Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2668 - Siege Battle at Silverwing Town

Chapter 2668 – Siege Battle at Silverwing Town

The town can be promoted, just like that?

Shi Feng was surprised as he looked at the notification window at the corner of his vision.

Although Silverwing Town was developing rapidly and its promotion to a Basic City was only a matter of time, its attaining the promotion qualifications so soon caught him unawares. He never thought that there would be such a benefit to strengthening a town’s core magic array.

The defense of a Basic City was significantly more substantial than that of an Advanced Town. The number of NPC guards one could hire would also undergo a qualitative transformation. This boost was especially advantageous for strongholds located in the Orc Empire.

Recently, more and more players had started operating in the Orc Empire. Due to the very low number of player strongholds there, any stronghold that could ensure the safety of its players would become extremely popular, which would, in turn, guarantee its rapid development.

However, despite receiving this unexpected boon, Shi Feng did not choose to promote Silverwing Town yet. Instead, he focused on the crimson light pillar that had appeared at the center of the room. He then took out piles of Magic Crystals and started channeling the Mana of the light pillar into Silverwing Town’s various magic arrays.

While upgrading Silverwing Town now would indeed raise its defensive capability by a significant margin, doing so would come at a great price—all the players inside the town would be teleported out of the town during the promotion process.

With the Faux Saint army approaching, there was simply no time to upgrade Silverwing Town. Otherwise, Zero Wing’s members might have to fight the millions of Faux Saint monsters without the help of the city’s defensive structures.

Moreover, now that he had strengthened Silverwing Town’s core magic array, its performance would surpass even that of the core magic arrays of ordinary Basic Cities. There was simply no need to take such a big risk.

The rampaging Mana inside the hall started flowing into the core magic array, together with the Mana the Magic Crystals released. The core magic array then directed this Mana into the various magic arrays throughout Silverwing Town, reinforcing them.

Three arrays… Six arrays… Nine arrays.

As Silverwing Town’s magic arrays got strengthened one after another, the town’s ambient Mana changed.

By the time half of Silverwing Town’s magic arrays were strengthened, a layer of red mist had appeared above the town, enveloping it completely.

“Quick, look! Why is there a red mist above the town?!”

“What’s going on? Is this Zero Wing’s doing?”

“It’s highly possible. The ambient Mana seems to have become slightly wilder. So long as we use this Mana, the power of our Skills and Spells should increase substantially. With this, we should have an easier time repelling the Faux Saint army.”

The players in Silverwing Town quickly noticed the changes to the town’s Mana and could not help discussing them. Many of the adventurer team members preparing for battle relaxed slightly.

Silverwing Town was one of the few player strongholds in the Orc Empire that were open to independent players. Hence, many independent players had decided to support Zero Wing against the approaching Faux Saint army. In addition, Zero Wing had also set up a contribution system for the players participating in the town’s defense; through this system, players could earn contribution points and exchange these points for rewards. Hence, even more independent players had chosen to stay and fight for Silverwing Town.

“It seems Black Flame isn’t completely unprepared for this upcoming battle.” Illusory Words, who currently stood on the town’s wall, sighed in relief when she saw the red mist covering the town.

After seeing Shi Feng’s previous performance against the Faux Saint Devourer, Crimson Emperor had decided to go all-out in helping Zero Wing defend Silverwing Town. However, Illusory Words wasn’t confident of success. After all, the Faux Saint monsters were simply too many. Moreover, even the weakest Faux Saint monster was at the Great Lord rank. The most they could do was persevere against the Faux Saint monsters’ assault.

That was right!


With their current forces, repelling the Faux Saint army would be impossible. All they could do was persevere.

Fortunately, Shi Feng had killed the Faux Saint Devourer. With this, even the strongest Faux Saint monster remaining would be only at the Grand Lord rank. Silverwing Town’s defensive magic array would have no problem tanking the hits of Grand Lords. Meanwhile, so long as they ensured the continuous replenishment of the energy reserves of the town’s defensive magic array before they got depleted, the Faux Saint monsters would not be able to take even a single step into Silverwing Town.

With the intellect of those Faux Saint monsters, they wouldn’t bother wasting too much time on a single task. After seeing that they couldn’t break through the town’s defensive magic array even after several days, they would naturally retreat.

“It seems Black Flame has quite a few tricks up his sleeves. He’s actually able to make the town’s Mana go berserk. With this, the strength of the town’s defensive magic array should’ve increased by quite a bit.”

“While the town’s defensive magic array has indeed been improved, it will still need to withstand all those Faux Saint Destroyers. You should know that Faux Saint monsters have destroyed NPC cities before. What can a Guild Town possibly do against an army of them?”

The various superpowers’ members hidden inside the town disdained the transformation to Silverwing Town’s Mana. They also considered Shi Feng very foolish. While the performance of the town’s defensive magic array had indeed improved significantly, there was still a limit to the magic array’s energy reserves.

Faced with the attacks of tens of thousands of Grand Lord ranked Faux Saint Destroyers, how long could the magic array’s energy reserves possibly last?

Even the defensive magic arrays of NPC cities had fallen swiftly before the Faux Saint monsters. In fact, many of these NPC cities also had a large number of Level 150 NPC guards and a Level 180, Tier 3 Magistrate to defend them. In the end, the Faux Saint monsters still managed to drain the defensive magic array’s energy reserves and destroyed the cities.

Shortly after Silverwing Town’s transformation, news of it quickly reached the Fire Dragon Empire’s Flame Dragon City.

“Interesting. Since he’s able to agitate the Mana of a town to increase the performance of the town’s defensive magic array, it seems he didn’t offend those Faux Saint monsters and Saint’s Hand without any forethought.” A smirk appeared on Cold Shadow’s face when she read the report she just received. “What a pity. This development might have posed a problem for those Faux Saint monsters and Saint’s Hand a few days ago, but it is futile now.”

After Cold Shadow said so, she turned her gaze to the video livestream playing before her.

What this livestream showed was none other than the Faux Saint army that was marching toward Silverwing Town and was currently within 5,000 yards of Silverwing Town already. The monsters were so numerous that they covered all the land around Silverwing Town. From what she could see, there were easily more than 100,000 Faux Saint Destroyers there—almost double the initial projections.

Moreover, aside from the Faux Saint Destroyers, there were also quite a few gigantic figures moving amidst this army, and the other Faux Saint monsters clustered around these gigantic figures.

At this moment, White Feather entered the VIP room Cold Shadow occupied and said respectfully, “Vice Guild Leader, the various superpowers’ representatives have arrived already. Should we head over now?”

“Alright, let’s go.” Cold Shadow nodded. She then dismissed the video playing before her and left the Scorching Flame Restaurant.

At the same time, the players standing guard atop Silverwing Town’s walls were dumbfounded by the sight before them.

“This… How is this possible…”

“No! This can’t be real! This must be a joke!”

When the players standing on the walls looked at the massive army before them, despair and reluctance overwhelmed them.


There were eight Mythic ranked Faux Saint Devourers!

“Is this the strength that Saint’s Hand has been relying on all this time?”

Illusory Words, who similarly stood on the town’s wall, could not help a bitter smile when she saw the eight Faux Saint Devourers.

She had anticipated that Saint’s Hand had kept a trump card hidden. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have had the confidence to take action so close to Silverwing Town, nor would it have put its precious Mythic ranked Faux Saint Devourer at such great risk.

However, she never thought that Saint’s Hand had actually managed to produce so many Faux Saint Devourers already.

At this moment, even the various spectating superpowers were stunned by this situation.

Too strong!

The Faux Saint army boasted not only over 100,000 Faux Saint Destroyers but also eight Faux Saint Devourers. With such a force, let alone destroying Silverwing Town, even capturing one of Star-Moon Kingdom’s Main Cities wouldn’t be a problem. After all, the only real threat in Main City ranked NPC cities was the Level 180, Tier 4 Magistrates tasked with defending them. As for the remaining Level 150 NPCs that were at Tier 2 or Tier 3, while they did pose a problem, they weren’t undefeatable.

At the same time, several thousand players wearing the Guild Emblem of Saint’s Hand were hiding in a forest several thousand yards away from Silverwing Town. Among them, 1,000 magical-class players were currently drawing a gigantic and complex magic array, which constantly drew on the ambient Mana and reduced its density.

“Black Flame! I’ll show you just how foolish your previous actions are and make you regret everything you’ve done!” Thousand Eyes, who currently radiated an extremely weak aura, sneered as he looked at the Silverwing Town displayed on the Magic Mirror before him. “No, I should say that you won’t even have time to regret! Your Silverwing Town will turn to dust before you know it!”

Meanwhile, inside Silverwing Town’s Town Lord’s Mansion, while Shi Feng was quietly inspecting the performance of the town’s strengthened magic arrays through the core magic array, Youlan burst into the room with an ugly expression on her face.

“Guild Leader, according to the information we received from the walls, aside from over 100,000 Faux Saint Destroyers, the Faux Saint army this time also has…eight Faux Saint Devourers,” Youlan said in a grim tone as she gazed at Shi Feng.

It might be fine if only one or two Faux Saint Devourers had appeared. At that time, they could simply have Craig Midlands take action. However, the appearance of eight Faux Saint Devourers completely messed up their plans. With so many Faux Saint Devourers attacking, it wouldn’t matter even if Shi Feng transformed into a Black Dragon again.

“They’re here?” Seeing the grim look on Youlan’s face, Shi Feng said calmly, “Let’s go take a look, then.”