Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2692 - Tier 4 Legacy that Surpasses 100%

One hundred two percent?

Despite his waning consciousness, when Shi Feng heard the system’s mechanical voice, he could not help getting startled.

In his previous life, he had never heard of anyone accumulating their Tier 4 Legacy’s Completion Rate beyond 100%. At best, one could raise it to 100% and fully unlock all the information their Tier 4 Legacy offered.

Now, however, his Tier 4 Legacy had reached 102% Completion Rate. Just what did that mean?

Shi Feng did not dwell on the matter. Now that he had met the requirements to activate his Tier 4 Legacy, he activated it without hesitation.

Unfortunately, even after he had chosen to activate his Tier 4 Legacy, the three Infant Black Dragons showed no signs of letting up. In the next moment, one of the Dragons’ claws smashed down at Shi Feng.

“Damn it!”

Even if players managed to activate their Tier 4 Legacy, it did not mean that their Promotion Quest was over. Only after learning an adequate amount of the information contained in their Tier 4 Legacy and leaving the Legacy Land safely would players be considered to have completed their Tier 4 Promotion Quest.

Since there was no room for Shi Feng to dodge the approaching claw and he had no Concentration left to execute the simplified Holy Devour, he chose to block the attack with his two swords.


Shi Feng’s entire body smashed into the ground with a boom. At the same time, cracks formed on his Void Shield.

Thank goodness I have the Void Shield to absorb the attack’s damage. Otherwise, that move would’ve taken away at least one-fifth of my HP. Shi Feng inwardly celebrated when he saw the cracks on the Void Shield.

With the Infant Black Dragons having the home-ground advantage, even if he had the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath strengthening him and suppressing the Dragons, the disparity in Strength between the two sides was still massive. Only if he activated a Berserk Skill would he stand a chance against the Dragons.

However, as soon as Shi Feng pulled himself out of the ground, another claw attack came at him. To make matters worse, before the claw attack even arrived, Void Shield’s duration ended, and the barrier protecting him shattered into oblivion. The Movement Speed bonus he received from Void Shield also disappeared. As a result, he could rely on only his normal speed to dodge the approaching claw.

“Foolish human! Now that you’ve lost your final card, even though you managed to activate your Legacy, you still won’t leave this place alive!” the leading Infant Dragon said as it looked down at Shi Feng, a hint of ridicule glinting in its golden pupils. It was in no hurry to attack him at all.

Sure enough, it is still too much for me.

Shi Feng did not try to refute the Infant Dragon’s mockery. Instead, he simply looked at the three Infant Dragons quietly.

According to his original plan, after he had activated his Legacy, he would rely on his lifesaving measures to put more distance between himself and the abyss to lessen the abyss’s suppression effect. He would then try to learn his Legacy while escaping. However, he never thought that absorbing the Legacy Fragment would take up so long that, by the time he finished absorbing the fragment’s Legacy Power, he would’ve used up all his Berserk Skills and Lifesaving Skills already. In fact, he had even pushed his Concentration to its very limits. It wouldn’t be strange if he simply collapsed and lost consciousness right now.

Meanwhile, even though he succeeded in activating his Tier 4 Legacy, in his current state, trying to learn his Tier 4 Legacy while going up against the three Infant Black Dragons’ attacks was simply a fantasy.

Although there were differences in complexity between the Tier 4 Legacies found in God’s Domain, normally, the more powerful a Legacy was, the more difficult it would be to learn it. While he did not know how complex the Blade Saint’s Tier 4 Legacy was, it shouldn’t be easy.

Going by his past experiences, players would have only one short hour to learn their Tier 4 Legacy after activating it. So long as they could learn one of the several topics offered, they would acquire their Tier 4 Legacy and complete their Tier 4 Promotion Quest.

In the past, Shi Feng had never once managed to learn a topic from his Tier 4 Legacy within one hour. As for the experts that reached Tier 4, the majority of them had just barely managed to finish learning one topic within one hour. And even the record holder for the fastest person to learn a topic from their Tier 4 Legacy had spent nearly half an hour to do so.

In his current situation, where he had to fight three Infant Black Dragons in a high-gravity environment, just how was he supposed to learn a topic from his Tier 4 Legacy within half an hour?

As Shi Feng was smiling bitterly, the sound of a notification entered his ears.

System: You have activated your Tier 4 Legacy. You have unlocked all four learning topics of your Legacy. You have one hour to learn them. So long as you learn just one topic listed below, you will be promoted to Tier 4.

[Formless Blade] (Action-type)

Requires: Sword

Peak Tier 4 Legacy Skill

When activated, attacks any target within a 300-yard radius 13 times. Every attack carries 180% Strength and causes 240% darkness damage.

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Learning condition: Achieve 75% Skill Completion Rate

[Magic Light Assault] (Action-type)

When activated, user will transform into the image of a sword that attacks a target within a 500-yard radius. When transformed, Movement Speed is increased by 300%; Strength, by 100%; and Agility, by 100%.

Cooldown: 18 seconds

Learning condition: Achieve 78% Skill Completion Rate

[Blade Guard] (Action-type)

Apex Tier 4 Legacy Skill

Draw upon the power of a sword to create a formless wall that absorbs 100% physical damage from one attack.

Duration: 3 seconds

Cooldown: 21 seconds

Learning condition: Achieve 80% Skill Completion Rate

[Blade Domain] (Domain-type)

Inject one’s own Mana into a sword to create a Blade Domain that covers a 500-yard radius. While Blade Domain is active, user may control up to seven Magic Swords, each carrying 180% Strength and causing 300% divine damage.

Duration: 5 minutes

Cooldown: 1 hour

Learning condition: Achieve 85% Skill Completion Rate

Four Legacy Skills at Peak rank and above? Moreover, there is even the extremely rare Apex Domain Skill. Is this the effect of a 102% Completion Rate? Shi Feng could not help doubting his eyes when he saw the content of the system notifications.

In God’s Domain, even for Peak Legacies, one would be fortunate to see even one Peak Legacy Skill during the Tier 4 Promotion Quest. In fact, players that activated their Tier 4 Legacy at 100% Completion Rate would only have a chance to learn two Peak Legacy Skills. As for Apex Legacy Skills, there was only a certain chance for them to appear for Peak Legacy holders. For most players, though, Apex Legacy Skills were akin to myths.

After all, just learning one Peak Tier 4 Legacy Skill would grant Tier 4 players the strength to go up against Superior Mythic ranked monsters of the same level.

Unlike ordinary Tier 3 Skills and Tier 3 Legacy Skills, which relied on Mana for activation, Tier 4 Legacy Skills could also use Legacy Power. By using Legacy Power to activate a Tier 4 Legacy Skill, players could continue infusing Mana into their Skill past the minimum requirement in order to raise the power of their Legacy Skill. And once a Peak Tier 4 Legacy Skill reached its maximum power, a Tier 4 player fully geared in Epic Weapons and Equipment could use it to stand toe-to-toe against Superior Mythic ranked monsters of the same level.

It was also due to the existence of Peak Tier 4 Legacy Skills that many peak experts had chosen not to complete their Tier 4 Promotion Quests despite having the ability to do so.

For the majority of Tier 3 experts, though, just reaching Tier 4 was already a dream, what more trying to learn a Peak Tier 4 Legacy Skill.

Now, however, not only did Shi Feng have two Peak Tier 4 Legacy Skills to choose from, but he even had two Apex Tier 4 Legacy Skills!

However, Shi Feng’s expression quickly darkened slightly.

In the past, out of all the Advanced Tier 4 Legacy Skills he was offered during his Promotion Quests, even the most powerful one only required him to execute the Skill at a 70% Completion Rate to learn it. Now, even the easiest Peak Legacy Skill he was offered required him to achieve a 75% Completion Rate, whereas the most difficult, Blade Domain, required an 85% Skill Completion Rate; that was basically asking him to unleash 100% of Blade Domain’s power.

Normally, when using Tier 4 Skills and Spells, Tier 4 experts would only be able to achieve a 70% Completion Rate or so. Even Tier 4 peak experts would be able to activate a Tier 4 Skill or Spell at 85% Completion Rate only after long training. After all, the complexity of Tier 4 Skills and Spells was much greater than that of Tier 3 Skills and Spells.

Now, however, he was given only one hour to learn at least one Peak Legacy Skill to such a high standard. This was simply impossible.

During the time Shi Feng was silently cursing the learning requirements, the three Infant Black Dragons hovering in midair swooped down at him.

“Die, human!”

The three Infant Dragons appeared almost simultaneously around Shi Feng and sent their claws smashing at him, their claws forming a perfect encirclement that left no room for evasion.

Screw it! It’s all or nothing!

Since there was no way for him to dodge the incoming claws, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and chose to learn the most difficult of the four Legacy Skills offered.

Blade Domain!