Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2683 - Crimson-eyed Sword Saint's Legacy

At this moment, the female Summoner from Frost Heaven wasn’t the only person surprised by the sudden turn of events at Silverwing City’s main gate. The Tier 3 experts who had just entered the city were similarly stunned to see the mob of Tier 2 players desperately trying to get in.

“Have these people lost their minds?”

For current Tier 2 players, a ten-Silver entrance fee was a significant expenditure. Not to mention, just a short while ago, these Tier 2 players were still complaining about the expensive entrance fee and hoping to see Silverwing City flop. Now, however, these same Tier 2 players were desperately trying to get the NPCs stationed at the gate to take their money, their bloodshot eyes making it seem as if they would start a fight if the NPCs refused to take their money.

However, before the Tier 3 experts standing before the city gate could properly process the situation, batch after batch of Tier 2 players rushed into the city, their numbers simply staggering. As soon as these Tier 2 players got past the gate, they dashed toward Silverwing City’s Transportation Firm like a pack of cheetahs, expressions of ecstasy writ large on their faces.

“What did Zero Wing do?”

The female Summoner from Frost Heaven could not help her confusion when she saw the various powers’ and adventurer teams’ Tier 2 members running past her toward a distant corner of the city.

Just a moment ago, the players had clearly given up on Silverwing City because of its exorbitant entrance fee. Now, however, players were jostling to enter the city. Moreover, there did not seem to be an end to the stream of players pouring in. At this rate, Zero Wing would become filthy rich just from the entrance fees of Silverwing City.

“These people seem to be rushing toward the Transportation Firm. Something must’ve changed there,” the female Cursemancer standing beside the Summoner said as she looked at the direction the crowd of players was taking.

“The Transportation Firm?” The female Summoner found her companion’s words a little hard to believe. She simply couldn’t figure out what kind of changes the Transportation Firm could have undergone to provoke such a frantic reaction from so many Tier 2 players.

However, the female Summoner did not put too much thought into the matter. Instead, she and her team followed the crowd to the Transportation Firm.

When Frost Heaven’s members arrived inside the crowded Transportation Firm’s lobby, their eyes widened involuntarily in shock, every one of them at a loss for words.

Just by doing one Delivery Quest, every player involved could get a monetary reward of 60 Gold, as well as other rewards. This was an income even Tier 3 peak experts like themselves were incapable of earning within one or two days, yet there were actually six of such Delivery Quests available.

Moreover, aside from the six four-star quests, there were a ton of three-star advanced quests, which similarly granted lucrative rewards that could match the total daily income of Tier 3 peak experts like themselves.

If they focused on grinding and making money for an entire day, not only would they have to sacrifice a large amount of their training time, but the income they generated would also be limited to Coins. They wouldn’t receive any weapons or equipment. However, the three-star advanced quests granted a large amount of Coins upon completion—as well as Contribution Points and top-tier weapons and equipment. Doing these Delivery Quests was even more lucrative than raiding super-large-scale Team Dungeons. With how low the drop-rate was in Team Dungeons, there definitely wouldn’t be enough weapons and equipment dropped for everyone in the team. Moreover, there was also the problem of class compatibility. On the other hand, every player that took part in the Delivery Quests would have a considerably high chance of obtaining a top-tier weapon or equipment that suited their class.

One could say that, so long as players kept doing these three-star advanced Delivery Quests, their income, EXP gain, and equipment acquisition rate would already rival those of Tier 3 peak experts.

“It’s no wonder these people reacted so crazily. I truly underestimated Zero Wing. With these tempting quests, let alone a ten-Silver entrance fee, even if the fee were 20 Silver, there would still be a ton of players seeking to develop in Silverwing City,” the black-clad Summoner commented as realization dawned upon her.

Since even a Tier 3 peak expert like herself felt tempted by the Delivery Quests available in the Transportation Firm, the attraction the firm held for Tier 2 players and ordinary Tier 3 experts was easy to imagine.

“Muxin, I just relayed this information to the Guild Leader. The Guild Leader says we can proceed with the partnership,” the female Cursemancer said.

“Isn’t the Guild Leader being too hasty? Although the Transportation Firm’s quests and Silverwing City’s defenses will ensure the city’s future as the trade hub of the Orc Empire and the neighboring kingdoms, it still won’t be easy for Zero Wing to take the initiative to strike back at the Faux Saint monsters. Zero Wing won’t be of any help to our alliance at all. At best, we can only use its Silverwing City as a resting spot,” the female Summoner named Muxin said, frowning.

Zero Wing’s Transportation Firm was indeed amazing, but the alliance Frost Heaven formed was no ordinary existence, either. Anyone who became a member of the alliance would gain benefits beyond what they could normally get from partnering with ordinary superpowers. This was also why she and her team had come to observe Zero Wing and verify its qualifications.

“Are we still going, then?” the female Cursemancer asked as she looked at Muxin.

Aside from being a Domain Realm expert and a Vice Guild Leader of Frost Heaven, Muxin was also the heiress of the Boulder Corporation, a top-ranking international corporation that stood above even the Starline Corporation.

Since the Boulder Corporation supplied more than half of Frost Heaven’s resources, Muxin’s standing in the Guild was not at all lower than the Guild Leader’s. Hence, the Guild Leader had to take Muxin’s opinion into heavy consideration on important matters.

“Since the Guild Leader has already said so, let’s go take a look first. If Zero Wing really has the potential and strength to fight the Faux Saint monsters, letting it join the alliance isn’t exactly impossible,” Muxin said after giving the matter some thought. “However, if I find Zero Wing wanting, then we’ll have to choose another target to recruit.”

“I’ll get in touch with Zero Wing now, then,” the female Cursemancer said with a sigh of relief at Muxin’s answer. In her opinion, Silverwing City’s potential was truly massive. Even without Frost Heaven’s help, the city would still flourish. In fact, it might even become an integral location for the alliance’s fight against the Faux Saint monsters in the future. However, if Muxin was really opposed to Zero Wing’s joining the alliance, then even the Guild Leader would have difficulty persuading her.

While Muxin and the others were conversing, news regarding the Transportation Firm also spread quickly. As a result, many of the powers heading back to their respective kingdoms promptly did a U-turn, with some even planning to make Silverwing City a long-term headquarters of theirs.

As Silverwing City’s player population was booming, Shi Feng finished accepting the Crimson-eyed Sword Saint’s Legacy.

“Sure enough, breaking through the limits of the Epic Mana Body isn’t that easy.” Shi Feng breathed out a deep sigh as he looked at the shattered Memory Crystal in his hand.

Originally, he thought that with the effects of the eight Soul Marks and the Crimson-eyed Sword Saint’s Legacy, he could instantly break the shackles of his Epic Mana Body. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as he planned, leaving him still one step shy of a breakthrough.

Although he had long since known that it was much more difficult to break through the limits of an Epic Mana Body than it was for a Gold Mana Body, he never thought that the difficulty would be this high. Despite relying on the Crimson-eyed Sword Saint’s and Heavenly Blue Saint’s experiences, no matter how he tweaked the circulation of Mana in his Mana Body, he still couldn’t surpass the perfect state.

Of course, that didn’t mean Shi Feng had gained absolutely nothing from the Crimson-eyed Sword Saint’s guidance. By relying on Elvoze’s experiences and techniques, he could now circulate the Mana inside his body 20% faster than before.

For other players, such an improvement wouldn’t yield any significant effects. However, for someone like Shi Feng, who possessed a natural Domain, it was akin to a 20% boost to his reaction speed—a massive improvement. Moreover, his Mana Domain had also become much denser and more solid.

If Shi Feng were to go up against a Faux Saint Devourer now, he was confident he could beat the living daylights out of the Mythic monster without even resorting to his Mana Technique and Black Dragon’s Soul.

At this time, Youlan suddenly called Shi Feng and said, “Guild Leader, some representatives from Frost Heaven have paid us a visit. They say they wish to discuss a partnership.”

“Frost Heaven?”

Shi Feng was not unfamiliar with this name. In fact, this was a very famous name during his previous life. After all, Frost Heaven was one of the Twelve Great Guilds of God’s Domain, a true titan in the game. However, Frost Heaven had maintained a very low profile during the early stages of God’s Domain, so much so that barely anyone had thought about the Guild. To everyone’s surprise, though, Frost Heaven had actually been the first superpower in the game to successfully produce a Tier 4 player, an incident that had propelled the Guild into the spotlight and made it known by everyone in the game.

“Do you wish to meet them?” Youlan asked when she saw Shi Feng turning contemplative.

“Have them wait in the City Lord’s Mansion’s reception room,” Shi Feng said, nodding. He then tidied up his workspace before leaving his fourth-floor office and making his way to the first-floor reception room.