Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2633 - Monsters

Chapter 2633 – Monsters

“Those levels… How is this possible?”

“Are they monsters?”

At this moment, let alone Mythology’s members, even Violet Sword’s members were stunned to see the levels of Zero Wing’s members.

Currently, even the peak experts of the various superpowers had reached only Level 113 or Level 114. However, even the lowest-leveled Zero Wing member present was at Level 117—far ahead of the superpowers’ peak experts.

“Team Leader Sandstorm, all of them have fully unlocked their Mana Bodies. Moreover, their equipment standards are quite high, especially for those melee players. I’m afraid we’ll need a lot of time and resources to kill them. If Violet Sword’s side manages to free up some manpower in the meantime, we’ll be in danger,” a Tier 3 Berserker from Mythology warned Sandstorm as he looked at the 100-plus Zero Wing members before them.

Although the team leaders on their team had all fully unlocked their Mana Bodies, no one else on the team had. They only had the assistance of a battle array. However, even if they possessed superior Basic Attributes to Zero Wing’s members, they definitely wouldn’t be superior by much, judging by the equipment standard of Zero Wing’s members.

If it came down to a fight, they wouldn’t have much of an advantage even in a one-on-one fight. Not to mention, their team only had 30-odd members, whereas Zero Wing’s side had more than 100 players. Overall, they were at a complete disadvantage.

“Damn it! You guys retreat!” Sandstorm ordered, his complexion darkening as he gazed at Zero Wing’s members. He then turned to the female Guardian Knight beside him and said, “Feather, you and the other team leaders continue fighting! We’ll kill as many as we can! Retreat as soon as Crimson Star’s group finishes activating the Teleportation Gate!”

“Got it!” replied the female Guardian Knight named White Feather, unopposed to Sandstorm’s decision.

Team leaders like herself and Sandstorm currently possessed power at the Tier 4 standard. With the assistance of the battle array, their Basic Attributes were far superior to those of Zero Wing’s members. Out of the Zero Wing members present, only Shi Feng could actually put them in a bind. However, if the five of them split up and took action independently, they could slaughter quite a few of Zero Wing’s members. Moreover, they had already used the precious Magic Devouring Gemstones for the operation; if they still failed to produce any results, they would definitely be punished.

Obedient to Sandstorm’s command, everyone from Mythology, aside from the five team leaders, promptly turned around and fled.

However, as soon as Mythology’s members took flight, a clear and crisp voice entered everyone’s ears.

“Don’t even think of getting away so easily!”

In the next moment, a magic array rapidly spread out from beneath Zhao Yueru’s feet, summoning a barrier of flames. Covering a 500-yard radius around Zhao Yueru, the barrier trapped all of Mythology’s members within it.

“Bastard!” Sandstorm bellowed in rage when he saw the barrier of flames rise. He immediately charged straight at Zhao Yueru, his Movement Speed astonishing Violet Sword’s members.

Sandstorm was at least twice as fast as the Assassin leader that attacked Crimson Star’s group earlier. In the blink of an eye, he appeared over 50 yards from his original location.

“Everyone, be careful! He’s already capable of perfectly integrating Advanced Footwork into his Movement Skill! Do not clash with him directly!” Wildfighter warned, a grim expression appearing on his face at Sandstorm’s astonishing speed.

Among the various types of combat techniques available, the most difficult type to integrate with Skills and Spells was footwork. Integrating footwork with a Movement Skill was especially challenging. Even in Violet Sword, only a few individuals were capable of this.

Anyone who achieved this integration could freely weave their way through an army of tens of thousands.

Not to mention, Sandstorm’s Basic Attributes were currently at the Tier 4 standard. With the combination of his speed and Strength, he was basically unstoppable.

In just three seconds, Sandstorm penetrated Zero Wing’s defensive line and arrived behind Zhao Yueru. He then executed a downward slash at the Elementalist’s back using the silver shortsword he wielded.

“Die, you hindrance!” Sandstorm bellowed. Immediately, Mana gathered around his shortsword and coalesced into a greatsword that left a dark void in its wake.

Just when the greatsword was about to land on Zhao Yueru, however, a lithe figure suddenly appeared beside the Elementalist and sent a sword light cutting at the greatsword.


A loud explosion shook the battlefield, and the space surrounding the point of collision shattered into oblivion. The resulting shockwave sent all the players within a 10-yard radius of the explosion’s epicenter flying.

“Impossible! She blocked it?!” White Feather, who was watching from a distance, doubted her eyes when she saw Gentle Snow stopping Sandstorm’s attack.

Although Sandstorm was an Assassin, he had been drastically strengthened by the Magic Devouring Gemstone and the Advanced Battle Array. His current Strength far exceeded that of ordinary Mythic monsters of the same level. With the boost in power his Tier 3 Skill provided, his attack should be capable of repulsing even bona fide Mythic monsters. However, despite being merely a Tier 3 player, Gentle Snow had actually managed to receive the attack without losing any ground.

“A special Skill?” Sandstorm muttered. Although he was similarly surprised that Gentle Snow stopped his attack, he quickly realized the reason why she was able to do so. “I don’t know what Skill you used to stop my attack, but since it is a Skill and not a combat technique, you’ll only be able to stop me once. I refuse to believe you can continue stopping me!”

After saying so, Sandstorm readied himself to launch another attack. However, as if Gentle Snow had long anticipated this, she intercepted him, executing four attacks with her greatsword.

Will of Light!

Four Extreme Slashes!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sandstorm quickly responded to Gentle Snow’s intervention, rapidly brandishing his shortsword to defend against the four slashes. Every attack he blocked sent him stumbling one step back.

“Are you done using your Skill yet?” Although Sandstorm was forced to retreat by four steps, he still maintained a calm expression. He then smirked and said, “If you’re done, it’s my turn now!”

However, just as Sandstorm finished speaking, Gentle Snow raised Glorious Will above her head. At the same time, her body started releasing a sacred glow that suppressed even the space around her.

“Disappear!” Gentle Snow shouted as she swung Glorious Will down at Sandstorm.

A boundless light devoured Sandstorm.

Myth of Light!

With just one attack, Gentle Snow obliterated everything before her within 100 yards. Even space itself shattered.

As for Sandstorm, he went flying over a hundred yards away, his HP falling below 50% and his body covered in injuries. When he hit the ground, the impact created a huge crater.

Upon seeing this scene, everyone present was astonished. Violet Sword’s and Mythology’s members, in particular, could not help gaping in shock.

“Just how many cards does Zero Wing have hidden?” Crimson Star wondered aloud as she stared at Gentle Snow.

First, it was Shi Feng. Now, it was Gentle Snow.

Gentle Snow was clearly only at the Void Realm standard. In terms of Basic Attributes, she had to be quite inferior to Sandstorm. Moreover, Sandstorm had also fully unlocked his Mana Body already. The only advantage she had was her level of 118. No matter how Crimson Star looked at it, Gentle Snow shouldn’t be a match for Sandstorm.

In the end, however, Gentle Snow had used only a few moves to topple Sandstorm. The power of her final attack, in particular, practically rivaled that of the attack Shi Feng used to deal with the two Region Chiefs.

“Feather, what should we do? Sandstorm is already heavily injured. There’s still Sinful Flame on Azure’s side. With just the four of us, I’m afraid we’ll have difficulty accomplishing anything…” the Tier 3 Elementalist standing beside White Feather asked when he saw Sandstorm struggling even to stand up right now. With the situation as it was, they wouldn’t gain anything from continuing this fight.

Out of the five team leaders taking part in this operation, Sandstorm was the strongest while White Feather came second. Now that Sandstorm was heavily injured and occupied in battle, it was up to White Feather to take charge.

“We retreat! Zero Wing’s strength exceeds our expectations! We need to report this matter to the vice commander as soon as possible!”

“But what about the fire barrier?” the Tier 3 Elementalist asked as he looked at the barrier of flames surrounding them.

“If I use my trump card, I should be able to shatter it. Once it’s gone, have everyone retreat at full speed!” White Feather instructed.

“Alright. I’ll have them scatter and run,” the Tier 3 Elementalist said, nodding.

Following which, White Feather shattered Zhao Yueru’s barrier of flames with a single move. She and Mythology’s other members then scattered and fled. As for Zero Wing’s members, they persistently hunted down Mythology’s members. In the end, they killed not only 20-plus of Mythology’s peak experts but also Sandstorm and two other team leaders, inflicting severe losses on Mythology’s Silver Light Legion.

Word of this battle also quickly spread throughout Violet Light City, shaking all those who heard it.