Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2642 - Ancient Lich's Loot

When the Ancient Lich collapsed to the ground, a purple glow enveloped the bodies of the surviving players. The EXP from the Ancient Lich was far more generous than what even ordinary Superior Mythics awarded—so much that Shi Feng jumped directly to Level 120.

As everyone’s experience bar was rising rapidly, due to the Ancient Lich’s death, the boundless Mana that had gathered around the altar no longer had anyone binding it to the altar’s vicinity. As a result, the Mana started dispersing, and the trial monsters that were frenziedly attacking Aqua Rose and Alluring Summer suddenly collapsed to the ground, one after another, as if they had lost their souls.

“We won?”

An indescribable sense of joy and excitement welled up within Aqua Rose when she saw the collapsed trial monsters. At the same time, a sense of relief washed over her. Although both Alluring Summer’s and her HPs had barely decreased, their Stamina and Concentration were already at critical levels. Had the fight continued for another two or three minutes, they would definitely have collapsed from Stamina and Concentration exhaustion.

Fortunately, the Ancient Lich had fallen before they did.

In the meantime, although Shi Feng and the others felt joyful over defeating the Ancient Lich, they could not help falling on their backs in exhaustion, having almost depleted their Stamina and Concentration already.

“The Hero Trial! He actually did it! When Mythology’s people find out about this, they will definitely go crazy!” Crimson Star gazed at Shi Feng, who lay on the ground some distance away, with complicated emotions.

Originally, Torre had only meant to use the Hero Trial as bait to buy time. No one from Violet Sword had expected Shi Feng and Zero Wing to succeed. After all, Mythology had partnered with multiple superpowers to form a 200-man team of peak and apex experts and still failed to conquer the ancient city’s Elite Trial.

While fighting the Ancient Lich, Crimson Star had entertained the possibility of actually defeating the Trial Boss, but toward the end of the raid, she had concluded that victory was nothing but a fantasy.

Near the end, Zorok had started killing multiple players with every move it used. The Ancient Lich would wipe out the remnants of their team in 10 seconds. Meanwhile, trying to wreak over 40 million damage in just 10 seconds was simply impossible for a team of less than 20 surviving players.

In the end, however, Shi Feng had surpassed everyone’s expectations. At the final moment, he still managed to dish out such frightening DPS and reap the Ancient Lich’s remaining HP, creating a miracle.

“Guild Leader, are you alright?” Fire Dance asked worriedly as she arrived beside Shi Feng.

At this moment, the life aura Shi Feng exuded was incredibly weak despite him still having quite a lot of HP. His complexion was also deathly pale. This clearly wasn’t a result of just running out of Stamina or Concentration.

“I’m fine. I just forcefully broke through the limits of my Concentration, so I’ll probably need to rest for quite some time to recover,” Shi Feng replied, smiling.

Because of his rapid-fire use of Lightshadow, he was mentally exhausted. In fact, he would most likely remain in this weakened mental state for quite some time. However, being able to break through the limits of his Concentration was a fortuitous matter. After all, it would allow him to improve his brain capacity.

Of course, in order to gain this improvement, he would need the corresponding support facilities and Nutrient Fluids. Otherwise, he would be courting brain damage.

While Shi Feng and Fire Dance were conversing, the sound of a system notification entered everyone’s ears.

System: Congratulations! You have completed the Hero Trial. Trial Completion Rating – S-rank. Rewarding 500 Lightforged City Contribution Points and Permanent Citizenship.

The system notification repeated three times. While Zero Wing’s and Azure’s members did not understand the importance of these rewards, Violet Sword’s members revealed ecstatic expressions on their faces.

“What a bountiful reward! According to our investigations of Lightforged City, it’d take at least seven or eight quests just to get 100 Contribution Points. With 500 points, we can directly purchase three Tier 3 Magic Stones and attempt to boost the Completion Rate of our Tier 3 Skills and Spells past the 100% threshold!” Floating Light exclaimed. As he read the contents of the system notification, he felt as if he was dreaming.

Although neither Violet Sword nor Mythology had entered the ancient secret land’s Lightforged City before, their research into the city indicated that obtaining Contribution Points in the city was incredibly difficult. Normally, the only way was by doing quests. However, there was not only a restriction of accepting one quest at a time but also a limited number of quests available in the city every day.

Meanwhile, Lightforged City’s Contribution Points were the only currency recognized in the city; these points could be exchanged for various useful items. Among the items available for exchange in Lightforged City, the one that attracted the attention of Violet Sword and Mythology the most was the Magic Stone.

The Magic Stone was an item that could provide players with guidance on breaking through the 100% limit of their Skills and Spells. A Tier 3 Magic Stone could provide guidance for Tier 3 Skills and Spells. It was undoubtedly a treasure that all expert players desired.

After all, Skills and Spells followed players for the rest of their careers in God’s Domain. However, improving the Completion Rate of Skills and Spells—especially Tier 3 Skills and Spells—was not an easy task. Just being able to achieve a 90% Completion Rate was already an incredibly difficult feat to accomplish. Meanwhile, even reaching 100% Completion Rate with a Tier 3 Skill or Spell would provide a considerable boost to a player’s combat power. If one could break through the 100% limit, the boost in combat power would be even greater.

Now that the Hero Trial had awarded each player with 500 Contribution Points, this meant each of them could exchange for three Tier 3 Magic Stones. They were naturally excited by this outcome.

At this moment, let alone Violet Sword’s members, even Shi Feng was surprised by this reward.

A 500-point reward for every player on the team? This trip really was worth it. Shi Feng similarly felt joyful when he saw the rewards the system granted.

Others might not know what it meant to have 500 Contribution Points for an ancient city, but he did.

In God’s Domain, a player who managed to rack up 500 Contribution Points in an ancient city could improve their combat power by a significant margin.

Setting aside the commonly known Magic Stone, just the most basic Enchanted Potion could allow players to improve their strength rapidly.

When consumed, the Enchanted Potion raised the ambient Mana around players to a very high density for six hours. If players fought against powerful monsters or sparred against expert players during this period, they would gain significant improvements.

In the past, because of the Magic Stone and Enchanted Potion, Violet Sword had been able to recruit and nurture plenty of expert players, which, in turn, raised the Guild’s strength even closer to that of the Five Great Super Guilds.

As Shi Feng and the others were rejoicing over the trial rewards, the Ancient Lich’s corpse suddenly burst into countless particles of light. Immediately afterward, the particles of light coalesced into more than a hundred light globes of varying sizes, every one of which radiated dense Mana.

“So, this is the Ancient Lich’s loot?”

Everyone gaped in shock when they saw the items that appeared when the light globes faded.

Although everyone had anticipated that the Ancient Lich’s loot would be extraordinary, they never thought it would be this abundant.

Originally, they had only expected to obtain around two dozen Noble Authority Tokens. However, there were over 60 tokens, as well as over 20 Inferior Legendary materials and six Legendary materials.

Aside from the tokens and materials, the Ancient Lich had also dropped a total of 14 pieces of Dark-Gold Equipment and four pieces of Epic Equipment.

At this point in time, even the various superpowers barely had any Level 100-plus Epic items. Now, however, the Ancient Lich had dropped four Level 100-plus Epic items, including an Epic Weapon.

Azure’s members could not help but drool over the Ancient Lich’s loot.

The four Epic items aside, just the Legendary materials dropped were more than enough to make any superpower envious. After all, Legendary materials could be used to produce custom-made Epic Weapons and Equipment that had high compatibility with the players they were made for. Moreover, the production would also have a relatively high success rate.

With the six Legendary materials dropped, it was possible to create six custom-made Epic Weapons and Equipment!

“Guild Leader Black Flame, according to our agreement, you have priority in choosing one item. Please take your pick,” Crimson Star said to Shi Feng after recollecting herself.

“In that case, I’ll choose that tattered scroll,” Shi Feng said, pointing at a tattered scroll radiating Mana so dense that it was second only to the Mana from the Epic Weapon.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, are you sure?” Crimson Star looked at Shi Feng in confusion when she saw the item he chose.

In her opinion, the best item the Ancient Lich dropped was the Epic-ranked axe. After all, the axe wasn’t just any ordinary Epic Weapon but the Replica of a Legendary Weapon, ranking at the top even among Epic Weapons. When equipped, it could raise the combat power of current peak experts by at least 30%. It should be of great help even to Domain Realm experts like herself.

As for the tattered scroll Shi Feng chose, she had tried using an Identification Skill on it already. Although the scroll radiated powerful Mana and looked very special, it was just a damaged Epic Scroll. The cost of repair alone would most likely be high. Not to mention, a scroll was also a Consumable. How could it possibly compare to an Epic Weapon in terms of value?

“Mhm. I’m choosing it,” Shi Feng said as he nodded in affirmation.

At this stage of the game, aside from himself, there was most likely nobody else in God’s Domain that would recognize this tattered scroll. This scroll was also the reason why he wanted priority pick over the Trial Boss’s loot.

This was because this scroll was something that could be obtained only from the First Clear of Lightforged City’s entrance trial.

The Legacy Scroll!

This Magic Scroll directly teleported players to the Legacy Land of their Tier 4 Promotion Quest, saving them plenty of time. In addition, it could be used to negate a failed attempt at challenging the Tier 4 Promotion Quest, allowing players to re-challenge their Promotion Quest right away in the same Legacy Land.

The Tier 4 Promotion Quest was drastically different from past Promotion Quests. Every time players challenged their Tier 4 Promotion Quest, they would be sent to a different Legacy Land. Hence, players had no opportunity to learn from their failures and try again. However, if they could reattempt a Promotion Quest in the same Legacy Land, their chances of success would increase drastically.

Only, the Legacy Scroll the Ancient Lich dropped was somewhat different from what Shi Feng had heard in his previous life.

In the past, the Legacy Scroll obtained from Lightforged City’s entrance trial was at the Dark-Gold rank. On the other hand, the one the Ancient Lich dropped was actually at the Epic rank.

However, Shi Feng did not dwell on the matter, quickly storing the Legacy Scroll. And after splitting the loot equally with Violet Sword, Shi Feng and the others promptly left the trial space.

Once they exited the trial space, they entered Lightforged City under Crimson Star’s lead, not bothering to wait at the trial entrance for the dead to get automatically resurrected.