Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2662 - Continent Shaken, Powerful Return!

As Irontooth’s six-meter-tall body started disintegrating into particles of light, everyone standing in the desert woodland could not help but gasp.

Despite having absorbed the Faux Saint Devourer’s strength, Irontooth had died, just like that.

Thus far, not a single power or player had managed to kill a Grand Lord ranked Faux Saint Destroyer, yet Shi Feng had actually succeeded in killing a Faux Saint Devourer. Moreover, he had accomplished this feat while Saint’s Hand was protecting the Mythic ranked monster.

Meanwhile, as Irontooth’s body disappeared, soul ripples spread from his fading corpse up to thousands of yards away. Everyone that came into contact with these soul ripples shuddered involuntarily.

A short moment later, several streams of white mist escaped Irontooth’s corpse and flew straight into Shi Feng’s body. Before he could react, the mist had merged with his soul already.

“Black Flame, you’ll regret your actions today! Now that you’ve killed the Faux Saint Devourer, it has left a Soul Mark on you! It won’t be long before the other Faux Saint monsters come to find you! They will also obliterate Silverwing Town from the Orc Empire!” Thousand Eyes scoffed as he looked at Shi Feng.

The higher-ups’ instruction was for them to protect the Faux Saint Devourer because the birth of a Faux Saint Devourer was incredibly rare and difficult—not even one Faux Saint Devourer might appear from tens of thousands of Faux Saint Destroyers. Meanwhile, a Faux Saint Devourer was unimaginably useful to both the Faux Saint monsters and Saint’s Hand.

However, Shi Feng had not only disregarded Saint’s Hand but even killed the Faux Saint Devourer right before everyone’s eyes. He had actually snubbed Saint’s Hand. This was the first time Thousand Eyes had suffered such humiliation since entering God’s Domain.

Due to the mission’s failure, Thousand Eyes wanted to make Shi Feng realize just how foolish his actions were and regret them for the rest of his life.

The other Saint’s Hand members present also started eyeing Shi Feng with derision.

Unlike ordinary monsters, the Faux Saint monsters possessed close bonds with each other. Moreover, the tightness of this bond corresponded with the strength of a Faux Saint monster.

With the Faux Saint Devourer analogous to a king among Faux Saint monsters, killing one was equivalent to becoming enemies with every Faux Saint monster out there.Updater by

Unless Shi Feng could remove the Faux Saint Devourer’s Soul Mark, all the Faux Saint monsters within a 100,000-yard radius would be able to detect his presence and would try to kill him as long as his soul existed. In other words, they would target him until he deleted his account and started all over again!

The complexions of Purple Eye and the others darkened slightly as they looked at Thousand Eyes. They never thought that killing the Faux Saint Devourer would come at such a price.

“Hahaha! Black Flame must be dumbfounded right now! If what Thousand Eyes said really is true, then Black Flame and Silverwing Town are both doomed!”

The various superpowers’ spectating members laughed along with Thousand Eyes.

The power of Shi Feng’s Dragon Transformation was shocking and could even be called unmatched. They could tell that Zero Wing would most likely be making a strong comeback.

However, Thousand Eyes’s words dispelled all their worries.

The current Silverwing Town’s defensive capability was indeed very strong. After all, it had not only a Tier 4 NPC guarding it but also the protection of a monstrous player like Shi Feng.

However, when besieged by an army of millions or possibly even tens of millions of Faux Saint monsters, even a Main City ranked NPC city would fall very quickly, let alone Silverwing Town.

Just as everyone thought that Shi Feng would reveal signs of regret or fear, however, the Swordsman turned to look at Thousand Eyes in an indescribably calm gaze.

“You want to see me regretting? You’ll have to be able to leave this place alive first to do that!”

After saying so, Shi Feng stalked toward Thousand Eyes’s team, each step he took setting the ground atremble. At this moment, it felt as if the whole world was angry.

Upon seeing his approach, Thousand Eyes and the other Saint’s Hand members paled drastically.

“Black Flame… You’d better not go too far!”

“We are members of Saint’s Hand’s trump card legion! If you kill us, Saint’s Hand will not forgive Zero Wing!”

“That’s right! If you wish to stay alive and keep Silverwing Town standing, your only choice is to work with Saint’s Hand! Otherwise, both you and Zero Wing will be devoured by those Faux Saint monsters!”

Faced with the 40-meter-tall Black Dragon and the overbearing aura it exuded, Saint’s Hand’s peak experts and even Thousand Eyes, a Domain Realm expert, were overwhelmed with unspeakable terror. Their minds blanked out, preventing them from properly controlling their bodies; they couldn’t escape even though they wanted to.

This scene flabbergasted the various spectating superpowers. For a moment, they doubted that the people displayed on their Magic Mirrors were actually the members of one of Saint’s Hand’s trump card legions, who normally showed no respect even to the various superpowers.

Before the various superpowers’ spectating members could dismiss their doubts, Shi Feng had already arrived before Thousand Eyes and slowly raised one of his massive claws.

“You don’t need to concern yourselves with this!”

After Shi Feng said so, he sent a claw smashing into Thousand Eyes’s team.

First Sword, Lightshadow!

In the next moment, the phantom of a gigantic Dragon’s claw descended from the sky, so immense and powerful that Thousand Eyes and the others couldn’t dodge or defend themselves. In the blink of an eye, Thousand Eyes and the others were sent to the void, together with the ground beneath them.




For a moment, time in the desert woodland seemed to freeze. Even the various superpowers’ members that were spectating from Silverwing Town stared at the Magic Mirrors before them with dumbfounded expressions, unable to believe their eyes.

“They got killed, just like that?”

“Those are experts that Saint’s Hand had invested a fortune in nurturing! With this, Saint’s Hand definitely won’t let Zero Wing off the hook!”

“Is he really Black Flame?”

Unlike normal players, the experts of Saint’s Hand’s trump card legions had relied on special methods to gain astonishing Basic Attributes. Hence, the death penalties they suffered were also far greater than that of normal players.

By killing Thousand Eyes’s team, Shi Feng had basically crippled half of the trump card legion they belonged to. It would be strange if Saint’s Hand did not try to take revenge on Zero Wing.

Despite Zero Wing’s fate already hanging on the line, now that it had to go up against the Faux Saint army, Shi Feng had actually annihilated Thousand Eyes’s team, instead of trying to mend his relationship with Saint’s Hand to improve Zero Wing’s chances of survival. What Shi Feng just did basically pushed Zero Wing further down the path of no return.

However, even after annihilating Thousand Eyes’s team, Shi Feng remained calm like usual as if he had just killed a bunch of mobs. After giving Purple Eye some instructions, as well as gifting the weapons and equipment of Saint’s Hand’s members to the patrol army’s members, he flew off to the distant Silverwing Town.

Shortly after Shi Feng left the battlefield, news regarding the events in the desert woodland started spreading like wildfire.

Black Flame’s shocking return to Silverwing Town!

Mythic ranked Faux Saint Devourer gets killed!

Black Flame single-handedly annihilates one of Saint’s Hand’s trump card legions!

These shocking pieces of information shook the entire eastern continent one after another.