Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2673 - Frightening Tier 4!

As Shi Feng activated his Summon Guard Scroll, the players nearby immediately felt the ambient Mana density rise. They also felt the space around them stabilize, the Mana fluctuations from outside the town no longer reaching them.

Immediately afterward, a middle-aged man clad in luxurious robes and holding a gem-studded staff appeared before Shi Feng.

Although this middle-aged man did not have an imposing aura, when everyone checked his statistics, they were stupefied.

Tier 4!

Another Tier 4 NPC!

“Crap! Just how much strength does Zero Wing have hidden?!”

When the various superpowers’ members saw Versailles, they cursed out loud.

It might’ve been fine if they hadn’t seen the strength of a Tier 4 NPC yet, but after Craig Midlands’s performance, they understood just how frightening Tier 4 NPCs were. There was simply no comparison between them and Tier 3 NPCs. A Tier 4 NPC could truly single-handedly turn the tide of a large-scale war.

Now, it was revealed that Zero Wing possessed two Tier 4 NPCs. Moreover, both were magical-class NPCs.

At this moment, everyone finally understood why Shi Feng had killed Thousand Eyes and his team without hesitation back then.

If their Guilds had two Tier 4 NPCs as well, they most likely wouldn’t be afraid of the Faux Saint monsters, either. After all, the gap between Tier 3 and Tier 4 was simply too massive, not one that numbers could make up for.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s words enraged the Saint’s Hand members hiding inside a forest several thousand yards away from Silverwing Town.

“What arrogance!”

“That’s right! It’s just an additional Tier 4 NPC! Black Flame must be dreaming if he thinks he can kill all of us!”

“Let him remain arrogant for now. Let’s see how he continues remaining arrogant after the Faux Saint monsters grow and return after a while!”

They admitted that they were no match for Tier 4 NPCs. However, Shi Feng had to be dreaming if he thought he could kill them all with just two Tier 4 NPCs. Setting aside the several thousand yards separating them and Silverwing Town, just the fact that the Faux Saint army stood between them meant Shi Feng would take ages to reach them.

Expecting to keep them here was simply a fool’s dream.

Silverwing Town’s players shared the same opinion. They also thought that Shi Feng was boasting. Even though the Faux Saint army couldn’t bring down Silverwing Town, it still held the absolute initiative in this war. The Faux Saint army and Saint’s Hand’s members could stay and leave whenever they wanted. Stopping them with just two Tier 4 NPCs was impossible.

However, before Saint’s Hand’s members could finish speaking, Versailles waved his staff. Suddenly, the space before him shattered and formed a space-time vortex.

Following which, Shi Feng and Versailles stepped into the space-time vortex and instantly arrived above the forest where Saint’s Hand’s members were hiding, quietly overlooking these players, who were preparing to retreat.

“Teleportation?! How is this possible?!”

Saint’s Hand’s members were shocked when they saw Shi Feng and Versailles above them.

“Even this is possible?”

At this moment, aside from Saint’s Hand’s members, the various superpowers’ members hidden in Silverwing Town were stunned, as well.

A special energy enveloped the entire Orc Empire, preventing the use of all forms of teleportation. In fact, one couldn’t even summon Flying Mounts in the empire. Players could rely on only carriages and Land Mounts to travel around, which was common knowledge for players operating within the empire.

This was one of the reasons why Saint’s Hand’s members were not afraid of getting killed. After all, even though Tier 4 NPCs could fly, it would still take them some time to cross a distance of several thousand yards. With the number of Saint’s Hand’s members present being over a thousand, so long as they split up and fled in different directions, it would be impossible for Versailles and Craig Midlands to kill them all.

Now, however, Shi Feng and Versailles had teleported across a distance of several thousand yards. This was simply unbelievable.

“Evacuate! Everyone, split up and escape!” Thousand Eyes yelled with an indescribably grim expression on his face, reacting immediately to Shi Feng’s arrival.

Currently, the entire area around Silverwing Town was under the Soul Annihilation Curse. Any player that died within this sealed region would be subject to the curse. Naturally, Saint’s Hand’s members were no exception.

In order to ensure the conquest of Silverwing Town, not only did Saint’s Hand sacrifice 1,000 Tier 2, Level 100-plus players and 100 Tier 3 experts, but it had also dispatched over 500 Tier 3 experts and over 1,000 Tier 2 experts capable of absorbing the strength of the Faux Saint Destroyers. If every one of these players got killed now, Saint’s Hand would suffer unimaginable damage.

As soon as Thousand Eyes finished shouting his orders, he took out a Tier 3 Flight Scroll from his bag. This was an item that granted players the ability to fly for a short time. The Movement Speed bonus provided was also much greater than that provided by a Land Mount. This scroll was one of his most important lifesaving items.

As for the other Saint’s Hand members, they promptly snapped out of their daze after hearing Thousand Eyes’s reminder and scattered in all directions, fleeing in a panic.

If they died now, not only would their death penalties be doubled, but their souls would also be weakened for 15 days. Even Tier 3 experts could not afford such a penalty. After all, in the current God’s Domain, one would be eliminated from the frontlines just for stagnating a few days, what more 15 days.

“You still think you can escape even now?” Shi Feng scoffed, his expression remaining indifferent despite seeing Saint’s Hand’s members fleeing in all directions.

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, a ripple of Mana spread out from Versailles’s body and instantly enveloped Saint’s Hand’s members, restricting their movements. In the blink of an eye, all the Saint’s Hand members found themselves immobilized.

“This… How is this possible?!”

“What is that NPC?!”

Silverwing Town’s players were stunned as they took in the scene displayed on the gigantic Magic Mirror hovering above the town.

Craig Midlands’s earlier performance had already been plenty astonishing. However, Versailles was actually outperforming him.

Those were over a thousand expert players!

Moreover, many of them were even Tier 3 experts. Nevertheless, Versailles had rendered them immobile with just his Mana Domain.

“Is that really just a Tier 4 NPC?”

Illusory Words’s mind reeled as she looked at Versailles.

The fact that Craig Midlands could heavily injure eight Faux Saint Devourers was already plenty amazing. Now, Versailles was even more terrific. Just by unleashing his Mana Domain, the NPC had subdued over a thousand expert players and gained full control over their lives.

How could this still be considered a fight? This was basically a one-sided massacre.

What Illusory Words and the others did not know was that Versailles wasn’t just an ordinary Tier 4 Great Wizard but a Tier 4 Great Wizard who had reached the World Creation realm. He could create his own world within his Mana Domain. Unless one was at the Tier 4 standard, they wouldn’t be able to resist his Mana Domain at all.

In the next moment, Versailles swung his staff down at Saint’s Hand’s members. Immediately afterward, a crimson magic array with a 200-yard radius appeared in midair. It attracted all the fire-type Mana nearby, which coalesced into a fireball.

As the fireball descended toward the ground, it continuously grew until it was the size of a mountain. Saint’s Hand’s members and Silverwing Town’s players all fell silent as they took in the fireball. For a time, it was as if time had frozen for everyone.

“Black…Flame! Just you wait! You cannot stop the Faux Saint army! It is only a matter of time before the Faux Saint army destroys Zero Wing!”

Seeing the descent of the gigantic fireball, Thousand Eyes turned to glare at Shi Feng like a maniac. At the same time, he also kept ridiculing Shi Feng for overestimating himself.

“The Faux Saint army will have to be able to grow first in order to do that!” Shi Feng retorted nonchalantly to Thousand Eyes’s maniacal laughter.

As soon as Shi Feng said so, the gigantic fireball landed and exploded.


Endless flames instantly spread across the forest, incinerating every one of Saint’s Hand’s members.

Along with the deaths of Saint’s Hand’s members, the originally retreating Faux Saint army went berserk. With bloodshot eyes, every Faux Saint monster on the battlefield charged at Shi Feng.

“Let’s return,” Shi Feng said to Versailles.

Nodding respectfully in response, Versailles opened another space-time vortex and teleported back to Silverwing Town with Shi Feng.

Only after Shi Feng arrived back at Silverwing Town’s main gate did the players there snap out of their daze. Everyone then turned to stare at Shi Feng in amazement.

“He got the job done, just like that?”

Looking at Shi Feng’s calm demeanor, it looked as if he had just taken a stroll through his backyard.

Those were more than a thousand expert players!

However, Shi Feng had simply trampled over them like they were a bunch of ants. With such strength in his grasp, even if the various superpowers’ Tier 3 experts banded together, they would be helpless to do anything against Zero Wing.

Faux Saint army?

It was nothing but a joke!

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng returned to Silverwing Town, aside from the eight heavily injured Faux Saint Devourers that were still desperately trying to escape, the other Faux Saint monsters resumed attacking Silverwing Town like crazy.

However, by this time, everyone understood that Zero Wing would definitely annihilate the Faux Saint army in the end. After all, even if the Faux Saint Devourers could escape the Magic King, they wouldn’t be able to escape Versailles. As for the other Faux Saint monsters, they were merely live targets for Silverwing Town’s Magic Towers and Zero Wing’s Personal Guards.

Fire Dragon Empire, Flame Dragon City, Fire Dragon Auction House:

Currently, the upper echelons of nearly 20 superpowers had assembled inside the Fire Dragon Auction House. This was a gathering of unprecedented scale in the entire Fire Dragon Empire.

At this moment, the Tier 3 experts of these superpowers had also surrounded the Auction House, preventing unaffiliated players from entering the building. However, despite being barred entry, a huge crowd of players, including the upper echelons of first-rate Guilds and top adventurer teams, still waited outside the building. Every one of these players was very concerned about the results of the alliance discussion this time.

After all, this alliance discussion could very well change the power structure of the entire eastern continent. If they did not pay attention to the results of this meeting, they might end up getting eliminated from God’s Domain without knowing the reason.

Meanwhile, inside the top-floor meeting room of the Fire Dragon Auction House…

Over a hundred Tier 3 peak experts or above were currently seated at a round table. The combined aura these experts released would deter even Domain Realm experts from messing around.

Currently, however, all of these experts were looking at the woman seated at the head of the table with respectful looks on their faces.

White Feather, who stood behind the chairwoman, leaned forward and said quietly, “Vice Guild Leader, the various superpowers’ upper echelons are all here.”

In response, Cold Shadow nodded and said, “Alright, let’s begin.”