 Defensive Spell, Amethyst Barrier!

After summoning the Amethyst Barrier, Violet Cloud waved her hand once more, pushing out the crystalline barrier.

The next moment, not only did the spear images scatter upon clashing with the Amethyst Barrier, but the barrier even continued pressing forward toward Tian Cheng, forcing the latter to dodge it. “Tier 3 Defensive Spells can be used like that?” Kerui was stunned when she saw Violet Cloud nullify Tian Cheng’s attack.

Defensive Spells in God’s Domain were generally stationary; they couldn’t be moved once cast. The main reason for this was the inhuman level of Mana control required to execute such a complex feat. This was something beyond even Domain Realm experts, yet Violet Cloud had done it. Meanwhile, just as Tian Cheng dodged the Amethyst Barrier and was about to launch another attack on the Cleric, he suddenly froze in shock.

Over 300 magic blades had appeared around Violet Cloud, dancing around her like sprites. Every one of them carried enough power to decimate heaven and earth. Without giving Tian Cheng a chance to catch his breath, these magical sprites immediately shot at him.

Double speed-casting? Tian Cheng hurriedly executed a Defensive Combat Technique while simultaneously activating a Tier 3 Defensive Skill.

The next moment, a pitch-black phantom emerged from Tian Cheng’s body and spread toward the oncoming magic blades.

Boom… Boom… Boom… A series of explosions occurred in midair, the sound reverberating throughout the battlefield. The spatial fluctuations occurring were even visible on the virtual combat platform’s holographic screen.

Tian Cheng’s defense could be said to be perfect. He had already reached consummate mastery over his Domain. Every one of his actions had been simplified to the extreme, and they created an iron wall before him.

Three seconds later, a person’s silhouette flew out of the dust veiling the battlefield and smashed into the ground.

“How is this possible?!”

Kerui was stupefied when she identified this silhouette.

After all, this person was none other than Tian


TL Notes: [1]Gu Han(FA – Gū hán): This is Solitary Frost’s (FAE – Gū hán) real name. I’ll be using the untranslated version when in the real world and the translated version when in the game. …