Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2648 - Tier 4 Concentration

Chapter 2648 – Tier 4 Concentration

When the strange ripple appeared from Shi Feng’s body, Aqua Rose and the others present promptly noticed it. At the same time, they felt a mental pressure from Shi Feng that they had never felt before. Although this mental pressure was far weaker than what the Divine Will statues radiated, it was inherently the same.

“Guild Leader, did you break through?” Aqua Rose could not help asking as she looked at Shi Feng. Although she understood that Shi Feng had achieved a breakthrough, she still wanted confirmation.

The difficulty of raising Concentration was far greater than she had expected. Even now, she could sense that she was still far from a breakthrough. Even Violet Cloud, whose mental condensation standard was second only to Shi Feng’s, had a long way to go—30% or so to reach the Tier 4 standard and its concomitant qualitative transformation.

“Mhm, I’ve reached the Tier 4 standard already,” Shi Feng said, nodding happily as he focused his mind on experiencing the changes brought about by having his Concentration reach the Tier 4 standard.

Tier 4!

This was a realm that he was never able to reach in the past no matter what he did. Even though only his Concentration had reached the Tier 4 standard, for now, it was already more than enough to excite him.

In God’s Domain, Tier 4 was a major turning point for players, a far more important one than when players went from Tier 2 to Tier 3. One could say that more than 99% of Tier 3 players would never be able to reach Tier 4.

In order to reach Tier 4, aside from sufficiently high combat standards and equipment standards, one also needed a lot of luck and fortuitous opportunities. If a player lacked any of these factors, the difficulty of reaching Tier 4 would increase exponentially.

Now, with Shi Feng’s Concentration at the Tier 4 standard, his chances of attaining Tier 4 in the future had just increased significantly.

“Guild Leader, what does it feel like to have Tier 4 Concentration? Is the difference large?” Yan Tianxing asked, curious.

Upon hearing Yan Tianxing’s question, everyone turned to Shi Feng with inquisitive eyes.

“It’s large. It’s very large,” Shi Feng answered after giving the matter some thought. “You can say that I’ve already reached a completely different level.”

The improvement of the Concentration Attribute would provide a significant increase in a player’s control over their physical body and Mana. The Concentration Attribute reaching the Tier 4 standard would even bring about a qualitative transformation.

Take the Holy Annihilation Mana Technique for example. If executing Lightshadow cost him 10 points of Concentration previously, then now, it required only 3 points. As for the Concentration cost of executing Bronze Combat Techniques, it had dropped even further. Now, he could basically use Bronze Combat Techniques as if they were Advanced Combat Techniques.

In addition, even executing Tier 3 Skills and Spells at a 100% Completion Rate would probably no longer be difficult. Even breaking through the 100% threshold was entirely doable.

“Is the difference really that great?” Aqua Rose could not help her incredulity.

“Although I do not wish to say this, the difference is, indeed, like heaven and earth. Right now, in a situation where I have the same Basic Attributes, I’m certain my current self can defeat my previous self in less than ten moves,” Shi Feng replied, chuckling when he saw the skeptical look Aqua Rose was giving him.

Only after his Concentration reached the Tier 4 standard did he truly understand how big the gap between Tier 3 and Tier 4 was. It was no wonder the Tier 4 experts in the past could trounce a group of Tier 3 peak experts, with some Tier 4 experts even able to capture a Guild Town single-handedly.

The reason for this wasn’t the powerful Basic Attributes Tier 4 players had but their control over their physical body and Mana, which had reached a whole new realm.

Even with the same physical body, Shi Feng had now doubled his combat power, at the very least. Moreover, the cost of exertion had been drastically reduced. Now, even zerg tactics were useless against him.

In his current state, he could truly destroy an army of players all by himself!

“The improvement is that much?” Yi Luofei was astonished by Shi Feng’s example.

Before, their Guild Leader could already be considered invincible among Tier 3 existences. After all, he had overwhelmed the ancient secret land’s Tier 4 Region Chiefs. Now, however, he was claiming that his Tier 4 Concentration would let him defeat his previous self in less than ten moves. At this point, she no longer dared imagine how powerful he currently was. Even actual Tier 4 players might not be a match for him.

“Alright, we don’t have much time left. Hurry up and continue absorbing the Divine Will. It’ll be quite some time before you can enter here again,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he looked at everyone’s yearning expressions.

The alchemy array they used lasted only seven days and had a ten-day Cooldown. Even if everyone gained the right to stay in Lightforged City for as long as they wanted, they would still have to leave the city for at least three days before they could enter again. In addition, whenever they entered the ancient secret land, they had to spend a lot of time traveling to Lightforged City. Overall, they didn’t really have much time to train here.

At Shi Feng’s reminder, everyone promptly resumed absorbing the Tier 4 Divine Will the statue before them radiated.

Although raising their Concentration to the Tier 4 standard was incredibly difficult, just absorbing the Divine Will would still bring about a quantitative improvement to their Concentration. Hence, they naturally couldn’t waste the remaining time they had left in Lightforged City.

“Right, Violet, how close are you to achieving a breakthrough?” Shi Feng asked as he turned to Violet Cloud, who was preparing to resume her training.

Just a while ago, Violet Cloud had advanced to the 40-yard mark and was very close to reaching his training spot already. Hence, her absorption rate of Divine Will was just slightly slower than his.

“I feel that I need to raise my Concentration by another 20% or so before I hit the Tier 3 limit,” Violet Cloud replied after sensing the current state of her Concentration.

“Only 20%? That quick?” Her answer stunned Shi Feng. She was clearly still around 30% away from reaching the Tier 3 limit just now. He never thought that she could progress so rapidly. Taking out the two Master Concentration Recovery Potions he had left, he said, “I still have two unused potions, take them.”

“You’re giving them to me? But what about everyone else…” Violet Cloud automatically hesitated when she saw the two potions in Shi Feng’s hand.

The Master Concentration Recovery Potion was incredibly valuable. If she had to do quests and slowly accumulate the required Contribution Points to exchange for them, it would take ages before she would have enough points for one potion. If Shi Feng gave both of his remaining potions to her now, it would be unfair to everyone else.

“Take them. You’re the closest to achieving a breakthrough now. If your Concentration can reach the Tier 4 standard, it’ll be a great help to the Guild. Aqua and the others will be happy to see that as well,” Shi Feng assured her.

Giving the potions to someone else might be fine if Violet Cloud’s Concentration was still a long way from reaching the Tier 4 standard. However, since she was only 20% short of reaching the Tier 3 limit and her Divine Will absorption rate was only slightly inferior to his own, the two additional Master Concentration Recovery Potions might help her cross the threshold. Knowing this, he would naturally give both bottles to her. After all, so long as Violet Cloud’s Concentration reached the Tier 4 standard, Zero Wing would gain another true powerhouse.

“Guild Leader, I definitely won’t disappoint you and everyone else! I’ll make sure my Concentration reaches the Tier 4 standard by the time we leave Lightforged City!” Violet Cloud said with determination as she accepted the two potions.

She then returned to her training spot and focused fully on resisting the approaching mental assaults. As for Shi Feng, he made his way to a quiet corner and shifted his attention to his bag space.

Now that my Concentration has reached the Tier 4 standard, it should be enough to accept this Legacy. Shi Feng’s eyes shone with anticipation as he looked at the gigantic Memory Crystal sitting in his bag space.