Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2670 - Silent Silverwing Town

When the crimson pillar outside Silverwing Town faded away, everyone momentarily froze and fell silent—the players inside the town as well as the Faux Saint monsters charging toward it. For a moment, time seemed to stop for Silverwing Town and its surroundings.

Just one hit!

Aside from the Grand Lord and Mythic ranked Faux Saint monsters, everything within the crimson beam’s 300-yard radius had disappeared into the void. Not one of the 10,000 or so Faux Saint Saboteurs caught within the area survived. The magnitude of this attack was simply unbelievable.

As for the Faux Saint Destroyers and Faux Saint Devourers that remained alive, they were clearly heavily injured. Moreover, the Faux Saint Devourers were barely able to move, and they were currently struggling to escape the void that formed around them. The Faux Saint Destroyers were incapable of moving at all, only able to watch helplessly as the void slowly enveloping them closed and trapped them for the rest of their lives.


Illusory Words and Unyielding Heart were momentarily at a loss for words when they saw this scene, shock and excitement flaring in their eyes.

This attack was simply too absurd!

This one attack not only exiled close to 1,000 Faux Saint Destroyers to the void but also heavily injured three Faux Saint Devourers. This outcome reduced the pressure Silverwing Town’s defenders had to face significantly.

Meanwhile, when Saint’s Heart’s members saw this scene through their Magic Mirrors, they were similarly stunned. They never thought that Silverwing Town’s Magic Towers possessed the power to heavily injure the Faux Saint Devourers.

“You just heavily injured three Faux Saint Devourers! This battle is nowhere close to over!” Thousand Eyes said nonchalantly when he saw Silverwing Town’s players revealing joyous expressions.

It was very normal for war weapons to wreak large-scale destruction in a siege battle. While the power of Silverwing Town’s Magic Towers somewhat exceeded their initial estimates, this difference would not affect the overall picture.

For the Faux Saint army, which consisted of over four million monsters, a loss of 10,000 monsters was practically negligible. Not to mention, the Magic Towers’ attack had a very long Cooldown. By the time the Magic Towers were ready to attack again, the Faux Saint monsters would’ve long since arrived before Silverwing Town.

Moreover, the Faux Saint army went berserk because of the Magic Towers’ attack. After the five remaining Faux Saint Devourers let loose angry roars, the other Faux Saint monsters resumed charging at Silverwing Town with even greater ferocity, their speed at least 20% faster than before.

Upon seeing this, the defending players standing atop Silverwing Town’s walls could not help growing nervous.

The Magic Towers’ combined attack was indeed astonishing, but the Faux Saint monsters, which had managed to instantly fill the gap in their battle formation, were even more astonishing. These monsters made it seem as if the previous attack never happened at all.

“All ballistas and turrets, prepare to fire! Aim for the densest locations as much as possible!”

When the Faux Saint army resumed its advance with even greater vigor, Unyielding Heart, who had commanded dozens of large-scale battles, immediately shouted out the necessary orders. At his behest, Silverwing Town’s defenders promptly recovered from their fear and prepared to attack.

“All magical units, start chanting your incantations! Make sure those Destroyers don’t get close to the walls!”

Similarly, Illusory Words commanded the magical-class players standing atop the walls to prepare their Spells. Afterward, she started chanting a Tier 3 Curse of her own.

As commands were issued one after another, the nervous and frightened defenders also gradually stabilized their emotions.

For a time, the defenders watched quietly as the Faux Saint army closed in.

One thousand three hundred yards…

One thousand two hundred yards…

One thousand yards…

“Fire!” Unyielding Heart shouted.

Immediately, hundreds of ballistas and dozens of Arrow Towers and Defense Turrets launched their attacks simultaneously, the firing sounds echoing throughout the town.

In the next moment, several hundred blazing streaks of light descended on the Faux Saint army like a meteor shower, the attacks shaking the ground and kicking up dust and dirt. Tens of thousands of Faux Saint monsters were also sent flying into the air, and huge craters formed wherever the attacks landed. The sight was simply spectacular.

However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, the Faux Saint army did not falter in the slightest. In no time at all, the endless Faux Saint monsters filled in the gaps created by the war weapons’ attacks, the madness of the Faux Saint monsters surpassing everyone’s expectations.

“Reload and aim for the vanguard!” Unyielding Heart shouted, a frown forming on his face when he saw this scene. Although he had long since expected this to happen, he still could not help his shock when actually witnessing it.

After several rounds of attacks from the town’s war weapons, although they had failed to kill even one Faux Saint Destroyer, they had killed quite a number of Faux Saint Saboteurs, as well as heavily injuring more than 200,000 Faux Saint Saboteurs. Unfortunately, compared to the Faux Saint army in its entirety, this number was still insignificant.

In the next moment, the first wave of Faux Saint monsters arrived within 100 yards of Silverwing Town’s walls. Illusory Words and the other ranged players standing on the walls promptly released their strongest Skills and Spells. For a time, tens of thousands of Skills and Spells bombarded the Faux Saint monsters at the forefront.

However, just when everyone thought that the Faux Saint monsters would get hit and have their charge interrupted, a shocking scene occurred.

In the next moment, as if they were veterans of the battlefield, the Faux Saint monsters started wielding their weapons to block the incoming attacks, mitigating most of the damage from these attacks.

“How is this possible!?”

Purple Eye, who was casting her Spells on the town’s wall, was stunned by this scene.

These Faux Saint monsters had even blocked a large portion of the attacks launched by Tier 3 experts. Only Tier 3 Refinement Realm experts and above managed to land their attacks on these Faux Saint monsters.

“Fools! Do you think the Faux Saint monsters before you are the same as those you met a few days ago?!” Thousand Eyes sneered as he looked at Silverwing Town’s defenders.

Victory might be possible for Silverwing Town’s players if they were going up against an army of ordinary monsters. However, they were up against the Faux Saint army. Every monster in the Faux Saint army possessed intellect surpassing that of ordinary monsters.

Thousand Eyes’s words immediately silenced everyone.

Faced with such opponents, just how were they supposed to continue fighting?

Only the attacks of the war weapons and a small number of Tier 3 experts were effective; everyone else’s were utterly useless.

During the time everyone was distracted by Thousand Eyes’s words, the five intact Faux Saint Devourers suddenly leaped toward the space above the walls.

“Not good! Stop them!”

Unyielding Heart’s complexion turned indescribably grim when he saw the Faux Saint Devourers launching an attack.

While the town’s defensive magic array had indeed been strengthened, the Soul Annihilation Curse had thinned the ambient Mana considerably, effectively nullifying the upgrade the defensive magic array had just received. Moreover, an Advanced Town’s defensive magic array couldn’t hope to withstand the attacks of several Mythic monsters.

Before anyone could react, five spears tore through space and converged on a single point on the defensive magic array.

“A Combination Combat Technique?!”

Illusory Words goggled in shock at the five Faux Saint Devourers’ attacks.

The fact that the Faux Saint monsters could use combat techniques was already plenty astonishing. Now, they actually used a Combination Combat Technique, something very few players could execute. This was simply a nightmare.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, what a pity. I never thought that you all would fall so quickly,” Thousand Eyes said, a delighted smirk appearing on his face as he looked at Shi Feng, who had remained silent all this time.

So long as Silverwing Town’s defensive magic array shattered, the players inside the town would be no different from lambs to the slaughter. The Tier 4 NPC guarding the town wouldn’t matter. After all, even a ferocious tiger couldn’t beat a pack of wolves.


A loud explosion shook the entire battlefield, the shockwave of the impact so powerful that even the Faux Saint Destroyers nearby stumbled.

“It seems Zero Wing is really doomed now.”

When the various superpowers’ spectating members saw the shattered space above the walls, they shook their heads. The Faux Saint Devourers originally already possessed extraordinary strength. Now that they had used a Combination Combat Technique, the power of their joint attack reached the peak of Tier 4—which definitely wasn’t something an Advanced Town’s defensive magic array could block.

However, as the black void vanished and the dust settled, the various superpowers’ members with gleeful expressions on their faces were stunned.

At this moment, the faint red barrier enveloping the town actually remained intact. In fact, it didn’t even have the tiniest of cracks.

“This… How is this possible?!”

At this moment, let alone the various superpowers’ spectating members, even Thousand Eyes gaped in shock, his eyes glued to the red barrier.

This was a Peak Tier 4 attack they were talking about!

During the time the entire battlefield had fallen silent, a voice suddenly came from the town’s main gate and echoed throughout the battlefield.

“Is that it? If that is your strongest move, then we can indeed put an end to this farce!”