Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2647 - Statue's Forbidden Zone

Chapter 2647 – Statue’s Forbidden Zone

With each step Shi Feng took toward the majestic statue before him, the mental assault coming from it intensified. However, he kept advancing without being affected in the slightest, as if the mental assault was nonexistent.

Eighty yards…

Seventy yards…

Sixty yards…

After just a short moment, Shi Feng arrived at the 50-yard mark and stood beside Violet Cloud. At this moment, though, his expression turned slightly serious. It was obvious that the statue’s mental assaults were starting to affect him. However, everyone also understood that this was not his limit.

“Is he a monster? He actually caught up to Violet so quickly! Moreover, he’s not even at his limit yet!” Yi Luofei, who was seated nearby, stared at Shi Feng in shock. “Just what did he do during this period to improve so much?”

Players that had never attempted mental condensation before might not know how much improvement Shi Feng just displayed. However, everyone present, who had been continuously honing their mental condensation and resisting the statue’s mental assaults for more than ten hours now, knew exactly how much Shi Feng had improved.

While Shi Feng’s shattering the mental assault at the 85-yard mark might seem very amazing, the mental assault weakened with distance. The 85-yard mental assault was incomparable to the 50-yard mental assault. In fact, Yi Luofei had doubted that Shi Feng could even resist the 50-yard mental assault.

As for Violet Cloud, her talent was clear for all to see. Violet Cloud’s talent was so great that Yi Luofei found it to be mind-boggling. Hence, when she saw Shi Feng’s mental condensation standard and improvement speed losing out to Violet Cloud’s, she did not find it surprising at all. Moreover, Violet Cloud was a magical-class player, which gave her an advantage over melee players when it came to mental condensation. This point was clear from everyone’s training results during this period.

Therefore, it was very normal for Shi Feng to be inferior to Violet Cloud.

Now, however, Shi Feng had actually surpassed Violet Cloud, shattering even the 50-yard mental assault. This situation was truly surprising.

After all, Shi Feng had been training his mental condensation outside the 100-yard mark. Trying to improve one’s mental condensation at that distance was much more difficult. This was something they had tested for themselves during their break periods.

However, even under such a situation, Shi Feng had still managed to surpass Violet Cloud. The amount of talent he possessed was simply ludicrous.

While Yi Luofei was in a daze, Shi Feng had arrived at the 30-yard mark. And upon retaliating against the mental assault here, he stumbled back one step, his complexion immediately turning pale.

It seems it’s going to be difficult to get any closer than this. The power of the mental assault here is already several times that of the 50-yard mental assault. It’s no wonder so many people couldn’t reach and cross the 30-yard mark in the past. When Shi Feng tried retaliating against the 30-yard mental assault, he had instantly lost one-fifteenth of his maximum Concentration. This was no longer a loss he could afford.

In the past, the area within 30 yards of Divine Will statues had been considered a forbidden zone. According to rumors, anyone that managed to train within this zone would see a qualitative leap in their mental condensation standard.

Although this improvement would not provide players with a substantial boost in combat power, it would hone their perception of Mana to inhuman levels, as well as facilitate the formation of their Magic Domain when they reached Tier 4. It was even rumored that the improvement one received from training within the forbidden zone could provide significant help when challenging the Tier 5 Promotion Quest.

Meanwhile, upon seeing Shi Feng finally fail, Aqua Rose and the others could not help a sigh of relief. After all, if Shi Feng were to get any closer to the statue, they would really start suspecting that they were severely lacking in talent.

Although I can’t train efficiently at the 30-yard mark, training at the 35-yard mark isn’t a bad option, either. With this, I shouldn’t need more than two days to raise my Concentration to the Tier 4 standard.

Shi Feng could not help but sigh when he looked at the forbidden zone before him. However, he wasn’t too disappointed.

In its current state, Divine Change was still incomplete.

Originally, he thought that he would be fortunate if he could train at the 50-yard mark with the help of the combat technique. After all, he could exert only 15% of his body’s muscles in the same direction. He still couldn’t unify the strength of the remainder of his body. Hence, he was already quite satisfied with his current results.

As for entering the Divine Will’s forbidden zone, so long as he could perfect Divine Change, it should not be a problem at all.

Following which, Shi Feng returned to the 35-yard mark and started absorbing the Divine Will there, improving his Concentration.

As he continuously absorbed Divine Will and raised his maximum Concentration, the number of players that got resurrected and entered Lightforged City also increased.

When the many members of Violet Sword and Azure saw Shi Feng and the others sitting in front of one of the statues on the city walls, they were bemused.

“I really don’t know what those people from Zero Wing are doing. They’re actually wasting time sitting before a statue. Do they not know that the peace outside has already shattered completely?” Crimson Star could not help her puzzlement when she read the report her subordinate sent her regarding the activities of Zero Wing’s members.

Violet Sword’s and Azure’s members were all doing their best to improve their combat power in Lightforged City.

Zero Wing’s members, on the other hand, had wasted two whole days doing nothing. Aside from occasionally leaving their position to have a meal at Lightforged City’s restaurants, they had spent all their time sitting before one of the statues erected on the city walls. Rather than coming here to train, Zero Wing’s members looked as if they were on vacation.

“Zero Wing probably has its own considerations. After all, when it comes to peak experts, it is already superior to ordinary superpowers,” Wildfighter said. “Moreover, after the partnership this time, I heard that Azure plans to ally itself with Zero Wing. Afterward, Zero Wing will have a much smoother path ahead of it.”

“Ally? So what if Azure allies with Zero Wing? Let alone Azure, even some Super Guilds are failing to cope with the current situation. How can Azure possibly have the time to help Zero Wing?” Crimson Star said disdainfully. “In addition, peak experts are no longer as effective as they were before. The various powers have already researched plenty of war weapons. The usefulness of Tier 3 players is continuously diminishing. Nowadays, zerg tactics rule the battlefield.”

Since Guild Towns and Cities no longer enjoyed the protection of NPC soldiers, Guilds had lost their greatest assurance. Players no longer had to fear overly powerful NPC soldiers and were free to cause trouble inside Guild Towns and Cities. This was especially good news for powerful experts and developing powers with limited territory.

In fact, according to Violet Sword’s intelligence network, over 200 Guild Towns on the western continent had switched owners since the activation of the Demon God’s Chaos expansion pack. And while the various superpowers still hadn’t suffered any losses due to this expansion pack, that was mainly because of the large number of Tier 3 experts and peak experts they possessed. Zero Wing, however, was significantly inferior to the various superpowers in this regard.

“This isn’t something we need to concern ourselves about. Instructor Torre has just sent news that some of the secretly developing superpowers have started stirring recently, so once we complete our training here, he wants us to station our trump card legion in the two Guild Cities closest to Level 100 maps as insurance,” Wildfighter said.

“I understand. Once our time here is up, I’ll bring the men over,” Crimson Star replied, nodding.

Meanwhile, as Crimson Star and Wildfighter were conversing, Shi Feng, who was sitting quietly before one of the city walls’ statues, suddenly opened his eyes. At the same time, an invisible ripple spread out from his body, weakening the Divine Will’s mental assault considerably.