Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2638 - Ancient Lich, Black Dragon's Soul

Chapter 2638 – Ancient Lich, Black Dragon’s Soul

Aqua Rose and the others wore grim expressions on their faces as they looked at a towering, dilapidated altar some distance away in the middle of the tunnel.

The reason for their reactions was that the altar’s surroundings were filled with Trial Warriors and Trial Elites—these monsters numbering around 3,000—in addition to the Trial Boss. Moreover, the four corners of the altar each had a Mana Tower. Not only did the Mana Towers suppress all hostile forces within their range, but they also prevented players from using any Skills and Spells.

“This is just cheating! Not only are there so many monsters around the Boss, but there are actually four Mana Towers as well! With this, let alone a 200-man team, even a 2,000-man team can’t do anything!” Floating Light cursed despite himself as he looked at the four Mana Towers.

Mana Towers were strategic-level defensive constructions and not just any ordinary constructions, but top-tier Advanced Constructions. They were also things that players on the western continent were extremely familiar with.

After all, every one of the western continent’s NPC cities possessed these defensive constructions. The Mana Tower was also a large part of the reason why the western continent’s NPC cities could develop steadily despite having to face the constant threat of the Demonic Creature armies.

Originally, the Trial Boss and its underlings already had an absolute advantage. Now, these monsters even boasted the protection of four Mana Towers. How were players like themselves supposed to clear this trial?

“Sure enough, it is still too early for us to come here.” Crimson Star could not help a bitter smile as she considered the resting Lich sitting atop the altar.

[Zorok] (Ancient Lich, Superior Mythic)

Level 122

HP 3,700,000,000/3,700,000,000

While Zorok’s HP of 3.7 billion wasn’t particularly high for an Ancient Lich, this amount was more than enough to instill despair into players.

Very few magically oriented monsters existed in God’s Domain. However, compared to physically oriented monsters of the same level and rank, magically oriented monsters were around 30% to 40% more difficult to handle. This was akin to the difference between physical-class NPCs and magical-class NPCs. Magical-class NPCs were more adept at executing long-range, AOE attacks and could wreak much greater destruction than physical-class NPCs could.

Meanwhile, Ancient Liches were monsters that possessed magical talent surpassing even that of Elves. In the hands of an Ancient Lich, Spells were no different from toys; it could play around with magic however it wanted to.

Previously, Violet Sword had come across a Level 87, Mythic ranked Ancient Lich out in the fields. In order to defeat it, the Guild had dispatched a 5,000-man legion filled with Level 90-plus experts, who had taken turns attacking the Boss in teams of 1,000. In the end, they had slain the Ancient Lich—but at the cost of nearly 4,000 experts.

Now, not only was the Ancient Lich before them Level 122, but it was even a Superior Mythic ranked monster. If they came across this Ancient Lich in the outside world, they would’ve most likely turned tail and fled already. To make matters worse, there were thousands of trial monsters and four Mana Towers supporting the Ancient Lich. With this, even a 10,000-man legion filled with expert players of the same level wouldn’t be able to raid it.

At this moment, let alone Violet Sword’s and Azure’s members, even Aqua Rose and the other Zero Wing members frowned upon seeing Zorok. After all, the raid difficulty of this Trial Boss was simply stratospheric. In fact, in their opinion, Zorok was no longer a Boss that players could challenge at Tier 3. Only a Tier 4 team would have any hope of raiding it.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, the Boss’s raid difficulty is too high. Even if we throw all our lives away and use all our trump cards, I’m afraid we still won’t be able to pose a threat to the Boss. Do you still wish to continue fighting?” Wildfighter asked as he turned to Shi Feng, who had just rejoined the team. At the same time, though, he could not help but sigh in disappointment.

They had gone through great lengths to reach the Trial Boss. If there were a chance of success, he would want to try raiding the Trial Boss as well. However, no matter how he looked at the situation, he simply couldn’t see any hope whatsoever. After all, if they wished to raid the Ancient Lich, they would need to destroy the four Mana Towers first. Otherwise, they would be no different from live targets for the Ancient Lich, unable to put up any resistance at all.

However, destroying the four Mana Towers was easier said than done. After all, they would have to go up against the Trial Boss and several thousand trial monsters when attacking the Mana Towers.

To make matters worse, the Mana Towers possessed incredibly strong defensive capabilities. Attacks below the Tier 4 standard wouldn’t even scratch the towers. However, with the four Mana Towers suppressing all hostile forces within the vicinity, they wouldn’t be able to use any Skills or Spells against the towers. In other words, they would have to use normal attacks against these Mana Towers while also having weakened Basic Attributes. In such a situation, how many players on the team could execute attacks reaching the Tier 4 standard?

If they had to rely on only a handful of players to destroy the four Mana Towers, it was unlikely that they could destroy even one Mana Tower before they team-wiped. Not to mention, the Mana Towers would also periodically launch large-scale destruction Spells. Just one of these Spells would be more than enough to annihilate their team. Facing the simultaneous attacks of four Mana Towers was an absolute nightmare.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, if you’re reluctant to give up, I can suggest to the Guild to alter our agreement to clearing the Elite Trial instead of the Hero Trial. Only, the slots you will receive at that time will be significantly reduced. What do you think?” Crimson Star suggested.

Wildfighter did not show any disagreement with Crimson Star’s proposal.

The strength Zero Wing had displayed during the trial truly exceeded their imaginations. For Violet Sword, being able to form a partnership with Zero Wing was definitely a good thing.

“Crimson Star really reacted quickly.” Duan Hanshan smiled faintly when he overheard Crimson Star’s suggestion. However, he wasn’t particularly surprised.

Zero Wing’s potential was already clear for all to see. If nothing untoward happened, it would definitely grow into a superpower in the future. The Guild would be especially powerful due to its ability to nurture players. If Violet Sword’s young talents could receive Zero Wing’s training as well, Violet Sword might even have a chance to become one of the Five Great Super Guilds.

After seeing Crimson Star’s actions, Duan Hanshan also felt the need to have the Azure Chamber of Commerce further deepen its relationship with Zero Wing.

However, as soon as Crimson Star finished speaking, Shi Feng shook his head.

“If the problem is with the slots, I can try to negotiate with the others in the Guild, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Wildfighter said when he saw Shi Feng shaking his head.

“No, you misunderstand me, Vice Commander Wildfighter. I don’t have any problem with your proposal. Only, I still wish to challenge the Boss. After all, it wasn’t easy getting up to this point. It is such a waste to give up without even trying,” Shi Feng said.

Setting aside the status they would gain in the ancient city after clearing the Hero Trial, just the Ancient Legacy Stele’s recorded information alone made raiding the Trial Boss imperative. After all, the chances of coming across an Ancient Legacy Stele in God’s Domain were abysmally low, not to mention one that required such a large Memory Crystal. If he could get his hands on the recorded information, it would most likely be the greatest harvest from this Hero Trial.

Hence, he naturally couldn’t give up without a fight.

“But those Mana Towers…” Crimson Star countered worriedly when she saw that Shi Feng still wished to attempt the raid.

“What if we can destroy those Mana Towers within a short time?” Shi Feng asked after giving the matter some thought.

“Destroy those towers within a short time?” Shi Feng’s words threw Crimson Star for a loop. Skeptical, she asked, “Is that possible?”

“The odds are roughly even,” Shi Feng said after making some mental calculations.

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s words, everyone present stared at him in astonishment. For a moment, they thought that Shi Feng was joking with them.

These were four Mana Towers they were talking about!

Destroying one without using any Skills or Spells would be as difficult as ascending to heaven. How could they destroy all four of them within a short time?

“If you really have an even chance of success, then we can give your plan a try,” Crimson Star said as she turned to study the distant altar.

Wildfighter nodded in agreement.

The most troublesome part about this entire raid was the four Mana Towers. If it was possible to destroy the four Mana Towers quickly, then an attempt was indeed justified.

“Since everyone agrees, that makes things simple,” Shi Feng said, smiling when he saw that Crimson Star and Wildfighter were willing to try raiding the Trial Boss. “Afterward, I’ll personally destroy the four Mana Towers. During this period, I hope that you can keep the trial monsters busy.”

“You’ll destroy the four Mana Towers yourself?” Crimson Star gaped at Shi Feng in disbelief.

Although Shi Feng’s attacks indeed carried power at the Tier 4 standard, the amount of time it would take him to destroy the Mana Towers on his own was no laughing matter.

“That’s right. I’ll destroy them,” Shi Feng replied seriously while nodding.

“Alright, then. Since you wish to try, then let’s try it, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Crimson Star sighed helplessly when she saw that he was serious.

At this point, she no longer held any hope of him succeeding. However, she didn’t mind letting the Violet Sword members present die once to consolidate Violet Sword’s partnership with Zero Wing. After all, aside from the long resurrection time, the death penalty players suffered in the ancient secret land was very low.

Following which, everyone present readied themselves for battle and positioned themselves right outside the Mana Towers’ suppression radius. Once they were given the command, they would immediately charge into the battlefield and attract the trial monsters’ attention.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, everything’s ready! You may start anytime!” Crimson Star reported to Shi Feng after seeing that everyone was in position.

“Good! I’ll start now!”

After saying so, Shi Feng unsheathed the Abyssal Blade and activated Black Dragon’s Soul.