Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2684 - Mana Domain

Silverwing City, City Lord’s Mansion:

Under Youlan’s lead, Muxin and the other Frost Heaven members arrived before the entrance of the City Lord’s Mansion.

Currently, a large number of NPCs, as well as players wearing the Merchant’s Insignia, were lining up outside the tall walls of the mansion. The liveliness here could easily rival the frenzy at Silverwing City’s main gate.

“This city is truly amazing. Despite having been promoted just recently, there are already so many NPC and player merchants coming forth to rent Shops here. I doubt even the various superpowers’ main headquarters received this much attention when they got promoted into Basic Cities,” the female Cursemancer from Frost Heaven exclaimed as she looked at the long line of NPCs and players standing outside the City Lord’s Mansion.

Aside from being the core that controlled the city, the City Lord’s Mansion also managed the city’s Lands and Shops. Anyone seeking to rent or purchase Land and Shops inside the city had to visit the City Lord’s Mansion to do so.

Generally, however, neither player nor NPC merchants would rent a recently promoted city’s Lands and Shops. They would generally do so only after thorough consideration and observation to determine whether an investment would really be profitable.

However, despite Silverwing City having just been promoted and opened to the public less than an hour ago, there were already close to a thousand players and NPCs waiting to enter the City Lord’s Mansion. This response was unbelievable.

“This should be considered normal. After all, Silverwing City is currently the only Guild City in the Orc Empire. With that Transportation Firm here, high player traffic is guaranteed. These cunning merchant players and NPCs definitely won’t let this opportunity get away. The only question now is, how many Shops and Lands is Zero Wing willing to rent out?” Muxin said, her expression remaining unfazed as she took in the long queue before her.

In fact, after seeing what Silverwing City had to offer, Muxin had already resolved to rent some of its Lands and Shops in preparation for her Guild members’ development in the city. Needless to say, merchant players and NPCs, who frequently traveled between large cities and possessed a keen sense for business, would definitely realize Silverwing City’s potential and take action much more quickly than she had.

The player merchants waiting outside the City Lord’s Mansion turned their heads automatically toward Muxin’s group, surprise flashing across their eyes when they recognized the group.

“What? Frost Heaven is actually planning to partner with Zero Wing?”

“If that’s the case, Zero Wing will really rise on the eastern continent.”

“Indeed. Frost Heaven has three international corporations backing it. Even if Zero Wing receives only a small amount of support from Frost Heaven, it would no longer have to worry about funding and resources.”

“It seems the various superpowers will have to fear Zero Wing in the future. After all, previously, Zero Wing was already close to rivaling ordinary superpowers in terms of experts and Guild foundations. If Zero Wing receives Frost Heaven’s support in resources, it would basically be a superpower already.”

By this time, even ordinary players were familiar with the superpower known as Frost Heaven. After all, the Guild had not only successfully dominated multiple kingdoms but also claimed a corner of the Apocalypse Empire.

In addition, Frost Heaven’s name resounded in the ears of merchant players like themselves, what with three international corporations backing the Guild. Even the eastern continent’s up-and-coming Starlink and various Super Guilds had to show respect to Frost Heaven.

Muxin’s group walked into the City Lord’s Mansion under the watchful gazes of the merchant players outside.

Inside the City Lord’s Mansion, aside from the Personal Guards on security duty, there were plenty of Zero Wing experts training. The liveliness inside the mansion grounds was not the slightest bit inferior to the situation outside the mansion.

Sure enough, the number and quality of Zero Wing’s experts are still considerably inferior to the various superpowers’. The female Cursemancer shook her head and sighed as she eyed her surroundings. With the standards of Zero Wing’s members, even if Muxin agrees to let Zero Wing join the alliance, the other allied Guilds will most likely object.

Many of Zero Wing’s Tier 2 members had reached Level 115 already, with the Tier 3 members boasting even higher levels. These players were also very well-equipped, with the weakest piece of equipment on the Tier 3 experts being Level 110 Fine-Gold rank. When it came to levels and equipment standards, Zero Wing’s members did not lose out to the various superpowers.

However, Zero Wing’s members had one fatal flaw: their average combat standard was very low. Let alone Flowing Water Realm experts, Zero Wing barely had Refinement Realm experts. In this regard, Zero Wing was no match for the various superpowers at all.

Hence, even though Zero Wing possessed a large number of powerful Personal Guards, it still couldn’t be considered a superpower. After all, Personal Guards would remain a threat for only a certain period. Compared to players, NPCs had a much more difficult time developing themselves. The true way for a Guild to grow strong was for it to have a large number of peak experts under its command.

Although rumor had it that Zero Wing had several extraordinary experts, this small number simply wasn’t enough for the Guild to become a superpower, let alone get Muxin to agree to its joining Frost Heaven’s alliance.

During the time the female Cursemancer was entertaining such thoughts, Youlan had brought Muxin’s group to the City Lord’s Mansion’s first-floor reception room.

“Please enter,” Youlan said as she opened the doors for Muxin’s group.

After nodding in response to Youlan’s words, Muxin entered the reception room together with her subordinates.

The instant Muxin and the others entered the reception room, however, their bodies immediately felt heavier. They also sensed that they had lost control over the Mana around them, and it seemed as if they had entered another world.

A Mana Domain?! The female Cursemancer gaped in shock at Shi Feng, who was currently seated inside the room. This… How is this possible?!

At this moment, let alone the female Cursemancer, even the other members of the Frost Heaven contingent were stunned speechless by the current situation.

As Tier 3 experts, they knew very clearly what a Mana Domain was. After all, this was something they occasionally encountered when raiding Tier 4 monsters. Not to mention, there were also Tier 3 Skills and Spells that allowed players to form a Mana Domain.

Mana Domains fell into two types: active and passive. Active-type Mana Domains were formed using Skills and Spells, while passive-type Mana Domains were formed without the use of Skills or Spells. Of the two types, the latter was generally an ability only NPCs at Tier 4 or above could grasp.

However, the Mana Domain currently enveloping them clearly wasn’t formed with a Skill or Spell. Instead, it was a byproduct of Shi Feng’s circulation of his own Mana. In other words, this was a passive-type Mana Domain.

This type of Mana Domain was the main reason why Tier 4 NPCs were overwhelmingly stronger than Tier 3 NPCs. The moment this passive-type Mana Domain was activated, Tier 3 NPCs would be mere jokes in front of a Tier 4 NPC.

Now, however, this ability that could normally be found only on Tier 4 NPCs had actually been mastered by a Tier 3 player. This was incredible!

“You must be Frost Heaven’s representatives. I am Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame,” Shi Feng said as he swept his gaze across Muxin’s group. Going straight to the point, he asked, “I heard from Youlan that you’ve come to discuss a partnership with Zero Wing. May I know what kind of partnership you have in mind?”