Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2674 - Relayed Message

As soon as Cold Shadow indicated to start the meeting inside the large and spacious meeting room, White Feather stepped forward and swept her gaze across everyone present.

Although White Feather did not say anything, everyone present promptly quieted down and focused their gazes on her, as they all understood that the alliance discussions were finally going to begin.

“Firstly, let me thank everyone on behalf of Mythology for attending the Faux Saint alliance discussion. Although the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s invitees are unable to attend the meeting this time, due to special circumstances, the Pavilion has sent a representative capable of making decisions for the Guild. I believe it will not affect the implementation of the meeting results, so please rest assured, everyone,” White Feather said from beside Cold Shadow.

Upon hearing White Feather’s words, the various superpowers’ upper echelons present reflexively shifted their gazes to the white-clad elderly man representing the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

At this point, the sudden disappearance of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Great Pavilion Master and two Pavilion Masters was already common knowledge among the superpowers. However, everyone had always thought that this was due to an internal dispute between the two Pavilion Masters and that they would definitely show up for today’s meeting.

Yet, to everyone’s surprise, despite today’s meeting being of utmost importance to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s continued existence, be it the Pavilion’s Great Pavilion Master or the two Pavilion Masters, none of them had shown up. Only a few Guild Elders and one Grand Elder represented the Pavilion at today’s meeting. This situation inevitably piqued everyone’s curiosity as to what had actually happened to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

“Since everyone is here, I won’t waste words with you all. Let’s address today’s main topic,” White Feather said as she swept her gaze across the people before her once more. She then clapped her hands twice.

A holographic map of the entire eastern continent appeared in the center of the round table.

Although many areas remained blacked out as unknown territory, the map included every location known by players at this stage of the game. In fact, it even displayed some Level 120 to Level 140 neutral maps—places that most of the superpowers attending this meeting lacked the ability to visit—in great detail.

“What a detailed map!”

For a time, the various representatives present gasped over the contents of the map.

Detailed maps of specific parts of God’s Domain might not be rare in God’s Domain, but compiling all of them into one continental map was not an easy task. This was especially true for Level 100-plus neutral maps and forbidden lands. The various powers considered the information for these maps top-secret and rarely shared it with others.

Now, however, Mythology had actually shared its valuable map information with the superpowers present without hesitation. This was an incredibly generous gesture.

However, after everyone spent some time studying the map, they noticed a few surprising points.

Certain locations on the map were marked in dull-gray and white. These locations were none other than the territories of God’s Domain’s various NPC dark forces and the recently appeared Faux Saint monsters.

Mythology’s intel on the territories of the eastern continent’s NPC dark forces mostly matched up with what the other superpowers had, and these NPC dark forces were mainly based in Level 100-plus neutral maps. However, the Faux Saint monsters’ territory marked on Mythology’s map made everyone present doubt their eyes.

“How did the Faux Saint monsters’ territory grow so large?” a gray-clad Assassin wearing Shadowless Empire’s Guild Emblem exclaimed.

According to their information, the Faux Saint monsters’ territory should encompass only the Purple Thorns Kingdom, Star-Moon Kingdom, and the Orc Empire. However, according to Mythology’s map, the Faux Saint monsters were about to extend their reach into the 14 other neighboring kingdoms as well as the Black Dragon Empire and Dark Night Empire already.

This was incredible.

“Is this really the Faux Saint monsters’ territory? Is there some kind of mistake?”

Besides Shadowless Empire’s Vice Guild Leader, the representatives of the Super Guilds Pride Empire, Sky Dragon House, Sacred Temple, and Nine Heavens Pavilion, as well as the representatives of the other superpowers, were stupefied by Mythology’s map.

Although they had long known that the Faux Saint monsters were not easy opponents and would definitely pose a huge problem for the eastern continent, they hadn’t anticipated that the monsters’ development speed would be so swift.

“Everyone need not doubt the validity of this map. It is the result of exchanging information with multiple Super Guilds. Moreover, this information is just a day old,” Cold Shadow said. “I know many of you present find this hard to believe, but this is reality. This is also one of the reasons why I invited everyone present to today’s meeting.”

The Vice Guild Leaders of the four other Super Guilds present nodded, acknowledging that their respective Guilds had indeed traded information with Mythology.

“A day old? Doesn’t that mean that the Faux Saint monsters’ territory is even larger now?” a Level 116 female Druid from the Moon God’s Realm’s Dark Pursuit asked.

“That’s right. With their development speed, they should’ve come into contact with the borders of these kingdoms and empires already,” Cold Shadow replied, nodding. “I’m afraid it won’t be long before their territory spreads to nearly half of the entire eastern continent. At that time, everyone present will not be able to avoid coming into contact with Faux Saint monsters.”

The representatives that remained relatively relaxed before could not help growing nervous at Cold Shadow’s words. Originally, they had come to this meeting merely to see if there were any benefits to be had. After all, they all believed that this meeting targeted Zero Wing. In their opinions, the matter of forming an alliance to resist the Faux Saint monsters was just an excuse.

“Vice Guild Leader Shadow, since you’ve gathered us here, does that mean you have a plan to prevent this situation from occurring?” the white-clad elder from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion asked with a grim expression.

The sudden disappearance of the Great Pavilion Master and the two Pavilion Masters had already dealt a significant blow to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Now, there was also the threat of the Faux Saint monsters. This development was simply a nightmare for the Pavilion.

He had seen how the Faux Saint monsters destroyed Star-Moon Kingdom’s border cities. Although the Black Dragon Empire was strong, the Faux Saint monsters were growing stronger by the day. After they gobbled up Star-Moon Kingdom, it was only a matter of time before they did the same to the Black Dragon Empire.

Upon hearing the white-clad elder’s words, the other representatives present promptly turned to Cold Shadow. They all wished to know the reason why Cold Shadow had gathered them today.

“Of course. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have invited everyone to come,” Cold Shadow replied, nodding. Her lips curling up, she continued, “I believe everyone already knows by now how powerful the Faux Saint monsters are. It is simply impossible for us to stop these monsters from spreading their influence. Hence, before today’s meeting, I formed a partnership with Saint’s Hand’s Guild Leader.”

“A partnership?”

Everyone perked up their ears at Cold Shadow’s words.

The Guild known as Saint’s Hand was not foreign to those present. They also knew very clearly that Saint’s Hand possessed tools that prevented the Faux Saint monsters from attacking players. In fact, the Guild even had a tool that could surely prevent the Faux Saint monsters from attacking Guild Towns and Cities. However, until this day, Saint’s Hand had never shown any willingness to partner with other powers. The most it was willing to do was sell some of these tools at exorbitant prices.

“The conditions of the partnership are very simple. All we need to do is collaborate to take down Stone Forest City. At that time, not only will Saint’s Hand sell us a stronghold barrier that can prevent the Faux Saint monsters from attacking the towns and cities the barrier is set up in, but everyone present will also get some of Stone Forest City’s shares as well as a number of residential slots in the Freedom Hotel,” Cold Shadow said, smiling.

When Cold Shadow finished speaking, the eyes of the various representatives present glistened.

Even if Cold Shadow had not mentioned partnering to take down Stone Forest City, they already had plans to do so. After all, Stone Forest City was simply too amazing.

What made Stone Forest City amazing wasn’t its location in a Level 100 neutral map but the city’s Freedom Hotel.

After experiencing the Freedom Hotel’s effects, practically every expert belonging to the various superpowers wished to have their own room there. That way, they would be able to not only accumulate the Double EXP buff rapidly but also expel much more quickly the foreign energies corroding their bodies. Having a room of their own would drastically increase their leveling speed. Moreover, depending on the quality of the room one rented in the Freedom Hotel, one could even train in the Freedom Hotel’s excellent environment and achieve extraordinary results.

At this point, the main reason why Stone Forest City was able to continue flourishing in Zero Wing’s hands was the Freedom Hotel. Otherwise, the city would’ve long since fallen due to Starlink and the various superpowers’ constant harassment.

If they could secure Stone Forest City for themselves, not only would they have a better assurance against the Faux Saint monsters, but they would even gain residential slots in the Freedom Hotel. This was definitely killing two birds with one stone.

“However, taking Stone Forest City down won’t be easy. Aside from the NPC Knight Division, quite a few superpowers have partnered with Zero Wing. Even with an alliance, I’m afraid capturing the city will be difficult.”

“That’s right. The Flying Ships are also constantly patrolling around Stone Forest City. If it really comes down to a fight, I’m afraid the number of Tier 3 experts we have is far from enough to capture the city. The Dark World’s failed invasion has thoroughly proven this point.”

“Moreover, I heard that Black Flame has already returned. His personal strength is extraordinary.”

Although many of the representatives present showed interest in Cold Shadow’s plan, some representatives also shook their heads and expressed their worries.

The fact that the various superpowers desired Stone Forest City was old news. However, it was precisely because they were incapable of dealing with Zero Wing’s NPC Knight Division that they had chosen to whittle down Zero Wing’s economy in secret instead of taking direct action.

Although Cold Shadow had brought this matter out into the open, the crux of the problem remained unchanged.

“Black Flame’s return is indeed a problem, but he already has problems protecting himself. I believe you all should know about this. Moreover, aside from us, the Dark World’s various powers will take action as well. After all, their hatred for Zero Wing has never subsided. They merely lack the opportunity to take action.

“When the time comes, the Dark World’s side will attack the Teleportation Gate in full force to lure Zero Wing’s Knight Division away, while our side will attack Stone Forest City. Even if the Knight Division is powerful, it can’t defend two locations simultaneously,” Cold Shadow said. “Moreover, Saint’s Hand will take part in the attack. It will even bring some Faux Saint monsters to help. Those NPC Knights might be powerful when going up against players, but their performance will drop when going up against the Faux Saint monsters.”

At Cold Shadow’s mention of the Faux Saint monsters, the various representatives present sucked in a deep breath.

By this time, the strength of the Faux Saint monsters had already been deeply ingrained into their hearts. These monsters simply weren’t opponents players could handle. If an army of them attacked, even NPC cities would fall, let alone a measly Guild City.

Moreover, according to the intel they obtained, Mythic ranked Faux Saint Devourers had already appeared in the ranks of Faux Saint monsters. Once these Faux Saint Devourers reached a certain number, even Main City ranked NPC cities were likely to fall.

Right then, however, the various representatives present suddenly received message notifications, one after another, the synchrony of these messages making their arrival seem preplanned.

Following which, the originally excited venue suddenly fell deathly silent.

“Feather, what happened?”

When Cold Shadow saw everyone sinking into a daze, she automatically turned to White Feather for the reason for everyone’s reactions. Just what kind of information did everyone receive that stunned them so much?

“They lost! The Faux Saint army and Saint’s Hand’s forces that went to attack Silverwing Town lost!” White Feather exclaimed, her eyes filled with shock and horror as she looked at Cold Shadow. “Moreover, it was a tragic defeat. Every Faux Saint monster and Saint’s Hand member that went to Silverwing Town died.”