Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2641 - Zero Wing's Combat Power

The sudden appearance of empty space on the altar’s staircase instantly silenced Violet Sword’s and Azure’s members.

“They were holding back all this time?” Yan Xiaoqian could not help doubting her eyes as she stared at Silent Wonder.

After fully unlocking her own Mana Body as well, Yan Xiaoqian had thought that she had already caught up to and possibly even surpassed Silent Wonder. After all, in terms of combat standard, Silent Wonder had just recently entered the Void Realm, whereas she was only half a step away from the Domain Realm.

Now, however…

“Are all of Zero Wing’s members monsters?” Floating Light’s eyes were wide with shock as he watched Violet Cloud and Silent Wonder carving a path up the staircase.

He already had difficulties taking on three Trial Elites simultaneously, yet Violet Cloud and Silent Wonder currently held the upper hand despite going up against several hundred Trial Warriors and Trial Elites. None of the trial monsters could get within 30 yards of the duo. Their strength was simply unbelievable.

Even Crimson Star and Wildfighter wouldn’t be a match for Violet Cloud and Silent Wonder. Or to put it in another way, they were standing on completely different levels.

“Good! Everyone, enter the clearing they created!” Aqua Rose immediately commanded, unfazed by the strength Violet Cloud and Silent Wonder were displaying.

Upon hearing Aqua Rose’s command, Violet Sword’s and Azure’s members promptly snapped out of their daze and hurriedly followed Zero Wing’s members into the 30-yard safe zone the duo had created.

For a time, the entire team steadily closed in on the Ancient Lich while enveloped by Violet Cloud’s and Silent Wonder’s attacks, which formed a barrier that prevented the trial monsters from harming the team.

“Sure enough, the two of them have already achieved a considerably high standard in the Spiritualization Realm. Every one of their magic blades actually integrates a combat technique. It’s as if they’ve assimilated Basic Combat Techniques into their souls,” Sinful Flame muttered as he marveled at the magic blades flying around the team.

“They’ve integrated Basic Combat Techniques into every one of their magic blades? How is that possible?” Yan Xiaoqian exclaimed when she overheard Sinful Flame’s mutterings.

Just executing a combat technique normally was plenty difficult. Executing combat techniques in quick succession was even more difficult. As for executing several hundred combat techniques simultaneously, that was simply inhuman.

“However, they have indeed succeeded in doing so. In fact, they’re doing it as naturally as breathing,” Sinful Flame said, a bitter smile forming on his face as he responded to Yan Xiaoqian’s astonishment. “Moreover, they aren’t the only ones in Zero Wing capable of it. I really don’t know how Black Flame managed to nurture so many monsters.”

As Sinful Flame and Yan Xiaoqian were conversing, the team arrived within 50 yards of the Ancient Lich under Violet Cloud and Silent Wonder’s aegis.

However, as the team pressed closer to the Ancient Lich, the magic blades Violet Cloud and Silent Wonder summoned grew increasingly translucent. It was obvious that their duration would end soon. Seeing this, everyone on the team inevitably grew nervous.

While being closer to the Trial Boss was a good thing, the number of trial monsters around the Boss greatly exceeded their expectations. If they lost the protection of these magic blades now, they definitely wouldn’t be able to fend off the trial monsters.

“Everyone, gather around the Boss and focus fire on it! Summer and I will hold the rear!” Aqua Rose shouted through the team chat when she saw that the magic blades were about to vanish. She then rushed to the rear of the team.


Everyone was stunned by Aqua Rose’s words.

Although the altar’s staircase was only 60 yards wide, which a magical-class player could easily cover so long as they stood in the middle, they would be up against several thousand trial monsters. Let alone two magical-class players, even a hundred magical-class players couldn’t stop the assault of so many monsters.

Normally, the majority of the team would hold off the trial monsters while a small number of peak experts dealt with the Boss. Now, however, Aqua Rose intended to stop these several thousand trial monsters with just two people. She was simply insane!

However, before Crimson Star and Wildfighter could offer up their suggestion, Aqua Rose had already started incanting. A dark-blue, twofold magic array, angled toward the staircase, immediately appeared above her.

When she tapped the butt of her staff on the ground, a torrent of water gushed out of the magic array and down the altar’s staircase. The frightening deluge flushed the trial monsters down the staircase.

After the floodwaters swept away the trial monsters, Alluring Summer, who stood beside Aqua Rose, also completed her incantation. An electric barrier formed at the top of the staircase, preventing ingress.

However, while the electric barrier stopped the trial monsters’ advance, it did not block the trial monsters’ attacks. For a time, every trial monster could be seen firing arrows at Aqua Rose and Alluring Summer.

Everyone felt their scalp going numb when they saw the rain of several thousand arrows. However, as if they were graceful butterflies, Aqua Rose and Alluring Summer easily weaved their way around the arrows. In the end, not a single arrow managed to land on the two of them.

“Crap! What kind of Guild is Zero Wing?!”

Floating Light gaped in shock when he saw Aqua Rose and Alluring Summer stopping the advance of several thousand trial monsters all by themselves.

At this moment, let alone Floating Light, even Solitary Frost and Yan Xiaoqian, who had lived together with Zero Wing’s members for a while, were shocked by this scene. They felt as if this was their first time learning of the Guild known as Zero Wing.

“Everyone, stop daydreaming! We need to help Guild Leader Black Flame deal with the Boss quickly!” Crimson Star ordered through the team chat after snapping out of her daze.

Upon hearing Crimson Star’s reminder, Violet Sword’s and Azure’s members also promptly regained their composure. Indeed, now wasn’t the time to watch Aqua Rose and Alluring Summer. Dealing with the Ancient Lich took priority.

Everyone else on the team then charged at the Ancient Lich and started assisting Shi Feng and Gentle Snow in dealing with the Trial Boss.

Although Zorok was incredibly powerful, it was, at the end of the day, still a magically oriented monster. After its opponents got within melee range of it, it would be fortunate if it could exhibit even half of its usual combat power. Moreover, with Shi Feng and Gentle Snow’s constant harassment, Zorok couldn’t even cast Tier 4 AOE Spells, let alone Tier 4 Curses.

The Ancient Lich’s HP decreased rapidly.

Even after Shi Feng reverted into a human, Zorok’s HP still dwindled. After a little more than an hour had passed, the Ancient Lich’s HP had already fallen to 20%.

“Despicable humans! I will have all of you pay for daring to interrupt a sacrifice for the Demon God!” Zorok bellowed.

A frightening burst of Mana exploded forth from the Ancient Lich’s body, the shockwave so intense that everyone present got knocked back more than 30 yards.

“Not good! It’s going to use the Innate Skill of Liches!” Crimson Star turned solemn when she saw the Ancient Lich going berserk. “Everyone, distance yourself from the Boss quickly!”

In God’s Domain, every powerful race had their own Innate Skills. An example would be the Dragon race’s Dragon Breath. Another would be Liches’ Frozen World. Not only was this Skill incredibly powerful, but it also could not be interrupted.

So long as Frozen World was activated, anyone within range who did not have extremely high Ice Resistance would receive frost damage over time, as well as a Movement Speed debuff.

Fortunately, Frozen World had a small AOE with a 40-yard radius. Ranged players could easily attack from outside the AOE. However, being able to use only ranged attacks against a magically oriented Boss wasn’t a good thing.

“Don’t even think of getting off so easily!” Shi Feng shouted as he activated the Seven Luminaries Ring’s Forbidden Domain.

A layer of gray fog enveloped the entire altar, and the frightening Mana surrounding Zorok scattered and disappeared. As a result, the Ancient Lich failed to gather enough Mana to activate Frozen World.

In the end, not only did Zorok not become more difficult to deal with, but it even became weaker instead. With the suppression of Forbidden Domain, the Ancient Lich could cast only Tier 3 Spells. This reduced the raid difficulty significantly.

20%… 15%… 10%…

However, as the battle progressed, Zorok also grew increasingly desperate. In exchange for reducing its own Defense and HP, it started using Tier 4 Spells in rapid succession, reaping the lives of the players before it.

By the time the Ancient Lich’s HP fell to 5%, less than 100 players remained alive. Fortunately, the damage everyone caused the Lich was also increasing. Moreover, the Lich kept burning its own HP to do battle. As a result, the Lich’s HP still decreased at a rapid rate.

“Quick! Attack with everything you’ve got! The Boss is almost down!” Crimson Star shouted anxiously when she saw that the team was down to less than 70 players.

At this moment, she could tell that the rate at which Zorok’s HP decreased was slowing. Even though the Ancient Lich only had 3% of its HP left, that was still more than 100 million HP. To make matters worse, everyone’s strongest Skills and Spells were on Cooldown. They didn’t have anything left to increase their DPS.



When Zorok’s HP fell below 1%, less than 20 players remained. At this point, aside from Cola, everyone else’s HP was already at a critical level. Everyone was clearly at the end of their rope.

Shi Feng decided to throw caution to the wind. He arrived beside the Ancient Lich and raised the Abyssal Blade high.


First Sword, Lightshadow!

One attack… Two attacks… Three attacks…

Every attack inflicted over three million damage on the Ancient Lich. However, every execution of Lightshadow gave Shi Feng a massive headache. When he executed the Mana Technique for the third time in a row, his complexion had already turned deathly pale.

Nevertheless, Shi Feng endured the pain and continued executing Lightshadow.

Five attacks…

Six attacks…

Seven attacks…

Finally, after Shi Feng executed his eighth consecutive Lightshadow, Zorok’s HP zeroed out. The Ancient Lich then let loose an unresigned wail before collapsing to the ground.