Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2631 - Yan Xiaoqian Taking Action?

Chapter 2631 – Yan Xiaoqian Taking Action?

As Crimson Star and the others chanted their incantation, a spatial tunnel gradually opened in the Teleportation Gate.

The moment the spatial tunnel appeared, everyone present felt an ancient aura spilling out from it as if a Dragon from the abyss had just awakened. An unprecedented pressure bore down on their bodies.

So, this is the Hero Trial? Shi Feng was inwardly astonished when he felt the pressure on his body. The strength of this aura practically rivals that of a Demigod. Even Tier 3 experts will most likely have difficulty exhibiting combat power at the Tier 2 standard while inside.

While the pressure an aura subjected players to was not fatal, it would affect their combat power.

At this moment, the aura leaking out of the spatial passage was so powerful that it made even Shi Feng feel very uncomfortable. If other Tier 3 players were to fight while subjected to this aura, their combat power would definitely suffer.

“There are still 40 seconds left until the Teleportation Gate is fully activated. A Mana Shockwave will occur when that happens. Floating Light, start constructing a barrier!” Crimson Star said through the team chat when she saw the spatial passage stabilizing.


Upon hearing Crimson Star’s command, Floating Light promptly ordered Violet Sword’s Tier 3 magical classes to construct a Tier 3 defensive barrier.

While a Mana Shockwave wouldn’t cause direct damage, players that got hit by one would have their control over and perception of Mana weakened significantly for a certain period. Players might even lose the ability to use Skills and Spells during this time.

On Violet Sword’s first attempt at the Normal Trial, the raid team dispatched had failed to take this Mana Shockwave into account. As a result, the raid team had suffered from a Runaway Mana state for one whole day.

However, as Violet Sword’s members were constructing the defensive barrier, a low shout came from a distance.

“A chance! Everyone, attack! Interrupt the Teleportation Gate’s activation!” Sandstorm commanded when he saw Floating Light and the magical-class players of Violet Sword constructing a magic barrier.

Immediately, several figures charged toward Crimson Star’s group with flying speeds.

“The Silver Light Legion?” Crimson Star immediately recognized Sandstorm’s group when she saw them, her complexion darkening slightly. “Sandstorm! Is Mythology trying to break the agreement?!”

If their team had come across Sandstorm’s group under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t have paid Mythology’s members any attention at all. However, Violet Sword’s peak experts were currently occupied with activating the Teleportation Gate and defending against the resulting Mana Shockwave. They barely had any manpower available to repulse Sandstorm’s group.

Meanwhile, Sandstorm’s team consisted of Void Realm experts or better. If these people attacked now, the consequences would be unimaginable. Moreover, Sandstorm and the others had their Advanced Battle Arrays activated, which boosted their Basic Attributes far beyond those of ordinary Tier 3 players.

“Agreement?” Sandstorm laughed at Crimson Star’s words. “I don’t recall Mythology making any agreements with Violet Sword regarding what happens inside the ancient secret land. Besides, if you have to blame someone, blame yourselves for not knowing what’s good for you. Since you dare to partner with Zero Wing, then die with it!”

Sandstorm’s team accelerated.

“Damn it! They’re actually taking action!” Crimson Star turned to Floating Light and said, “Light, coordinate with Guild Leader Black Flame’s group and buy us time! If the Teleportation Gate’s activation is interrupted, we’ll lose our chance to challenge the Hero Trial!”

“Understood!” Floating Light nodded in response. He then faced Sandstorm’s team with a solemn expression.

Although their side had an absolute advantage in numbers and they even had the help of a monster like Shi Feng, the number of combat-ready peak experts they had was far from comparable. Not to mention, Sandstorm and a few other individuals on his team had an Advanced Battle Array, which granted them a huge increase in Basic Attributes. If they allowed Sandstorm’s team to break through and interrupt Crimson Star’s group, then all their preparations for the Hero Trial would be for naught.

“You need to be careful! I don’t know why, but Sandstorm and his fellow team leaders are actually giving off a pressure like a Mythic monster’s! Do not clash with them directly, no matter what!” Wildfighter reminded, a serious expression similarly appearing on his face. “All you need to do is buy time. So long as you can hold them back for 40 seconds or so, we’ll be free and can deal with them together!”

At this time, however, Shi Feng suddenly said, “That won’t be necessary. Just leave these people to us. Focus on activating the Teleportation Gate and defending against what comes after.”

“Guild Leader Black Flame, we do not doubt your strength, but we really cannot take this risk. The members of Mythology’s Silver Light Legion are all supported by a battle array. Their peak experts can hold their own against Domain Realm experts. Not to mention, Sandstorm and his fellow team leaders are at the Half-step Domain Realm, at the very least. The few of them also possess some kind of strange strength. They aren’t a force that an ordinary team of peak experts can hope to handle,” Crimson Star advised hurriedly when she saw Shi Feng dissuading them from taking part in the battle. “Although Floating Light’s group only has a few members, every one of them is a peak expert. They can be of some help to you.”

She was confident that Shi Feng would emerge victorious in a fight with Sandstorm’s group. However, their problem right now wasn’t whether they could defeat Sandstorm’s group but whether they could prevent Sandstorm’s group from interrupting the Teleportation Gate’s activation.

After all was said and done, Shi Feng was only one person. Since Sandstorm’s team had 30 players, how many could Shi Feng possibly hold back by himself?

Wildfighter also nodded in agreement with Crimson Star’s words. He felt that Shi Feng was being perverse about keeping up appearances.

“Don’t misunderstand. We are fully capable of stopping this level of combat power. If you still feel uneasy, I won’t object to you joining the battle,” Shi Feng said, chuckling at the anxious expressions on Crimson Star’s and Wildfighter’s faces.

Although Shi Feng did not speak that loudly, everyone present was a Tier 3 expert with extraordinary senses. Hence, even Sandstorm’s group, which was still several hundred yards away, heard him clearly.

“Stop us?” Sandstorm laughed at Shi Feng’s words, a cold glint appearing in his eyes. “Let’s see how you’ll stop us, then! You guys, take action!”

As soon as Sandstorm finished speaking, six Level 113 and higher Assassins suddenly appeared within 50 yards of Crimson Star’s group. The masked man at the head of the Assassins radiated an aura rivaling that of Mythic monsters. This lead Assassin moved so quickly that he appeared within 30 yards of Crimson Star in just the blink of an eye. The Assassin then unsheathed his daggers and sent several dozen arcs of light tearing through space toward Crimson Star and the dozen or so other players activating the Teleportation Gate.

“What?! Some of them actually snuck over already?!” Floating Light’s complexion paled upon seeing these six Assassins.

It was simply impossible for them to stop such a sudden and widespread attack. Even Shi Feng would most likely be able to stop only a portion of these attacks. After all, Crimson Star and the others activating the Teleportation Gate stood a distance from each other. It was impossible for a melee player like Shi Feng to cover all that ground simultaneously.

Just when the several dozen arcs of light were about to land on Crimson Star and the others, however, Ice Walls started appearing out of thin air one after another, separating Crimson Star’s group from the light arcs.

Meanwhile, when these powerful light arcs, which were capable of tearing apart even space itself, landed on the Ice Walls, it was as if they had crashed into an impenetrable wall. Not only did the Ice Walls stop the advance of these light arcs, but they even deflected the attacks to a certain extent. In the end, not even one of the several dozen light arcs managed to land on their target.

“Impossible! My attack actually got deflected by a bunch of Tier 2 Ice Walls?!” The eyes of the Level 114, Tier 4 Assassin in the lead nearly fell out of their sockets when he saw this scene.

Currently, thanks to the Magic Devouring Gemstone, his Tier 3 Skill already carried power at the Tier 4 standard, something a few measly Tier 2 Ice Walls couldn’t hope to deflect. In fact, the Tier 2 Ice Walls shouldn’t even be capable of affecting his attack at all. However, the impossible had actually happened.

“Who took action?” Sandstorm was likewise stunned by this scene. He then turned to Crimson Star and wondered, “Could it be her?”

At this moment, Sandstorm truly could not think of any Elementalist, aside from Crimson Star, who could use Tier 2 Ice Walls to deflect Tier 4 attacks.

On the other hand, Crimson Star was currently activating the Teleportation Gate. Logically, she shouldn’t have any leeway to do anything else.

Crimson Star herself was astonished by this situation. However, compared to a melee player like Sandstorm, she, as an Elementalist, was much more sensitive to Mana. Hence, she was able to trace the origin of the Ice Walls immediately.

“Xiaoqian?” When Crimson Star turned to look at the origin of the Ice Walls, however, she was stunned when her gaze landed on Yan Xiaoqian. Currently, ice-type Mana swirled around Yan Xiaoqian, a testament to the activation of an ice-type Spell. “Since when was she this strong?”