Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2691 - Breaking Through the Limit

The gravitational force here is almost the same as what I felt when those Infant Black Dragons appeared. If I continue digging downward, those Dragons will most likely notice my presence. After killing another Outer Path Guardian, Shi Feng poked his head out of the platform he had carved for himself to look at the bottomless abyss.

After nine days of arduous effort, he had finally reached the altitude where he first came into contact with the Infant Black Dragons.

Although the Infant Black Dragons were only Tier 3 Great Lords, they were existences that no individual Tier 3 player could hope to go up against. Not to mention, there were three Infant Black Dragons moving together here.

Currently, the best way for him to complete his Tier 4 Promotion was through killing more Outer Path Guardians and steadily accumulating his Legacy Power to 85% Completion Rate. Then, he could activate his Tier 4 Legacy.

However, as he carved his way down the cliff, the frequency of the Outer Path Guardians’ appearance decreased. In fact, the Guardian he had just killed took him nearly an hour to spawn.

At this rate, he would most likely enter the three Infant Black Dragons’ perception range by the time he could spawn the next Outer Path Guardian. In that case, he would have to fight the Outer Path Guardian while simultaneously dealing with the three Dragons’ attacks.

Sure enough, the Main God System won’t let players enjoy such an easy promotion. In the end, I still have to obtain one of those Legacy Fragments. Shi Feng could not help a sigh as he looked at his Legacy Power Points.

With his current standards, so long as he activated a Berserk Skill, swiftly killing an Outer Path Guardian while dealing with the attacks of the three Infant Black Dragons should be possible. However, he was still short of three Guardian kills to reach the minimum 85% Completion Rate.

Even though he had multiple Berserk Skills, the likelihood of him being able to spawn and kill three Outer Path Guardians during the limited duration of his Berserk Skills was extremely low. After all, the last Outer Path Guardian had taken him nearly an hour to spawn. At best, he would be able to kill one Guardian after getting discovered by the Infant Dragons. As for the remaining two Outer Path Guardians, he could forget about them because no matter how he looked at it, coping with the Infant Dragons’ attacks for two or three hours while he continued carving the cliff was simply impossible.

This left him with only one option to complete his Promotion Quest: obtaining a Legacy Fragment.

While Legacy Fragments didn’t carry equal amounts of Legacy Power, each contained at least ten points to as much as 40 points. With his current Legacy Power Points, he needed only one Legacy Fragment to meet the minimum requirement to activate his Tier 4 Legacy.Visit website our

Although the Completion Rate of one’s Tier 4 Legacy would somewhat influence the success rate of the Tier 4 Promotion Quest, it wasn’t absolute.

Legacy Power only allowed players to activate their Tier 4 Legacy. The more Legacy Power players managed to collect, the larger the portion of their Tier 4 Legacy they could activate. However, after activating and unraveling the secrets of their Tier 4 Legacy, players needed to learn the unraveled knowledge in order to complete their Tier 4 Promotion Quest. Clearing this portion of their Promotion Quest depended entirely on their own capabilities. The amount of Legacy Power they accumulated before had no bearing on this part of the quest. And if players failed to learn an adequate amount of knowledge from their Legacy within the stipulated time, they would still fail their Tier 4 Promotion Quest.

In the past, the main reason why most Tier 3 experts failed to reach Tier 4 was precisely this second portion, not the failure to acquire a sufficient amount of Legacy Power.

This was also the reason why the stronger a Legacy was, the more difficult the Tier 4 Promotion Quest would be.

The stronger a Legacy was, the more complex the information contained within it. For example, Legacies belonging to the Giant and Elven race contained incredibly abstruse information. Hence, those playing as Giants and Elves faced much greater difficulty when challenging their Promotion Quests. Even if players geared themselves in powerful weapons and equipment, these items would just allow them to obtain more Legacy Power and open up more knowledge for them to learn. Players still had to rely on their own learning capabilities to complete their Tier 4 Promotion Quest.

Hence, Shi Feng could activate his Legacy at 85% Completion Rate. Reaching 100% wasn’t necessary for the completion of his Promotion Quest.

However, trying to reach and obtain the Legacy Fragments below wouldn’t be easy. After all, he had to go up against three Infant Black Dragons in the process. There was only so much he could do within the limited duration of his Berserk Skills. The part where he obtained the Legacy Fragments would be especially challenging. If a player that did not know how Legacy Fragments worked were in his shoes right now, they would most likely lose their lives during this process.

Players would not automatically obtain the Legacy Power contained within a Legacy Fragment. Instead, after securing the fragment, they usually spent between 10 to 20 minutes absorbing the Legacy Power. And although players did not need direct contact with a Legacy Fragment to absorb its Legacy Power, if they went too far away from the fragment, the process would get interrupted, and the fragment would shatter. Due to these reasons, players generally needed to complete the process in a safe environment.

With the three Infant Dragons harassing Shi Feng, he obviously wouldn’t be able to absorb a Legacy Fragment in safety. He would have to do it while fighting. However, with the Berserk Skills he had, he simply wouldn’t be able to last that long.

No, it’s not exactly impossible! If I can hold on for some time in my normal state, it might be possible to secure a Legacy Fragment!

After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng decided to take the risk and try to secure a Legacy Fragment. After all, he was no longer the same as when he first entered the Legacy Land. Not only was he able to execute Holy Devour now, but he had even mastered a simplified version of Holy Devour. Although this simplified Holy Devour was not as powerful as the real deal, the raw power it contained was still superior to that of Lightshadow. With this simplified Holy Devour, he might be able to hold his own against the Infant Black Dragons.

After taking a deep breath, he took out the Ring of Gospel from his bag and activated Miniature World and Ring of Brilliance. Now that he had gotten this far in his Promotion Quest and he had to go up against the three Infant Dragons no matter what, he no longer had any reason to hold back his cards.

Upon Ring of Brilliance’s activation, the density of the ambient Mana gradually increased. As for Shi Feng himself, his Basic Attributes rose by 5%. Although Ring of Brilliance’s effects were significantly weakened, every little improvement counted now.

After activating both of the Ring of Gospel’s Skills, he jumped off the platform and allowed gravity to drag him down toward the bottomless abyss.

A few seconds after he started his free fall to the abyss, a series of Dragon roars came from some distance away. As he had predicted, the three Infant Black Dragons flew out of the abyss and charged straight at him once more.

A short moment later, one of the Infant Dragons arrived before Shi Feng and sent its gigantic claw smashing at him. Seemingly unaffected by Miniature World, the Dragon’s claw still carried enough power to tear through space.

This hit will determine whether I can succeed or not!

Having prepared for this attack beforehand, Shi Feng promptly lashed out against the approaching claw with the Abyssal Blade.

In the next moment, the blazing-red Abyssal Blade cut at the Infant Dragon’s massive claw.


When the two attacks collided, a loud metallic clang echoed throughout the abyss, and dazzling sparks illuminated the space around Shi Feng and the Infant Black Dragon. Surprisingly, the Dragon’s massive claw actually got knocked off course and smashed into the cliff wall nearby, digging out a huge chunk of the cliff. Shi Feng, on the other hand, came out of the clash completely unscathed. Moreover, the impact accelerated his descent into the abyss even further.

Good! There’s a chance! Shi Feng grew ecstatic when the Abyssal Blade deflected the Infant Dragon’s claw.

Previously, his greatest worry was that he would not be able to block the Infant Black Dragons’ attacks. After all, he did not activate Heavenly Dragon’s Power, unlike before. Besides, the Infant Black Dragons had the home-ground advantage, free of the abyss’s suppression. Even with the effects of Miniature World, he would most likely have a difficult time deflecting the Infant Dragons’ attacks.

Fortunately, the simplified Holy Devour was sufficiently powerful. Now, even without activating a Berserk Skill, he could hold his ground against the Infant Black Dragons. With this, what he needed to do next became a lot simpler.

Following which, Shi Feng continued free-falling while frantically deflecting the three Infant Dragons’ attacks.

When he was about to reach the location of the Legacy Fragments, he activated Gale Domain and forcefully changed his angle of descent toward the Legacy Fragments.

After spotting the location of the Legacy Fragments, Shi Feng promptly activated Power of Darkness, increasing all his Basic Attributes by 120%, then executed a two-handed slash at the cliff wall.

Holy Devour!

A raging inferno immediately devoured the cliff wall, creating a hole with a 30-yard radius. At the same time, a fragmented statue the size of a human adult landed inside the hole, radiating a faint glow and a soul-shuddering Divine Might.

System: You have discovered a Legacy Fragment. Do you wish to absorb the fragment’s Legacy Power?

“Absorb!” Shi Feng said without hesitation.

As soon as he finished speaking, the fragmented statue released an aurora of lights that pierced his body.

Crap! Just how much Legacy Power is in this thing?! Shi Feng was stunned when he saw the loading bar that appeared before him.

According to the loading bar, the absorption process would take 33 minutes. This absorption time far exceeded his expectations. It also far exceeded the total duration of all of his Berserk Skills.

However, under the circumstances, he did not have the leeway to go for a different fragment. If he chose to give up on this fragment, then all of the effort he had put into killing all those Outer Path Guardians would go to waste.

At this time, the three Infant Black Dragons noticed what Shi Feng was doing. Immediately, all three of them used Dragon Breath at him.

“Damn it!”

Shi Feng’s complexion darkened when he saw that the three Dragon Breaths covered the entire cave he was in. Instinctively, he activated Absolute Defense to protect himself.

After the three Dragon Breaths landed, the size of the cave increased significantly, which gave Shi Feng a lot more room for maneuvering.

Following which, time flew as Shi Feng desperately defended himself against the three Infant Dragons’ attacks.

Ten minutes… Fifteen minutes… Twenty minutes…

Only 30 minutes had elapsed by the time the duration of Shi Feng’s final Berserk Skill, Disintegration Power, expired. Although he had done his best to fight in his normal state as much as possible and only use his Berserk Skills when absolutely necessary, he still exhausted all his Berserk Skills by the 30-minute mark.

Without the support of any Berserk Skills, he had no choice but to rely on the simplified Holy Devour to defend against the three Infant Dragons’ attacks. However, although the simplified Holy Devour required less Concentration to execute than even Lightshadow, the burden from spamming the technique still took its toll on him. As a result, his complexion grew paler as more time passed.

“Human, your time is up! You’re almost out of Stamina and Concentration already, while we are still able to continue fighting! Don’t even think of leaving alive after you’ve trespassed into the territory of Black Dragons!” The leading Infant Black Dragon spoke in an ancient language. Despite Shi Feng having no knowledge of this language, his mind actually understood the Infant Dragon’s words.

No sooner had the Infant Black Dragon finished speaking than the two other Infant Dragons increased their attack rate, giving Shi Feng no room to catch a breather.

One second… Two seconds… Three seconds…

As the three Infant Black Dragons’ attack rate continuously increased, Shi Feng had no choice but to use his trump cards one after another.

Darkness Domain!

Thunder God’s Descent!

Divine Steps!

Void Shield!

However, his complexion paled subsequently with each trump card he expended. His brain was also plagued by a stinging pain that dulled his control over his body.

Is this it for me?

At this moment, Shi Feng could tell that he had already exceeded the limits of his Concentration and that he was losing control over his physical body. Now, he couldn’t execute the simplified Holy Devour anymore, completely reliant on dodging the three Infant Dragons’ attacks to keep himself alive. Void Shield’s duration was also about to run out, and as soon as it did, the three Infant Dragons would instantly kill him.

Just as Void Shield’s duration was about to end, however, a system notification sounded in Shi Feng’s ears.

System: Congratulations! Your Tier 4 Legacy Completion Rate has reached 102%. Do you wish to activate your Tier 4 Legacy?