Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2682 - Madness-inducing Silverwing City

As the various powers’ and adventurer teams’ Tier 3 experts entered Silverwing City, the relatively empty streets of the city grew crowded.

“Sure enough, the city became much bigger after getting promoted. The density of the ambient Mana also increased by a lot. It’s a pity that the entrance fee is too high. If it were five Silver instead, the neighboring kingdoms’ players would most likely pour in,” Crazed Bull sighed as he looked at the streets teeming with NPCs.

If possible, he really wished to continue his development in Silverwing City. Unfortunately, the entrance fee of ten Silver was simply unaffordable for ordinary Tier 2 experts.

After all, many players would most likely enter Silverwing City multiple times a day since Tier 2 players weren’t as resistant to the foreign energies in Level 100-plus neutral maps as Tier 3 players were. They could survive in Level 100-plus neutral maps for only a few hours per trip. Fortunately, Tier 2 players recovered from these foreign energies very quickly, so they generally could make two or three trips to Level 100-plus neutral maps per day. However, each additional trip meant they had to pay another ten Silver Coins to enter Silverwing City.

Originally, earning money was already a difficult task in the Faux Saint monsters’ territory. Paying an additional 20 or 30 Silver per day would be onerous on Tier 2 players’ finances. After all, Tier 2 players had plenty of other expenditures they needed to cover: training, repair fees, lodgings, food, and beverages. Moreover, if a Tier 2 player wished to reach Tier 3, they needed excellent equipment and powerful Tier 2 Skills and Spells.

In order to earn money, some Tier 2 players would even invest a significant portion of their time grinding for materials in lower-leveled maps, which, in turn, caused their levels to lag.

Currently, only Tier 3 experts could afford Silverwing City’s ten-Silver entrance fee. However, how rare were Tier 3 experts? Not to mention, with the abilities of Tier 3 experts, they had their choice of leveling grounds. They didn’t need to remain in the Orc Empire.

The other Tier 3 experts of Blood Pact bobbed their heads in agreement with Crazed Bull’s words. They felt that Zero Wing was basically chasing away players from Silverwing City. With this, the several Guild Towns established in the Orc Empire would flourish while Zero Wing would have only an empty Guild City.

After conversing for some time, Blood Pact’s members made their way to the Transportation Firm to turn in their completed quests.

However, Crazed Bull and the others were stunned to see the massive Transportation Firm, which could easily fit four sports arenas.

“What’s going on?”

“What did Zero Wing do?”

The current Transportation Firm was on a completely different level than the one before. There was also an unbelievably large number of NPCs entering and leaving the building.

Previously, there would usually be only a few dozen NPCs entering and leaving the building at any time. Now, however, not only had this number increased beyond 200, but many of these NPCs were even nobles or people of neutral races. This was a rare sight.

Before Crazed Bull and the others could react to this situation, several teams of Tier 3 experts walked out of the Transportation Firm one after another, every player on these teams wearing ecstatic looks on their faces. Moreover, every one of these teams had either a luxuriously dressed NPC noble or a neutral NPC following behind them. It was obvious that these teams had picked up a quest commissioned by these NPCs.

“Am I dreaming? Why are there so many quests from NPC nobles and neutral NPCs?” Crazed Bull rubbed his eyes in doubt at the scene before him.

Normally, a quest commissioned by an NPC noble or a neutral NPC would appear in the Transportation Firm only once a day or every few days. Meanwhile, every one of these quests could spark a frenzy among the various top adventurer teams and large Guilds.

The reason for this was the minimum difficulty rating for these quests, which was three-star advanced. Not only could players obtain a large amount of Coins and Contribution Points by completing these quests, but they also had a fixed chance of receiving Level 100-plus, top-tier weapons and equipment or Tier 3 Skill and Spell Books.

Moreover, even if players weren’t lucky and didn’t get any of these bonus items, the monetary reward would be enough for players to purchase a piece of relatively good Level 100-plus equipment for themselves. Hence, many adventurer teams secretly fought over these quests.

Now, however, multiple teams had actually managed to pick up such a quest. Crazed Bull couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Quick! We need to hurry inside and take a look!” Solid Wind barked after snapping out of her daze.

Upon hearing Solid Wind’s words, the other Blood Pact members nodded and charged into the building. They wanted to know what exactly had happened to the Transportation Firm for there to be so many three-star advanced quests.

When Solid Wind and the others entered the Transportation Firm, they were stupefied at the scene before them.

Inside the Transportation Firm’s spacious lobby, long queues of NPC merchants snaked in front of the reception desks. At a glance, these NPCs easily numbered more than 5,000. Moreover, many of these NPCs were even NPC nobles and neutral NPCs.

The gigantic, translucent quest crystal hovering in the center of the lobby actually displayed numerous three-star advanced quests. The top few entries of the list were even four-star quests, something they had never seen before.

Delivery to the Black Dragon Empire’s Border Fortress Frett: Difficulty – four-star. Requirement – Tier 3. Team must have at least one person that has completed 10 three-star advanced quests and 20 three-star quests. All other members must have completed at least 10 three-star quests. Remuneration – 50 Gold and 3,000 Contribution Points. Additional rewards unknown. Recruiting 50 people.

Delivery to the neutral zone Silent City: Difficulty – four-star. Requirement – Tier 3. Team must have at least one person that has completed 12 three-star advanced quests. All other members must have completed at least 5 three-star quests. Remuneration – 60 Gold, 2,000 Contribution Points, and an Elf’s Gift (15% chance to obtain a Dark-Gold item of the same level, 25% chance to obtain a Fine-Gold item of the same level. Recruiting 100 people.

When the eyes of Solid Wind and the other Blood Pact members landed on the rewards of the four-star quests, they wished they could accept these quests immediately.

Setting aside the additional rewards, just the Coins and Contribution Points these quests awarded were more than enough to make Tier 3 experts like themselves go crazy.

“Bull, log out and contact the commander! Have the commander negotiate with the other adventurer teams! We need to secure these four-star quests before the others do!” Solid Wind said urgently.

It was impossible for an individual adventurer team to take on a four-star quest. At least two adventurer teams’ worth of Tier 3 experts would be needed to challenge a four-star quest. However, if they could complete a four-star quest, they would raise Blood Pact’s overall strength by a small margin.

“Alright, logging out now,” Crazed Bull said as he hurriedly clicked the “Log Out” button.

As for Solid Wind and the others, they promptly contacted the other Blood Pact members outside the city and had them come to the Transportation Firm right away. Their excitement was palpable to the other players around them.

However, none of the surrounding players found the reactions of Blood Pact’s members surprising at all. After all, Blood Pact wasn’t the only group aiming for the four-star quests. The members of other adventurer teams and Guilds that had visited the Transportation Firm earlier had reacted in a similar fashion. They all either notified their superiors about the Transportation Firm or had their other companions rush to the Transportation Firm.

For a time, large numbers of the Tier 2 players camped outside Silverwing City thronged to the city’s main gate with bloodshot eyes. In the blink of an eye, the main gate swarmed with players. If not for everyone fearing the Personal Guards stationed by the gate, they would’ve most likely started a fight to enter the city.

Meanwhile, when the black-clad Summoner from Frost Heaven, who had already entered the city, saw the disturbance at the gate, she was stunned.