Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2686 - Legacy Land?

As Shi Feng chanted the incantation recorded on the Legacy Scroll, the divine runes on the Legacy Scroll started releasing an array of colorful lights that brightly illuminated the dimly lit core room.

Following which, the divine runes detached from the Legacy Scroll and linked up into a ring before Shi Feng. A short moment later, an incomparably dark vortex appeared within this ring of runes.

The black vortex was three meters tall. Just its existence alone thinned out the Mana within the core room considerably. The vortex was like an insatiable beast that devoured everything.

Just how harsh is the environment in the Legacy Land? Shi Feng was astonished when he sensed the incomparably thin Mana around him.

Originally, he had planned to challenge his Tier 4 Promotion Quest only after he had broken through the limits of his Epic Mana Body. That way, he would have a much greater chance of success. After all, unlike the Promotion Quests for lower tiers, the Tier 4 Promotion Quest did not have any difficulty options for players to choose from. How much improvement they gained from their Tier 4 Promotion Quest depended entirely on how much progress they made in the Legacy Land.

Of course, there were also some differences between Legacy Lands. Naturally, the harsher the environment at a Legacy Land, the more difficult it would be for players to obtain their Tier 4 Legacy. However, searching for Tier 4 Legacy Lands was arduous. In fact, when challenging the Tier 4 Promotion Quest, players generally spent 90% of their time searching for a Legacy Land.

In short, players would be very fortunate to come across a Legacy Land. They didn’t have the luxury to choose between different Legacy Lands. Hence, luck played a considerably important role when challenging the Tier 4 Promotion Quest.

With luck, one would find a good Legacy Land and have an easier time obtaining the Tier 4 Legacy. Without it, one would find a Legacy Land with an extremely harsh environment and might suffer failure as soon as they set foot into the Legacy Land. This was a situation Shi Feng had faced before. After all, he had failed plenty of times at his Tier 4 Promotion Quest in his past life.

Currently, although he couldn’t determine what kind of Legacy Land the teleportation portal before him led to, judging by how the portal had devoured almost all of the core room’s Mana, he could tell that this Legacy Land had incredibly thin ambient Mana. In fact, the ambient Mana density in the Legacy Land should be even lower than that of the core room at the moment.

However, before Shi Feng could continue his observation, a series of system notifications entered his ears.

System: You have opened the Legacy Land’s portal. Please enter the portal within three minutes, or the portal will automatically close.

System: You have activated the Promotion Quest for the Tier 4 Blade Saint.

Quest content: Enter the Legacy Land and obtain the Ancient Legacy’s power. Rewards unknown.

System: Once you enter the Legacy Land, you will be prohibited from having any contact with the outside world. If you die within the Legacy Land, you will be teleported out of the Legacy Land, your levels will be reduced by five, and your soul will be weakened for three days. Please consider your decision carefully.

Five levels? This Legacy Land is truly vicious. Shi Feng frowned reflexively when he heard the contents of the system notifications.

Normally, dying in a Tier 4 Legacy Land would result in a loss of only two or three levels. The penalty for this one, however, was actually five levels. This was definitely the Legacy Land with the highest penalty he had ever heard of.

However, Shi Feng did not hesitate for long before walking straight into the black vortex.

If possible, he did not wish to enter such a harsh Legacy Land, either. However, if he didn’t enter, he would be deemed to have failed his Tier 4 Promotion Quest. If that happened, he would have to wait a considerable period before he could challenge his Tier 4 Promotion Quest again—an outcome he definitely didn’t want.

After all, aside from Frost Heaven’s upcoming secret operation, the Divine Dragon’s trial also awaited him. If he gave up on entering his Legacy Land now, he would have to face the Divine Dragon’s trial with only a Tier 3 body, basically setting himself up for failure. Hence, he had no other choice but to grit his teeth and take on this Legacy Land.

Fortunately, the Epic Legacy Scroll granted him three rechallenge attempts, two more than what the Dark-Gold Legacy Scroll provided. Having a total of four challenge attempts increased his chances of success significantly.

As soon as Shi Feng stepped into the black vortex, darkness enveloped his vision. At the same time, his body seemed to spin freely in empty space. By the time his vision recovered, the scenery before him had changed completely.

Currently, he was free-falling. Moreover, not only was the sky dark, but spatial tears also filled the air around him. It was as if the world he had just arrived in was crumbling. There was no ground beneath him, either. All he could see below was a bottomless abyss. To make matters worse, the Mana was practically nonexistent.

“This…” Shi Feng was momentarily stunned by this situation.

He had been to many Legacy Lands, but this was his first time visiting such a harsh Legacy Land. In fact, rather than a Legacy Land, this location looked more like a world teetering on the brink of destruction instead.

If not for his Epic Mana Body, he would’ve long since lost consciousness due to the extremely thin ambient Mana here.

Not daring to be careless, Shi Feng promptly activated Gale Domain to put some distance between himself and the bottomless abyss below.

However, shortly after he started flying, a powerful suction force came from the bottomless abyss, which made his body feel incomparably heavy.

Is long-term flight prohibited here?

Looking at the bottomless abyss that was pulling him down, Shi Feng faintly understood the rules of this Legacy Land. He immediately headed for the nearest cliff.

400 yards… 300 yards… 200 yards…

The longer Shi Feng remained in flight, the stronger the gravity acting on his body grew. Initially, the gravity was only twice as strong as usual. Eventually, though, it increased to more than tenfold. Moreover, it continued increasing by twofold every second. Not only did this situation cause his flying speed to decrease continuously, but it also made controlling his body increasingly difficult.

Faster! I need to be faster!

When the gravity approached unbearable levels, Shi Feng desperately tried to reach the cliff beside the abyss.

When less than 20 yards separated him from the cliff, his ability to fly suddenly got neutralized. As a result, he plummeted toward the bottomless abyss like a meteor. To make matters worse, the gravity acting on his body still kept increasing, which, in turn, accelerated his speed of descent.

This won’t do. At this rate, I’ll die from the wind pressure before I even hit the ground.

After free-falling for a dozen seconds, Shi Feng already found the increasing wind pressure pushing against his body unbearable. At this rate, he would most likely die after another few dozen seconds of free fall.

He took out a bunch of Advanced Frost Grenades from his bag and detonated them on his back.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Along with the sounds of explosions, a series of ice flowers appeared in midair.

Although Shi Feng ended up losing over 20% of his HP and got himself covered in a layer of frost from the Frost Grenades, the impact of the explosions propelled his body a lot closer to the nearby cliff.

However, despite the distance to the cliff narrowing, his complexion remained grim. After all, if he collided with the cliff at his current speed, he was still unlikely to survive.

In the next moment, the armor Shi Feng wore also started turning red-hot.

Just as he was about to crash into the cliff like a blazing meteor, he activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power, instantly increasing his Basic Attributes, Defense, and HP by a significant margin. He then unsheathed the Abyssal Blade and stabbed it into the cliff.


After getting stabbed into the cliff wall, the Abyssal Blade tore the rocky surface as Shi Feng continued sliding down. At the same time, his HP also started depleting rapidly.

75%… 60%… 30%…

Fortunately, his body finally came to a grinding halt with his HP just below 500,000.

After pulling himself out of the clutches of death, he breathed out a deep sigh of relief. If not for Heavenly Dragon’s Power, he really would’ve died just now.

Is this really a Legacy Land?

Confusion filled Shi Feng’s heart as he gazed at the bottomless abyss beneath him.

Although Legacy Lands weren’t known for their friendly environments, none of them had such a harsh environment, either. Currently, he couldn’t see any signs of life in this Legacy Land, let alone monsters. Aside from the bottomless abyss, the only other thing within sight were the cliffs surrounding it. He couldn’t find any traces of an Ancient Legacy at all.

However, as Shi Feng was trying to figure out what he needed to do in this Legacy Land, several thunderous roars came from the bottomless abyss.

A short moment later, gigantic figures emerged from the abyss. And upon seeing these figures, Shi Feng could not help being dumbfounded.

How is this possible?!

Shi Feng’s eyes widened with astonishment as he gaped at these gigantic figures.

After all, these figures belonged to the rarely seen Dragon race. Meanwhile, these Dragons had clearly discovered his presence already.