Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2625 - Foolish Azure

Chapter 2625 – Foolish Azure

“They’re finally here.” When Wildfighter saw the approaching Crimson Dragon Flying Ship and Flying Mounts, he revealed a faint smile on his face as he commented, “What a grand entrance. It’s a pity that they don’t know just how much suppression the ancient secret land’s trial places on the Mana Bodies of players. In the end, they’ll just be wasting their time and energy.”

“Too bad we have to waste our chance to challenge the Hero Trial as well,” Crimson Star said, sighing.

Although Violet Sword had managed to produce the necessary tools for prolonging players’ survival inside the ancient secret land ahead of schedule, thanks to Silent Wonder’s help, and caught up to Mythology’s production speed, Violet Sword had also lost an opportunity to surpass Mythology.

Based on their understanding of the ancient secret land’s Elite Trial, they were bound to conquer it if given another ten days or so. However, the privileges players would obtain from the Elite Trial were far inferior to those of the Hero Trial.

“This matter is no longer relevant. Although we will be losing our opportunity to challenge the Hero Trial, Mythology won’t necessarily be able to clear it, either. In the end, our Guilds will end up even,” Torre said calmly. Looking at the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship slowly descending from the sky, he continued, “Rather than us, Zero Wing will be the one in great trouble if it fails to conquer the Hero Trial.”

“That’s right. Zero Wing has most likely made the worst possible decision this time,” Wildfighter said, nodding in agreement with Torre’s words.

Zero Wing had dispatched over a hundred experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies to challenge the ancient secret land this time. While this would indeed increase Zero Wing’s reputation, it would also attract plenty of hidden dangers to the Guild.

In the current God’s Domain, the competition between the various superpowers was intensifying. If a Guild capable of threatening the livelihoods of the superpowers were to appear, the fate of this Guild would go without saying.

After today, quite a few superpowers would probably join hands to exterminate this rising threat.

Of course, if Zero Wing overcame the Hero Trial, then it would have a much easier time dealing with those future problems. Conversely, failure would mean a nightmare for the Guild.

“According to the report we received, Zero Wing has come to an agreement with Azure. In exchange for borrowing Azure’s strength, Zero Wing has agreed to nurture some of Azure’s young talents. If, on top of Azure’s help, Zero Wing asks us to send in a large number of peak experts, Zero Wing might actually have a fighting chance of defeating the Trial Boss,” Crimson Star said. “The only question now is whether Zero Wing will make this request or not.”

“Azure’s leaders have gone insane. While Zero Wing’s top combatants are indeed exceedingly strong, how could Zero Wing possibly be a match for Violet Sword in nurturing talents? Because of this matter, many in the Guild’s upper echelon are very dissatisfied with Azure,” Wildfighter said in exasperation. “The Guild Leader also declared that we are to stop nurturing Azure’s young talents from now on. With this, Azure has basically severed Solitary Frost’s and Yan Xiaoqian’s futures.”

Torre revealed an ugly expression at the mention of this matter.

As for Crimson Star, she shook her head and sighed when she thought about the futures of those two talents.

Setting aside Azure’s other members, Solitary Frost and Yan Xiaoqian were people capable of catching Torre’s eye. They had the potential to become legendary figures in Azure. This was just like the commander of Violet Sword’s strongest trump card legion. Back then, the commander had similarly caught Torre’s eye. Now, he had already become a legendary figure in Violet Sword, his strength rivaling even the Five Great Super Guilds’ old monsters.

Such experts could bring prosperity to an entire Guild. Moreover, Solitary Frost and Yan Xiaoqian’s youth meant they could guarantee stability for Azure for the next two or three decades. Now, however, Azure had personally severed the futures of these two people.

During the time Wildfighter and the others were conversing with each other, the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship and the Flying Mounts landed before Violet Light City’s main gate.

A short moment later, cloaked players could be seen alighting from the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship and Flying Mounts. These players had used their Black Cloaks to conceal only their statistics; they did not bother covering up their appearances and Guild Emblems, so it was very easy to discern their identities.

“It seems Azure is taking its partnership with Zero Wing quite seriously. It actually sent Sinful Flame along on this expedition,” Crimson Star exclaimed when she saw Sinful Flame jumping off one of the Flying Mounts.

Sinful Flame was well known throughout the western continent. His combat standards and combat power were extraordinary, and even in Violet Sword, one would be hard-pressed to find an expert who could match him.

Normally, legendary figures like Sinful Flame would have a high degree of freedom in their Guilds. Only when the Guild encountered truly troublesome matters would they take action.

“Sure enough, Solitary Frost has come as well. If he finds out that Floating Light gained an opportunity to receive special training in the ancient secret land because of Azure’s actions, he’ll most likely die of envy,” Wildfighter sighed when he noticed Solitary Frost among the Azure members present.

Aside from the trial challenges, the ancient secret land also housed a few special locations offering incredible training environments. Only, the price to enter these special locations was stupendous.

Originally, out of respect for the Zeus Corporation and Instructor Torre, Violet Sword had been hesitant to assign the last two entry slots it held. However, due to Azure’s recent actions, Violet Sword’s upper echelon decided to grant one of the slots to one of its young talents, Floating Light.

In terms of talent, Floating Light was inferior to Solitary Frost. However, because he had received Torre’s personal guidance while training inside the ancient secret land’s special environment, his combat standards had undergone a qualitative transformation. Now, he could partially integrate Bronze Combat Techniques with his Tier 3 Skills.

Had Solitary Frost, who possessed superior talents, received the same training as well, his combat power would similarly skyrocket. At that time, Wildfighter might no longer be able to hold back when fighting him.

Unfortunately, Solitary Frost missed out on this opportunity.

“Instructor Torre, how is the preparation of the special tools coming along?” Shi Feng asked as he arrived before Torre.

“They’re all ready,” Torre assured. Glancing at the group of nearly 200 players standing behind Shi Feng, he asked, “How many people do you wish us to send, Guild Leader Black Flame?”

“What do you think of 30?” Shi Feng replied.

After all was said and done, this was a partnership between Zero Wing and Violet Sword. Hence, after giving the matter some thought, he decided to have Violet Sword send 30 players to join the raid team, a number that was neither too high nor too low. With this, when the raid succeeded, Violet Sword wouldn’t seem completely unrelated. The Super Guild should also have no problem dispatching this number of peak experts.Visit website our

“Thirty? That’s fine with us,” Torre said while stroking his white beard. He then turned to Wildfighter and Crimson Star and said, “Afterward, you two will personally lead the team and provide your full support to Guild Leader Black Flame.”

“Understood!” Wildfighter and Crimson Star responded simultaneously.

However, when Violet Sword’s experts heard Torre commanding Wildfighter and Crimson Star to participate in the raid, they were baffled.

In their opinion, it was already a big deal for Torre to have Vice Commander Floating Light, a Domain Realm expert, take part in the raid. They never thought that he would have two of the Guild’s prestigious instructors participate as well.

Anybody capable of becoming an instructor in Violet Sword was part of the core upper echelon of the Guild. Rarely would these individuals lead a Guild expedition. And if they did, the mission would normally be critical. Now, however, Torre was actually sending not one, but two instructors to participate in the raid. If word of this matter spread, it would definitely cause a sensation in the Guild.

“Alright, make the necessary preparations according to our previous arrangements,” Wildfighter commanded as he looked at the team of experts standing behind him.

At Wildfighter’s command, 28 of the peak and apex experts present promptly went into action.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, please follow me. We still need to walk quite a distance to reach the secret land’s entrance,” Crimson Star said calmly as she approached Shi Feng. “Once we arrive there, I believe all the necessary items should be ready.”

“Alright, I’ll be troubling you, then,” Shi Feng said, nodding. He then had everyone on his team follow Crimson Star into Violet Light City.