Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2646 - Divine Change

Chapter 2646 – Divine Change

What? An Advanced Bronze Combat Technique?

Shi Feng was stunned when he saw the system notification.

The combat technique he had aimed to create this time was only meant to give him better control over his body so that he could resist stronger mental assaults. In his opinion, it would be fortunate if such a combat technique could be deemed an Advanced Combat Technique. However, it turned out he had miraculously created an Advanced Bronze Combat Technique.

Moreover, he had never even heard of Advanced Bronze Combat Techniques. As far as he knew, for combat techniques, what came after the Bronze rank was the Silver rank, with nothing in between. Hence, he truly could not help his astonishment.

Most importantly, this combat technique he had just created couldn’t even be considered a complete product. After all, in its current state, this new combat technique merely allowed him to exert a portion of his muscles, nothing more. There were no follow-up moves to convert it into an offensive or defensive technique. At best, it was a semi-finished product.

Is it because it is an unfinished technique that the system is unable to give an accurate evaluation; hence, it is labeled an Advanced Bronze Combat Technique?

While entertaining such thoughts, Shi Feng executed his newly created combat technique and punched at the empty air in front. And indeed, his new combat technique was truly frightening. Thanks to this new technique, just his punch alone destabilized the space before him.

This result was notable since he was currently standing inside Lightforged City, a city that had been strengthened by Ancient Gods. The space within the city should be extremely stable. Power that could originally destabilize space in the outside world wouldn’t necessarily be capable of doing so inside Lightforged City. In fact, Even Tier 5 powerhouses shouldn’t think of destabilizing the space here.

Nevertheless, the punch he just executed had made the space before him ripple slightly. As a Tier 3 player, he definitely shouldn’t be capable of exhibiting such power even with a Bronze Combat Technique. At the very least, the Bronze Combat Technique Lightning Flash he had learned couldn’t do so.

It seems this combat technique that exerts my muscles in a single direction has considerable potential. It is clearly only a semi-finished product, and I can exert only 15% of my entire body’s muscles, at most, yet I can already exhibit such power. If I can complete this technique and use it to exert all my muscles, its power would most likely rival Gold Combat Techniques. When Shi Feng saw the system’s evaluation, he immediately realized the possibility of creating a powerful combat technique.

Currently, plenty of combat techniques have been found in God’s Domain already. However, combat techniques at the Bronze rank and above were still incredibly rare. Learning these combat techniques was also incredibly difficult, even if players had a Legacy Tablet.

If he could create a Silver or Gold Combat Technique and freely distribute it to the Guild’s core members to learn, then the standard of Zero Wing’s experts would rise to a whole new level.

As Shi Feng was lost in his thoughts, the system sent him another notification.

System: Please name your combat technique. If you do not name it, the system will automatically generate a name for it after 10 minutes.

“A name?” After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng said, “Since I created this combat technique for the purpose of training using Divine Will, let’s call it Divine Change.”

After he named his new technique, he shifted his gaze toward the nearby statue.

Currently, Violet Cloud had already advanced to the 60-yard mark. The others had similarly made significant improvements. For example, Aqua Rose, Alluring Summer, and Yi Luofei were now at the 75-yard mark. As for melee players like Fire Dance, Gentle Snow, and Yan Tianxing, although they fared slightly worse, they had reached the 80-yard mark. Their performance was much better than Shi Feng’s.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng observed everyone for a while, Violet Cloud actually stood up from her spot and moved to the 50-yard mark. Her mental condensation’s improvement speed was simply inhuman.

It seems I have to give my new technique a try. Although it is only a semi-finished product, it should still improve my results by a large margin. Shi Feng could not help a bitter smile when he saw Violet Cloud sit by the 50-yard mark.

As the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, he didn’t need to be the best at everything, but he definitely couldn’t be the worst. Otherwise, it would simply be humiliating.

Following which, Shi Feng moved past the 100-yard mark and slowly walked toward the statue. Meanwhile, the Zero Wing members seated before the statue noticed his arrival and could not help shifting their attention to him.

“The Guild Leader is finally prepared to raise his Concentration?” The sight of Shi Feng entering the range of the Divine Will’s mental assaults piqued Aqua Rose’s curiosity.

Previously, Shi Feng had moved beyond the 100-yard mark and sat quietly in a corner. This situation had confused her and everyone else. They simply could not understand what he was doing.

Although they had obtained Citizenship in Lightforged City and gained the qualifications to stay for however long they wanted in the city, the duration of the alchemy array they had to use prevented them from staying inside the ancient secret land for long periods. Hence, every second and minute spent inside Lightforged City was incredibly precious.

However, Shi Feng had actually wasted ten whole hours doing nothing.

“I really can’t figure out why the Guild Leader sat there for so long. He even wasted nearly an hour of the precious Concentration Recovery Potion,” Cola muttered as he gazed at Shi Feng in confusion.

Originally, their time in Lightforged City was already limited. Now that ten hours had gone by, they had less than two days left. In addition, they had to take a small break once every two hours to relax their tense minds. To put it simply, they were pressed for time.

Had Shi Feng spent the past ten hours improving his Concentration standard with them, he would’ve most likely reached the 70- or 80-yard mark already. With the improvement speed at these locations several times better than that at the 90-yard mark, his Concentration might even get upgraded to the Tier 4 standard by the time he ran out of Master Concentration Recovery Potions.

While everyone was mulling over Shi Feng’s actions, Shi Feng arrived at the 85-yard mark. However, he showed no intention of sitting down to train. Instead, he simply stood there quietly as he actively resisted the approaching mental assault.


Upon coming into contact with Shi Feng, the mental assault actually shattered.

“It shattered?! How is this possible?!” Aqua Rose was stunned when she sensed the mental assault approaching Shi Feng shatter. She turned to stare at Shi Feng.

Although they had their eyes shut previously in order to focus their minds while training, they could still clearly sense the mental assault with their minds. When the mental assault came into contact with Shi Feng, it seemed to crash into an immovable wall and shatter. The ensuing ripple from the mental assault shattering was like a flame in darkness. It was difficult not to notice it.

“Guild Leader, what did you do? You can actually shatter that mental assault?” Cola asked, unable to suppress his curiosity.

The mental assault was intangible. Just trying to actively resist it was already a difficult task. As for shattering the mental assault, that was something none of them had ever considered doing.

At this moment, everyone was staring at Shi Feng in confusion.

“I didn’t do anything special. I just tried retaliating against the mental assault. I never thought that it would shatter,” Shi Feng said, similarly puzzled by this situation.

He had merely tried using Divine Change against the mental assault to test the technique’s effects. He never imagined such a result. In the end, the mental assault did not affect him adversely in any way and simply disappeared like a passing breeze.

Shi Feng’s answer and the calm look on his face rendered Aqua Rose speechless.

This explanation was simply too abbreviated.

What did he mean by “just retaliating”?

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng gave his explanation, he promptly stepped closer to the statue, his heart brimming with curiosity about how much progress he could make using Divine Change.