Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2695 - Sudden Change in God's Domain

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Chapter 2965 – Sudden Change in God’s Domain

“Dammit! That heaven-blessed bastard got away!”

“We’re doomed! What should we do? How do we explain this to that great personage?”

Anger and panic filled the eyes of the three Infant Black Dragons as they watched Shi Feng leave the bottomless abyss through the space-time vortex. A sense of helplessness also suffused their trembling voices when they spoke.

“Our original plan is already ruined, now that the legacy has been stolen. That great personage will definitely not spare us, once he finds out. At this point, all we can do is scatter and flee. Otherwise, none of us will survive.”

“That’s our only option now. Hopefully, that great personage will focus his anger on that heaven-blessed bastard so that our chances of survival will be a little better.”


After the leading Infant Dragon spoke up, the three quickly reached a consensus. They then flapped their black wings, their hearts brimming with anger at Shi Feng as they fled the bottomless abyss. Simultaneously, they also gloated over the misfortune awaiting him.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the space-time vortex, Shi Feng was wholly unaware of the discussion that had just taken place among the Infant Black Dragons. After experiencing a momentary blackout, like before, he found himself back inside the secret room of Zero Wing’s Residence in Silverwing City.

“I did it!

“Tier 4! I became a real Tier 4!”

An indescribable sense of joy and excitement welled up within Shi Feng as he observed the Liquid Mana surging toward his body from all around. The dense Mana continuously replenished his body’s depleted Mana and mended his haggard spirit.

He had finally accomplished the goal that had eluded him in his previous life.

Moreover, he had even reached Tier 4 with the hidden class Blade Saint. In terms of Basic Attributes and Skills, what the Blade Saint class offered was leaps and bounds stronger than ordinary Tier 4 classes.

Now, he was a true powerhouse in God’s Domain, and even the various NPC kingdoms would have to respect him.

As Shi Feng reveled in his success, the system’s cold, monotonous voice suddenly entered his ears.

System Announcement: God’s Domain will undergo a major update. Simultaneously, the new expansion pack “Hero’s Return” will be activated. All players will be logged out in 30 minutes. The update’s estimated duration is one natural day.

The system announcement appeared three times consecutively. Inevitably, everyone in God’s Domain was shocked. Shi Feng was no exception.

A major update?! How is this possible?!

Shi Feng looked at the system announcement displayed before him in confusion. Even after he reread it several times, incomprehension and doubt still filled his eyes.

There were plenty of system updates in God’s Domain. However, even in his previous life, the game had undergone only two major updates throughout his ten years of gaming.

The first major update occurred three years after God’s Domain’s official launch.

There had already been plenty of Tier 4 players in the game at that time, and Tier 3 players were everywhere. Some players had even started attempting their Tier 5 promotions.

Yet, now, how long had it been since God’s Domain launched?


God’s Domain’s first major update was also the most memorable event for Shi Feng. The update had shaken the entire world, transforming God’s Domain into the world’s only game and entertainment.

After the first major update, God’s Domain had become a completely different world from before, no longer the virtual reality game everyone thought it was. God’s Domain had become an existence beyond everyone’s imagination.

Players were no longer players but a group of special entities in God’s Domain.

Be it God’s Domain’s NPCs or monsters, both had existed as real people after the update, with their own lives and personalities. They had existed for the sake of survival.

These changes had made God’s Domain a completely different world, no longer just a virtual reality game, but an existence that could instead affect the real world.

At this moment, Shi Feng wasn’t the only person puzzled by the sudden arrival of this major update. Many players and the upper echelons of major powers were similarly surprised and confused by this situation.

“A major update? And it’s even going to take one natural day? What is going on?”

“Crap! I haven’t even reached Tier 3, yet the system’s going through an upgrade?! Is the system trying to take my life?!”

For a while, players in God’s Domain voiced their complaints about and exasperation over the sudden system update.

The update duration of one natural day caught everyone off guard, and they didn’t know what to do with this unexpected free time. After all, at this point, God’s Domain had long since become a part of their lives. Logging into God’s Domain every day had already become an instinct.

The previous system updates had lasted only a few to a dozen real-world hours. This 24-hour system update was simply maddening.

Anyone who entered God’s Domain as part of the first batch of players knew that the difficulty of leveling up and killing monsters would increase substantially after a system update. The requirements for players’ techniques would also increase.

Hence, the major update would undoubtedly be a nightmare for players who had yet to reach Tier 3.

The arrival of this update would also bring a massive change for the various powers in God’s Domain. After all, this update would reduce the number of players capable of reaching Tier 3. The difficulty and resources required to nurture their Guilds’ internal experts would also increase. This, in turn, would cripple their current development plans, and they would have to restart their planning from scratch.

However, while some powers felt dissatisfied and angry over this major update, others were overjoyed—especially the new powers and corporations that had joined the game just recently.

The increase in the difficulty of leveling up and obtaining resources would undoubtedly destabilize the status quo in God’s Domain. If the newcomers properly grasped this opportunity, they could replace God’s Domain’s veteran powers.

The atmosphere among God’s Domain’s various powers became extraordinarily tense. While frantically poaching talents and purchasing resources, many of these powers also drastically reduced the resources for ordinary and low-potential members. In turn, this prompted many Guild players to leave their respective Guilds for greener pastures.

While God’s Domain’s various powers were taking action, Liang Jing hurriedly contacted Shi Feng.

“Guild Leader, all major powers are currently purchasing Coins and resources on a large scale. Shall we start buying as well?” Liang Jing asked anxiously.

“That won’t be necessary.” Shi Feng couldn’t help chuckling when he heard Liang Jing’s words. “Haven’t those superpowers been constantly preventing us from acquiring funds? We’ll now dispose of all the Coins we earned through Silverwing City during this period. Let them buy as much as they want.”

“Guild Leader?” Shi Feng’s words took Liang Jing aback, her mind unable to comprehend his intentions.

The various powers were currently doing all they could to purchase Coins and resources, yet Shi Feng wanted to sell Zero Wing’s Coins in bulk. Once the system update ended, Zero Wing would end up in a pinch.

“Just do it.” Shi Feng smiled but didn’t offer any additional explanation.

According to past system updates, purchasing Coins and resources in bulk was indeed the correct move. However, the system update this time would be different from previous ones. After the major update, not only would resources not be scarce, but obtaining them would become easier instead. Even leveling up would become less taxing.

However, the major update wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, either.

After the major update, whether external or internal, the requirements for players’ promotion would become more stringent. Notably, the changes made toward Mana would require a greater understanding and control of Mana to manipulate it properly. Hence, all peak experts in his previous life had also been Master Magicians.

“Right. Once everyone goes offline, have Melancholic and the others meet me in the conference room. I have something to discuss with them,” Shi Feng said.

He hadn’t gained only a newfound understanding of Mana during his Tier 4 Promotion Quest but also a strange metal that repelled Mana.

This was his first time seeing such a metal. So long as this item wasn’t damaged beyond repair, they could refine it into a weapon or equipment.

The Mana repulsion effect was beneficial to players. After all, Mana was everything in God’s Domain. There would be no life without Mana. Naturally, monsters couldn’t survive without Mana.

If he could successfully recast the metal, he would have the capital to contend against the various superpowers. Such an item would be helpful when he explored dangerous forbidden lands to acquire resources necessary for conquering the Tier 4 Promotion Quest.

In God’s Domain, high-level forbidden lands contained most of the resources capable of helping players reach Tier 4. Although Shi Feng had already reached Tier 4, if he visited these places by himself, the best he could do was survive. He wouldn’t be able to conduct a proper exploration of these locations. During his previous life, the various superpowers typically sent teams of Tier 4 players to explore these places. Going alone would be suicide.

“Okay. I’ll contact them now.” Liang Jing then disconnected the call.

Frozen World, Frost Heaven City, Frost Heaven’s headquarters:

Due to God’s Domain’s sudden system update, Frost Heaven had also hurriedly convened a meeting to discuss the changes that would occur to the game. Currently, over a dozen people sat in the magnificent conference room.

Every one of these people was an existence capable of shaking the real world with their every step. At this moment, however, these people had nervous expressions as they looked at the middle-aged man seated at the front of the room.

This middle-aged man looked very amiable. Although he had an unyielding appearance, the aura he gave off felt like a spring breeze. However, none of the people present could relax in his presence.

“That’s it for the meeting,” the middle-aged man said, adjourning the meeting. He then shifted his gaze to Muxin and the petite girl beside her, saying, “Muxin, Kerui, both of you stay behind.”

“Yes, sir!”

As if they had received an amnesty, everyone unrelated promptly rushed off, leaving the middle-aged man, Muxin, and the petite Kerui sitting quietly inside the large conference room.

“Uncle Hong, do you have good news to share?” Muxin asked fawningly as she looked at the stern, middle-aged man.

“Little girl, you’re still pretending? Do you honestly think you can hide the fact that you’ve invited Zero Wing from everyone?” Nonchalantly, the middle-aged man added, “You should know how rare this opportunity is. This will be a gathering of titans. Even those so-called superpowers can only dream of joining. This is also an opportunity for Frost Heaven to become a true titan, yet you invited some unknown outsiders to participate.”

Upon hearing this, Muxin automatically turned to Kerui beside her. In response, Kerui stuck out her tongue playfully and smiled, expressing, “So what if I told on you?”

Muxin sighed and shook her head in helplessness toward this little sister of hers.

“Uncle Hong, while they are indeed outsiders, you shouldn’t underestimate their strength, either. This goes especially for Black Flame,” Muxin said unhurriedly.

“How strong can he be? He’s merely a peerless expert in the eyes of ordinary people.” The middle-aged man referred to as Uncle Hong shook his head. “You should know what kind of people we are dealing with. Those people are the truly talented, possessing frightening potential and special bloodlines. They even have the full support of those major corporations. The peak experts on the Secret Pavilion’s Experts List and the various superpowers’ peerless experts are but the tip of the iceberg.”

“Uncle Hong is right. Being just stronger than average is nothing to those people,” Kerui said as she nodded with a smile.

“However, Black Flame is really strong. He can single-handedly contend against Tier 4 Faux Saint Devourers. Although he can’t be a part of the main force this time, he can still provide support from the sidelines,” Muxin explained.

“He can hold his ground against a Devourer?” Uncle Hong was slightly surprised by this information. “It seems this person is indeed strong.”

“Hmph. What’s so amazing about contending against a Devourer using brute force? Plenty of my subordinates can, too,” Kerui said disapprovingly.

Upon hearing Kerui’s words, Muxin had to resist the urge to pinch the girl’s cheeks. She just explained, “Uncle Hong, that person has a Mana Domain, as well. He will be of significant help with our plans.”

“He has a Mana Domain?” This revelation piqued Uncle Hong’s interest. “This will indeed be of help to us.

“However, I’m afraid these things still aren’t enough. You should know, as well, that an individual’s strength is very limited in this upcoming operation. Moreover, the location we’re visiting this time is extraordinary. So, I will have to personally inspect whether Zero Wing’s members can join this operation.”

“You’ll inspect in person?” Muxin exclaimed in surprise.

Uncle Hong’s identity was preeminent. The Guild Leaders of Super Guilds and even those at the helm of major corporations had to treat him with respect. If he visited Zero Wing’s headquarters and news of it got out, it would cause a sensation among the various major corporations.

“Of course.” In a severe tone, Uncle Hong said, “The operation this time is of utmost importance. We cannot afford carelessness.”

“But the time is almost up. This system update is also going to take one whole day. We’ll be tight for time if we proceed with the inspection,” Muxin objected.

“Don’t worry. We’ll just pay Zero Wing’s headquarters a short visit. It won’t take much time,” Uncle Hong said, smiling.

“Since you’ve made up your mind, leave Zero Wing’s inspection to me, Uncle Hong,” Kerui suddenly suggested. “Zero Wing is a local tyrant. If they join in the operation this time, they will behave arrogantly. Also, seeing how much Big Sis admires that person’s strength, I’m thinking of bringing Tian Cheng of Frost Heaven’s Ten Swords along.

“One, we can test whether Black Flame is as strong as Big Sis says. Two, we can show Zero Wing that not just anybody can join Frost Heaven’s secret operation. Even if Zero Wing passes the inspection, they’ll know how to behave during the operation.”

Muxin fell speechless upon hearing her little sister’s words.

The Ten Swords were geniuses the Boulder Corporation had nurtured using all their technology and resources. Every one of them was a monster among monsters. They were also among the core combatants for the upcoming operation.

It would be overkill to test Zero Wing using one of the Ten Swords.

“Muxin, what do you think?” Uncle Hong asked.

“I don’t have any objections.” Muxin agreed after giving the matter some thought.

In her opinion, Shi Feng shouldn’t have any problems going up against Tian Cheng with his strength.

“Good. Then if Zero Wing’s strength is no good, you’ll have to modify your agreement with them,” Uncle Hong said, nodding.

“I understand.” Muxin nodded obediently.

Although she was the Boulder Corporation’s heir, she couldn’t go against her Uncle Hong’s decisions.

“Big Sis, I have great expectations for you!”

Kerui revealed a cute smile before logging off.

Hopefully, his performance won’t disappoint Uncle Hong too much, Muxin prayed inwardly after seeing Kerui leave. She had incurred a considerable expenditure to invite Zero Wing this time. If she annulled their contract, she would have to provide a lot of compensation.

Meanwhile, in the top-floor conference room of Zero Wing’s headquarters, Shi Feng, who had just logged off, was sorting through the unknown metal’s information when he heard a knock on the door. Subsequently, the door to the conference room opened slowly, and a clear and pleasant voice came from outside.

“Guild Leader, they’re here.”