Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2624 - Astonishing Legacy Room

Chapter 2624 – Astonishing Legacy Room

The term “Elemental Control” was foreign to ordinary players and most expert players. Normally, players would only understand what Elemental Control was after they had reached Tier 3 and started attempting to unlock their Mana Bodies.

To achieve Elemental Control was to exert precision control over every type of Mana. To accomplish that, one had to understand the properties of the different types of Mana in existence. At the very least, one had to grasp the principles behind driving the Four Major Elements.

At this stage of the game, however, let alone gaining precision control over the various types of Mana, the superpowers were still clueless about the operating principles of the Four Major Elements. Hence, even Domain Realm magical-class players were incapable of Elemental Control.

Yet, to Yan Xiaoqian’s surprise, the man standing inside the Legacy Room was controlling the ambient Mana within the room as if it were a part of his own body and was even using it to strengthen the room’s magic array. This was an ability all magical-class players in God’s Domain sought.

However, what truly surprised her was the identity of this man.

Black Flame!

After all, melee classes were inherently less attuned to Mana than magical classes. In addition, melee players used Mana much less frequently in battle than magical-class players, so they should be less familiar with Mana than magical-class players.

Yet, despite being a Tier 3 Sword King, Shi Feng had actually achieved Elemental Control.

“You’re here,” Shi Feng said and promptly accelerated the operation of the Legacy Room’s magic array. He then continued, “The room’s magic array is nearly fully operational. The three of you will be learning how to unlock your Mana Bodies here. In a while, each of you will have five minutes to experience what it feels like to have a fully unlocked Mana Body. What you need to do during this time is memorize the feeling of how the Mana inside your body flows. Afterward, you will have to think of ways to replicate this feeling. Remember, each of you has only one opportunity.”

“Experience a fully unlocked Mana Body for five minutes?” Yan Xiaoqian was surprised at Shi Feng’s words.

Although the experience lasted only five short minutes, if she knew what her fully unlocked Mana Body would feel like, she would have a much easier time unlocking it afterward. Moreover, she wouldn’t have to worry about going astray and taking a long detour. She could simply head straight to her goal.

“So, this is the secret behind Zero Wing’s strength?” Solitary Frost similarly gazed at Shi Feng in astonishment.

Currently, the various superpowers of God’s Domain were already struggling to find a location that could help players improve their Mana control. Zero Wing, however, could allow players to experience how it felt to have a fully unlocked Mana Body for five minutes. The Guild was standing on a completely different playing field from the various superpowers.

“It’s no wonder Zero Wing has so many experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies. If the other superpowers were to find out about this, they’d most likely die of envy.” Sinful Flame took a closer look at the Legacy Room upon hearing Shi Feng’s explanation.

While players could fully unlock their Mana Bodies given enough time, the sooner a player did so, the sooner they could venture into locations that remained forbidden to ordinary Tier 3 players and obtain opportunities there. They would also have more time for other things. After all, exploring the Mana Body took up a lot of time and energy. Hence, shortening this exploratory period was also something the various superpowers were currently working on.

After fully activating the Legacy Room’s magic array, Shi Feng turned his gaze to Sinful Flame and the others and asked, “Alright, who’s first?”

“I’ll go first. Solitary Frost and Yan Xiaoqian will enter after me,” Sinful Flame said.

Both Solitary Frost and Yan Xiaoqian nodded in agreement, neither of them dissatisfied by Sinful Flame’s decision, as they understood that the first person to experience the Legacy Room would benefit the least.

After all, none of them knew what it felt like to possess a fully unlocked Mana Body, so they didn’t know what they should do to maximize the benefits from the Legacy Room. By going in later, they would have Sinful Flame’s opinions and suggestions for getting a better experience.

“Very well. Elder Flame, please,” Shi Feng said as he walked out of the Legacy Room and gestured for Sinful Flame to enter.

Once Sinful Flame entered the Legacy Room, its doors promptly shut. Silence then fell over the antechamber.

Solitary Frost and Yan Xiaoqian could not help growing nervous and curious as they eyed the closed doors.

Even now, they remained dubious of being able to fully unlock their Mana Bodies within a day.

After all, the further one unlocked one’s Mana Body, the more difficult additional progress became. This wasn’t a feat that could be accomplished just by briefly experiencing having a fully unlocked Mana Body. Trial and error required a lot of time.

Meanwhile, as Solitary Frost and Yan Xiaoqian were entertaining such thoughts, five minutes flew by.

In the next moment, the doors to the Legacy Room slowly opened, and dense Mana poured out the doorway.


Both Solitary Frost and Yan Xiaoqian were stunned when they saw Sinful Flame walk out. They could tell that the dense Mana coming from the room actually belonged to Sinful Flame. Moreover, the aura Sinful Flame radiated was suffocatingly strong.

“Elder Flame, did you fully unlock your Mana Body?” Yan Xiaoqian exclaimed in disbelief.

She knew that, previously, Sinful Flame had unlocked his Mana Body’s potential to only a little over 80%, so reaching 100% should still take him quite some time. Now, just five minutes after entering the Legacy Room, he had already fully unlocked his Mana Body. How could she believe this?

At this moment, let alone Yan Xiaoqian, even Shi Feng was surprised by this situation.

Originally, he had intended to use the remaining three slots to the Legacy Room on Zero Wing’s experts that had good potential. However, in order to obtain Azure’s trust and its Void Realm Legacy, he had no choice but to give them to Azure.

Even so, Azure’s three candidates should still emerge from the Legacy Room a little way off from fully unlocking their Mana Bodies. After all, unlike Fire Dance and the others, Sinful Flame’s three did not get to experience the trial inside the Legacy Gate and gain a significant amount of knowledge relating to the Mana Body.

Hence, Shi Feng had been prepared to give them three of the ancient potions he had obtained from Poison City. Coupled with the effects of the Fortress Lord’s Mansion’s combat rooms, those should make it possible for Azure’s three candidates to fully unlock their Mana Bodies within one day.

Shi Feng never thought that Sinful Flame’s talent would be this high.

Sinful Flame had actually succeeded in fully unlocking his Mana Body after just one trip into the Legacy Room. His talents were terrifying.

During the brief moment Shi Feng was in shock, Sinful Flame turned to look at Solitary Frost and Yan Xiaoqian and advised, “Once you two are inside, don’t use the methods you previously used to operate your Mana Body to experience your fully unlocked Mana Body. Instead, just focus on sensing how the Mana inside your Mana Body flows. There are many mistakes in the methods we researched. If you insist on using your previous notions to experience your fully unlocked Mana Body, you’ll have a difficult time gaining any improvements.

“Moreover, while inside, I sensed that reaching 100% potential isn’t the end for the Mana Body, but a new beginning. Even though I have fully unlocked my Mana Body now, I can feel that it is still inferior to the Mana Body I had inside the room. However, my talents are limited, so I only managed this much for now. Just like Guild Leader Black Flame said, give everything you have into memorizing the sensations you feel while inside the room and don’t think of anything unnecessary. Only by doing so will you be able to gain a greater harvest. You might even cross the 100% threshold through this opportunity.”

Upon hearing Sinful Flame’s words, Yan Tianxing, who stood to one side, nodded his head thoughtfully.

As for Solitary Frost and Yan Xiaoqian, they glanced reflexively at Shi Feng in embarrassment. Previously, they hadn’t placed much importance on Shi Feng’s words, treating them as mere chatter. They had failed to realize that Shi Feng was actually giving them pointers.

In reality, even Shi Feng was startled by Sinful Flame’s words. After all, he hadn’t been giving any serious advice before, just stating the basic method for utilizing the Legacy Room. Of course, Shi Feng did not show his surprise on his face, simply nodded silently at Sinful Flame’s words.

Following which, Solitary Frost and Yan Xiaoqian also entered the Legacy Room one after another.

Time flowed like running water, and three days went by quickly.

In an ancient forest in the faraway Silvermoon Empire, Violet Light City stood on a mountaintop, overlooking the entire forest.

The city teemed with Mythology’s and Violet Sword’s members. Instructor Torre and the others from Violet Sword had arrived quite some time ago and were currently standing above the city’s front gate.

“Instructor Torre, everyone’s ready. Now, we’re just waiting for Zero Wing’s members,” Crimson Star reported as she approached Torre.

“I heard that Mythology partnered with several superpowers. Their raid team attempted the Elite Trial yesterday. The 200-man raid team consisted entirely of bona fide Void Realm experts, some of whom even have fully unlocked Mana Bodies. However, I heard that even a fully unlocked Mana Body was of limited help inside the trial. In the end, Mythology’s raid team failed to defeat the Trial Boss. Although Zero Wing has a lot of experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies, they hardly have any Void Realm experts in the Guild. I wonder if they can even reach the Hero Trial’s Trial Boss?” Wildfighter said, smirking.

“I’m afraid that’s going to be difficult. I really don’t know what Black Flame was thinking back then to suggest filling the majority of the raid team with Zero Wing’s members. If he finds out about Mythology’s failure, he’ll most likely die of regret,” Crimson Star said, smiling. “Once they team-wipe a few times, I bet he’ll come asking us for reinforcements.”

The ancient secret land’s Elite Trial already reduced the advantages of a fully unlocked Mana Body by a large margin. If not for Mythology’s raid members having extremely high combat standards, they wouldn’t even have reached the Elite Trial’s Trial Boss, much less get the chance to fight it.

If even the Elite Trial placed such a heavy suppression on the Mana Body, the suppression in the Hero Trial would naturally be much greater. In that case, the chances of Zero Wing’s raid team—which barely had any peak experts in it—meeting the Hero Trial’s Trial Boss were practically zero.

While Wildfighter and Crimson Star were conversing, a steel behemoth and several gigantic Flying Mounts approached Violet Light City, their arrival causing a commotion throughout Violet Light City.