Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2640 - Suppressing the Ancient Lich

Dragon Breath!

The Dragon race’s trademark move allowed Dragons to gather all their power into a single point and propel it. The resulting attack would carry power far beyond what Dragons could normally exhibit. Dragon Breath was also one of the main reasons why Dragons were labeled invincible among those of the same tier. A Tier 5 Dragon Breath could even destroy entire cities. The destructive power a Dragon Breath carried was even greater than a Taboo Skill or Curse of the same tier.

After Shi Feng executed Dragon Breath, a scorching white beam shot at the massive pillar of flames descending from the sky.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

When the two attacks collided, space around the point of collision shattered and transformed into a pitch-black void. The powerful shockwaves from the impact were palpable even over a thousand yards away.

When the clash ended, everyone was stupefied by the outcome.

“What?! He blocked it?!”

“That was a Tier 4 Curse! Even a true Tier 3 Dragon shouldn’t be able to stop that! How did he do it?”

Crimson Star and the other magical-class players on the team felt like they were dreaming when they saw the threefold magic array above them fading out of existence.

The Tier 4 Curse Zorok cast rivaled a Tier 5 Spell. Meanwhile, a Tier 5 Spell could break through even the defensive magic array of Main Cities, let alone annihilate a measly 200-man team of Tier 3 players.

When they saw Zorok casting the Tier 4 Curse, they had known that the battle was over and resigned themselves to death. None of them thought that Shi Feng would actually be able to stop this frightening attack and keep the whole team alive. His abilities were truly inhuman.

Thank goodness I managed to block it. Otherwise, that really would have been a team-wipe. Shi Feng breathed out a sigh of relief when he saw the descending pillar of flames dissipating.

If not for him having further improved his understanding of the Realms of Truth and managing to integrate Advanced Combat Techniques into his actions, he wouldn’t have been able to elevate his Dragon Breath’s destructive power. In that case, both he and everyone else below him would’ve been burnt to ashes.

However, before Shi Feng and the others could catch their breath, Zorok started chanting once more and summoned another threefold magic array.

“How is this possible!?”

“This is a lie, right?! How can it still use another Tier 4 Curse?!”

Everyone’s complexion paled when they saw the Ancient Lich using another Tier 4 Curse.

Most of the Bosses in God’s Domain possessed only one team-wipe move. And even if a Boss had multiple team-wipe moves, it wouldn’t use them back to back. Now, however, Zorok was chanting another Tier 4 Curse right after using one. The Ancient Lich thoroughly shattered the conventions of God’s Domain.

It’s not even waiting for the ambient Mana to recover?

At this moment, let alone everyone else, even Shi Feng was surprised by this situation.

He was not surprised that Zorok was using Tier 4 Curses back to back. After all, the Ancient Lich was a magically oriented Boss. However, Zorok had just used a Tier 4 Curse, so the Mana around it was still extremely sparse. If the Lich used another Tier 4 Curse now, the power of the Curse would be significantly weaker. Zorok should’ve waited for the ambient Mana to recover before using another killing move, yet the Lich did not do so. Even for Shi Feng, this was a fresh development.

“It’s over… Its casting speed is too fast. We don’t even have time to use Tier 3 Curses to defend ourselves.” Crimson Star despaired when she saw the fully formed, threefold magic array. She never thought that, after Shi Feng destroyed the four Mana Towers and blocked one of the Ancient Lich’s killing moves, things would turn out this way.

With Dragon Breath on Cooldown, it should not be possible for Shi Feng to use it again within a short time. In addition, he was simply too far away from Zorok. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t interrupt the Ancient Lich’s spellcasting. Meanwhile, the formation of a Tier 3 Curse took at least three or four seconds. They simply didn’t have enough time to defend against the Ancient Lich’s second attack.

Just as Zorok was about to incant the final verse of its Curse, however, a lithe figure suddenly appeared before it and slashed her greatsword down at the Lich.

In the next moment, a flash dazzled everyone’s eyes as the greatsword smashed into the Ancient Lich’s skull. Not only did the attack forcefully interrupt the Ancient Lich’s spellcasting, but it also made the Lich itself stumble two steps back, suffering over four million damage.

“Gentle Snow?!”

“Over four million damage?! How high is her Strength?!”

Violet Sword’s and Azure’s members were surprised when they discerned the identity of the Ancient Lich’s attacker. They never thought that Zero Wing actually had another expert capable of contending against the Ancient Lich.

While the Ancient Lich was indeed a magically oriented Boss, the Basic Attributes it possessed were still far superior to ordinary Mythic monsters’. Without Strength surpassing that of ordinary Mythic monsters, one wouldn’t be able to budge the Ancient Lich in the slightest.

Meanwhile, after Gentle Snow interrupted Zorok, Shi Feng immediately flew forward to keep it busy. He gave the Lich no opportunities to cast any more Tier 4 Curses.

“Good! A chance! Everyone, charge!” Wildfighter yelled excitedly when he saw the Ancient Lich occupied.

Now that the Mana Towers were gone, so long as the Ancient Lich was prevented from using any more Tier 4 Curses and they could get within melee range of it, they would have an opportunity for victory. After all, what magically oriented Bosses feared the most was melee combat. So long as they managed to pull Zorok into a melee, the Boss’s threat would be halved.

Violet Sword’s and Azure’s members charged at the trial monsters’ defensive line with renewed vigor.

Taking the lead, Wildfighter, Crimson Star, Sinful Flame, Duan Hanshan, Solitary Frost, Yan Xiaoqian, and Floating Light were like the team’s spearhead. They instantly broke a hole through the defensive line and allowed the team’s other members to flood through it.

However, the higher up the altar the team ascended, the more trial monsters they encountered. As a result, the team’s advance gradually slowed.

“Damn it! There are too many Trial Elites! At this rate, we’ll get killed before we can even close with the Boss!” Floating Light cursed as he fought three Grand Lord ranked Trial Elites simultaneously.

Previously, he still had the upper hand when he went up against two Trial Elites. However, as they ascended the altar, the number of Trial Elites they came across increased. Now, facing the simultaneous attacks of three Trial Elites, he didn’t even have the opportunity to retaliate and could only passively defend himself. His HP also continuously decreased, and he needed the support of the healers in order to stay alive.

At this moment, everyone was struggling in their fight against the trial monsters, their HPs continuously decreasing. Now, they were completely reliant on the team’s healers to keep their HPs above a safe margin.

“We can’t continue dragging the fight out like this! Violet and Wonder, you two open up a path! Everyone else, follow them! I’ll hold the rear!” Aqua Rose commanded when she saw that the team was already surrounded.

“Follow the two of them?”

The Violet Sword and Azure members present were confused by Aqua Rose’s command. Yan Xiaoqian, in particular, found it unbelievable.

Setting aside Violet Cloud, who held the upper hand even while going up against three Trial Elites simultaneously, Silent Wonder was just barely holding her ground against three Trial Elites. In fact, Yan Xiaoqian was faring even better than Silent Wonder right now, yet Aqua Rose wanted Silent Wonder to spearhead a breakthrough in the encirclement?

However, before anyone could object to Aqua Rose’s strange command, Violet Cloud and Silent Wonder both nodded and charged toward the thick of the monsters.

“What are they doing?! They’re already outside the range of the healers!” Crimson Star suspected that Violet Cloud and Silent Wonder had gone crazy when she saw the two charging into the mob of trial monsters.

Although Violet Cloud and Silent Wonder possessed relatively high combat standards and extraordinary combat power, they would still take significant damage if they went up against too many trial monsters at once. Without the support of healers, they wouldn’t last very long. Even if Violet Cloud was a Cleric herself, she currently had to focus on attacking and defending. She didn’t have any time to spare casting Healing Spells.

However, as soon as Crimson Star finished speaking, blades of Mana started appearing around the two women.

Void Blade!

Shadow Rage!

The two of them combined had summoned over 300 magic blades. Moreover, every magic blade carried so much power that the space around them trembled. The power of these magic blades was definitely at the Tier 4 standard.


Violet Cloud and Silent Wonder let loose a low shout. The trial monsters surrounding them got blasted away one after another, and in no time at all, no monster remained within a 40-yard radius of the duo. Moreover, any monster that tried to approach them got repelled immediately.