Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2696 - Ancient Fragments

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Chapter 2696 – Ancient Fragments

Under Liang Jing’s lead, Melancholic Smile and several other people entered the luxurious and spacious conference room. Dressed in white lab coats, the group looked very much like a bunch of scientific researchers.

At this time, Melancholic Smile and the others looked much more worn out than before. Exhaustion was apparent on their faces, and their hair was a mess, as if they had just recovered from a serious illness. Shi Feng couldn’t help his surprise at this situation.

“What’s the matter with you? Why do you all look so haggard?” Shi Feng asked curiously.

Since Zero Wing was now a large organization, it had plenty of management and production talents. There was no need for Melancholic Smile and the others to handle everything personally.

“Guild Leader, I want to file a complaint!” protested Cream Cocoa, who had a shy personality.

“A complaint?” Shi Feng was taken aback.

Cream Cocoa was a Master Forger of Zero Wing. She also ranked among the top three in forging standards. It was only a matter of time before she became a Grandmaster Forger. Countless people in Zero Wing were hoping to get her to make them a weapon. If these people were to form a line, it would stretch from one end of Fenglin City to the other.

After all, although Cream Cocoa and other Master Forgers had a meager chance of producing Epic Weapons and Equipment, their chances of making Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment were considerable.

In God’s Domain, Epic Weapons and Equipment were exceedingly rare. Even the core members of first-rate Guilds wouldn’t necessarily own one. Hence, Level 100-plus Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment could already draw envy from passersby, what more custom-made Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment.

To put it simply, nobody in God’s Domain would dare bully Cream Cocoa. Anyone who did would be fortunate if Cream Cocoa just outright ignored them.

“Yes! I want to complain, Guild Leader!” Cream Cocoa said resolutely.

“What do you want to complain about?” Shi Feng asked curiously.

“Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow!” Cream Cocoa said with her cheeks puffed out. “They’re too much! Guild Leader, you need to give me justice!”

“They’re bullying you? That can’t be, right?” Shi Feng couldn’t help being surprised once more.

Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow were the Vice Guild Leaders of Zero Wing. They managed the Guild properly, and everyone in the Guild also respected them. He found it hard to imagine the two bullying a cute girl like Cream Cocoa.

“The two Vice Guild Leaders asked us to complete 500 customized Dark-Gold Weapons in five days. They even threatened to cut our research funding if we don’t meet the quota,” Cream Cocoa complained. “Guild Leader, you’re a Master Forger too, so you know how difficult it is to make Level 100-plus Dark-Gold Weapons. Let alone five days, we’ll barely be able to make 500 in ten days.

“The whole forging department has been working overtime, but we are still short 300 weapons after three days. No matter how you look at it, we can’t complete them within the next two days.”

Melancholic Smile and the others nodded in agreement with Cream Cocoa’s words.

Customized Level 100-plus Dark-Gold Weapons were not cabbages. They were delicate works that required all of a forger’s attention; the slightest mistake would lead to failure.

“That many?” The number Cream Cocoa reported shocked Shi Feng.

Five hundred customized Dark-Gold Weapons was a significant number. Moreover, these weapons were Level 100-plus weapons. So many of such weapons could elevate a first-rate Guild’s core team’s overall combat power to a whole new level.

“What weapon did those two ask you to make?” Shi Feng asked.

“It’s this one.”

Cream Cocoa pulled out a tablet from her coat and swiped her finger across the screen, transferring the information on her tablet to the conference table’s holographic projector.

The projection of a black spear appeared above the table. The spear was as tall as an adult human, and engraved on it were intricate magic patterns. The spear looked extraordinary at a glance.

“What a powerful spear.” Surprise filled Shi Feng’s eyes as he read the spear’s detailed information.

[Thunder Spear] (Spear, Dark-Gold Consumable)

Level 110

Equipment Requirement: Strength 2,000

Ignore Levels +30

Ignore Defense

Throwing distance increases according to the wielder’s Strength with a maximum of 3,000 yards. Causes 1,000% lightning damage to a 20-yard radius upon impact.

How is this even a weapon? It’s a long-range missile!

Unfortunately, the spear was only for one-time use. If it had no limit, raiding Field Bosses would be child’s play. Even Tier 2 players could easily challenge Tier 4 Mythic Bosses with such a spear.

If they could mass-produce this spear, siege warfare would become a joke.

However, Shi Feng also had to admit that the Thunder Spear’s production was truly challenging. The required materials were secondary, costing only 20 Gold or so in all. The crucial problem was the drawing of the magic patterns. If one weren’t at the Master Magician standard, the production success rate would drop dramatically.

“Guild Leader, please talk to the Vice Guild Leaders. Five days is too short. We need ten days, at least,” Cream Cocoa pleaded pitifully.

“I can talk to them about it.” Shi Feng nodded. He felt that Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow were indeed being difficult.

“That’s great! You’re the best, Guild Leader!” Cream Cocoa breathed out a sigh of relief.

However, no sooner had Cream Cocoa finished speaking than Shi Feng did a U-turn, saying, “However, I hope you all can do your best to make 3,000 Thunder Spears during this period.”

“Guild Leader?”

Cream Cocoa couldn’t believe her ears.

“I’m not trying to trouble you.” Slowly, Shi Feng explained, “This item is indeed very important, especially with Zero Wing lacking in high-end combatants. With this trump card, we can teach those hostile superpowers a lesson.”

The various superpowers currently didn’t recognize Zero Wing as a superpower because of the Guild’s lack of high-end combatants. However, a sufficient number of Thunder Spears could compensate for the Guild’s inadequate combat power.

“Of course, I won’t make you work in vain.” Shi Feng chuckled as he looked at Cream Cocoa’s bitter face. He then brought out the unknown metal’s information and said, “So long as you guys can complete this task, I’ll let you research this metal.”

Cream Cocoa immediately criticized Shi Feng’s words in her mind, lumping her Guild Leader and Vice Guild Leaders in the same group. He was completely ignoring her wishes and ruthlessly using her as a beast of labor. She couldn’t engage at all in the crafting job she liked.

However, after seeing the information displayed above the table, she fell into a daze.

Besides Cream Cocoa, Melancholic Smile and the other Master Forgers present were also stupefied, a passionate flame igniting in their eyes as they stared at the projection above the table.

“It expels all Mana?”

“How is this possible?!”

“There’s such a metal in God’s Domain?”

Cream Cocoa and the others muttered to themselves as if possessed. The exhaustion on their faces had also vanished completely as countless thoughts flooded their minds, as if the door to a new world had just opened to them.

Shi Feng wasn’t surprised by this situation, either.

For those devoted to the forging profession, a material like this only appeared in their dreams. After all, Mana was the foundation of all things in God’s Domain. If one could completely expel Mana from an object, one would be unstoppable.

Just the thought of producing a weapon using such a metal excited these Master Forgers greatly.

“Why does this look familiar?” Cream Cocoa mumbled as she read the metal fragments’ information.

“Familiar? You’ve seen them before?” Shi Feng asked with concern.

These metal fragments were so mysterious that even his Omniscient Eyes couldn’t glean any information from them. Hence, he planned to give it to the forging department for research.

“Mhm. I think I read about them in an ancient book.” Cream Cocoa nodded after giving the matter some thought. “This type of metal existed in ancient times. However, it wasn’t something that appeared naturally in God’s Domain but was created by Ancient Gods. Moreover, based on the appearance of these metal fragments, they should originally be parts of a whole.”

“You’re right. These metal fragments indeed look like the fragments of a sword,” Shi Feng said, nodding. “Yet, for some reason, they can’t be fused like Fragmented Legendary items.”

“Although they can’t be fused, I have a way to put these fragments together,” Cream Cocoa said. “But I’m not certain if this kind of patchwork will allow the weapon to exert its former power and effects.”

“You have a way?” Shi Feng was even more surprised to hear this.

These fragments were extraordinary. If they could be repaired to a certain extent and the resulting weapon only had the effect of expelling Mana, it would still be a great weapon.

“There shouldn’t be any problems,” Cream Cocoa said with greater confidence.

“Okay. I’ll leave these metal fragments with you. Just ask Melancholic for the materials you need.” Shi Feng did not doubt Cream Cocoa’s confidence. After all, her talent was no joke. Only the short time she had come into contact with God’s Domain limited her.

“You said it yourself, Guild Leader. You must open all materials in the Guild’s material warehouse to me,” Cream Cocoa said, beaming at Shi Feng.

All Lifestyle players desperately needed precious materials. However, let alone Legendary materials, even Inferior Legendary materials were hard to come by. Not even Super Guilds would give Lifestyle players of her caliber free use of such materials.

Now that Shi Feng gave her carte blanche to use such materials, she naturally couldn’t let this opportunity get away.

“Sure.” Shi Feng nodded. After giving the matter some more thought, though, he added, “However, you still need to use them conservatively. Collecting those materials wasn’t easy.”

“Please rest assured, Guild Leader. I promise you I won’t use them all,” Cream Cocoa promised with a smile, afraid that Shi Feng would take back his approval.

Cream Cocoa behaved like a child who had just gotten a new toy, and Shi Feng didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh as he looked at her. Afterward, he sent all the information relevant to the metal fragments to Melancholic Smile and the others. As for whether the fragments could be repaired, he would leave that to luck.

“By the way, Guild Leader, the Azure Chamber of Commerce’s members arrived yesterday. They are currently training with our Guild’s core members, and Duan Hanshan is their leader. However, as you have been busy, I didn’t bother you about it,” Liang Jing suddenly said.

“Duan Hanshan came in person?” This piece of news puzzled Shi Feng.

Duan Hanshan was a giant in the Azure Chamber of Commerce. Typically, sending a management staff for a training meeting between Guilds would be more than enough. It was inconceivable that a bigshot like Duan Hanshan came in person.

“Do you want to meet them now?” Liang Jing asked.

“Since Duan Hanshan came here in person, as the Guild Leader, I naturally have to meet him. Make the necessary arrangements,” Shi Feng said.

“I’ll get it done now.” Liang Jing promptly left the conference room.

Meanwhile, as Shi Feng discussed the ancient fragments with Cream Cocoa and the others, two men and two women walked toward Zero Wing Tower. And leading this group was an amiable, middle-aged man.

After observing Zero Wing’s internal members coming and going from the building for some time, Kerui, the cute girl in a red dress, turned to the peerless beauty beside her. Smiling, she said, “Big Sis, it looks like Zero Wing is only average. Not only are there barely any people here, but most of them haven’t even reached the Refinement Realm yet. I can’t imagine what powerful experts Zero Wing can offer the operation this time.”

Although Zero Wing’s headquarters’ prosperity wouldn’t necessarily have any relation to Zero Wing’s strength, it should still reflect some of it.

Muxin remained silent in response to Kerui’s comment. While she knew that Zero Wing had just recently emerged, she never thought that the Guild’s headquarters would have so few members stationed in it. Moreover, the average strength of these members was appallingly weak. Let alone superpowers, they couldn’t even hold a candle to the members found in the various pseudo-superpowers’ headquarters.

“Alright, let’s go in and have a look.”

Uncle Hong frowned slightly. However, he didn’t dwell on the matter, entering the lobby of Zero Wing’s headquarters together with Muxin and the others.