Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2688 - Legacy Land's True Purpose

As soon as Shi Feng activated the Legacy Scroll, darkness enveloped his vision once more, and the world seemed to spin around him. Everything was just like how he first walked into the dark vortex in the core room.

The Legacy Scroll was a treasure highly sought after by the various superpowers, something they were willing to trade even Fragmented Legendary items for. And it was so coveted because it allowed players to rechallenge the same Legacy Land.

While this function might not seem like much, it was heaven-sent for players challenging their Tier 4 Promotion Quest.

Normally, players had only one opportunity to challenge a Legacy Land. So long as they died, they would be teleported out of the Legacy Land, and the portal to the Legacy Land would disappear and reappear in another random location. Even if players found another Legacy Land portal later on, the chances of that portal leading to the same Legacy Land were abysmally low. Hence, it was almost impossible to challenge the same Legacy Land twice, which, in turn, made it impossible to learn from experience.

For players, the difference between having a lot of experience when challenging a Legacy Land and challenging it cold was massive. Their chances of successfully clearing their Tier 4 Promotion Quest would skyrocket if they had foreknowledge of their Legacy Land. Hence, the various superpowers in the past had been willing to go as far as exchanging Fragmented Legendary items for Legacy Scrolls.

In the eyes of ordinary players, this transaction would seem somewhat stupid. In reality, however, the difference between Tier 3 and Tier 4 was like the difference between life in the mud and in the clouds. Moreover, as players reached higher levels, the disparity in strength would only widen. After all, the opportunities Tier 3 and Tier 4 players could encounter and secure during the later stages of the game were completely different. Moreover, there was the difference in the amount of Basic Attributes Tier 3 and Tier 4 players gained whenever they leveled up.

Meanwhile, after a short moment in the darkness, Shi Feng reappeared in the sky above his first Legacy Land. And like before, his body started free-falling toward the bottomless abyss below him. Moreover, the Cooldown of all of his Skills and Spells had been refreshed, the current situation making it seem as if he had gone back in time.


A quick check found that even the Additional Skills of his weapons and equipment had been refreshed. He immediately activated Gale Domain and flew straight to the nearest cliff.

Previously, he had wasted a lot of time observing the Legacy Land. As a result, by the time he activated Gale Domain, the gravitational force acting on his body had already increased considerably, which had, in turn, reduced his speed and maneuverability by a significant margin.

This time, though, as he had activated Gale Domain almost as soon as he arrived in the Legacy Land, he was able to fly at nearly double the speed he had before. In the end, he managed to reach the nearest cliff in just 15 seconds, with a lot of flight time[1] remaining.


After arriving before the cliff, Shi Feng immediately executed Lightshadow at it.


An explosion rang out as rubble went flying. However, to Shi Feng’s surprise, the phantom greatsword had only managed to carve out a single tear the size of a human adult, barely enough for one person to stand in.

Lightshadow’s power was actually reduced this much? Shi Feng frowned at the tear in the cliff.

The power of Lightshadow was much weaker than he expected. He had given his all in that attack, yet it had barely reached the Intermediate-rank Tier 4 standard. Had he used such an attack against the Infant Black Dragons’ Dragon Breath, he definitely would have ended up dead.

However, Shi Feng did not dare to waste time. Quickly, he executed Lightshadow against the cliff once more.

By the eighth time he executed Lightshadow, Gale Domain finally expired. Fortunately, he had managed to carve out an adequate foothold for himself. With this foothold, he should have enough space to dodge and block the Infant Black Dragons’ attacks.

However, when Shi Feng gazed down at the bottomless abyss, he could not help massaging his temple.

Although his current situation was much better than before, he still had massive problems to deal with.

Setting aside the three Infant Dragons, just the fact that he needed to carve a path down the cliff was already a huge problem. Each use of Lightshadow only allowed him to carve out a small hole fit for one person to stand in. The hole was also only one meter deep. However, by his estimates, he needed to descend several kilometers to reach the area where he had seen the Legacy Fragments. In that case, he wouldn’t be able to reach the Legacy Fragments even after executing Lightshadow for a month.

Although he could increase the destructive power of his attacks by using Berserk Skills, Berserk Skills were meant to save his life. They should not be used unless absolutely necessary, especially in this godforsaken Legacy Land. There were simply too many unknown dangers here. If he used up his Berserk Skills too quickly, he would definitely die when a truly dangerous situation popped up.

It seems I have to find a way to increase the power of my attacks. After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng concluded that this was his only option.

Using summoning tools was impossible while inside a Legacy Land. Players weren’t allowed to summon their Personal Guards here. In such a situation, the only way he could reach the Legacy Fragments as quickly as possible was to raise the raw power of his attacks.

However, such a feat was easier said than done.

The Mana Technique Lightshadow was currently the strongest move in his repertoire. Even Bronze Combat Techniques could not hold a candle to it. However, if he simply relied on Lightshadow to carve a path down, he wouldn’t reach the Legacy Fragments even if he tired himself to death. He needed a qualitative improvement to his raw power.

If I wish to increase the power of my attacks, aside from breaking through the limits of my Mana Body, the only other option is to improve my Mana Technique. Without any inspirations, trying to break through the Mana Body’s perfect state is utterly impossible. In that case, I have no choice but to try to master the Second Sword, Holy Devour. As Shi Feng sensed the Mana surrounding him, an idea struck him. Although the environment here is extremely harsh and the density of the Mana here is close to zero, my brain doesn’t feel any discomfort. The environment here is roughly similar to that inside the Legacy Gate. Could the environment here be created for the purpose of helping players learn Mana Techniques?

Having thought up to this point, Shi Feng felt that there was a high possibility of his guess being correct.

Legacy Lands were termed as such because they provided guidance to their challengers. They weren’t created to extinguish all life.

Meanwhile, in low-Mana environments, players would have an easier time not only sensing the Mana flowing within their Mana Bodies but also training in Mana Techniques. This was because the ability to control one’s Mana played an important role in executing a Mana Technique. And in a low-Mana environment, players wouldn’t have to deal with as much interference from the ambient Mana as they normally would, which, in turn, allowed them to perceive and control their Mana better.

Moreover, it was important for players seeking to get promoted to Tier 4 to possess an adequate degree of Mana control, aside from fully unlocking their Mana Bodies. After all, the birth of a Mana Domain relied heavily on a player’s ability to control Mana.

Shi Feng unsheathed the Abyssal Blade and started trying to execute the Second Sword, Holy Devour.

The most important point to take note of when executing Lightshadow was the shaping of Mana. The complexity of the technique involved in doing so could inspire despair even in peak experts. Only Domain Realm experts that had developed their Mana control to a certain extent could execute Lightshadow.

Holy Devour, on the other hand, required its user to materialize Mana. Without sufficient understanding of the operating principle and structure of Mana, executing Holy Devour would be utterly impossible.

Previously, Shi Feng had not held much hope of learning how to execute Holy Devour while he was still at Tier 3. After all, the degree of perception and control of Mana required to execute the technique reached inhuman levels.

However, due to the Faux Saint Devourers’ Soul Marks, his perception of Mana had undergone a qualitative transformation.

In the next moment, Shi Feng shut his eyes and lightly raised the Abyssal Blade with both hands. He then manipulated his Mana Domain to start gathering as much Mana as possible around the Abyssal Blade.

After draining all the ambient Mana, Shi Feng abruptly opened his eyes and swung the Abyssal Blade at the cliff wall before him.

Holy Devour!