Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2639 - Black Dragon King's Might

Chapter 2639 – Black Dragon King’s Might

When Shi Feng unsheathed the Abyssal Blade and activated Black Dragon’s Soul, the Abyssal Blade immediately transformed into a cloud of black mist, which then enveloped Shi Feng completely before expanding to cover a 60-yard radius around him.

Before anyone could react to this strange development, a deafening Dragon roar came from the cloud. In the next moment, a 30-meter-tall Black Dragon leaped out of the black mist, releasing a powerful aura that washed over the crowd.

“A Dragon?”

Crimson Star and Wildfighter could not help doubting their eyes when they saw the incredibly realistic Black Dragon before them.

The Dragon race was one of the apex races in God’s Domain. Dragons were also a symbol of strength and destruction. Whenever one appeared on the continent of God’s Domain, turmoil would follow.

Now, however, Shi Feng had actually transformed himself into a Dragon. Moreover, in terms of appearance or Life Rating, he was exactly the same as a true Dragon.

The only unfortunate matter was that the Dragon that Shi Feng had transformed into was only Tier 3. Even so, this was still an astounding ability. After all, a Dragon’s Attributes were far superior to those of existences of the same tier.

However, while the Violet Sword and Azure members were astonished by this matter, they were, after all, core experts of their respective Guilds and quickly snapped out of their daze. Upon receiving Aqua Rose’s command, they promptly charged toward the altar, together with Zero Wing’s members.

As soon as everyone entered the range of the Mana Towers, the altar’s trial monsters detected them. Before they could even get within 300 yards of the altar, the trial monsters had already moved into position, with 500 trial monsters standing resolutely at the bottom of the altar’s staircase. The remaining trial monsters positioned themselves on the various steps of the staircase and readied their bows. So long as the intruding players were within their attack range, they would immediately loose their arrows.

The four Mana Towers surrounding the altar also started launching magic beams at the team.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Immediately, four light pillars emerged within the trial tunnel and vaporized everything within range.

Fortunately, all the members on the team had spread out. In addition, the Mana Towers’ cannons did not possess a very large AOE. As a result, aside from some unlucky players that had bad positioning, everyone else managed to slip out of the beam attacks’ AOE in time. Even so, the team had still lost over a dozen players just from that first round of attacks.

Upon seeing this, the surviving members of the team gulped nervously, grim expressions settling on their faces.

They hadn’t even started fighting, yet they had already lost over a dozen members. At this rate, they would most likely get annihilated before they could even kill a trial monster.

However, just as a heavy atmosphere descended on the team, a black figure suddenly flew overhead and arrived within 100 yards of a Mana Tower in the blink of an eye.

Seeing this figure, everyone relaxed slightly and breathed out a sigh of relief.

Only, when Shi Feng arrived within 100 yards of the first Mana Tower, the Ancient Lich seated at the top of the altar suddenly opened its eyes, the blood-red glow in its hollow eye sockets locking on to him immediately. The Lich then extended its hand at the Black Dragon and started chanting an incantation.

Less than a second later, a twofold magic array appeared beneath the Lich’s feet.

“Speed-casting?” Crimson Star’s complexion darkened when she saw Zorok’s spellcasting.

Zorok originally already possessed incredibly high HP for an Ancient Lich. Now, it was even capable of executing speed-casting. Moreover, its speed-casting was exceptionally fast; a Tier 4 Spell, which usually required four or five seconds to cast, got completed in less than a second. The Lich’s casting speed was simply unbelievable.

The instant the twofold magic array took shape, several hundred ice blades formed around Zorok. The ice blades then tore space as they shot straight at Shi Feng.

Tier 4 Spell, Frost Dance!

Not only did every one of these ice blades carry power surpassing that of Tier 4 Mythic monsters, but they also froze their surroundings completely. As the several hundred ice blades flew toward Shi Feng, they transformed their surroundings into a world of frost.

Seeing this scene, everyone could not help but grow anxious.

Dodging Zorok’s attack was virtually impossible. If Shi Feng got stuck dealing with the Ancient Lich’s attacks, then he wouldn’t even be able to close in on the Mana Towers.

Just when the several hundred ice blades were about to devour Shi Feng, he suddenly extended a claw and swiped at the empty space before him. The phantom of a gigantic claw instantly appeared in midair.

Holy Annihilation Mana Technique, Lightshadow!

In the next moment, the gigantic claw tore through the frozen world and transformed the space before Shi Feng into a pitch-black void. The several hundred ice blades disappeared completely as if they had never appeared to begin with.

“He blocked it…”

“So, this is Guild Leader Black Flame’s true strength?”

Everyone present was stupefied when they saw the pitch-black void that had formed before the Black Dragon.

Those were several hundred ice blades!

Every one of those ice blades carried power surpassing that of ordinary Mythic monsters. Going up against the Ancient Lich’s attack would be akin to going up against the simultaneous attacks of several hundred Mythic monsters, yet Shi Feng had actually nullified all those ice blades with just a single blow.

However, before everyone could snap out of their daze, Shi Feng flapped his wings and arrived before the nearest Mana Tower. He then sent a claw smashing into the 60-meter-tall tower.


Along with a thundering explosion, the magic barrier protecting the Mana Tower shattered. The Mana Tower itself had also started trembling violently, its original durability of 5,000 instantly decreasing by over 200 points.

Crimson Star and the others, who were still charging toward the altar, nearly had their eyes fall out of their sockets when they saw this.

The Mana Tower’s defensive capability was at the Tier 4 standard. In other words, non-Tier 4 attacks wouldn’t harm the Mana Tower at all. Even if a Tier 3 attack managed to cause damage, it would, at most, reduce the tower’s durability by the standard 20 points.

Now, however, Shi Feng had reduced the Mana Tower’s durability by over 200 points with just one attack. The power he demonstrated was simply astonishing.

At this moment, let alone Crimson Star and the others, even Shi Feng himself was surprised by this situation.

Transforming into a Black Dragon King actually elevated my Strength to such an extent?

When Shi Feng saw that the torn space before him was not showing any signs of recovery, he determined that the power of his attack had indeed reached the Advanced Tier 4 standard.

Before he had transformed into a Black Dragon King, his Basic Attributes allowed him to exhibit power at only the Basic Tier 4 standard. However, in God’s Domain, further elevating one’s power after reaching the Tier 4 standard was incredibly difficult. Only by being capable of exhibiting power at the Advanced Tier 4 standard would one be able to just barely reach the standard of Superior Mythics.

In other words, even without using any techniques, he could currently contend against the weakest of Superior Mythics.

Despite this astonishing discovery, Shi Feng quickly recovered his senses and resumed attacking the Mana Tower before him.




As Shi Feng’s claws landed on the Mana Tower one after another, the tower’s durability rapidly decreased. In no time at all, the Mana Tower had already lost one-fifth of its total durability, the speed of its deterioration making Crimson Star and the others’ blood boil.

At this time, though, both the Mana Towers and the Ancient Lich launched counterattacks at Shi Feng.

Immediately, the four Mana Towers fired their magic cannons at Shi Feng, while the Ancient Lich used its Domain and over a dozen magic blades to restrict and attack him.

Every one of the attacks sent at Shi Feng carried the power of a Superior Mythic. Not daring to be careless, Shi Feng continued using Lightshadow to defend himself before resuming his bombardment of the Mana Tower before him.

However, Lightshadow placed an enormous burden on Shi Feng’s Concentration. Even after he transformed into a Black Dragon King and gained a much superior physique, the amount of Concentration he consumed when executing Lightshadow hardly decreased.

By the time Shi Feng had destroyed the second Mana Tower, he no longer dared to use Lightshadow to defend against the Mana Towers’ and Ancient Lich’s attacks, opting to use Sword’s Orbit instead.

However, the boost in power Sword’s Orbit provided was inferior to that from Lightshadow. As a result, Shi Feng continuously lost HP as he defended himself. Approaching and attacking the Mana Towers also became much more difficult.

By the time Shi Feng destroyed the third Mana Tower, his HP had already fallen to 64%. At this point, Zorok’s attacks became even more frenzied. And when Shi Feng started attacking the fourth Mana Tower, the Ancient Lich also started double speed-casting and dishing out Tier 4 Spells like they were nothing.

When Shi Feng’s HP fell to 24%, the fourth and last Mana Tower’s durability zeroed out. At the same time, the suppression on the space surrounding the altar disappeared, and everyone was free to use Skills and Spells again.

Zorok grew thoroughly enraged upon seeing the fourth Mana Tower’s destruction.

“Damnable Dragon! Die!” Zorok bellowed as it glared at Shi Feng.

The world around Shi Feng immediately dimmed as a gigantic, threefold magic array appeared above his head.

“A Tier 4 Curse?” Shi Feng’s complexion darkened when he saw the threefold magic array.

As he stared at it in shock, flames of annihilation suddenly descended from the threefold magic array, covering a 500-yard radius and enveloping the entire altar.

Tier 4 Curse, Annihilation Lotus!

The faces of Crimson Star and the others sank at this sight.


Not daring to hold back, Shi Feng immediately widened his mouth and used his strongest move—Dragon Breath.