Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2679 - Promotion Frenzy

Orc Empire, Silverwing Town:

After Zero Wing’s victory over the Faux Saint army, independent players started flocking to Silverwing Town from all over the Orc Empire. The members of many powers also came for a better look at Silverwing Town’s situation. As a result, Silverwing Town became incredibly lively for a time.

As players crowded into Silverwing Town, a 20-man team entered the town in an orderly manner. The players who saw this team could not help gaping in shock.

“What?! Even they have come to develop in Silverwing Town!?”

Every member of this 20-man team was a Level 115-plus, Tier 3 expert geared in dazzling equipment. Even the weakest piece of equipment they sported was at Level 110, Fine-Gold rank. The two people walking in the lead were even geared in Level 100-plus Epic Equipment. This was an incredibly rare sight even among the various superpowers’ experts.

However, compared to the levels and equipment of these players, what truly surprised everyone was their identities.

This was because this team belonged to Frost Heaven, a superpower originating from the Frozen World, which had unified several of the neighboring kingdoms. Frost Heaven’s strength could easily rank within the top 10 up-and-coming superpowers. Due to Frost Heaven’s access to the Frozen World’s special Bloodline Legacy, many expert players were seeking to join the Guild. Unfortunately, its recruitment conditions were incredibly stringent. As a result, a large majority of the applicants were disqualified.

Now that Frost Heaven’s members, who did not operate within the Orc Empire, had come to Silverwing Town, how could everyone not feel surprised?

Although the surrounding players were quietly discussing Frost Heaven’s members, the Frost Heaven members in question paid no heed to the players around them, taking their time walking down the main street while observing Silverwing Town.

“So, this is Silverwing Town?” a black-clad, Level 116 female Summoner muttered after inspecting her surroundings. Calmly, she commented, “While the town’s defenses are good, it’s still considerably inferior to the other allied Guilds’ Guild Towns. It is completely reliant on those Personal Guards to stay afloat.”

“This town is already quite excellent. At the very least, it has managed to stop the attacks of the Faux Saint army. It is worth recruiting into the alliance,” said a female Cursemancer, who was similarly Level 116, bitterly smiling at her companion’s words.

The Faux Saint army was something even ordinary NPC cities were incapable of stopping, let alone Guild Towns and Cities. Just the fact that Silverwing Town was able to defeat the Faux Saint army was already an incredible feat. After all, not every Guild Town possessed the Frozen World’s special methods.

“While these Personal Guards are indeed strong, those Faux Saint monsters are no pushovers, either. Those monsters have already spread out to over a dozen kingdoms and the Black Dragon Empire. With their growth rate, I’m afraid a large group of Tier 4 Faux Saint Devourers will appear in a few days. At that time, these Personal Guards will most likely have trouble fending off the Faux Saint monsters, much less taking the initiative to hunt down those monsters,” the black-clad Summoner said as she shook her head. “Moreover, our purpose in coming here is to observe whether Zero Wing is truly qualified to join us in dealing with the Faux Saint monsters or not. We’re not necessarily here to recruit it.”

After all was said and done, Personal Guards could only be considered an external tool. The first reason for this was the incredible rarity of powerful Personal Guards. The second reason was the difficulty of resurrecting fallen NPCs.

Currently, Silverwing Town might have a lot of players, but the town’s Tier 3 player population was pitifully low.

“I guess you’re right. Zero Wing might seem to be flourishing right now, but it is actually in a very precarious situation. The Guild simply doesn’t know that Saint’s Hand has already partnered with many superpowers. Even if the Faux Saint monsters don’t take action against Zero Wing, Saint’s Hand can simply supply the various superpowers with the necessary support tools to thrive in the Faux Saint monsters’ territory, and in return, the various superpowers will do their best to suppress Zero Wing’s members. If Zero Wing does not possess enough players to fight for it, it can only hole up in its Guild Town and rely on the protection of its Personal Guards, unable to do anything more,” the black-clad Cursemancer said, nodding in agreement after giving the matter some thought. Just like the Summoner had said, a Guild that could only defend and not retaliate did indeed lack the qualifications to join their alliance and become their partner.

Meanwhile, as the Level 116 Summoner and Level 116 Cursemancer from Frost Heaven were conversing, a system notification suddenly entered their ears.

System: Silverwing Town has been promoted to Basic City. You will be teleported out of Silverwing Town in 30 seconds.

“What’s going on?”

“The town got promoted?”

The system notification stunned the players in Silverwing Town, their minds falling into a daze for quite some time as they stared at their notification windows. As for Zero Wing’s members, they revealed ecstatic expressions on their faces.

As an Advanced Town, Silverwing Town had already been able to repel the Faux Saint army’s attack effortlessly. Now that Silverwing Town was getting promoted to Basic City, it would pose a much more difficult challenge for the Faux Saint army.

Before anyone could properly react to the situation, every player inside Silverwing Town was teleported out of it. At the same time, a magic array enveloped the town.

“How is this possible?!” the black-clad, female Summoner from Frost Heaven exclaimed as she gazed at the magic array veiling Silverwing Town in astonishment. “Setting aside Silverwing Town’s prosperity, its player population alone is still far short of the requirements of promotion! It should’ve taken the town at least another month to get promoted to Basic City! How could it get promoted so quickly?”

Frost Heaven had ample experience in promoting Guild Towns and Cities. Hence, the team could tell that Silverwing Town’s defenses already met the required standard for promotion, but its player population was still insufficient. This was a condition that could be fulfilled only by gradually accruing popularity among players.

Yet, now, Silverwing Town had actually gotten promoted.

At this moment, aside from Frost Heaven’s members, even the other superpowers’ members secretly operating within Silverwing Town were stupefied by this situation.

A third Guild City!

Some superpowers didn’t even have three Guild Cities, yet not only did Zero Wing possess three Guild Cities now, but all three Guild Cities were actually established in strategic locations. This was especially true for Silverwing Town.

After all, the Faux Saint monsters had already extended their sphere of activity to the dozen or so neighboring kingdoms, as well as the Black Dragon Empire. Due to the arrival of these Faux Saint monsters, many of the local maps had been transformed into high-level maps, with some even becoming Level 120 maps. In addition, since these kingdoms and empires would have to deal with these Faux Saint monsters, plenty of kingdom and empire quests would definitely be issued in the future.

Through these points, one could easily predict that the players of the affected kingdoms and the Black Dragon Empire would be operating in the Faux Saint monsters’ territory in the future.

However, as these maps were originally at the borders of the various countries, there were hardly enough shelters or strongholds for players to rest in nearby.

Since the Orc Empire served as a hub connecting the various countries, the future development of any Guild City there would be terrific.

Meanwhile, shortly after Silverwing Town’s players were teleported out of the town, news of the town’s promotion spread like wildfire, quickly reaching the ears of the various powers and causing a frenzy.