Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2645 - Advanced Bronze Combat Technique

Chapter 2645 – Advanced Bronze Combat Technique

Upon seeing Violet Cloud resisting a mental assault at the 80-yard mark, Aqua Rose and the others goggled in shock. After all, there were no changes to Violet Cloud’s expression. It was obvious that the 80-yard mental assault posed no problem for her. In fact, she could probably move even closer to the statue.

She actually managed to improve her mental condensation by so much already? At this moment, even Shi Feng was astonished when he looked at Violet Cloud.

If players wished to absorb Divine Will quickly, they could rely on mental condensation, aside from items that aided in Concentration recovery. The more condensed one’s mental state was when clashing with the mental assault of a Divine Will, the greater one’s absorption rate of Divine Will would become.

Only, there was no concrete technique to allow players to condense their mental state because a person’s mental state was insubstantial. Players could only sense it and not touch it directly. The only thing players could do was focus their attention and resist distractions.

At this moment, it was obvious that Violet Cloud had gained improvements in mental condensation, which strengthened her mental state significantly. As a result, she could resist a stronger mental assault. Otherwise, there was no way she could withstand the 80-yard mental assault so easily.

Shi Feng had long known that Violet Cloud was very talented. After all, in the past, she had relied on her own strength to reach Tier 6, when over 90% of the geniuses supported by the various superpowers had ended up getting stuck at Tier 5, never to cross the final threshold. One could easily imagine how frightening Violet Cloud’s talent was for her to accomplish this impossible feat without any support.

However, Violet Cloud’s talents had still surpassed Shi Feng’s expectations, despite him knowing the girl’s past.

This was clearly everyone’s first time executing mental condensation. Not even Shi Feng had learned any techniques or methods to better-execute mental condensation. However, after training for just a little over an hour, Violet Cloud had actually achieved a breakthrough already. Her talent was truly terrifying.

Meanwhile, Violet Cloud’s sudden breakthrough spurred everyone’s fighting spirit. They immediately took a few steps forward in order to test whether they could resist a stronger mental assault or not.

In this situation, even Shi Feng himself could not help advancing an additional five yards, seating himself 85 yards away from the statue before him.

However, Shi Feng instantly paled after resisting a mental assault at the 85-yard mark. His consciousness also turned blurry for quite some time.

I advanced by just an additional five yards, yet I’m actually losing nearly 10% of my Concentration per hit? I also barely absorbed any Divine Will. Sure enough, mental condensation isn’t something that can be improved on so easily. Shi Feng smiled bitterly as he looked at Violet Cloud resisting the 80-yard mental assaults with ease.

He had expected his mental state to have improved by quite a bit after experiencing so many mental assaults at the 90-yard mark. However, it seemed that it was merely wishful thinking.

It seems I can only return and slowly accumulate Concentration, Shi Feng thought, shaking his head, and stood up to return to his original location.

As he got to his feet, the statue before him released another wave of mental pressure. This time, though, he did not try to resist it, just passively endured it.

After enduring this mental assault, Shi Feng immediately felt his consciousness blur slightly. His control over his body also became slightly sluggish. Overall, though, he fared a lot better than with active resistance.

Despite facing the same mental assault, there’s such a huge difference between passively enduring and actively resisting. If the effects of actively resisting the mental assault were the same as the result I just experienced, I would most likely be able to move within 30 yards of the statue. Shi Feng could not help but sigh ruefully when he sensed the effects of passive endurance.

When he reached his original position, another mental assault washed over him, nearly making him lose his footing. After experiencing this mental assault, though, he paused as a spark of inspiration flashed across his eyes.

So, that’s the case! Why didn’t I think of this before? Shi Feng clenched his fists as realization dawned upon him. He then turned to the nearby statue and thought, The reason why the effects of passively enduring the mental assaults are so subdued is simply that I gave up control over my body and allowed my mental state to go along with the Divine Will during the brief instant of collision. However, when I actively resist the mental assault, I’m struggling against the Divine Will to retain control over my body. The Concentration consumed in doing so is naturally much greater. With sufficiently high control over my own body, I should have a much easier time resisting the Divine Will.

After thinking up to this point, Shi Feng immediately sat down and started testing his theory.

Previously, he had been fully focused on using his mental state to resist the Divine Will’s influence. Now, he chose to spread his focus across his entire body instead, to prevent anything from influencing his control over it.

In the next moment, another mental assault arrived. Although Shi Feng’s complexion paled slightly, a smile formed on his face.

Sure enough! Shi Feng grew excited when he sensed the amount of Concentration he had just lost.

Originally, he would lose around one-fortieth of his maximum Concentration when resisting a 90-yard mental assault. Now, however, he had lost only one-fiftieth of his Concentration. Although the improvement was minor, he had, at the very least, taken the first step in the correct path of resisting the mental assaults.

Following which, Shi Feng retreated further back and sat down just outside of the range of the statue’s mental assaults. He then considered ways to further strengthen the control he had over his body, to spread his focus across his entire body as much as possible. Or to put it in another way, he tried to exert all his muscles in one direction. That way, he could achieve maximum control over his body.

However, this was Shi Feng’s first time doing such a thing. Even though he had already reached the Domain Realm and achieved precision control over his five senses and physical body, he had never tried exerting every muscle in his body in a single direction. When he actually tried doing so, he discovered what a challenge he had set up for himself. No matter how hard he tried, he succeeded with less than 10% of his muscles.

Sure enough, it really is difficult. It would be great if I had a combat technique that could help adjust my muscles’ direction of exertion.

As Shi Feng tried exerting every one of his muscles in the same direction, he felt that this feat was even more difficult than executing a Bronze Combat Technique. After all, a Bronze Combat Technique utilized only a portion of his muscles. Moreover, the utilized muscles wouldn’t move in the same direction, either.

That’s it! Inspiration dawned upon him as his thoughts wandered in the direction of combat techniques. Since there’s no such combat technique in existence, I can just create one! Even if I can’t utilize every muscle in my body, it will still be good enough if I can utilize a greater portion.

After thinking so, he started creating such a combat technique.

Compared to Advanced Combat Techniques, the combat technique Shi Feng was conceptualizing was much more difficult. However, with his extensive combat experience and ability to integrate Advanced Combat Techniques into his every action, albeit just barely, creating such a combat technique wasn’t an impossible task. This was just like manipulating the Mana inside a magic array. The proper manipulation of the Mana of a magic array could boost the magic array’s power beyond what it could normally display.

Meanwhile, what he needed to do now was to treat a portion of his body as a magic array and his muscles as the Mana flowing through this magic array.

One hour…

Three hours…

Nine hours…

After 10 hours of trial and error, Lightforged City’s stable space rippled. At the same time, the sound of a system notification entered Shi Feng’s ears, its contents echoing in his mind.

System: Congratulations! You have created an Advanced Bronze Combat Technique. Please name your combat technique.