Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2672 - Just Stay Here Forever!

“This… Aren’t they a little too strong?”

“What rank are those two Personal Guards?”

The independent players present gaped in shock when they saw Youlan’s two Personal Guards clearing the area before the town’s main gate.

Although the Faux Saint monsters had been weakened, ordinary Tier 3 Personal Guards still shouldn’t be able to handle them. In fact, even the slightest mistake could result in a Tier 3 Personal Guard getting killed instantly by the numerous Faux Saint Destroyers.

However, with just the help of two Personal Guards, Youlan had easily repelled the 10,000-plus Faux Saint monsters in front of the main gate. This was simply unbelievable.

“Two Dark-Gold Guards?”

When Illusory Words saw the two Personal Guards standing beside Youlan, shock likewise filled her silvery-gray eyes.

The feat Youlan’s two Personal Guards had just accomplished would be difficult even for a Tier 4 summoned creature. The only explanation Illusory Words could think of for this situation was that both Personal Guards were at the Dark-Gold rank, as only Dark-Gold Guards had the power to match Tier 4 Mythic monsters.

However, in the current God’s Domain, let alone Dark-Gold Guards, even Fine-Gold Guards were exceedingly rare—much rarer than even Level 100-plus Epic Weapons.

Despite being a super-first-rate Guild, Crimson Emperor had only six Fine-Gold Guards. As for Dark-Gold Guards, Crimson Emperor still had not obtained even a single one, yet Youlan actually had two for herself.

What Illusory Words did not know was that only one of Youlan’s two Personal Guards was at the Dark-Gold rank; the other was at the Fine-Gold rank. However, the Magic King Craig Midlands’s special ability gave both Personal Guards a significant boost to their combat power. As a result, they currently possessed the strength to match even Mythic monsters.

Nevertheless, Illusory Words and Unyielding Heart did not relax at this unexpected development. In fact, their expressions further tensed up because the Faux Saint monsters that got repelled were charging forward once more. Moreover, they were attacking with even greater ferocity this time.

In the next moment, several hundred Faux Saint Destroyers let loose an angry bellow before grouping up and executing Combination Combat Techniques on Youlan’s group. The might of their attacks rivaled a normal attack of a Tier 4 Mythic monster. In the blink of an eye, over 30 such attacks assailed Youlan and her two Personal Guards.

As for the Faux Saint monsters caught inside the rift, they quickly climbed out of it and rejoined the army in attacking Silverwing Town’s defensive magic array.

“Sure enough, just two Dark-Gold Guards won’t be enough to change anything. The strength of the Faux Saint army simply isn’t something current players can hope to resist.”

When the various superpowers’ members saw this scene, they sighed ruefully.

Dark-Gold Guards were existences that could be obtained only through luck. On a battlefield, a Dark-Gold Guard could exhibit combat power far greater than a Mythic monster of the same level. However, that was only true against players. Against the Faux Saint army, the efforts of even two Dark-Gold Guards were negligible. After all, no matter how powerful a Tier 3 NPC was, they couldn’t one-shot Great Lord ranked monsters, much less Grand Lords.

The Faux Saint army could easily pin down Youlan’s two Dark-Gold Guards with just several hundred Faux Saint Destroyers. Even if the two Dark-Gold Guards eventually annihilated these several hundred Destroyers, Silverwing Town would’ve long since fallen by the time they did so.

However, just when the Faux Saint army was about to commence another round of attacks on Silverwing Town’s defensive magic array, silver summoning arrays appeared outside the town’s walls, one after another, over 300 in all. Figures then emerged from these summoning arrays.

Immediately afterward, fire, ice, lightning, and wind started bombarding the Faux Saint monsters outside the defensive magic array.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

For a time, a plethora of Elemental Mana inundated the Faux Saint army, and countless Faux Saint monsters screamed in agony, their voices echoing throughout Silverwing Town.

“This… How is this possible?!”

When the various superpowers’ members saw the innumerable Faux Saint monsters outside the town getting sent flying one after another, their fists tightened involuntarily as shock filled their eyes.

At this moment, over 300 Personal Guards stood outside Silverwing Town, every one of them exuding a frightening aura. It was obvious that they were not ordinary Personal Guards.

Aside from the various superpowers’ members that were spectating the battle through their Magic Mirrors, the independent players standing atop the town’s walls were also gaping in shock, their minds frozen with disbelief.

“This isn’t real, right…?”

Unyielding Heart suspected he was dreaming as he watched the 300-plus Personal Guards fighting outside Silverwing Town. As a Vice Guild Leader of Unyielding Soul, he had seen powerful Personal Guards before. However, this was definitely the first time he had seen so many Personal Guards of such high caliber.

Although the majority of these newly appeared Personal Guards were weaker than Youlan’s two Personal Guards, they were still much stronger than ordinary Personal Guards. In fact, even the weakest Personal Guard present made Unyielding Heart feel powerless.

Meanwhile, after Illusory Words saw the 300-plus Personal Guards, she could not help shifting her gaze to Shi Feng, who stood nearby.

Is this the real reason behind his confidence?

Every one of these 300-plus Personal Guards was stronger than a Grand Lord of the same level. At this stage of the game, it was unlikely that even the Five Great Super Guilds possessed such strength.

It was no exaggeration to say that, so long as these 300-plus Personal Guards were present, Silverwing Town would not fall.

While NPCs already possessed Basic Attributes superior to players’, after becoming a Personal Guard, they would gain an additional 10% boost to their Basic Attributes. Combined with the boost from the town’s magic array, these Tier 3 Personal Guards were far stronger than the town’s Tier 3 NPC soldiers. One could even say that Silverwing Town’s defenses were currently stronger than even that of Main City ranked NPC cities.

After all, the NPC soldiers found inside Main City ranked NPC cities were mostly Tier 2 NPCs; only a small number were actually Tier 3 NPCs. The only advantage the NPC soldiers of NPC cities had over Zero Wing’s Personal Guards was levels.

Meanwhile, although the Faux Saint army had an overwhelming numerical advantage and even possessed more than 100,000 Grand Lords in its ranks, Silverwing Town’s Magic Towers were extraordinary. Now that the Faux Saint monsters couldn’t attack the town’s defensive magic array effectively due to the interference of Zero Wing’s Personal Guards, they were nothing more than live targets for the Magic Towers and various war weapons.

However, while Silverwing Town’s players were rejoicing over the strength Zero Wing had just displayed, the three heavily injured Faux Saint Devourers had consumed a few Faux Saint Destroyers and finally recovered their strength. They immediately leaped forward and regrouped with the other five Faux Saint Devourers.

“Good! They’ve finally recovered!” Thousand Eyes grew ecstatic when he saw this scene.

Previously, Shi Feng had caught them completely off guard and sidelined three Faux Saint Devourers before the fight had even begun. As a result, the Faux Saint Devourers couldn’t display their true strength.

Now that all eight Faux Saint Devourers had regrouped, they would finally be able to display their true strength.

In the next moment, the eight Faux Saint Devourers exchanged glances. After apparently coming to a tacit agreement, all eight Devourers hurled their spears at the defensive barrier before them. The eight spears then converged in mid-flight, their combined power so great that it crumbled the space around them and created a black hole, which transformed everything within a 50-yard radius into a field of nothingness. The power of this attack far exceeded that of the combination attack the five Faux Saint Devourers executed before.

“Tier 5?”

Illusory Words felt stifled when she looked at the void field the black hole created.

The phenomenon the Faux Saint Devourers’ combination attack had created was known as Void Collapse, a phenomenon limited to Tier 5 attacks. Despite the debuff from Miniature World, the eight Faux Saint Devourers had actually managed to execute an attack that reached the Tier 5 standard.

An attack of such caliber could give even a Main City ranked defensive magic array a run for its money. An ordinary NPC city’s defensive magic array would evaporate instantly when struck by this attack.

Yet, despite knowing all of this, Illusory Words and Unyielding Soul could only watch as the Faux Saint Devourers’ combination attack approached Silverwing Town’s defensive magic array. After all, Tier 3 players or NPCs could not hope to stop such a powerful attack. The only thing they could do now was pray that Silverwing Town’s defensive magic array could survive this attack.

However, just when the black hole was about to reach the defensive magic array, a man clad in extravagant robes and holding a pitch-black, wooden staff suddenly appeared outside Silverwing Town. The man then casually extended a hand toward the approaching black hole.

A gigantic, aquamarine, threefold magic array promptly formed before this man and stopped the black hole’s advance cold. The man then flicked his extended hand upward, and the threefold magic array deflected the gigantic black hole into the distance. When the black hole touched the ground, it exploded and heavily injured all the Faux Saint monsters within a 50-yard radius. Moreover, these Faux Saint monsters also got trapped inside a void and couldn’t escape from it.

“The attack got blocked?”

Everyone who saw this scene was stunned. Thousand Eyes, in particular, nearly had his eyes fall out of their sockets.

This was a Tier 5 attack!

Yet, it had been deflected so easily.

However, before anyone could snap out of their daze, the robed man suddenly waved his wooden staff.

Dozens of black lightning arcs lashed down from the sky, bombarding the eight Faux Saint Devourers. As if a truck had hit them, all eight Devourers got embedded into the ground. Their HP bars also lost a visible chunk, their life auras weakening considerably.


Everyone was at a loss for words when they saw the eight six-meter-deep craters that had suddenly formed on the battlefield.

The strength that was just displayed could no longer be described as powerful. It practically challenged their worldview.

“Damn it! How is that Tier 4 NPC so powerful!?” Thousand Eyes scowled at the robed man hovering in midair.

They had done their research on Craig Midlands, the Tier 4 NPC that protected Silverwing Town. This NPC’s presence was the reason why Saint’s Hand had not dared to approach Silverwing Town all this time. They had only done so after Shi Feng had riled up the Faux Saint monsters into attacking en masse.

However, Craig Midlands’s strength was simply monstrous.

The Magic King was basically casting Tier 4 Curses instantly. To top it all off, he was even double-casting Tier 4 Curses without incantations.

“Commander, we can’t go on like this. If we continue fighting, I’m afraid that Tier 4 NPC will soon kill all eight Faux Saint Devourers. At that time, the Guild Leader will definitely fault us,” the Level 115, Tier 3 Ranger standing beside Thousand Eyes advised hurriedly when he saw the Faux Saint Devourers becoming heavily injured.

In front of the Magic King Craig Midlands, the eight Faux Saint Devourers couldn’t mount the slightest resistance. Their HPs were also rapidly decreasing; it was only a matter of time before their HPs hit zero.

If not for Craig Midlands having his area of activity limited to Silverwing Town, he might even be able to annihilate the entire Faux Saint army single-handedly.

“Relay my command. Have all of the Faux Saint monsters retreat,” Thousand Eyes said reluctantly when he saw the Faux Saint Devourers’ HPs continuing to plummet and the Faux Saint army barely landing any attacks on Silverwing Town’s defensive magic array.

They had lost. Moreover, they had suffered two consecutive losses.

“Understood!” The Tier 3 Ranger nodded before hurriedly relaying Thousand Eyes’s command to the other Saint’s Hand members.

Following which, Saint’s Hand’s members took out a strange crystal from their bags and started chanting an incantation. Immediately afterward, the Faux Saint monsters attacking Silverwing Town fled to the surroundings as if they had just received a summons.

Upon seeing the Faux Saint army retreating, Silverwing Town’s players sighed in relief. Many players even cheered in celebration. After all, since the initial outbreak of the Faux Saint monsters, this was the first time players had achieved a massive victory against them.

However, Shi Feng, who remained standing above the town’s main gate, did not show any excitement on his face. Instead, he shifted his gaze toward a distant forest.

“Leave? Do you really think Silverwing Town is a place where you can come and go as you wish?” Shi Feng said. He then took out a Summon Guard Scroll from his bag and unfurled it. “Since you’ve come here already, then just remain here forever!”