Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2632 - Silenced Battlefield

Chapter 2632 – Silenced Battlefield

Upon seeing Yan Xiaoqian take action, Violet Sword’s members fell silent.

Yan Xiaoqian had attracted a lot of attention when she participated in the training for young talents in Violet Sword. One of the reasons for this was that she was only half a step away from entering the Domain Realm. The other reason was Instructor Torre’s willingness to teach her. Hence, most of Violet Sword’s upper echelon and peak experts had done their research on her and knew what kind of strength she possessed.

However, the current Yan Xiaoqian was like a completely different person from the one they knew—she had single-handedly stopped the attack of a peak expert whose Basic Attributes were at the Tier 4 standard. Moreover, this Tier 3 Assassin expert was also clearly only half a step away from the Domain Realm. Of the Violet Sword members present, even Domain Realm experts like Crimson Star and Wildfighter might not be able to stop the Assassin’s attacks completely, yet Yan Xiaoqian had. Naturally, this surprised Violet Sword’s members.

“Her Mana Body is fully unlocked?!” Wildfighter, who stood relatively close to Yan Xiaoqian, revealed astonishment on his face when he sensed intense Mana fluctuations from her. “Her Mana Body was only at a little more than 50% potential three days ago. What did Zero Wing do?”

Upon hearing Wildfighter’s words, realization dawned upon the other Violet Sword members present, and every one of them stared at Yan Xiaoqian in even greater astonishment. This was especially true for Floating Light, who had trained under Instructor Torre together with her.

“How is this possible?! This is the Mana Body we are talking about! How can she fully unlock it in just three days?!” Floating Light’s eyes widened in shock as he gaped at Yan Xiaoqian. For a moment, he felt as if he was looking at a stranger.

When it came to talent in combat, he was superior to Yan Xiaoqian. In addition, after he had trained in the ancient secret land’s special training ground, his combat power was now recognized as almost equal to Solitary Frost’s. In theory, he should be far superior to Yan Xiaoqian.

Now, however, it turned out that Yan Xiaoqian’s combat power actually surpassed his by a large margin.

However, before Violet Sword’s members could react to this unexpected development, Mythology’s lead Assassin made another move. This time, though, he dashed forward at great speed instead of launching a ranged attack.

In no time at all, the lead Assassin arrived within 10 yards of Crimson Star’s group, this situation causing the expressions of Crimson Star and the others to darken.

The Assassin class wasn’t known for its ranged attacks; the class truly shone in close combat. This was especially true for the explosive power the class could exhibit at melee range. Moreover, with the agility of the Assassin class, trying to pin one down using ranged Spells was extremely difficult, all the more an Assassin with Tier 4 Basic Attributes.

“That little girl’s defensive measures might be brilliant, but at this distance, I want to see how she’ll stop my attacks!” the lead Assassin said as he got within five yards of Wildfighter.

Tier 3 Skill, Absolute Shadow Assault!

Immediately, the Assassin’s body split into multiple shadows to assail Wildfighter, these shadows causing the surrounding space to crack as they approached the Berserker. These shadows were so powerful that even Guardian Knights and Shield Warriors would die instantly if struck, let alone a Berserker like Wildfighter.

“It’s over.”

Upon seeing the rapidly approaching shadows, Wildfighter involuntarily shut his eyes. As he was currently activating the Teleportation Gate, he couldn’t afford to defend against the attack at all; doing so would cancel the process. Moreover, even if he weren’t occupied with the gate’s activation, he still wouldn’t be able to get away unscathed from such a powerful attack. After all, not only did these shadows carry power at the Tier 4 standard, but they were also strengthened by a Basic Combat Technique.

Just as the several shadows were about to devour Wildfighter, however, a figure suddenly descended from above and transformed into four identical copies of themself, which then struck at the assaulting shadows.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

The clangor of weapons repeatedly echoed throughout the area before the Teleportation Gate. Multiple cracks extending up to 30 yards away appeared on the ground. The frightening shockwaves resulting from the clashes almost toppled the nearby peak experts.

When the dust settled, a male youth wielding a greatsword appeared, standing quietly before the lead Assassin from Mythology. Since the youth’s HP bar remained full, it was obvious that he had successfully fended off the lead Assassin’s attack.

“Solitary Frost?” Wildfighter could not help doubting his eyes when he saw the youth shielding him.

Even in his peak state, Wildfighter doubted he could perfectly defend against the lead Assassin’s attack. However, not only did Solitary Frost remain unscathed after repelling the lead Assassin’s attack, but the youth had also kept Wildfighter from coming to harm. The combat power Solitary Frost had just displayed was completely different from what Wildfighter remembered.

“He fully unlocked his Mana Body as well?” When Crimson Star saw that Solitary Frost was similarly exuding a frightening amount of Mana from his body, astonishment and confusion appeared in her eyes.

In the case of Yan Xiaoqian, Crimson Star still found it understandable for the girl to unlock her Mana Body to 100% potential in just three short days. After all, Yan Xiaoqian was a magical-class player. She boasted far better Mana control than melee experts like Solitary Frost. She had much better odds of unlocking the Mana Body.

Now, however, Solitary Frost had actually fully unlocked his Mana Body too.

Since when did unlocking the Mana Body become so easy?

While Crimson Star stewed in shock and confusion, Mythology’s Assassin leader, whose attacks got thwarted twice in a row, was extremely depressed. First, it was Yan Xiaoqian. Now, it was Solitary Frost. He was clearly just one step away from foiling Violet Sword’s plans, yet he got blocked time and again.

“Sandstorm, my side is in trouble. The kid I’m up against has already fully unlocked his Mana Body. His combat standard is also very high. He’s not the slightest bit weaker than Wildfighter. If he focuses on deflecting my attacks, I don’t think I can do anything to the casters within a short period. If Black Flame joins in on the fight, I’m afraid I won’t even be able to escape,” the lead Assassin reported to Sandstorm through the team chat.

“Since the ambush has failed, retreat and regroup with us first. We’ll focus on killing off as many of Zero Wing’s and Azure’s members as possible,” Sandstorm ordered, gritting his teeth when he saw Shi Feng holding off the remaining five members of the Assassin party. After saying so, Sandstorm hastened his footsteps.

Previously, the main group of Mythology’s team had deliberately exposed themselves to hold the attention of Shi Feng and the other Zero Wing members with fully unlocked Mana Bodies so that the Assassin party would succeed in its ambush. However, Azure turned out to have monsters with fully unlocked Mana Bodies as well. This unexpected development had thrown a wrench into Sandstorm’s original plans.

“Everyone, charge! No need to hold back anymore! We’ll get rid of them together with the Assassin party!” Sandstorm shouted as he pointed at Zero Wing’s members.

Upon seeing Sandstorm’s team rushing toward Zero Wing’s and Azure’s members, Crimson Star and Wildfighter could not help growing anxious.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, we must not let that Tier 3 Assassin regroup with Sandstorm’s group! Team leaders like him can enter a battle array with each other! If we let him regroup with the main team, those team leaders will become even stronger!” Crimson Star warned when she saw Mythology’s Assassin leader retreating at flying speeds.

“Relax. Even if they regroup, they have no chance of victory,” Shi Feng assured her, smiling. Even after seeing Mythology’s Assassin party retreating, he showed no intention of giving chase.

“But…” Crimson Star fell speechless when she saw Shi Feng’s nonchalant attitude toward Mythology.

She knew that Zero Wing had sent over a hundred experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies this time. These experts undoubtedly possessed astonishing combat power. However, the 30-plus members of Mythology’s Silver Light Legion were no pushovers, either. With the assistance of a battle array, even those that hadn’t fully unlocked their Mana Bodies could still exhibit combat power rivaling that of experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies. In addition, every one of Mythology’s members present was a bona fide peak expert or better.

If the two sides clashed with each other, Zero Wing definitely wouldn’t have an easy time.

“Good! Flowing Shadow’s party is almost back! Everyone, get ready! It’s time we let Zero Wing and Azure know the power of Mythology!” Sandstorm said to the three other team leaders when he saw the Assassin party within 100 yards of the main team.

“Leave it to us. Once we activate our battle array, even Black Flame shouldn’t think of making short work of us,” the female Guardian Knight standing beside Sandstorm said, nodding.

However, just as Mythology’s Assassin party was about to rejoin Sandstorm’s group, Shi Feng glanced at Aqua Rose, who stood beside him.

In response, Aqua Rose nodded and said calmly, “Everyone, no need to continue hiding! Let these people know our true power!”

As soon as Aqua Rose finished speaking, Zero Wing’s members promptly removed their Black Cloaks.

A tsunami of Mana immediately flooded the area outside the ancient city. A powerful aura also swept across everyone on the battlefield, stopping Mythology’s members in their tracks. And upon seeing the statistics of Zero Wing’s members, Mythology’s members could not help being dumbfounded.

Currently, every Zero Wing member before them not only possessed a fully unlocked Mana Body but was also at Level 117 or Level 118. Zero Wing’s melee players were especially eye-catching as every one of them actually boasted Dark-Gold Set Equipment.