Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2671 - Powerful Faux Saint Army

As Shi Feng’s words echoed throughout the battlefield, a gigantic phantom world suddenly manifested in the sky above Silverwing Town. Along with the appearance of this phantom world, every Faux Saint monster in the town’s vicinity had their Basic Attributes reduced by a significant margin, the change causing a commotion all over the silent battlefield.

“Too strong! So, this is Zero Wing?”

“Earlier, even five Faux Saint Devourers working together failed to crack the town’s magic barrier. Now that every one of these Devourers has been weakened, these Faux Saint monsters should be impotent against the town’s barrier for a short period.”

Previously, everyone had already fallen into despair over the Faux Saint army’s strength. They never thought that Silverwing Town’s defensive magic array would be so powerful that even a Peak Tier 4 attack couldn’t even scratch it.

Meanwhile, so long as the town’s defensive magic array remained up, the Faux Saint monsters wouldn’t be able to touch any of the players inside the town. Moreover, if the defensive magic array could hold out until its energy reserves got replenished, a perfect consumption-replenishment cycle could be formed. At which point, the Faux Saint army would have to give up its siege of the town even if it didn’t want to.

“What amazing defensive capabilities! Isn’t this defensive magic array already on par with the ones found in Intermediate Cities?”

At this moment, besides the independent players present, even Illusory Words and Unyielding Heart were surprised when they saw the town’s defensive magic array remaining intact.

The Soul Annihilation Curse had clearly thinned out the town’s ambient Mana by a significant margin already, so the town’s defensive magic array should’ve likewise weakened considerably. Nonetheless, the defensive magic array had actually blocked the combination attack of five Faux Saint Devourers. It was simply unheard-of for a town’s defensive magic array to provide such a formidable defense.

Now that Shi Feng had used Miniature World, the Faux Saint Devourers shouldn’t even dream of shattering the defensive magic array.

“Presumptuous!” Thousand Eyes frowned slightly when he saw the calm look on Shi Feng’s face. “You merely blocked the Faux Saint Devourers’ combination attack once. The defensive magic array’s energy reserve is limited. I want to see just how long you can continue acting arrogantly before the Faux Saint army’s attacks!”

Magic arrays in God’s Domain needed energy to operate. Even if an attack couldn’t overcome a defensive magic array’s defensive threshold, it would still take a toll on the magic array’s energy reserve.

With the numbers and strength of the Faux Saint army, shattering the defensive magic array of a Main City ranked NPC city would be possible. Even if the entire army was debuffed by a Domain Skill, it still was more than sufficient to overcome a town’s defensive magic array.

As soon as Thousand Eyes finished speaking, the five Faux Saint Devourers launched another combination attack on the defensive barrier. At the same time, tens of thousands of other Faux Saint monsters also started bombarding it.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

For a time, countless explosions rang out in the space above Silverwing Town.

“This can’t go on. We need to stop their attacks. Otherwise, the defensive magic array’s energy reserve won’t last very long,” Unyielding Heart said as he looked at the trembling barrier before him.

Individually, the other Faux Saint monsters might not be a match for the Faux Saint Devourers. However, there were simply too many of them. Even if they were currently weakened, they exhausted the defensive magic array’s energy reserve much faster than even the five Faux Saint Devourers had at full power.

“My side can summon two Mythic monsters. We can use them in conjunction with the town’s weapons to defend against the assault at the front gate.”

“My side can summon two as well. With the strength of four Mythic monsters, we should be able to eliminate the pressure at the front gate. That way, we can send more Tier 3 experts to support the other sides. Then, all we’d need to do is find a way to distract those five Devourers, and we should just barely be able to defend Silverwing Town,” Unyielding Heart said after giving the matter some thought.

While Tier 3 players might not be capable of doing anything to the weakened Faux Saint Devourers, stopping the weakened Faux Saint Destroyers shouldn’t be a problem. This situation was much better than before, when ordinary Tier 3 players were utterly helpless against the Faux Saint Devourers.

However, just as Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words reached an agreement, a clear and sweet voice suddenly entered their ears.

“No need to waste your Tier 4 Summoning Scrolls. Leave the rest to us.”

Upon hearing this voice, Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words turned reflexively to look at its origin, surprise and confusion flashing across their eyes when they saw its owner. This was because the voice’s owner was none other than Silverwing Town’s manager, Youlan.

Currently, over a hundred Tier 3 experts from Zero Wing stood behind Youlan, every one of them at least Level 115. Many of them were even at the Refinement Realm standard.


This scene rendered Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words speechless momentarily. While the 100-plus Tier 3 experts before the two were indeed extraordinary, they were far from enough to resolve Silverwing Town’s plight.

After all, just the Grand Lord ranked Faux Saint Destroyers attacking the town numbered more than 100,000, what more the Great Lord ranked Faux Saint Saboteurs.

Besides, if these Tier 3 experts wished to stop the Faux Saint army’s assault, they would have to do it beyond the town’s walls and defensive magic array. Only Tier 4 summoned creatures could possibly go up against so many monsters simultaneously. Tier 3 experts would simply be charging to their deaths.

However, before Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words could say anything, Youlan suddenly waved her hand forward. Immediately, every one of Zero Wing’s reserve main force members left afterimages as they split up and made their way toward the various sections of the town’s walls. After getting into position, they jumped off the walls without hesitation.

“Have these Zero Wing members lost their minds?”

The independent players fighting above the town’s walls gaped, stupefied, at the actions of Zero Wing’s reserve main force members.

As for the various superpowers’ spectating members, they, too, could only gape in shock at this scene.

In their opinions, Shi Feng was already plenty crazy. However, these Zero Wing members seemed to be even crazier.

Even Tier 3 peak experts would not dare charge into a horde of Level 120-plus Great Lord and Grand Lord ranked Faux Saint monsters, yet these Zero Wing members, who were nowhere near the Void Realm standard, had actually done so without hesitation.

What were they playing at?

“Fools that are tired of living!”

Thousand Eyes sneered when he saw Zero Wing’s members jumping off the town’s walls.

The Faux Saint monsters might’ve had their Basic Attributes reduced, but their combat standards remained unaffected. Even the weakest Faux Saint Saboteur was not an opponent ordinary Tier 3 experts could hope to match.

He could already foresee the scene of the Faux Saint monsters devouring Zero Wing’s members in the blink of an eye.

In front of Silverwing Town’s front gate, just as Youlan was about to come into contact with the several Faux Saint Destroyers there, she suddenly took out two Summon Guard Scrolls from her bag and activated them. Two figures then emerged from the two dazzling summoning arrays before Youlan, one of them, an axe-wielding man with a tall and robust body and the other, a blonde woman wielding an aquamarine staff.

The instant these two figures appeared, two frightening auras swept the battlefield. Every player on the battlefield shuddered in response.

In the next moment, the axe-wielding man transformed into a tornado that blocked all the Faux Saint Destroyer attacks aimed at Youlan. In addition, the tornado sent several dozen Faux Saint Destroyers and over a hundred Faux Saint Saboteurs nearby flying over 30 yards away. In the blink of an eye, a clearing appeared before the town’s front gate.

As Youlan landed, the blonde woman beside her also happened to complete her Spell. In the next moment, the battlefield shook as a gigantic rift up to 300 yards long opened up on the battlefield. Not only did the rift separate the Faux Saint monsters from Silverwing Town’s walls, but it also devoured several thousand Faux Saint monsters, which suffered over -5,000,000 damage each.

All of this happened in just a brief moment.