Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2687 - Infant Black Dragons

Before Shi Feng could snap out of his daze, the three Black Dragons with 60-meter wingspans flapped their wings and transformed into a blur as they flew straight at him.

[Infant Black Dragon] (Dragon, Great Lord)

Level 122

HP 4,200,000,000/4,200,000,000


Shi Feng cursed out loud when he saw the three Infant Black Dragons zooming toward him.

Although his opponents were merely Tier 3 Infant Dragons, as creatures belonging to the apex race in God’s Domain, they were still far stronger than ordinary Tier 4 Mythic monsters. Not to mention, there were three of them. With the power these Infant Dragons wielded, they could easily destroy the current Silverwing City. They simply weren’t existences individual Tier 3 players could hope to go up against. In fact, even Tier 4 players would have to take the long way around if they came across a force of three Tier 3 Infant Dragons.

To make matters worse, not only was Shi Feng currently stuck to a cliff, but an incredibly powerful gravitational force was also dragging on his body. Despite having Heavenly Dragon’s Power activated right now, he couldn’t move his body normally. Clashing with these Infant Black Dragons would simply guarantee an early death.

He immediately unsheathed Killing Ray and stabbed it into the cliff wall, as well. He then started climbing up the cliff with all his might using his two swords.

However, the gravitational pull from the abyss was simply too powerful, and Shi Feng could not climb quickly, even if he wanted to. In the end, before he could climb 20 yards, one of the Infant Dragons had already arrived before him and sent its massive claw smashing at him. The speed of the claw was also so fast that his only option was to receive it.

“Scram!” Shi Feng bellowed as he swung the Abyssal Blade at the claw, the power the Magic Weapon carried so great that it even tore through space itself.

When the Abyssal Blade came into contact with the Infant Dragon’s claw, not only did the Magic Weapon repel the gigantic claw, but the force of the blow even pushed the Infant Dragon backward by more than 10 yards. This result shocked the Infant Dragon, and its golden eyes gazed at Shi Feng in astonishment.

As a member of the apex race that represented destruction, it had actually lost to a lower existence of the same tier in a direct confrontation. Normally, something like this should be impossible, yet this impossible feat had actually occurred just now.

However, despite having repelled the Infant Dragon’s attack, Shi Feng did not show any signs of excitement at all.

Due to the Strength boost provided by the Heavenly Dragon’s Power and the Dragon’s Domination Passive Skill, his Strength indeed surpassed that of a Level 122 Infant Black Dragon. However, as he was currently stuck on the side of a cliff, the only thing he could do was passively defend against the Infant Dragons’ attacks. He couldn’t launch any counterattacks or run away.

Meanwhile, Heavenly Dragon’s Power had a very limited duration. Once he lost the Strength buff from the Berserk Skill, he would have a much harder time coping with the Infant Dragons’ attacks.


As the repelled Infant Dragon roared angrily, another Infant Dragon appeared beside Shi Feng and attacked him.

While Shi Feng had his hands full with the second Infant Dragon’s attack, the first Infant Dragon, which had gotten repelled, actually opened its mouth and used Dragon Breath on him.

Even with his current Basic Attributes, Shi Feng did not dare take on the Dragon Breath of a true Dragon. Gritting his teeth, he yanked Killing Ray out of the cliff and let the gravity drag himself down.

When produced by a true Dragon, a Tier 3 Dragon Breath carried enough power to rival even ordinary attacks at the Peak Tier 4 standard. Moreover, Dragon Breath was an AOE attack, so defending against it with normal attacks was impossible.

Although Shi Feng had the option of using his Mana Technique, with how thin the ambient Mana was in this Legacy Land, by the time he gathered enough Mana to execute Lightshadow, he would’ve already been burned up by the Infant Dragon’s Dragon Breath.


In the next moment, a black beam struck at the spot where Shi Feng was originally hanging and bored a hole into the cliff. As for Shi Feng, after dodging the attack, he quickly stabilized himself further down the cliff.

As expected of a true Dragon Breath. I’d probably get pushed back even if I used Lightshadow against it. Shi Feng could not help his astonishment as he gazed at the massive hole that had appeared some distance above him.

With just one attack, the Infant Black Dragon had carved a hole with a 30-yard radius into the sturdy cliff. Shi Feng, on the other hand, was just barely able to stab his swords into the cliff, even with the boost from Heavenly Dragon’s Power. Without the Berserk Skill’s help, he would be able to stab only half their length into the cliff, at best.

However, before Shi Feng could fully appreciate the Infant Black Dragon’s Tier 3 Dragon Breath, the two other Infant Dragons used their Dragon Breaths on him as well.

Two black beams instantly shot at Shi Feng, the range they covered making it utterly impossible for him to avoid them.

Seeing this, Shi Feng instinctively activated Absolute Defense to block the two Dragon Breaths. However, because the cliff he was clinging to got vaporized, he lost his foothold and started plummeting toward the bottomless abyss once more.

It seems it’s over.

Shi Feng could not help a bitter smile when he looked at the bottomless abyss beneath him, then the three Infant Black Dragons chasing after him.

Not only was there a bottomless abyss that exerted an insane gravitational pull on him, but there were even three Infant Black Dragons roaming the area. The difficulty of this Legacy Land was simply unheard-of. He couldn’t even keep himself alive for more than a few minutes in this Legacy Land, much less search for the Ancient Legacy hidden here. In other words, this Legacy Land was basically made to toy with players seeking to challenge their Tier 4 Promotion Quest.

However, just as Shi Feng was mentally preparing himself to give up on his Tier 4 Promotion Quest, several gleaming lights suddenly appeared on the pitch-black cliff. The lights carried a faint hint of Divine Might that made his soul shudder involuntarily.

The Ancient Legacy Fragments? Shock and excitement flashed in Shi Feng’s eyes when he looked at the fading lights.

Just now, he’d concluded that this Legacy Land was a prank on players. However, it now looked like that was not the case at all. Although the gleaming lights coming from the cliff had soon vanished from sight due to his rapid descent, he was certain he had sensed Divine Might coming from those lights.

The Tier 4 Promotion Quest was basically a quest for players to enter a Legacy Land and obtain as much of their Legacy’s power as possible. Normal classes generally needed to accumulate 70% of their Legacy’s power to reach Tier 4, while peak classes needed roughly 85%.

He had seen quite a few streaks of light on the cliff, which meant that there should be a considerable number of Legacy Fragments there. If he could reach that location, he might be able to obtain enough Legacy Power to complete his Promotion Quest.

After reaching this conclusion, Shi Feng abandoned the idea of giving up on this Legacy Land.

Locating the Legacy Fragments hidden within a Legacy Land was generally incredibly difficult and time-consuming. Now that he knew where they were, he naturally couldn’t give up without trying.

However, despite his change of mind, thinking back to the three Infant Black Dragons gave him a huge headache.

It might have been fine if his opponents were any other Great Lord ranked monsters. In fact, even if he had to go up against three Tier 4 Mythic monsters simultaneously, he was confident he could collect the Legacy Fragments while keeping himself alive. However, going up against three Tier 3 Dragons simultaneously was simply too much.

In fact, one Infant Black Dragon would most likely be more than enough to whittle him to death within a short time. After all, the gravitational pull the abyss exerted was simply too powerful. While subjected to this gravitational pull, he couldn’t bring out even half of his strength. At the same time, he didn’t have any footholds he could shift to, which made dodging and blocking the Infant Dragons’ attacks extraordinarily difficult.

No, that’s not right! So long as I can create a sufficient number of footholds, it might be possible to go up against three Infant Black Dragons simultaneously with the Dragon’s Domination’s effects!

While free-falling down the cliff, Shi Feng suddenly recalled the gigantic holes the Infant Black Dragons created. If he could carve out a sufficiently spacious path into the cliff, then defending himself against the three Infant Dragons wouldn’t be an impossible dream.

After thinking up to this point, he no longer waited for the abyss’s gravitational pull to kill him. Instead, he took out the Epic Legacy Scroll from his bag and activated it, starting another challenge for this Legacy Land.