Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2676 - Potential Elevated?

Zero Wing’s main headquarters, Shi Feng’s room:

Along with the whoosh of high-pressure air escaping, the tightly shut lid of Shi Feng’s gaming cabin opened up. At the same time, the strip of warning lights along the edges of the cabin lit up crimson.

“Sure enough.”

When Shi Feng climbed out of the gaming cabin and saw the cabin’s console interface listing all sorts of warnings, he could not help a sigh of relief.

Although he had anticipated that his abnormal brain activity came at a price of extraordinary energy consumption, he never thought that the consumption rate would increase to such an extent. Before the war with the Faux Saint army began, his cabin’s Nutrient Solution reserve and emergency energy solution reserves had still been at 30% capacity. Now, however, these solution reserves were dry.

In preparation for emergencies, Shi Feng had specifically outfitted his virtual gaming cabin with a special modification. Unlike the standard model, his cabin had an additional compartment that stored 20 bottles of energy solution, the effects of which rivaled those of A-rank Nutrient Fluids. These energy solutions would be used only when the normal Nutrient Solution couldn’t sufficiently quickly provide him with the energy his body required.

He had never thought that both his cabin’s Nutrient Solution and emergency energy solution would be depleted.

Not dwelling on the matter, Shi Feng promptly made his way to the nearby fridge and consumed a Life Potion, just in case.

During the battle at Silverwing Town, he had relied on Versailles to kill all eight Faux Saint Devourers. When the Soul Marks of all eight Devourers entered him, his mind had entered a transcendent state. For a moment, he even felt omnipotent. It was as if his thought processes had shifted into overdrive.

If other players encountered such a situation, they would definitely consider it a stroke of luck. However, Shi Feng, with over a decade of experience playing God’s Domain, understood very clearly the precondition for enjoying this fortuitous opportunity—sufficient nutrients and energy to power his body. If he did not meet this condition, he might even lose his life because of this opportunity.

After consuming the Life Potion, the slight burning and ache in his brain started to ease gradually, the incessant stinging he felt fading. However, as time passed, his recovery rate was also clearly slowing down.

It was obvious that just one Life Potion wouldn’t let him recover all of the energy he had exhausted. The Life Potion had resolved only the immediate dangers to his body. Although he currently looked fine, in reality, both his mind and body were still starving.

Sure enough, not having enough S-rank Nutrient Fluids and Life Potions is very troublesome. Shi Feng rubbed his temple in frustration.

Although he had resolved his current problems, if he continued developing at this rate, the burden on his body would keep increasing. And to cope with this burden, he would need more S-rank Nutrient Fluids or Life Potions.

Moreover, due to the incident this time, many of Zero Wing’s members would most likely require the help of S-rank Nutrient Fluids or even Life Potions to recover, as well. If Zero Wing could not acquire enough of these energy solutions, the Guild would have its development speed restricted and its growth potential reduced.

For the current Zero Wing, Credits were no longer a problem. After all, Zero Wing had partnered with quite a few superpowers. The Guild could exchange Coins or other in-game resources for Credits with these superpowers. This was also the reason why Zero Wing did not face any financial problems now.

However, S-rank Nutrient Fluids and Life Potions were a different story. As far as Shi Feng knew, only a limited number of S-rank Nutrient Fluids were sold every year, and the various international corporations monopolized over 80% of these S-rank Nutrient Fluids. Only a small number was actually sold to the public. This was why S-rank Nutrient Fluids sold at astronomical prices and were incredibly difficult to obtain.

Shi Feng did not feel particularly surprised by this situation. After all, the S-rank Nutrient Fluid did not just possess powerful recovery abilities; it could also help maintain a person’s youth to a certain extent. Meanwhile, youth was priceless.

As for the Life Potion, it was a new solution the Green God Company recently created. Not only was its value far above that of the S-rank Nutrient Fluid, but it was also much rarer. Despite S-rank Nutrient Fluid being rare, it was still possible for people without connections, like Shi Feng, to obtain some from time to time. However, the Life Potion was not available to the public at all. Previously, the fact that he was able to obtain some was already plenty fortunate.

During the time Shi Feng was having a headache over the rarity of S-rank Nutrient Fluids and Life Potions, a knock came from his door.

“Instructor Shi, they’re in the top-floor reception room already,” Liang Jing said through the door.

“Alright, I’ll head over now,” Shi Feng answered. After tidying himself, he promptly left with Liang Jing and headed to the building’s top-floor reception room.

Top-floor reception room:

Currently, a man and two women were present inside the luxurious reception room that overlooked half of Fenglin City. Meanwhile, leading the group was none other than Cold Shadow, a Vice Guild Leader of Mythology. At the same time, she was also one of the outstanding talents among the Fang Family’s younger generation, Fang Shihan.

At this moment, however, Fang Shihan did not seem to be here as a representative of the Fang Family, as the man and woman standing beside her were not members of the Fang Family. Although one would not be able to tell through external appearances alone, the woman standing beside Fang Shihan was the female Guardian Knight White Feather.

While White Feather’s appearance in the real world was significantly different from her appearance in God’s Domain, the aura she exuded was exactly the same. However, what was most surprising was that White Feather was actually stronger in the real world than in God’s Domain. Although she was not a grandmaster martial artist, her aura trumped that of an actual grandmaster. If placed within one of the country’s top dojos or training centers, she would definitely be regarded as an absolute prodigy, yet she was actually unknown in the fighting industry for some reason.

As for the man standing beside Fang Shihan, he was none other than Matt, who had previously visited the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center with Fang Shihan. Based on his aura, he was much stronger than before.

When Shi Feng entered the room, the gazes of the trio promptly fell on him. Fang Shihan, in particular, looked at Shi Feng as if she was appraising an item rather than a person.

“Miss Fang, long time no see. May I know what business you have with me to seek me out so urgently?” Shi Feng asked, going straight to the point.

Previously, after he had displayed his strength as a grandmaster martial artist and suppressed Matt, both the Fang Family and Mythology had dropped all contact with Zero Wing in the real world. However, he also understood that this period of peace merely meant that his enemies were secretly making preparations for the next attack.

After all, even an expert like Matt was merely an excellent disciple of Mythology, not one of the Guild’s bigshots or top-ranking experts. Otherwise, Matt wouldn’t have listened to Fang Shihan’s orders so obediently.

“Instructor Shi, no, I suppose I should address you as Guild Leader Black Flame. May I know if I am correct?” Fang Shihan asked, a faint smile appearing on her face as she gazed at Shi Feng.