Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2678 - Upgrading Silverwing Town

Liang Jing’s complexion paled at Fang Shihan’s demand.

Setting aside the method to grasp the Spiritualization Realm, just handing over Stone Forest City would be more than enough to doom the current Zero Wing.

Over half of Zero Wing’s current income came from Stone Forest City. Moreover, it was also because of Stone Forest City that so many experts were joining Zero Wing right now. It was no exaggeration to say that Stone Forest City was an integral part of Zero Wing. If they were to lose Stone Forest City, she could not imagine what would become of the Guild.

However, if they refused to hand over Stone Forest City, Zero Wing’s situation wouldn’t end up any better, either. While Zero Wing might not face any problems in God’s Domain, it would be a piece of cake for others to ruin Zero Wing’s operations in Fenglin City from the shadows.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I know this isn’t an easy choice to make, but if Zero Wing lacks a sufficient number of S-rank Nutrient Fluids and Life Potions, wouldn’t it be difficult for the Guild to develop further?” Fang Shihan said, smiling. “I believe you, as a grandmaster martial artist, should know this very clearly.”

God’s Domain was different from other virtual reality games. The game helped its players develop their minds to extraordinary standards, particularly when players raised their tiers and they received huge boosts to their brain activity. This discovery had spurred excitement in many people. However, in exchange for this boost in brain activity, the energy players needed to sustain their minds and bodies also increased significantly. Besides the current Zero Wing, many superpowers were having headaches over this energy problem.

Meanwhile, as a result of this situation, S-rank Nutrient Fluids and Life Potions had become extremely rare on the market. It might have been fine if the volume required wasn’t particularly high. It was still possible to purchase some of these energy solutions so long as one was willing to pay more Credits. However, after the required volume reached a certain point, one wouldn’t be able to purchase these energy solutions even if one had the money to do so.

“You’re right. S-rank Nutrient Fluids and Life Potions are indeed the things Zero Wing currently requires the most. In fact, this problem is even more troublesome than the harassment of outside parties,” Shi Feng said, nodding in agreement.

After Shi Feng became a neutralizing grandmaster, even S-rank Nutrient Fluids were somewhat insufficient to maintain his body and mind at peak condition. Only Life Potions met his needs.

There wouldn’t have been a problem if he was the only person who required these high-quality energy solutions. However, if he wanted the other members of Zero Wing to improve themselves further and have a greater chance of reaching higher tiers, then they definitely could not lack a supply of S-rank Nutrient Fluids.

If Zero Wing could not secure a large supply of S-rank Nutrient Fluids and Life Potions within a short period, even if the various superpowers did not secretly harass Zero Wing, it was only a matter of time before they surpassed Zero Wing.

“Guild Leader?” Liang Jing was startled when she heard Shi Feng’s words.

Stone Forest City was currently one of the few Guild Cities established in a Level 100 neutral map. If Shi Feng were really to hand over Stone Forest City, Zero Wing would suffer immense losses in God’s Domain. At that time, the leveling speed of Zero Wing’s Guild members would plummet.

In regard to this situation, both Matt and White Feather smiled.

“At least this kid is mindful of the situation. If he decides to sell Stone Forest City and the secrets of the Spiritualization Realm now, he can earn some money for them. If he waits until the various superpowers know his secret, nobody will want them even if he decides to sell them,” Matt whispered.

A neutralizing grandmaster would indeed be considered an absolute powerhouse in Fenglin City.

However, experts of such caliber were only useful as a deterrent against ordinary powers, not against powerful major corporations. Not to mention, without sufficient S-rank Nutrient Fluids and Life Potions, Zero Wing’s peak experts would have difficulty further developing themselves. After all, a lot of energy was required to maintain the accelerated brain activity of peak experts—energy that A-rank Nutrient Fluids couldn’t provide.

Hence, the various superpowers contested hotly for S-rank Nutrient Fluids and Life Potions, driving up the rarity of these solutions.

“If you have already made your decision, we can immediately close a contract, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Fang Shihan said, smiling.

“No, a contract won’t be necessary,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. “I won’t be selling Stone Forest City or the method to grasp the Spiritualization Realm.”

Silence momentarily filled the room after Shi Feng spoke. Both Matt and White Feather gazed at Shi Feng in shock, wondering if he had gone crazy. Did he really not grasp the direness of Zero Wing’s situation?

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you need to think this through clearly. If you miss out on this opportunity, we won’t offer you the same price next time,” Fang Shihan said, a little surprised by Shi Feng’s response. “By then, the problems Zero Wing will have to face will be far greater than what you can imagine!”

Currently, Mythology could be said to be Zero Wing’s only lifeline. This was also the reason behind Fang Shihan’s confidence that Shi Feng would not refuse her offer unless he really wished for Zero Wing’s downfall. After all, without sufficient S-rank Nutrient Fluids and Life Potions, Zero Wing’s future would be bleak.

“Thank you for your concern. If the various superpowers really wish to take covert action, I don’t mind teaching them what a one-way trip is,” Shi Feng replied calmly.

The current Zero Wing was no longer the same as before. This was especially true after he had become a neutralizing grandmaster. This was also why he did not particularly mind his identity getting exposed. After all, secretly dealing with a neutralizing grandmaster wasn’t easy.

“Very well. Since you have already said so, we will take our leave first, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Fang Shihan said. After seeing Shi Feng remaining unfazed by her warning, she no longer tried to persuade him. Instead, she stood up and left the reception room.

After exiting Zero Wing’s main headquarters, Matt looked at Fang Shihan and asked, “Vice Guild Leader, are we really going to leave just like that?”

The old instructor had told them to do their best to get their hands on the method to grasp the Spiritualization Realm. If they just left now, it would be much more difficult for them to obtain this method in the future.

“Relax. Zero Wing won’t hold out for long. He might think that he has the power to protect himself after becoming a neutralizing grandmaster, but the superpowers aren’t as simple as he thinks they are. He also doesn’t know how crazy they are right now,” Fang Shihan replied, smiling. “It won’t be long before he seeks us out himself. We don’t need to rush.”

“I guess you’re right.” After giving the matter some thought, Matt nodded in agreement and dropped the subject.

In order to secure the benefits available in God’s Domain, the major corporations backing the various superpowers were going all-out. To make matters worse, the present state of God’s Domain had pushed many superpowers to the brink of destruction. As a result, these superpowers were growing even crazier.

One could easily imagine what those starving superpowers would do with a fat piece of meat like Zero Wing placed before them.

After Fang Shihan’s group left, only Shi Feng and Liang Jing remained inside the top-floor reception room.

“Guild Leader, what should we do? Once that Fang Shihan returns, she’ll definitely expose your identity to the various powers,” Liang Jing said as she looked anxiously at Shi Feng.

While Zero Wing had managed to retain Stone Forest City, a big problem now loomed.

“It’s fine even if my identity gets exposed. They can spread it all they want. What we need to do remains the same,” Shi Feng replied calmly.

“What do we need to do?” Liang Jing asked curiously as she took in Shi Feng’s calm expression.

“Earn money!” Shi Feng retorted, chuckling.

Whether it was developing the Guild in God’s Domain or purchasing S-rank Nutrient Fluids and Life Potions, these actions required money to accomplish. Without money, nothing would get done.

Currently, it was basically impossible for Zero Wing to obtain additional S-rank Nutrient Fluids and Life Potions from its usual sources. Fortunately, he had the invitation to participate in Green God Company’s auction, which was also the only way for the Guild to secure a large volume of these high-quality energy solutions.

However, with how desperate the various superpowers were for S-rank Nutrient Fluids and Life Potions right now, if he did not prepare a sufficiently large sum of Credits, he wouldn’t stand a chance in the auction.

Hence, what he needed to do now was earn money.

“Earn money?” When Liang Jing heard Shi Feng’s answer, she shook her head dejectedly and said, “I’m afraid that will be very difficult right now. Due to the constant suppression of the various superpowers, we have no choice but to obtain resources by ourselves. However, the resources we obtain are barely enough for our own use. We don’t have any surplus to sell. Moreover, Stone Forest City’s player population has also been decreasing because of the harassment. In addition, the Faux Saint monsters have already conquered nearly half of Star-Moon Kingdom. Our Guild’s income is decreasing by the day.”

“Relax. That is in the past,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

After saying so, Shi Feng had Liang Jing send someone to replenish the Nutrient Solution for his virtual gaming cabin. He then did some simple exercises and had a proper meal before logging back into God’s Domain without hesitation.

Once Shi Feng was back in Silverwing Town, he promptly called out the town’s interface and chose to upgrade the town.

Shortly after, a system notification sounded in the ears of every player in Silverwing Town as they got teleported out of the town.