Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2664 - Zero Wing in an Uproar, Everyone's Plans

Chapter 2664 – Zero Wing in an Uproar, Everyone’s Plans

Both Melancholic Smile and Mu Lingsha were stunned upon hearing Liang Jing’s words.

“You managed to contact the Guild Leader?” Melancholic Smile asked excitedly.

The current Zero Wing was in an extremely tight spot, as all of the Guild’s top combatants were absent. However, this still wasn’t the most important point. The crucial thing was that morale in the Guild had fallen to an unprecedented low.

Shi Feng had always been Zero Wing’s backbone. His return might not be able to drag Zero Wing out of its current predicament, but it would be able to unite the hearts of Zero Wing’s members.

Moreover, his return would also strengthen the confidence of Zero Wing’s various partners. After all, the main reason why these powers had partnered with Zero Wing in the first place was Shi Feng.

At this moment, let alone Melancholic Smile, even Mu Lingsha gazed at Liang Jing eagerly, wanting to know if Shi Feng had truly returned or not.

If Shi Feng had truly returned to the eastern continent, the various superpowers would naturally have to reconsider their decision to join hands with Starlink and target Zero Wing. Even if their alliance remained standing, they wouldn’t be as united as before.

“Not yet,” Liang Jing said, shaking her head. “I only received a report that the Guild Leader is currently in Silverwing Town.”

After saying so, Liang Jing forwarded the report to Melancholic Smile for her inspection.

However, when Melancholic Smile and Mu Lingsha finished reading the report Liang Jing shared with them, the excitement on their faces disappeared, replaced by indescribable grimness.

“How could this be?” Melancholic Smile could not help growing anxious after reading the report. “Quick! Gather the elite Personal Guards and contact Hell Rush’s team! We need to head to Silverwing Town as soon as possible!”

The fact that Shi Feng killed a Mythic ranked Faux Saint Devourer was indeed astonishing. Such exciting news would definitely heighten morale.

However, the retaliation of millions of Faux Saint monsters was no laughing matter. Not to mention, Saint’s Hand wouldn’t sit still and do nothing after suffering humiliation.

At that time, Silverwing Town would have to go up against several million Faux Saint monsters, as well as Saint’s Hand’s experts. With Silverwing Town’s defenses, stopping such a force would be utterly impossible.

Meanwhile, if Shi Feng were to end up getting devoured by those Faux Saint monsters, the consequences for Zero Wing would be unimaginable.

“Let’s not panic first. Those Faux Saint monsters and Saint’s Hand won’t take action so soon. They will need some time to amass their forces. I’ll contact Unyielding Heart and have him lead a team over to Silverwing Town immediately,” Mu Lingsha said, pacifying Melancholic Smile.

“Thank you,” Melancholic Smile said as she nodded in gratitude. She then took a deep breath to calm herself before methodically arranging for the necessary manpower to send to Silverwing Town.

Meanwhile, as Melancholic Smile and the others were leading an army to Silverwing Town, the various superpowers were reeling from the news of Shi Feng’s return.

They never thought that Shi Feng would reappear after disappearing for such a long time.

Or to put it in another way, the Sword King of old had returned!

Moreover, Shi Feng’s individual combat power had even reached unbelievable heights. His Dragon Transformation actually allowed him to effortlessly kill a Mythic ranked Faux Saint Devourer. The Sword King was far more frightening than before. This astonishing transformation would also make Zero Wing even more difficult to deal with.

After all, compared to a Guild with weak morale and divided opinions, a united Guild with strong morale would be capable of exhibiting much greater combat power.

Fire Dragon Empire, Flame Dragon City, Scorching Flame Restaurant:

The Scorching Flame Restaurant towered over 30 stories above the city center. At this moment, a female Level 116 Guardian Knight clad in black-gold armor entered the top-floor room of the restaurant. The Guardian Knight radiated a frightening aura that suppressed even the ambient Mana around her. However, when this Guardian Knight arrived before the woman currently dining inside the room, she gave a very respectful bow.

“Vice Guild Leader Shadow, Black Flame has returned to the eastern continent,” White Feather reported as she placed a document before Cold Shadow. She then continued, “Like we guessed, he has become much stronger than before. As a result, Zero Wing and its partners have regained their confidence. Even the Secret Pavilion has dispatched more manpower to help defend Stone Forest City. Currently, the various superpowers are hotly discussing this matter. Should we still proceed with our original plan and hold the alliance discussion?”

“Of course. He merely killed one Faux Saint Devourer. The big picture remains the same. Proceed according to plan,” Cold Shadow said, a seductive smile appearing on her face. “Those superpowers are no fools, either. They should understand that times have changed. If they wish to survive in the new era, their only option is to plunder more resources for themselves! Not to mention, both Black Flame and Silverwing Town won’t survive much longer!”

Although Shi Feng’s return had indeed shocked the various superpowers, that was it.

After all, one would have trouble adapting to the changes in the rapidly developing eastern continent, even if one left the continent for just two or three days. Shi Feng had disappeared from the eastern continent for around two weeks. Moreover, there was also the activation of the Demon God’s Chaos expansion pack, as well as the outbreak of the Faux Saint monsters.

The current eastern continent was not the eastern continent of two weeks ago. One could say that Shi Feng’s time had already passed. The threat he posed to the various superpowers was no longer as great as before.

In the current God’s Domain, Tier 3 experts were no longer as rare as before. Even the various top adventurer teams boasted over 100 Tier 3 experts under their command, let alone the various first-rate Guilds and superpowers. Hence, it was now incredibly difficult for powerful individuals like Shi Feng to accomplish great feats on their own. Tier 3 Personal Guards were also no longer as great of a threat to players as they were before.

“Understood. I’ll notify the various superpowers, then.” White Feather nodded before leaving the Scorching Flame Restaurant.

While the eastern continent’s various superpowers were discussing Shi Feng’s return, Shi Feng himself had gone to Zero Wing’s Residence in Silverwing Town to rest.

“Guild Leader, as per your instructions, we have started secretly transferring the crippled NPCs and elite Tier 3 Personal Guards. It shouldn’t be long before they arrive in town. We have also tasked people to monitor the gaming cabins of the Vice Guild Leaders and the others. As soon as they leave that special space, we will know about it,” Youlan reported to Shi Feng, who was currently browsing the latest news regarding the eastern continent.

“Alright. They should be able to get out of that place in a few more days. If they arrive inside the Faux Saint monsters’ territory, send a rescue team immediately,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

Although he doubted that Zero Wing’s main force members would have any problems dealing with the Faux Saint monsters, if they got surrounded by a large number of Faux Saint Destroyers or encountered a Faux Saint Devourer, they might still get killed. Meanwhile, the enhanced death penalty from dying to a Faux Saint monster was something he didn’t want Zero Wing’s main force members to suffer.

“Guild Leader, are you really fine in your present condition?” Youlan asked worriedly.

Not only did Shi Feng lose contact with the outside world for such a long period, but he had even spent all this time lying inside his virtual gaming cabin, completely reliant on the cabin’s Nutrient Solution to sustain himself. His physical body couldn’t be unaffected. Not to mention, he had just experienced such an intense battle and had a Soul Mark placed on him. Who knew if that Soul Mark would have any side effects or not? If Shi Feng were to collapse from overwork now and suffered lasting damage to his body, it would be putting the cart before the horse.

“Relax. I’m really fine,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “In fact, my mind is in exceptionally good condition right now. New ideas are popping up in my mind from time to time, and they’re making me eager to start training.”

“It’s good that you’re fine. However, if you feel sick, you must log off and rest immediately. You can leave the other matters to us,” Youlan said. After seeing that Shi Feng was indeed in good spirits, she stopped trying to persuade him to rest and left the office to handle the other tasks he had given her.

Meanwhile, after Youlan left, Shi Feng stopped browsing the eastern continent’s news. He then focused on the several strands of mist the Faux Saint Devourer had sent into his body.

This wasn’t his first time receiving a Soul Mark.

Normally, players couldn’t sense the Soul Mark that plagued them. However, he could actually clearly sense it inside his mind. He could even sense the white mist circling his brain. This situation intrigued him.

Following which, Shi Feng focused all his attention on the several strands of mist meandering through his mind. His expression suddenly changed.

No, that’s not right! This isn’t a Soul Mark but a Soul Array!