Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2661 - Upgraded Black Dragon

“Amazing! So, this is Saint’s Hand’s true foundation?”

“Even after reaching this point, Black Flame still dares to fight. He sure is courageous. It’s a pity that the current God’s Domain is no longer how it was before. Otherwise, with his combat power, it might really be possible to turn things around.”

“How foolish! Is he just being stubborn, or does he really think things are still the same?”

When the various superpowers’ members saw Shi Feng unsheathe the Abyssal Blade, their reactions varied from laughing in ridicule, sighing in disappointment, and lamenting.

The strength Shi Feng had previously displayed in battle was indeed incredible. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration at all to call him a monster.

Unfortunately, before a true monster, Shi Feng’s strength amounted to nothing. He could only buy time at best. Had he withdrawn when he had the chance, instead of provoking Thousand Eyes’s group, he wouldn’t have fallen into such a predicament.

As the various superpowers’ members were conversing, the Abyssal Blade in Shi Feng’s hand suddenly transformed into a cloud of dark fog that enveloped him completely, then expanded rapidly.

When the cloud of fog had grown to a 60-yard radius, a Dragon’s roar echoed throughout the battlefield, making everyone’s soul shudder.

Before anyone could react to this roar, a gigantic, pitch-black claw emerged from the fog and landed right beside Irontooth. The ground under the claw sank as if it was water. In addition, weblike cracks appeared in the space around the claw, the phenomenon making it seem as if the surrounding space could shatter at any time, unable to withstand the power the claw carried.

Shortly after the gigantic claw appeared, another Dragon’s roar dispersed the black fog. When the fog cleared, the figure of a 40-meter-tall Black Dragon came into view. Despite the Black Dragon just standing there quietly, everyone felt an indescribable sense of awe and fear welling up within them as they stared at the Black Dragon.

“A Dragon?!”

“What’s going on?!”

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw the Black Dragon.

Dragons were creatures that all players in God’s Domain knew about because the existence of Dragons was synonymous with “destruction” in God’s Domain. One could easily find information depicting Dragons destroying kingdoms and empires overnight in any of God’s Domain’s libraries.

Now that a real Dragon appeared before them, everyone was naturally astonished.

When Thousand Eyes and the other Saint’s Hand members saw the Black Dragon, their complexions paled drastically. Although they didn’t know whether the Black Dragon before them was real or not, the pressure coming from it was no laughing matter. The Black Dragon’s Life Rating was undoubtedly leaps and bounds above theirs.

Archaic Species?

Ferocious Beasts?

Compared to this Black Dragon, the Life Ratings of those creatures were insignificant.

“You asked me how I felt before, right? How do you feel about the situation now?” Shi Feng asked calmly as he gazed down at the dumbfounded Irontooth standing beside his claw.

After his Concentration reached the Tier 4 standard, not only did he gain better control over his Skills and Spells, but his Dragon Phantom was also more realistic than before. Now, the Life Rating of the phantom he transformed into much more closely matched that of the real Black Dragon King. At this point, despite being a Tier 3 Black Dragon King, his Basic Attributes nearly rivaled those of Mythic ranked Archaic Species of the same level.

At Shi Feng’s words, Irontooth’s expression turned indescribably grim. An unprecedented fear flooded his heart.

How is this possible?! Didn’t they say that his Dragon Transformation should push him only to the standard of ordinary Mythic monsters?! How is he so strong?! Irontooth was confounded by the gigantic creature before him.

Saint’s Hand had long since heard about Shi Feng’s ability to transform into a Dragon. However, whether it was in terms of size, Basic Attributes, or Life Rating, the Dragon that Shi Feng had just transformed into was on a completely different level from what was stated in Saint’s Hand’s intelligence report.

At this moment, let alone Irontooth and the other Saint’s Hand members, even Illusory Words was stunned by this situation.

Crimson Emperor had collected a lot of information on the fight between Zero Wing and Demon City. Naturally, that information included Shi Feng’s Black Dragon form. However, compared to the Black Dragon that had attacked Demon City, the Black Dragon that now stood on the battlefield was like a completely different creature.

Even though she was only looking at the Black Dragon through the Magic Mirror, she could still feel the aura of death and destruction it exuded. Moreover, she could also faintly sense that the space of the entire battlefield gravitated toward the Black Dragon. She simply couldn’t believe that the Black Dragon was only a Tier 3 Dragon.

While everyone was in shock over the Black Dragon’s aura and Life Rating, the Black Dragon suddenly raised a claw.


Immediately afterward, the place where Irontooth stood and the space around it transformed into a pitch-black void; the dozen or so Saint’s Hand members who had been standing in this space were nowhere in sight. As for Irontooth, his six-meter-tall figure currently lay inside a newly formed crater over 30 yards from his previous position. Cracks were also spreading across the silver armor protecting Irontooth’s two arms, and his HP had decreased by more than two million.


At this moment, it was as if time had stopped.

“What just happened?” the fierce man from Crimson Emperor muttered, slack-jawed.

As a Domain Realm expert with Basic Attributes and a physique rivaling those of Grand Lords of the same level, almost nothing in God’s Domain could escape his sight.

However, he actually hadn’t seen what had happened just now. Aside from a momentary black flash in the Magic Mirror’s display and a loud boom, his senses had failed to pick up any other information.

So, this is his true strength? Purple Eye, who stood a short distance away from Shi Feng, was filled with an indescribable sense of shock when she saw the black void that had appeared near her.

Compared to the various superpowers’ members that were spectating the fight through Magic Mirrors, she was able to get a much clearer sense of just how much power Shi Feng’s attack contained.

Monster-level experts?

Tier 4 monsters?

These things were nothing in front of such overbearing power.

Meanwhile, upon seeing this scene, the complexions of Thousand Eyes and the others turned deathly pale.

Was Shi Feng still human?

Despite Irontooth currently being stronger than the Faux Saint Devourer, Shi Feng actually suppressed Berserker to an even greater degree than when he suppressed the Faux Saint Devourer.

As for Irontooth, who had just stood himself back up inside the distant crater, horror colored his face as he gazed up at the Black Dragon Shi Feng had transformed into.

So close!

He was so very close!

If not for him having reacted sufficiently quickly and defended himself in time against the Black Dragon’s swipe using his weapon, the consequences would’ve been unimaginable.

“It seems your reactions are pretty fast to be able to block that attack of mine,” Shi Feng said calmly as he looked down at Irontooth. “However, how many attacks can you afford to block?”

Although Shi Feng had casually executed the earlier attack, it still carried the power of an Advanced Combat Technique. Had Irontooth failed to raise his weapon in time, he definitely would have suffered tremendously.

Just as Shi Feng was about to continue attacking, however, Thousand Eyes suddenly stepped forward.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I admit that you are very powerful. However, you’d best not force our hand. Saint’s Hand’s goal is to maintain stability in God’s Domain,” Thousand Eyes said coldly. “If you really kill Irontooth now and break the balance, both the Faux Saint monsters and Saint’s Hand definitely won’t let Zero Wing off the hook. At that time, Silverwing Town and Zero Wing City will both face the wrath of an army of tens of millions!”

It was incredibly difficult for Mythic ranked Faux Saint monsters to spawn. Hence, every one held great importance for both the Faux Saint monsters and Saint’s Hand. Now that Irontooth had temporarily merged with the Faux Saint Devourer, killing Irontooth would also kill the Faux Saint Devourer. This definitely wasn’t something the Faux Saint monsters and Saint’s Hand would tolerate.

Upon seeing Thousand Eyes threatening Shi Feng, the spectating superpowers were surprised. This was the first time since Saint’s Hand’s establishment that such a situation occurred. Normally, the Guild would just destroy all those that stood in its path. It had never bothered negotiating or making threats at all.

“It seems Thousand Eyes has been cornered this time. I wonder what Black Flame will do?”

“What else can he do, aside from letting them go? Let alone Zero Wing, even if the superpowers of the several neighboring kingdoms and empires worked together, they still wouldn’t be able to prevent Saint’s Hand and tens of millions of Faux Saint monsters from retaliating.”

However, while the various superpowers’ spectating members were discussing this matter, Shi Feng glanced at Thousand Eyes and said in an ineffably calm voice, “So what?”

After saying that, Shi Feng used Dragon Breath on Irontooth and heavily injured him; the Berserker’s HP fell by a sizable chunk. In his current state, Irontooth was utterly incapable of combat.

Following which, Shi Feng battered Irontooth with claw attacks, one after another, plundering large chunks of HP from the Berserker without pause.


Thousand Eyes’s complexion went through several shades of red when he saw Shi Feng’s wanton assault.

“Is he crazy?”

“Is he really not afraid of the Faux Saint monsters’ and Saint’s Hand’s retaliation?”

“Zero Wing is doomed! Zero Wing is truly doomed this time!”

When the various superpowers’ spectating members saw Irontooth’s HP plummeting, they gaped in disbelief. They never thought that Shi Feng would actually ignore the big picture and choose to kill Irontooth.

In less than six minutes since Shi Feng started his onslaught, Irontooth’s HP, which was in the hundreds of millions, zeroed out, his body collapsing lifelessly to the ground. As for Thousand Eyes and the other Saint’s Hand members, they merely watched the drubbing with dumbfounded expressions, none of them daring to do anything.