Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2655 - Birth of a Mythic

Upon hearing the Tier 3 Shield Warrior’s words, Solid Wind turned to Shi Feng with an embarrassed expression. Previously, she had been focused on fighting, so she had forgotten to ask for Shi Feng’s name. In fact, she had even forgotten to thank Shi Feng for his help. Fortunately, the Shield Warrior, Crazed Bull, had taken the initiative to ask. Otherwise, their adventurer team would appear very ungrateful.

“Black Flame,” Shi Feng replied calmly.

“Black Flame?” Crazed Bull laughed involuntarily when he heard Shi Feng’s name. “Friend, your name is too amazing. Most likely, nobody in Star-Moon Kingdom would dare show disrespect to this name.”

The rest of the team nodded in agreement with Crazed Bull’s words.

At this point in time, there was nobody unaware of the name of Zero Wing’s Guild Leader.

Let alone the Star Alliance, a first-rate Guild operating in Star-Moon Kingdom, even the various superpowers had to show respect to Zero Wing now. All the players in Star-Moon Kingdom knew of Black Flame’s existence.

However, no matter how they looked at Shi Feng’s cloaked figure, he didn’t match the legendary Black Flame they knew of. They also didn’t think that the Guild Leader of Zero Wing would come to this godforsaken place that was infested with Faux Saint monsters.

“Alright, it’s just a form of address. Since he doesn’t want to reveal his name, there’s no need for us to pry into the matter,” Solid Wind whispered through the team chat when she saw her teammates poking fun at Shi Feng.

At Solid Wind’s admonishment, everyone promptly nodded and dropped the topic. After all, it was all thanks to Shi Feng that they survived. Since Shi Feng wished to conceal his identity, they naturally wouldn’t try to delve into the matter.

“We still haven’t thanked you for your help just now, Brother Black Flame. In the future, if you come across any trouble in the Orc Empire or Star-Moon Kingdom, please feel free to seek us out. Our Blood Pact adventurer team might not be comparable to large Guilds, but we are more than capable of settling small problems,” Solid Wind said in gratitude as she approached Shi Feng.

“That’s right. We might not be some famous top adventurer team, but we are still one of the top 20 adventurer teams operating in the Orc Empire. If you come across some wandering Dark Players, so long as you mention the name ‘Blood Pact,’ those Dark Players will generally show some respect and take a step back,” Crazed Bull said confidently.

“Alright,” Shi Feng said, nodding. At the same time, a bitter smile formed beneath the hood of his cloak when he saw that Solid Wind and her team did not believe him.

“Let’s get back on the carriages and continue on our way. Once night arrives, not only will those Faux Saint monsters grow more active, but Saint’s Hand’s members will also ambush the players operating around Silverwing Town. With the little manpower we have, we definitely won’t be able to defend all the merchandise,” Solid Wind said as she pointed at the nearby merchant fleet.

Everyone then boarded the carriages of the merchant fleet, not daring to waste any more time in this place.

“Vice Commander Wind, since the Faux Saint monsters are more active at night, aren’t Saint’s Hand’s members afraid of getting assaulted by them?” Shi Feng asked curiously after getting onto the leading carriage.

Since Saint’s Heart was trying to expand its influence in Star-Moon Kingdom, clashing with Zero Wing was inevitable. Hence, he wasn’t surprised that Saint’s Heart was targeting the players operating around Zero Wing’s territories. However, the Faux Saint monsters’ strength was no trivial matter, either. It would be extremely foolish for Saint’s Hand to take action in Silverwing Town’s vicinity during the Faux Saint monsters’ peak period.

“We found this situation very strange, as well. However, it seems that Saint’s Hand has developed a special tool. And when players wear this special tool, so long as they do not attack those Faux Saint monsters, then those Faux Saint monsters won’t attack them, either. With this tool, Saint’s Heart’s members can coordinate their movements with the Faux Saint monsters in targeting Silverwing Town. Recently, their assaults have become stronger. By the looks of it, Saint’s Hand wants to capture Silverwing Town as soon as possible,” Solid Wind said. “However, for independent players like ourselves, we really don’t wish to see Silverwing Town fall.

“Thus far, the Guild Towns captured by Saint’s Hand are open only to Saint’s Hand’s members. Meanwhile, Silverwing Town is the Orc Empire’s current economic center. If Saint’s Hand manages to capture Silverwing Town, then we won’t have anywhere to go.

“Hence, many adventurer teams and even some of Star-Moon Kingdom’s Guilds are currently working together to assist Zero Wing in defending against Saint’s Heart’s assault and protecting the merchant fleets heading toward Silverwing Town. Only, due to the Faux Saint monsters growing increasingly stronger, our side has recently started to fall into a disadvantage. I don’t know how much longer we can hold out like this…”

Aside from Solid Wind, the other players present also hated Saint’s Hand with a vengeance.

Currently, the various kingdoms and powers were already struggling to deal with the Faux Saint monsters, yet Saint’s Hand was actually exploiting the situation, making it increasingly difficult for independent players like themselves to survive. However, despite their hatred for Saint’s Hand, they were utterly powerless to do anything against the Guild. In fact, even the various superpowers did not dare to oppose Saint’s Hand and could only watch from the sidelines.

From the conversations with Solid Wind and the others, Shi Feng gradually understood Star-Moon Kingdom’s current situation.

Although Star-Moon Kingdom had already lost close to half of its territory, not a single Main City ranked NPC city had fallen. Even so, the situation did not look too good for the kingdom.

This was because the Faux Saint monsters were growing increasingly stronger, which, in turn, prompted a large number of players to emigrate from the kingdom. At this point, White River City, which originally had a player population exceeding ten million, now had a population of less than four million. The other NPC cities in the kingdom were in an even worse state.

Meanwhile, the drastic decrease in player population had also caused Star-Moon Kingdom’s economy to contract, forcing many powers to leave the kingdom in search of greener pastures.

To make matters worse, the departure of Star-Moon Kingdom’s major powers opened up opportunities for the various dark powers to rise up. The kingdom’s dark powers had already developed to a point where normal players might lose their lives as soon as they left the protection of an NPC town or city.

Overall, the situation in Star-Moon Kingdom could be summed up with a single word—chaos!

Most importantly, with the Faux Saint monsters growing increasingly stronger, everyone could already foresee the day when Star-Moon Kingdom’s Main City ranked NPC cities fell. At that time, the entire kingdom would collapse, and only those that joined Saint’s Hand could avoid getting devoured by the Faux Saint monsters in the kingdom.

As the merchant fleet continuously advanced, before anyone realized it, they had already arrived in a desert woodland close to Silverwing Town.

Currently, at least 20 merchant fleets could be seen advancing toward Silverwing Town under the escort of players. From this, one could easily see how prosperous the current Silverwing Town was.

Moreover, aside from the escorting adventurer teams, there was also an army of 10,000 players, belonging to the various large Guilds, patrolling the vicinity of Silverwing Town.

“We’re finally safe.” Solid Wind breathed out a sigh of relief when she saw this Guild army.

The sky was already darkening. The Faux Saint monsters they had to face at this time were no laughing matter, not to mention the threat of Saint’s Hand’s experts. Their merchant fleet would definitely face annihilation if they came across an ambush.

“Today’s patrol really is amazing. The Star Alliance’s Vice Guild Leader Purple Eye is actually leading it. With this, even if Saint’s Hand’s members attack together with the Faux Saint monsters, we have nothing to fear,” Crazed Bull said, his eyes glowing with excitement as he gazed at the beautiful, crimson-robed woman leading the patrol army.

The other Blood Pact members nodded their heads in agreement with Crazed Bull when they saw Purple Eye.

Nowadays, despite Star-Moon Kingdom giving birth to plenty of new experts, those capable of making it to the God’s Domain Experts List still numbered very few. After all, players all over God’s Domain were also continuously growing stronger. The difficulty of ranking within the God’s Domain Experts List was many times greater than before. Meanwhile, among Star-Moon Kingdom’s experts on the Experts List, Purple Eye ranked within the top 300. According to rumors, she had obtained a powerful Bloodline, and her combat power now rivaled that of monster-level experts.

To top it all off, just recently, Purple Eye had even succeeded in fully unlocking her Mana Body. At this point, everyone in Star-Moon Kingdom was already guessing that Purple Eye had already surpassed Zero Wing’s Aqua Rose in terms of strength and that she was catching up to Black Flame.

With such an expert protecting them, how could they not feel assured?

While Blood Pact’s members were quietly discussing Purple Eye, a disturbance erupted in the distance. Shortly afterward, deafening roars came from the same direction.

“Run! Run quickly! The Faux Saint monsters have come!”

Upon hearing someone shout these words, everyone in the vicinity reflexively turned to look at the origin of the roars. What entered everyone’s sight was a massive dust cloud rapidly approaching. Meanwhile, within the dust cloud, they could faintly make out the figures of six-meter-tall Faux Saint monsters, easily numbering several thousand.

“Everyone, quickly retreat to Silverwing Town! Our patrol will hold the rear!” Purple Eye shouted when she saw the army of Faux Saint monsters bearing down on them.

The patrol army promptly shifted to a defensive formation. From how calmly the patrol army’s members reacted even after seeing the approach of several thousand Faux Saint monsters, it was obvious that they were all experienced experts.

However, when the Faux Saint monsters arrived within 500 yards, the expressions of the patrol army’s members changed.

“Not good! There’s a Mythic ranked Faux Saint monster!”

Among the Faux Saint monsters present, even the Faux Saint Destroyers were only seven meters tall. However, to everyone’s surprise, a twelve-meter-tall figure was running amidst the monster army. The intense pressure this twelve-meter-tall Faux Saint monster exuded was so powerful that even Level 112, Tier 2 experts felt stifled.

The Grand Lord ranked Faux Saint Destroyers were already incredibly difficult to deal with for Tier 3 experts. In fact, even peak experts had died when fighting against a Faux Saint Destroyer. Nobody dared imagine how powerful a Faux Saint monster would become after reaching the Mythic rank.

Not to mention, aside from the Mythic ranked Faux Saint monster, the monster army also had several hundred Faux Saint Destroyers and several thousand Faux Saint Saboteurs.

“How is this possible?! How can a Mythic ranked Faux Saint monster appear so quickly?!” Solid Wind was stunned when she saw the gigantic Faux Saint monster.

“We’re doomed! We’re really doomed this time!” Crazed Bull similarly fell into despair at this situation.

When facing an army of Grand Lord ranked Faux Saint Destroyers, players like themselves could still band together to fend off the monsters. However, now that Mythic ranked Faux Saint monsters had started appearing in the Faux Saint armies, it was only a matter of time before Silverwing Town perished.

After all, even now, nobody had managed to kill a Faux Saint Destroyer. Needless to say, killing the Mythic ranked Faux Saint Devourer would be even more impossible. Moreover, these Faux Saint monsters would only grow increasingly stronger as time passed. Players like themselves were helpless to stop these monsters.

Before anyone could properly react to the appearance of a Mythic ranked Faux Saint monster, the Faux Saint army had already started clashing with the patrol army.

Against a Mythic ranked Faux Saint Devourer, even the Defense of Tier 3 MTs was no different from paper. Executing a horizontal swipe with its spear, the Faux Saint Devourer easily sent the Tier 3 MTs in its path flying, the MTs losing HP rapidly.

Even when Purple Eye, a Level 114, Tier 3 Elementalist, used a Tier 3 Curse against the Faux Saint Destroyer, the Mythic monster not only blocked the attack without any difficulty but even managed to turn the force of the attack to its advantage, propelling itself toward Purple Eye at lightning speed. If not for her quick reaction, activating a Lifesaving Skill in time, she would’ve been instantly killed.

“Brother Black Flame, let’s hurry up and leave. The patrol army won’t hold out for very long,” Crazed Bull urged anxiously when he saw Shi Feng jumping off the carriage.

If even an expert of Purple Eye’s caliber was at an absolute disadvantage, the Faux Saint army would eventually break through the patrol army’s defensive line.