Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2659 - Black Flame?

When everyone heard this calm voice, they looked at its origin reflexively.

Meanwhile, the person who said these words was none other than the cloaked man who had suppressed the Faux Saint Devourer and single-handedly turned the tides of this battle.

“Is he really opposing Saint’s Hand?”

The various superpowers’ members spectating from Silverwing Town were surprised by this development. They never thought that the Swordsman would actually dare provoke Saint’s Heart’s members. Moreover, he had even spoken those provocative words to Thousand Eyes, the commander of one of Saint Hand’s three trump card legions.

The Swordsman was simply too bold!

At this moment, even Illusory Words and the other Crimson Emperor members seated inside the Blue Rose Bar were astonished by this situation. Although Saint’s Heart’s members numbered only a little over 100, which was nothing compared to Silverwing Town’s patrol army, these Saint’s Heart members all possessed extraordinary strength.

In fact, Thousand Eyes had relied on these 100-plus players to attack and capture the Star Alliance’s heavily defended Guild Residence. They had even killed more than 600 of the Secret Pavilion’s Tier 3 experts that were dispatched to help the Star Alliance.

At Silverwing Town, one could say that, unless Zero Wing’s main force members took action, nobody could stop Thousand Eyes’s group.

But why does this scene feel familiar? When Illusory Words saw the standoff on the Magic Mirror, she had a sense of déjà vu.

At the desert woodland, Purple Eye could not help growing somewhat anxious when she saw Shi Feng challenging Thousand Eyes. Others might not know how powerful Thousand Eyes and his team were, but she did. After all, she had witnessed him in action before.

It might be fine if they were within three or four hundred yards of Silverwing Town, since Silverwing Town’s Tier 4 Personal Guard could take action at that range. As strong as they were, even Thousand Eyes and his team would not dare mess around with a Tier 4 NPC.

However, not only were they quite some distance from Silverwing Town, but the majority of the patrol army were currently scattered all over the battlefield. With only a little more than 30 Tier 3 experts on Purple Eye’s side, even if Shi Feng’s combat power could suppress the Faux Saint Devourer, her people still wouldn’t be a match for Thousand Eyes’s team.

The members of Thousand Eyes’s team simply couldn’t be considered human. They were more like a group of humanoid beasts. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have dared attack the Star Alliance’s Guild Residence, which had been guarded by several hundred Tier 3 Personal Guards and over 10,000 experts, with just 100-plus players. Their inhuman strength was also the reason why Thousand Eyes and his team dared take action so close to Silverwing Town.

As Purple Eye was growing nervous over this matter, Thousand Eyes turned to Shi Feng.

“I don’t know who you are, but I advise you not to look for trouble. Your strength and abilities are indeed amazing. I’m sure many superpowers will fear you. However, all of those things are nothing to Saint’s Hand,” Thousand Eyes said coldly. “Since you wish to destroy the current balance of God’s Domain, I’ll teach you a small portion of the consequences of doing so.”

As soon as Thousand Eyes finished speaking, five figures appeared from behind him, simultaneously activating a Tier 3 Combination Skill, Purgatory Storm.

Each of these five people immediately split into six copies of themselves and surrounded Shi Feng. The 30 doppelgangers then launched a synchronized strike at Shi Feng, every one of their attacks carrying power at the Tier 4 standard. With 30 attacks coming from all directions, let alone dodging, Shi Feng wouldn’t even be able to defend himself completely.

This scene surprised the various superpowers’ spectating experts.

“Saint’s Hand actually has a five-man Tier 3 Combination Skill?” Illusory Words frowned when she saw the five players attacking Shi Feng.

Tier 3 Skills and Spells were originally plenty rare already. Even the superpowers’ Tier 3 experts hardly had any Tier 3 Skills or Spells, let alone Tier 3 Combination Skills, which even the superpowers dreamed of obtaining.

Even the weakest Tier 3 Combination Skill allowed players to exhibit power at the Tier 4 standard. Stronger Tier 3 Combination Skills could even repulse Mythic monsters. Tier 3 Combination Skills served as a trump card against Mythic Bosses.

However, until now, there had been no news of any superpower obtaining a Tier 3 Combination Skill for five players. Even the strongest one required only three players to use.

Against a five-man, Tier 3 Combination Skill, even the Faux Saint Devourer would not emerge unscathed.

“A five-man, Tier 3 Combination Skill! Sure enough, Saint’s Hand’s foundations truly are extraordinary! That guy must be stupefied right about now!”

When the various superpowers’ spectating members saw Shi Feng surrounded, some of them laughed in ridicule while some sighed in disappointment. Although the Swordsman indeed possessed astonishing strength, just like Thousand Eyes had said, it was nothing in front of Saint’s Hand.

The 30 attacks, which tore space, struck at Shi Feng simultaneously, their frightening power making even Purple Eye, who stood over 30 yards away, feel stifled.

Just as the 30 devastating attacks were about to devour Shi Feng, however, he raised the Abyssal Blade overhead with both hands before swinging the Magic Weapon at the attacks.

First Sword, Lightshadow!

The phantom of a gigantic greatsword suddenly appeared in the air. However, compared to the previous times Shi Feng executed Lightshadow, the phantom greatsword felt much more solid this time. Moreover, just its manifestation made the surrounding space heavy. Even the attacks approaching Shi Feng slowed down considerably.

At this moment, it was as if only this phantom greatsword was moving while everything else remained static.


The 30 attacks capable of repulsing even the Faux Saint Devourer shattered instantly into countless particles of light, and the surrounding space crumbled from the terrifying force of the impact.

Immediately afterward, five figures went flying out of the shattered space like cannonballs and crashed into the large trees over 30 yards away. Despite the trunks of the large trees having a four-meter diameter, the five figures came to a stop only after ramming through several of these forest giants. And when these figures eventually landed back on the ground, their HP bars depleted rapidly and stabilized only after hitting the 30% mark.


Upon seeing the five heavily injured Saint’s Hand members, Purple Eye gaped in shock.

With just one move, Shi Feng not only shattered the five-man, Tier 3 Combination Skill but even heavily injured the five Saint’s Hand members. The ease with which he neutralized the attack made it seem as if the five Saint’s Hand members were not peak experts boasting Basic Attributes rivaling that of Grand Lords, but merely ordinary players that one could find anywhere.

“Who are you?” When Thousand Eyes saw that Shi Feng had survived the clash unscathed, the confidence in his eyes disappeared, replaced by surprise and confusion.

Thousand Eyes knew full well how powerful the Purgatory Storm his five subordinates executed was. This Combination Skill could block even the attack of a Superior Mythic. Now, however, Shi Feng had actually shattered the Combination Skill and heavily injured his five subordinates with just one move. This was simply inconceivable.

At this moment, let alone Thousand Eyes, everyone else watching the fight wanted to know Shi Feng’s identity.

“Who am I?” Turning his gaze to Thousand Eyes, Shi Feng retorted calmly, “You have the gall to take action in Silverwing Town’s vicinity, yet you’re asking who I am? Don’t you think this question of yours is idiotic?”

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s words, silence suddenly befell the various superpowers’ spectating members as they all stared at Shi Feng’s cloaked figure in disbelief.

“Black Flame?”