Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2669 - Power of Mana

Chapter 2669 – Power of Mana

Silverwing Town, main gate’s wall:

Currently, a large number of players were trying to squeeze their way up to the top of the wall, which was over a dozen meters high, to get a better look at the Faux Saint army. However, when these players arrived on top, every one of them found the scene that greeted them shocking.

The Faux Saint monsters were so numerous that their figures dotted the land all the way to the horizon. Moreover, even the weakest among them was a Level 110 Great Lord. As this endless army of monsters gradually encircled Silverwing Town, it looked as if night had descended. This scene alone already evoked fear in everyone.

“Why are there so many Mythic ranked Faux Saint Devourers? Can we really stop them?”

Panic and despair swept through the independent players that had chosen to help defend Silverwing Town as they stared at the scene before them.

Originally, they thought that, with over 300,000 players fighting for Silverwing Town, combined with the town’s defensive magic array, they should still have a chance to emerge victorious. After all, to win, they simply had to distract 50,000 or 60,000 Faux Saint Destroyers for a certain period.

However, the Faux Saint army that appeared before Silverwing Town was far stronger than they anticipated—over 100,000 Faux Saint Destroyers and eight Mythic ranked Faux Saint Devourers. Everyone’s confidence vanished at the sight of this army.

At this moment, let alone the independent players present, even Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words were shocked.

“Over a hundred thousand Faux Saint Destroyers and eight Faux Saint Devourers. These Faux Saint monsters really think highly of us,” Unyielding Heart, who had reached Level 116 already, said, a bitter smile forming on his face as he took in the eight gigantic figures standing some distance away from Silverwing Town.

In order to assist Zero Wing in defending Silverwing Town, Unyielding Soul had dispatched its strongest trump card legion and even sent over two Tier 4 Summoning Scrolls and more than a hundred Heavy Ballistas. According to his estimates, this force, combined with Crimson Emperor’s and Zero Wing’s, should have no problem defending Silverwing Town.

However, it would seem that he had still underestimated the strength of these Faux Saint monsters. At this moment, let alone the eight Faux Saint Devourers, just the 100,000-plus Faux Saint Destroyers were already more than enough to instill despair in everyone.

After all, the Faux Saint Destroyers were Grand Lord ranked monsters. Ordinary Tier 3 experts couldn’t take them on one-on-one. Only multiple people working together, with the help of the town’s war weapons, could prevent these Faux Saint Destroyers from attacking the town’s defensive magic array and walls.

As for the Tier 4 creatures they could summon, these things would be far from adequate against tens of thousands of Faux Saint Destroyers. The only thing these summoned creatures could do was defend a portion of the town’s walls and reduce the pressure the town’s players faced.

However, with the eight Faux Saint Devourers around, these Tier 4 summoned creatures wouldn’t even be able to lessen the pressure on the town’s defenders.

Illusory Words nodded in agreement with Unyielding Heart’s words, complex emotions flickering in her eyes.

“We can only try our best to defend the town…” A sense of powerlessness overwhelmed Illusory Words as she looked at the Faux Saint Devourers several thousand yards away commanding the other Faux Saint monsters.

Although she had confidence in Shi Feng, she doubted that even he had expected such a powerful army to appear at Silverwing Town’s doorstep. In fact, even the various superpowers did not expect the Faux Saint monsters to develop at such a frightening rate.

After all, only a little more than a day had passed since Crimson Emperor had learned about the birth of the first Faux Saint Devourer, yet the Faux Saint monsters had managed to add eight more Faux Saint Devourers to their number.

Even if they could stop these Faux Saint monsters for a day, it was highly unlikely they could stop these monsters for two days.

During the time everyone was sighing and feeling powerless, a golden beam of light suddenly appeared in a forest some distance away from Silverwing Town, shooting straight into the sky. Even from several thousand yards away, the beam was clearly visible.

Along with the appearance of this golden beam, the dusky sky became as bright as day. At the same time, the density of the Mana surrounding Silverwing Town thinned out considerably as if something sucked the ambient Mana away. Now, even players who weren’t particularly sensitive to Mana felt a slight discomfort.

“This is…the Soul Annihilation Curse!” Illusory Words’s complexion turned indescribably grim when she saw the pillar of Mana rising into the sky. “Are Saint’s Hand’s people crazy?! They actually used such an area sealing curse!”

The Soul Annihilation Curse was a super-rare sealing barrier in God’s Domain. When activated, it could lock down a very large area, preventing players from leaving the sealed space while the barrier was still up, and thin out the Mana within the barrier. Meanwhile, not only would players that died within the barrier suffer a much more severe death penalty, but their souls would be weakened for 15 days as well.

The cost to activate the Soul Annihilation Curse was equally astonishing—the permanent sacrifice of 1,000 Level 100-plus, Tier 2 magical-class players and 100 Tier 3 magical-class players.

This was a permanent death they were talking about!

The players that activated this magic array would have their game characters permanently deleted, and they would have to start all over again if they wished to continue playing.

Due to this reason, although quite a few superpowers had obtained the Soul Annihilation Curse, none of them ever dared to use it.

However, as Silverwing Town’s players stood dazed in shock, a gigantic Magic Mirror suddenly appeared above the town. It displayed Saint’s Hand’s members, and standing at the lead of these players was none other than Thousand Eyes, whom Shi Feng had killed just recently.

“Black Flame, you didn’t see this coming, right?” Thousand Eyes sneered. “I said that you’d regret it. Weren’t you very powerful? Now, I’ll have you watch as everyone in Silverwing Town gets devoured by the Faux Saint army!”

When Thousand Eyes’s chilling words echoed throughout Silverwing Town, the players in the town shuddered involuntarily.

This was simply madness!

Saint’s Hand had sacrificed not only 1,000 Level 100-plus Tier 2 magical-class players but also 100 Tier 3 experts. This was something even Super Guilds wouldn’t dare to do. After all, even to a Super Guild, 100 Tier 3 experts represented significant combat power.

“Zero Wing is truly doomed this time!”

“Sure enough, Saint’s Hand is filled with a bunch of lunatics! They actually dare use such a card! With this, not only will Zero Wing and all of its allies have their members devoured by those Faux Saint monsters, but they’ll even have their souls weakened as well!”

Despite being spectators, the various superpowers’ members hidden inside Silverwing Town shuddered in fear when they saw the maniacal smile on Thousand Eyes’s face.

While everyone was falling into despair, several figures appeared above Silverwing Town’s main gate. One of these figures belonged to none other than Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame.

After arriving above the main gate, Shi Feng glanced at the Magic Mirror in the sky and said nonchalantly, “How noisy. Isn’t it just a Soul Annihilation Curse? Do you think this thing is good for anything?”

Although Shi Feng did not speak very loudly, with the entire Silverwing Town dead silent right now, everyone heard his words very clearly.

Hence, the entire town immediately went into an uproar. No one ever thought that even after things had developed to such a point, Shi Feng would still dare to provoke Thousand Eyes. Was he so eager to die?

“Is he tired of living?”

“Pretending to be calm! We’ll see how he continues pretending!”

“I’m guessing that Black Flame must’ve realized the hopelessness of the situation and is merely sassing to get the load off his chest.”

When the various superpowers’ members saw Shi Feng’s calm expression and heard his bold claim through their Magic Mirrors, they could not help scoffing. The Soul Annihilation Curse itself indeed did not pose any direct threat to players. However, the millions of Faux Saint monsters standing outside the town were definitely a nightmare for all players.

“You think it’s useless? In that case, let’s see if this Soul Annihilation Curse is really useless or not, once the Faux Saint army starts attacking!” Thousand Eyes said. Instead of getting angry at Shi Feng’s words, he started chuckling instead.

As soon as Thousand Eyes finished speaking, the Faux Saint monsters surrounding Silverwing Town promptly charged forward.

When the army of millions advanced, it looked as if a tsunami was sweeping across the land. The earth shattered underfoot, and explosions kept reverberating through the air. Everyone inside Silverwing Town gasped at the sight. Some Tier 3 experts even retreated unconsciously.

“So noisy!”

Shi Feng pointed a finger at three Faux Saint Devourers charging amidst the army.

Immediately, the five Magic Towers spread across Silverwing Town each released a crimson beam that converged in the middle of the town before shooting into the sky.

Before anyone could react, a gigantic, crimson beam descended upon the Faux Saint army.

The instant the crimson beam made contact, the earth shattered. Immediately afterward, the crimson beam expanded into the surroundings until it covered a 300-yard radius. When the beam disappeared, almost everything within the AOE had vanished without a trace.