Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2653 - Repelling Faux Saints

Chapter 2653 – Repelling Faux Saints

Upon hearing this voice, the merchant fleet’s 200 players promptly turned to look toward its origin.

What entered their sight was a cloaked Swordsman carrying two longswords, who was rapidly closing in on their position, his speed surpassing even that of Tier 3 Assassins.

“So fast!”

Solid Wind, the female Swordsman, was surprised when she saw this swift figure. She never thought that they would actually come across other expert players in this desert.

However, before anyone could react to this situation, this Swordsman had already arrived before one of the two Faux Saint Destroyers.

Upon noticing Shi Feng appearing before it, the Destroyer promptly raised its greatsword and smashed down at him. The descending greatsword split into three sword lights that struck at Shi Feng from different directions, each of the sword lights leaving a spatial tear in its wake.

“Be careful! You mustn’t receive this move, no matter what!” Solid Wind warned hurriedly when she saw the descending sword lights.

The Faux Saint Destroyer was ostensibly a Grand Lord, but the Skills and Spells it used could exhibit power at the Tier 4 standard. Moreover, its assault was generally relentless. Once it started attacking, it would continue chaining attacks one after another. So long as players revealed a hole in their defense, the Faux Saint Destroyer would use its strongest move to target said weakness.

Meanwhile, the Faux Saint Destroyer’s strongest attack was something even Tier 3 peak experts had difficulty dodging. A hit from this move would instantly kill even a Tier 3 MT.

However, when Shi Feng went up against the Faux Saint Destroyer’s attack, he actually showed no intention of dodging. Instead, he unsheathed the pitch-black longsword hanging at his waist and took the initiative to meet the attack.

“Did he not hear Vice Commander Solid Wind’s warning?”

The Tier 3 Shield Warrior who was tanking the other Faux Saint Destroyer was startled when he saw Shi Feng’s actions.

In regard to this situation, the other Tier 3 experts on the team also could not help shaking their heads and sighing.

Even their commander, who was their adventurer team’s strongest expert, would not dare receive this move directly, choosing to dodge it instead, before launching a counterattack. After all, so long as one clashed with this move, holes would inevitably appear in one’s defense. If that happened, even two or three healers would not be enough to keep one alive.

Although everyone present wished to help Shi Feng, the Faux Saint Destroyer’s attack was simply too fast. Nobody would make it in time.

“Damn it!” Solid Wind gnashed her teeth when she saw this scene.

They had just gained the help of a Tier 3 expert. While having an extra Tier 3 expert might not change the overall situation, it would increase the team’s combat power and let them survive longer. With the Swordsman’s help, they might even be able to hold out until their commander’s team arrived.

Now, however…


The loud clash of metal against metal thundered. At the same time, a frightening shockwave swept into the surroundings, creating a miniature sandstorm around its epicenter.

However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, they did not see the Swordsman’s figure flying out of the sandstorm. Instead, the situation inside the sandstorm became strangely calm after the initial collision.

When the sand settled, what entered everyone’s eyes was the scene of Shi Feng standing there quietly, his pitch-black longsword pushing against the Faux Saint Destroyer’s silvery-white greatsword. At this moment, not only was Shi Feng unharmed, but he was still in his original position.

“He blocked it?! How is that possible?!”

Everyone’s eyes nearly fell out of their sockets when they saw Shi Feng unscathed and in place.

The move the Faux Saint Destroyer just used carried power at the Tier 4 standard. Even a Tier 3 MT would stumble several steps backward when receiving this attack with their shield. However, far from making Shi Feng stumble, the Faux Saint Destroyer’s greatsword actually failed to budge his longsword by even an inch. It was as if the Destroyer’s greatsword had just smashed into an impenetrable wall.

The most frightening thing about all of this was that Shi Feng had used only one hand to stop the Faux Saint Destroyer’s attack.

“How high is his Strength?” After seeing this astonishing scene, Solid Wind paid closer attention to Shi Feng.

Even her commander, who was fully geared in top-tier Dark-Gold Equipment and wielded an Epic Weapon, would not dare receive a Faux Saint Destroyer’s attack directly, yet Shi Feng blocked the attack so casually. This was simply unbelievable.

However, before anyone could react to the situation, Shi Feng swung the Abyssal Blade once more and sent a perfect crescent cutting at the Faux Saint Destroyer before him. Failing to defend itself in time, the Destroyer took the hit and stumbled five steps back. At the same time, a damage exceeding -300,000 appeared above its head. The damage from Shi Feng’s attack was more than five times higher than what Solid Wind and the others managed to cause.

Immediately afterward, Shi Feng sent a crescent arc flying at the other Faux Saint Destroyer. This time, though, the targeted Destroyer reacted in time, interposing its greatsword.


The instant the crescent arc came into contact with the greatsword, the impact lifted the targeted Faux Saint Destroyer slightly off the ground and sent it flying five yards back.

By the time the Faux Saint Destroyer managed to stabilize its body, silence filled the entire battlefield as the 200 players guarding the merchant fleet gaped in shock at the scene that had just taken place.


Shi Feng was simply too strong!

The two Faux Saint Destroyers alone were more than capable of annihilating their 200-man team, yet Shi Feng had suppressed both of them with just two casual moves. He was absolutely inhuman.

“Leave these two Faux Saint Destroyers to me! The rest of you quickly take care of those Saboteurs!” Shi Feng shouted when he saw that everyone was staring at him in a daze.

“Got it!”

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s reminder, everyone promptly snapped out of their daze and resumed fighting the Faux Saint Saboteurs without hesitation.

In less than an hour, because of Shi Feng pinning down the two Faux Saint Destroyers, the team was able to finish off 70% of the Faux Saint Saboteurs present. After seeing that the tide of the battle was turning against them, the two Faux Saint Destroyers actually quit the field without hesitation. As for the surviving Faux Saint Saboteurs, they similarly scattered and fled as well.

“They’re escaping? What are these monsters?” Shi Feng was surprised to see the Faux Saint monsters fleeing.

He had seen monsters abandon fights before. However, those monsters would generally turn tail only when their HPs had fallen to a critical level. On the other hand, the Faux Saint monsters that fled still had most of their HP. The two Faux Saint Destroyers, in particular, were basically still at full HP.

“We don’t know what exactly these Faux Saint monsters are. We only know that they came from Star-Moon Kingdom’s side. Moreover, every one of them possesses extremely high intellect. So long as they see that they have no chance of winning, they will scatter and flee immediately. This is especially true for those Faux Saint Destroyers. Even now, we haven’t heard of any team killing one,” Solid Wind explained when she saw the confusion on Shi Feng’s face.

“They came from Star-Moon Kingdom?” Solid Wind’s words surprised Shi Feng. Curious, he asked, “Vice Commander Wind, could we be very close to Star-Moon Kingdom?”

As far as he knew, there were no maps close to Star-Moon Kingdom that prohibited the use of teleportation, Flying Mounts, and the system map.

“Mhm. Once we cross this desert area, which is in the Orc Empire, we’ll arrive at Star-Moon Kingdom’s fallen border,” Solid Wind said as she eyed Shi Feng strangely. After all, this information was common knowledge already.

“The Orc Empire? Star-Moon Kingdom’s fallen border?” Shi Feng grew even more confused at Solid Wind’s words. “Wasn’t it the Purple Thorns Kingdom that has fallen?”