Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2643 - Astonishing Lightforged City

Ancient secret land, Lightforged City:

With a flash, Shi Feng and the other survivors of his team arrived in the middle of a plaza.

The plaza was gigantic, easily able to house four sports stadiums. Erected in its center were more than a hundred seven-meter-tall statues. Every one of these statues had a different appearance: some were armor-clad warriors; some, staff-wielding mages; and some, archers sporting bows. Despite their different appearances, these statues shared one similarity—a powerful aura. It felt as if these statues were alive.

Upon seeing these statues, Shi Feng and the others were stunned.

“This ancient city is truly amazing. Just the statues in this teleportation plaza would most likely be enough to drive the experts in the outside world crazy,” Shi Feng exclaimed as he studied the statues before him.

The statues on the plaza might look ordinary, but in reality, they contained information on Basic Combat Techniques catering to the class they represented.

At this point in time, practically every player in God’s Domain already knew about the existence of combat techniques. However, the number of players that had the opportunity to learn a combat technique was still incredibly low. This was especially true for independent players.

However, inside Lightforged City, information on Basic Combat Techniques was on display as if it was worthless garbage. Players could freely learn the combat techniques displayed whenever they wanted and at no cost at all—moreover, these combat techniques catered to specific classes. The wealth and generosity of Lightforged City were truly astonishing.

At this stage of the game, even the members of the various major powers had to pay a certain price and make sufficient contributions in order to learn Basic Combat Techniques, yet players could freely learn them in this plaza.

Furthermore, the ambient Mana inside Lightforged City was also incredibly dense. If players trained in Lightforged City’s arenas, their improvement speed would definitely be several times higher than normal.

“The Mana here is very special. If I can train here long-term, I might be able to further unlock my Mana Body,” Violet Cloud said excitedly through the team chat.

“Indeed. Just standing here, I can already feel my control over Mana strengthening. If I can take advantage of this experience, I might be able to further unlock my Mana Body as well,” Aqua Rose said, nodding.

Everyone else in the team had also noticed the special effects of Lightforged City’s Mana, their eyes glowing with excitement at this discovery.

For Violet Sword’s Crimson Star and Wildfighter, nothing was more attractive than being able to fully unlock their Mana Bodies as soon as possible. Or to put it in another way, expediting the unlocking of the Mana Body was something the various superpowers were constantly seeking to accomplish.

As for Zero Wing’s members and Azure’s Sinful Flame, Solitary Frost, and Yan Xiaoqian, breaking through the Mana Body’s 100% threshold was something they dreamed of achieving. After all, the difference between a Mana Body that had broken through the 100% threshold and a Mana Body that had yet to do so was massive—as Violet Cloud had proven.

However, trying to break through the Mana Body’s 100% threshold was incredibly difficult. In fact, they hardly had any leads on doing so. Now that the Mana here was giving them some clues, they naturally grew excited.

In this situation, though, Sinful Flame, Solitary Frost, and Yan Xiaoqian could not help envying Zero Wing’s and Violet Sword’s members. After all, Zero Wing’s and Violet Sword’s members could train in Lightforged City whenever they wanted. On the other hand, Azure’s members had only two days[1].

Upon realizing this, Yan Xiaoqian and Solitary Frost took a seat and focused on the sensations they were currently experiencing. After all, it was unknown when they would get another opportunity to visit Lightforged City.

“There’s still quite some time before the alchemy array disappears. Let’s take a look at Lightforged City’s City Lord’s Mansion first. It won’t be too late to start training afterward,” Shi Feng suggested, chuckling when he saw Yan Xiaoqian and the others sitting down to circulate their Mana.

“I guess you’re right,” Yan Xiaoqian answered, nodding as she dismissed her thoughts of training immediately. Upon further consideration, she felt that what Shi Feng said was indeed correct.

The special effects of the ancient city’s Mana could be said to be a bonus only. The true value of the city remained in its City Lord’s Mansion, where players could exchange for the various items available only in the ancient city, using the city’s Contribution Points.

Currently, every one of them had 500 Contribution Points. It would be a pity not to use them.

Shi Feng and the others spent over two hours traveling down Lightforged City’s main street before arriving in front of the 600-meter-tall City Lord’s Mansion.

Currently, dozens of uniformed Knights were standing guard before the entrance of the City Lord’s Mansion. Not only were these Knights at Level 180, Tier 3, but they also possessed Life Ratings rivaling that of Archaic Species. The aura they radiated was comparable with that of Mythic monsters of the same level.

As for the Knight Captain leading these Knights, he was a bona fide Tier 4 NPC. His mere presence put intense pressure on Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, when everyone entered the City Lord’s Mansion’s first-floor exchange hall, they were stunned by the scene before them.

Currently, all sorts of items were on display in the exchange hall. Among them were Epic Weapon and Equipment Designs, Grandmaster Potion Recipes, rare Skills and Spells, Bronze Combat Techniques, Advanced Construction Designs, and designs for war weapons. Every one of these items was an unbelievable treasure that one could only come across by luck in the outside world. Now, however, a plethora of such treasures greeted their eyes.

Of course, everyone could only afford to look at these items. After all, even the cheapest of these displayed treasures cost 4,000 Contribution Points, with the more expensive ones costing tens of thousands of points. With each of them having only 500 points, they shouldn’t even think of purchasing any of these items.

Fortunately, these valuable treasures weren’t the only things available for exchange. There were still plenty of cheap and ordinary items within their means. An example of these items would be the Magic Stone and Enchanted Potion.

Of those present, whether it was Violet Sword’s or Azure’s members, they almost immediately chose to spend all of their Contribution Points on the Tier 3 Magic Stones and Enchanted Potions.

“Guild Leader, the items available for exchange here have limited quantities. Let’s quickly exchange for some Tier 3 Magic Stones and Enchanted Potions as well. If we wait until the others get resurrected, there won’t be anything left for us,” Aqua Rose urged hurriedly as she looked at Shi Feng, who showed no interest in the Magic Stones and Enchanted Potions at all.

All items in the exchange hall had an exchange limit. While some would be restocked over time, the more valuable treasures were unique items, no longer available once exchanged.

As for the Tier 3 Magic Stones and Enchanted Potions, while they weren’t unique items, if everyone were to spend all 500 of their Contribution Points on these two items, there would only be enough to supply 50 people. Once these items sold out, those who wanted them would have to wait until they got restocked to exchange for these items. However, who knew when these items would get restocked?

“No need to rush this,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. He then shifted his gaze to a shelf carrying bottles of icy-blue liquid, saying, “Have everyone exchange for 10 Master Concentration Recovery Potions first.”

“Guild Leader, that Concentration Recovery Potion is too expensive at 50 points per bottle. Do we really need to buy it?” Aqua Rose could not help her exasperation when she saw the price of the Master Concentration Recovery Potion. “That item only aids players in recovering Concentration. Moreover, each potion lasts only two hours. Although it is a rare potion in the outside world, spending our precious points on it is a little…”

Concentration Recovery Potions were indeed incredibly rare but not particularly useful since players naturally recovered their Concentration over time. If players rested inside a city, their recovery rate would be even quicker. Hence, items that helped in the recovery of Concentration were not that expensive on the market. Spending 50 Contribution Points to exchange for just one Master Concentration Recovery Potion now was simply an extravagance.

After all, the Master Enchanted Potion cost only 10 Contribution Points, yet it lasted six hours!

“Relax. Just exchange all your points for the potion. I guarantee that the value you can get from these potions will greatly surpass your expectations. They’re even more valuable than those Tier 3 Magic Stones,” Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw the anxious look on Aqua Rose’s face.

In his opinion, the Master Concentration Recovery Potion was very cheap. Moreover, they were allowed to purchase the potion only because they had the Noble Authority Token. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have the qualifications to do so.

If these Master Concentration Recovery Potions were put up for sale during his previous life, just one potion would have sold for the price of one Epic material. Even at such a price, rarely anybody would be willing to sell their potions.

After saying so, Shi Feng spent all his points on Master Concentration Recovery Potions without hesitation.

Aqua Rose no longer tried to dissuade Shi Feng. After all, he definitely had his reasons for such a decision. Following which, she and the others exchanged all their points for Master Concentration Recovery Potions as well.

Violet Sword’s and Azure’s members were confused upon seeing this scene. They could not understand why Zero Wing’s members would exchange for potions that did not provide the slightest bit of help in training.

However, they did not pay too much attention to this matter. After all, their alchemy array’s duration was running down. Now that they had obtained the Magic Stones and Enchanted Potions, they had to devote their efforts to training. As for what Zero Wing’s members intended to do, that was none of their business.

Violet Sword’s and Azure’s members promptly ran to Lightforged City’s arenas to train. As for Zero Wing’s members, they made their way to the city wall under Shi Feng’s lead.

Let’s hope these potions will be enough for me to break through to the Tier 4 standard.

As Shi Feng gazed at the gigantic statues atop the distant wall, his footsteps sped up automatically.