Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2654 - - Obsolete Zero Wing?

Chapter 2654 – Obsolete Zero Wing?

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s question, Solid Wind and the others gave him strange looks.

“Am I mistaken about something?” Shi Feng asked, puzzled by their reactions.

The information Aqua Rose reported couldn’t be false. Moreover, Duan Hanshan had also mentioned the matter of the Purple Thorns Kingdom falling. Even if Aqua Rose received the wrong information, there was no way a Super Guild like the Azure Chamber of Commerce would as well.

“You’re not wrong,” Solid Wind said, shaking her head. “It’s just that the fall of the Purple Thorns Kingdom happened nine days ago.”

“Nine days ago?”

Shi Feng was stunned by Solid Wind’s words. For a moment, he wondered if she was trying to trick him.

According to the information Zero Wing received, the Purple Thorns Kingdom had fallen only a day ago. Even if there was an error in the information, the time gap shouldn’t be this large.

“The Purple Thorns Kingdom indeed fell nine days ago. The incident shook the entire God’s Domain back then. The players and powers based in the kingdom were truly miserable,” the Tier 3 Shield Warrior standing beside Solid Wind said, nodding. “After that incident, many of the Purple Thorns Kingdom’s players and powers banded together to plunder the resources of the neighboring kingdoms. The situation was so severe that two wars involving millions of players were waged. Many Guilds collapsed as a result, two of them even second-rate Guilds. The various major powers based in the neighboring kingdoms panicked.”

“That’s right. And three days ago, a horde of monsters emerged from the Purple Thorns Kingdom and invaded Star-Moon Kingdom. Fortunately, Star-Moon Kingdom did not face the predicament the Purple Thorns Kingdom had; all its Tier 3 NPCs and above remained in a combat-able state. Even so, in just half a day, nearly half of Star-Moon Kingdom’s territory was lost and became the nests of these Faux Saint monsters,” Solid Wind explained when she saw the skepticism on Shi Feng’s face.

Even after hearing Solid Wind’s sincere explanation, Shi Feng remained unconvinced.

However, there was simply no reason for Solid Wind to lie to a stranger like him. Moreover, everyone’s expression appeared natural. It did not seem as if they were faking anything.

If these people were acting, then he really would have to tip his hat off to their strength.

After all, unless one was at the Void Realm standard, avoiding the perception of a Domain Realm expert like himself would be very difficult. Only after reaching the Void Realm standard would people be able to control the minute actions their bodies made when lying.

If Solid Wind and the others were truly lying, this meant that the entire 200-man team consisted of peak experts. Not even the Five Great Super Guilds had so many peak experts under their command.

What is going on here? Shi Feng could not make heads or tails of this matter. I spent, at most, seven or eight hours inside the spatial maze. How did I unknowingly waste nine days?

As soon as he received word of the Purple Thorns Kingdom’s fall, he had hurried back to the eastern continent without hesitation. He didn’t even log off midway. He also couldn’t have fallen asleep during the journey and slept nine whole days away. After all, he had remained fully conscious during his entire journey.

Seven or eight hours becoming nine days? Shi Feng suddenly thought of a possibility, and his complexion darkened at this thought. Did I enter a space with chaotic time?

Normally, one would experience 48 hours a day in God’s Domain. However, in certain special locations, time would flow much more quickly, and staying just half a day there would mean an entire month going by in the outside world. Moreover, during this entire month, players should not be interrupted lest they enter a coma and regain consciousness only after a long time.

Fortunately, such cases rarely occurred in God’s Domain. In the past, Shi Feng had only ever heard rumors of such situations happening.

He never thought that he would experience it himself. In fact, there was a possibility that Aqua Rose and the others had been put into a similar situation, as well.

“Right, Vice Commander Wind, do you know how Star-Moon Kingdom’s various powers are faring against the Faux Saint monsters?” Shi Feng asked after recollecting himself.

What was done was done. The time he lost was already gone, and there was no way he could get it back. Fortunately, Star-Moon Kingdom had only partially fallen. With Zero Wing’s status as Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild and the support of Stone Forest City, Zero Wing shouldn’t face too many problems. After all, aside from Zero Wing’s main force members that had gone over to the western continent, there were still Melancholic Smile, Youlan, and the others to manage things in Star-Moon Kingdom.

As he currently couldn’t make contact with the outside world, the only thing he could do was collect as much information as possible regarding Star-Moon Kingdom.

“The situation isn’t optimistic,” Solid Wind replied. “Originally, these Faux Saint monsters already had a huge impact on Star-Moon Kingdom. However, for some reason, the main force members of Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild, Zero Wing, actually refused to show themselves despite such a major incident occurring. Fortunately, some of Zero Wing’s partners operating in Stone Forest City came to help fight these Faux Saint monsters, allowing Zero Wing to stabilize the situation in Star-Moon Kingdom, albeit just barely.

“However, due to Zero Wing’s passivity, a power called Saint’s Hand took the opportunity to rise up in Star-Moon Kingdom. Not only did Saint’s Hand rapidly establish itself in the many resource spots overrun by the Faux Saint monsters, but they also established plenty of Guild Towns. It even managed to occupy a fortress in the Orc Empire. To put it simply, Saint’s Hand has created a large safe zone where players can safely develop. At the same time, Saint’s Hand is also rapidly devouring the territories of Star-Moon Kingdom’s second- and third-rate Guilds, provoking wars all over the kingdom.

“Moreover, the various superpowers and even the Blackwater Guild seem to be terrified of Saint’s Hand. Recently, Saint’s Hand even captured one of the Star Alliance’s Guild Cities. Saint’s Hand’s influence in Star-Moon Kingdom now exceeds Zero Wing’s. I’m afraid it won’t be long before Saint’s Hand takes action against Zero Wing. At that time, the entire Star-Moon Kingdom will be engulfed in the fires of war.”

After Solid Wind fell silent, everyone present could not help sighing dejectedly.

They were all players of Star-Moon Kingdom. They had been developing there ever since they entered God’s Domain. Despite the Faux Saint monsters threatening Star-Moon Kingdom’s continued existence, not only did the kingdom’s various powers not band together to face this threat, but they had even started fighting each other with even greater ferocity. As things stood, how was Star-Moon Kingdom supposed to fend off the Faux Saint monsters, which were growing increasingly stronger with each passing day?

The current Faux Saint monsters were far stronger than those that first appeared in Star-Moon Kingdom.

Initially, the Faux Saint monsters were merely Level 100 Lords. Let alone Tier 3 players, even a party of Tier 2 experts could easily slay them. Now, however, the Faux Saint monsters had grown to the point where even the weakest among them was a Great Lord.

Everyone estimated that it wouldn’t be long before Mythic ranked Faux Saint monsters started appearing. At that point, Star-Moon Kingdom would surely be doomed.

Saint’s Hand? This is interesting.

Despite going through his memories of his past life, Shi Feng could not recall any power named Saint’s Hand. However, seeing as Saint’s Hand had managed to rise up in Star-Moon Kingdom so quickly after the Purple Thorns Kingdom’s fall, create a safe zone, and even capture a fortress in the Orc Empire, it was obvious that the Guild possessed an extraordinary foundation.

“Friend, we are escorting this merchant fleet to Silverwing Town. How about coming with us? Currently, Silverwing Town has a Tier 4 Personal Guard and many powerful Combat Puppets. It can be considered one of the few safe areas in the Orc Empire, as well as the Orc Empire’s trade hub. Our commander is quite influential in Silverwing Town. If you wish to learn some more information about the situation, you should have an easier time doing so there,” the Tier 3 Shield Warrior suggested as he looked at Shi Feng.

“In that case, I’ll have to trouble you, then,” Shi Feng said and thanked the Shield Warrior for the invitation.

Currently, he didn’t even know where exactly he was. He also didn’t know the way back to Star-Moon Kingdom. It would naturally be great if he could return to Silverwing Town.

When the Shield Warrior heard Shi Feng agree to his suggestion, he breathed out a sigh of relief. He then asked curiously, “Right, how should we address you, friend?”