Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2665 - Magic Array that Upgrades the Soul

Looking at the strands of white mist hovering around in his mind, coupled with the countless sparkles of light around the mist, Shi Feng could not help being surprised.

In God’s Domain, magic arrays were generally made out of Mana. However, some magic arrays were not made up of just Mana but had other things mixed in as well.

Meanwhile, the magic array he was looking at had traces of soul.

I never thought that the rumored Soul Array actually existed! Shi Feng revealed an ecstatic look on his face as he observed the white mist circulating in his brain.

He had only ever heard of Soul Arrays. He had never actually seen one before.

According to the rumors he had heard, the Soul Array was a magic array capable of changing a player’s soul. Of course, there were also mentions that the Soul Array devoured a player’s soul. In short, there were many rumors surrounding Soul Arrays.

However, there was one thing Shi Feng was certain of—a Soul Array could upgrade a player’s soul.

Logically, it shouldn’t be possible for players to upgrade their soul; that was only possible for NPCs. However, the Soul Array made the impossible possible. And according to the several testaments Shi Feng heard in his previous life, once a player had their soul upgraded, even an ordinary expert would become a powerhouse in God’s Domain. In fact, some experts had even managed to reach Tier 5 thanks to the upgrade.

Nevertheless, most people that heard these rumors and testaments about the Soul Array’s existence and functions had dismissed them as tall tales. They felt that even without the Soul Array, the experts that had given their testaments about the Soul Array would still have become powerhouses in God’s Domain. Hence, most players in God’s Domain had treated the existence of Soul Arrays as a joke.

Now, however, Shi Feng was actually looking at a Soul Array himself.

Of course, unless one was an Advanced Magician, one would most likely have a difficult time recognizing these strands of mist as a magic array. Most people would treat it as a Soul Mark.

Thankfully, I checked it in time. Had I waited a few more days, I might’ve lost this opportunity. Shi Feng sighed in relief when he saw the strands of silver mist gradually thinning out.

The Soul Array within him was being powered by the Faux Saint Devourer’s soul energy and Mana. While replenishing the Soul Array’s Mana was an easy task, replenishing the soul energy was not. At least, Shi Feng had no idea how he could do so. Hence, the Soul Array would not last for very long.

Of course, so long as this Soul Array existed, the Faux Saint monsters would be able to perceive his presence. The Soul Array’s existence could be considered both good fortune and misfortune.

Having thought up to this point, Shi Feng promptly started studying the Soul Array in his brain.

The Soul Array had merely been imprinted onto his brain. The magic array itself wasn’t active. If he wished to let the Soul Array exhibit its real effects, he would have to activate it first.

Sure enough, this Soul Array really is complex. Just from what I can see, it is made up of at least 40 Basic Master Magic Arrays and over a dozen Advanced Master Magic Arrays, three of which are almost at the Grandmaster standard. Moreover, I have to rely on my own spiritual will to activate this Soul Array, and even the slightest mistake will result in my soul getting devoured. It’s no wonder some people labeled it a magic array that devours players’ souls. After inspecting the Soul Array for half an hour, Shi Feng was flabbergasted by his findings.

The soul was something illusory. There was no describing it with words, much less upgrading it, or weakening it. However, the Soul Array within him could actually accomplish this feat easily. This was simply unbelievable.

Unfortunately, the risks involved in activating the Soul Array were ridiculous. Of the two possible outcomes, one was heaven, while the other was hell. There was nothing in between.

If ordinary experts were presented with such a choice, they probably would not hesitate to give activating the Soul Array a try. After all, the potential gains far outstripped the potential losses. Even if they got their souls damaged, the worst outcome would be remaining stuck at Tier 3 forever. For ordinary experts, this would most likely be the case anyway, even if they didn’t have their souls weakened.

However, it was a completely different story for Shi Feng. His potential losses outweighed his potential gains. With his current standards, he should have no problem reaching Tier 5. If he had his soul damaged now, then reaching Tier 5 would become a problem. After all, the higher the tier players reached, the lower the importance of weapons, equipment, and Bloodlines. Instead, individual strength was what mattered most.

Do I give up? Shi Feng hesitated despite himself as he considered the gradually dissipating Soul Array in his mind.

As the Soul Array would be used on his soul, he only had one chance at activating it. If he messed up the activation, the Soul Array would backfire and devour his soul instead. However, if he succeeded, then the Soul Array would upgrade his soul.

No, it’s not hopeless!

After debating from some time, Shi Feng thought of a possibility. He then took out Augustus’s Damaged Heart from his bag.

It was incredibly rare for players to come across opportunities to upgrade their souls. So long as he successfully activated the Soul Array, he would have a much easier time challenging not only a Tier 4 Promotion Quest of greater difficulty but also future promotions. In fact, the help he could gain from an upgraded soul would be much greater than what he could gain from a piece of Legendary Equipment. It would be a huge waste to discard this opportunity.

Meanwhile, there were two ways he could drastically increase his chances of successfully activating the Soul Array.

The first method was to familiarize himself with the magic arrays used to make the entire Soul Array. However, the Soul Array was extremely complex. At his current standards, he might need two whole weeks to learn and memorize all the magic arrays.

The second method was to improve his mental state so that he could guide his spiritual will through the Soul Array with greater precision.

For others, both of these methods would be incredibly difficult. However, that was not the case for Shi Feng.

Augustus’s Damaged Heart was capable of releasing Eternal Energy when activated. Eternal Energy was many times superior to Mana. It could elevate a player’s mental state to its very peak. Be it familiarizing himself with the Soul Array or guiding his spiritual will through the Soul Array, Eternal Energy would be of great help.

With Eternal Energy, his chances of successfully activating the Soul Array would increase considerably.

The only problem was that Augustus’s Damaged Heart had a three-month Cooldown.

Of course, there was also the option of using one God Crystal to circumvent the Cooldown. While this was incredibly expensive, spending one God Crystal to upgrade his soul would be well worth it.

Following which, Shi Feng took out the last God Crystal he had and placed it inside Augustus’s Damaged Heart. He then activated the heart’s magic array.

Immediately, streams of purple mist flowed out of Augustus’s Heart and converged around Shi Feng. At the same time, a refreshing feeling spread across his body. His thoughts also became much clearer than before.

Good! Let’s begin!

Taking a deep breath, Shi Feng started carefully analyzing the Soul Array’s components one after another.

Two hours…

Four hours…

Six hours…

Originally, it should’ve taken Shi Feng at least a dozen days to learn the Soul Array. However, with the help of Eternal Energy, he learned and familiarized himself with all of the Soul Array’s components in just a little over seven hours. He had even achieved rough mastery of a pseudo-Grandmaster Magic Array that could be used to exert a little control over souls.

Now that I’ve familiarized myself with all of the magic arrays, next up will be to utilize my spiritual will to activate them!

Looking at the Soul Array in his mind, he could not help some slight nervousness. Although he had familiarized himself with all of the component arrays, activating them was an entirely different matter. After all, the activation of each magic array required him to split his spiritual will into multiple strands. The difficulty of doing so was incredibly high.

After mentally preparing himself for several minutes, Shi Feng then started guiding his spiritual will through the magic arrays in his mind.

One magic array activated…

Two magic arrays activated…

Three magic arrays activated…

With each subsequent magic array Shi Feng activated, the difficulty increased. Initially, he needed to split his spiritual will only into three strands. By the fourth magic array, that number increased to six.

Fortunately, for an expert like Shi Feng, such a task was not particularly difficult. Hence, the activation of the magic arrays proceeded in an orderly manner.

Time passed quickly. Before Shi Feng realized it, more than 20 minutes had gone by already. At this point, the sweat from his forehead had already drenched the light armor he wore.

The last one!

The final magic array actually required Shi Feng to split his spiritual will into 17 strands. This final magic array was also the one he was most familiar with.


Suddenly, a crisp sound echoed in his mind.

In the next moment, the Soul Array’s core magic array shattered, followed by the shattering of the other component arrays in a domino effect.

Meanwhile, the several strands of white mist circulating in Shi Feng’s mind transformed into countless particles of light that merged into his brain.

Is it done?

Shi Feng was stunned when he saw this scene inside his mind.